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Follow me on Twitter at  jordynmeryl Jordyn Meryl
Once living under the guise of a passive, quiet, school librarian, books and kids were the passions which kept her mind fresh. But now it is when the night muses visit Jordyn, her spirit rises up to wrap around the stories that float in her head. Land locked in the mid-west she dreams of days on a white sandy beach with a laptop to write all her tales. Crossing many genres she spins chronicles of romance, paranormal and fantasy, for they are stories worth telling, even at the risk of revealing true feelings.

Follow me on Twitter at  zombiedoug Doug Ward
Doug Ward currently lives in Western Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Slippery Rock University. His BFA is in Fine Art. Doug spends much of his time doing oil paintings which incorporate mythology and science. I write about parasitic zombies. They feel (to me) more scientifically grounded than other types. It's also pretty scary how many parasitic creatures are inside us at this very moment. Some have even bonded with us for so long that they are actually a part of our DNA. Parasites have been known to take over their hosts. A few years ago my wife called me from a friends house and said that a mouse kept trying to snuggle with the cat. Literally nuzzling up to the cats face. I quickly informed her that the ... read more
Latest book: Creator; The True Story of the Zombie Apocalypse Part 3

Follow me on Twitter at  almekmanning J.A. Dalley
A native Texan, I started writing stories at age twelve and have continued to love creative writing. I attended Richland Collegiate High School and earned an associate’s degree in general science in parallel with a high school diploma. I’ve been reading science fiction ever since being introduced to Robert Heinlein’s classic military sci-fi book, Starship Troopers, at age 10. Personal interests have included scouting (Eagle Scout) and Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt). I just recently published a science fiction novel The Zochtil, which is the first book in the Almek Manning Series. Four more books are planned in this series, with the next book being Starwarden.
Latest book: Caledonian Cabal (Almek Manning Book 3)

Follow me on Twitter at  onceaweekitchen Sylvia Shaw
I work as a professional cook and I have four grown up children plus one grandson. My passion for cooking is what drives my life. My ambition is to teach as many people as possible the basics of cooking so they can stop relying on ready meals. To find out more you can visit my Youtube channel at Onceaweekkitchen, where you will find 166+ videos of easy recipes to try out at home. If you enjoy them please rate, comment and subscribe.
Latest book: The New Once a Week Cookbook

Follow me on Twitter at  TamaraPlant Tamara Plant
Tamara Plant is a wife and mother of two who resides in Sacramento, California. Although she is currently studying foundations in business, writing has always been her primary passion and talent. Her writing often delves into the supernatural, but she proclaims most of her writings to be psychological thrillers. To contact Tamara, or to receive updates on her newest releases, connect with her on Facebook at

Follow me on Twitter at  LloydPye Lloyd Pye
Lloyd Pye has been writing professionally for over three decades. His early career was in fiction, but in 1997 he switched emphasis to nonfiction. He has become widely known for his writing and lectures relating to alternative science and other forms of alternative knowledge. He lectures around the world, and has been interviewed on TV in a dozen countries.
Latest book: A Turkey Dog, A Genius Monkey, and Moe

Follow me on Twitter at  allen_dusk Allen Dusk
Allen Dusk is an award-winning author of dark fiction and erotica. His favorite pastimes include photography, geocaching, lusting over old horror movies, and researching supernatural folklore. His debut novel Shady Palms, a gritty urban tale splattered with carnage, has been earning great reviews from horror critics around the globe and it is now available as an audiobook. Diverse Desires, a collection of Allen’s short tales of twisted erotica, is available exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle. Allen has also contributed works to Rose Caraway’s The Kiss Me Quicks Erotica Podcast, Canopic Jars: Tales of Mummies and Mummification (Great Old Ones Publishing), Peep Show Volume 2 (SST Publications), Horror-tica (C ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  evilbobdayjob Robert Northrup
Born on a Friday the Thirteenth. Married on Halloween. Four cats. I know, right? Jobs or hobbies that Rob Northrup has engaged in: Saucier de salsa. Micropornographer. Amigurumist. Zaphodista. Novelisht. Pickler. Guitarrista.

Follow me on Twitter at  jenniferword Jennifer Word
Greetings! My name is Jennifer Renee Word. In September, 2009, I made the choice to launch myself into a career in writing. Before that date, I had my hands full with various part and full time jobs, and two beautiful children. I knew I wanted to be a writer before my daughter was born, but I put my career on hold for 11 years in order to be the type of mom I wanted to be, and also to be the type of writer I wanted to be. Finally, on September 1, 2009, I reached a point in my life where I felt I could devote the time and energy I knew I needed, in order to truly write well, and NOT completely neglect my family. I believe it was all well worth the wait. From September 1, 2009, to May 1, 2010, I wrote 5 novels an ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  MarriottBlanche Blanche Marriott
Blanche Marriott began writing romance novels in 1991 while balancing her career as a wood products manufacturing manager. She often joined the troops in the factory, working on sanders, drills, and saws. It gave her time to "talk" to the characters in her head and figure out what they would do next. In 2001 she switched careers and now works for a CPA firm as an accounting assistant, specializing in payroll. She has completed 14 novels while staying active in 2 writing groups, serving on the Boards of Directors several times, and a number of conference committees. But the best part was the life-long friendships she's formed with so many writers, published and unpublished. Her first published novel, KALEIDOSC ... read more
Latest book: Say Yes, Sarah

Follow me on Twitter at  tcoml Joel Levine
Joel Levine was born in Brooklyn New. He attended Syosset High School, SUNY Buffalo '63 and graduated from Harvard Law School '66. After law school he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Venezuela. He practiced law in New York; Partnered in running a successful law firm in Miami; Was a principal in one of the largest real estate companies in the southeast United States; and was President and CEO of LA based Gibraltar Entertainment, executive producing twelve movies and a television series. Presently, Joel is a Mediator and Arbitrator based in Miami handling a variety U.S. and international matters. He always had a penchant for writing, but had more of a penchant for supporting his dysfunctional family and ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at!/LannyDonnell Lanny Donnell (Muscle Heavy)
I am a Personal Trainer with over 15 years of experience living in South Florida. I have trained and conditioned new military recruits, fitness models,powerlifters and athletes. I am focused and driven to become the ultimate Trainer. I love my family my daughter has me wrapped around her little fingers. Writing has always been a great friend to me and now I look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise with you. Live Healthy & Strong Lanny Donnell
Latest book: The Art of Muscle Heavy for Women

Follow me on Twitter at  eroticfiction1 Amelie Anderson
A lover of writing, especially erotic fiction. Many more titles on their way. Email for updates on new books released.
Latest book: Deborah James's Online Dating Success

Follow me on Twitter at  cecilia_lansing Cecilia Lansing
Writer. Avid reader. I write erotic romance, or romantic erotica. I read those genres a lot, too. Themes might venture into the dark and kinky, so beware.

Follow me on Twitter at  authoraimeeash Aimee Ash
Author who writes about the romance and seduction of the supernatural world. If you love tales of Vampires, Werewolves, Witches & Ghosts check out Aimee's Supernatural novella saga via her website.
Latest book: The Facebook Files

Follow me on Twitter at  irette Irette Y. Patterson
Irette Y. Patterson lives in Atlanta, Georgia where she sets most of her stories. She writes stories about meddling family members, good girlfriends, and happy endings. When not typing at her computer, she enjoys gardening, quilting, and baking cakes that make her dentist cringe.
Latest book: Common Ground

Follow me on Twitter at  JulianBoote Julian Boote
Julian Boote is an actor, author, screenwriter and filmmaker with a BA Honours in Film & Art from Reading University in the UK, with four feature film credits to his name in the roles of producer, co-screenwriter, and second unit director. Julian has recently returned to his first love; acting, and is thriving, working now in front of the camera. Creating stories has been a pleasure for him since childhood, and he hasn’t stopped, his current project being a novelisation of one of his feature scripts. He also writes short stories in his (copious) free time, including tales for children.
Latest book: Many Happy Returns

Follow me on Twitter at  Ravenswyndtweet Sharon Ricklin Jones
Sharon Ricklin Jones grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and always knew she wanted to be a writer. She's had many titles in her life, including: wife, mother, grandmother, medical assistant, ranch-hand, and teacher. While still home-schooling her youngest son - she finally started writing. However, after writing her first romance novel, circumstances in life forced her to set the book aside for a few years... No longer working full time and having an empty nest,(and no more excuses)she decided to get to work on editing that novel. Little did she know, her muse had other ideas. A fantastically vivid dream forced her to set that book aside, yet again. This dream gave birth to the Ravenswynd Series, and the muse ha ... read more
Latest book: Ravenswynd Destinies

Follow me on Twitter at  RafaLombardino Rafa Lombardino
Rafa Lombardino, born in Brazil in 1980. Graduated from Technical High School in 1997 with a Professional Degree in Data Processing. Finished college in 2002, majoring in Journalism. Started working as a translator in 1997 and today owns Word Awareness, a small network of professional translators established in 2004 and incorporated in 2009. ================================================================================ Rafa Lombardino, nascida no Brasil em 1980. Formada no Ensino Médio Técnico em 1997, com Certificado Profissional em Processamento de Dados. Graduada em Jornalismo em 2002. Trabalhando como tradutora desde 1997. Diretora executiva da Word Awareness, uma pequena rede de tradutores profissionai ... read more
Latest book: Um zumbi na noite

Follow me on Twitter at  JPBruzzese J. Peter Bruzzese
J. Peter Bruzzese is a Microsoft MVP and Certified Trainer with over a dozen titles to his credit sold internationally in the tech sector. He is a well-known public speaker and a co-founder of the widely recognized online Windows and Office training solution known as ClipTraining.
Latest book: Conversational Geek (in 7 days!)

Follow me on Twitter at  TurnbullMartin Martin Turnbull
Martin Turnbull has worked as a private tour guide showing both locals and out-of-towners the movie studios, Beverly Hills mansions, Hollywood hills vistas and where all the bodies are buried. For nine years, he has also volunteered as an historical walking tour docent with the Los Angeles Conservancy. He worked for a summer as a guide at the Warner Bros. movie studios in Burbank showing movie fans through the sound stages where Bogie and Bacall, Bette Davis, Errol Flynn, and James Cagney created some of Hollywood’s classic motion pictures. From an early age, Martin was enchanted with old movies from Hollywood’s golden era–from the dawn of the talkies in the late 1920s to the dusk of the studio system in ... read more
Latest book: The Garden of Allah Novels Trilogy ("The Garden on Sunset" - "The Trouble with Scarlett" - "Citizen Hollywood")

Follow me on Twitter at  ZPublishing Jeannette Zeuner
Jeannette Zeuner is a German travel writer specializing in tourism publications. She has a degree in tourism management and desktop publishing. The information in this book is based on her own travel experiences and the knowledge she has gained from working as a travel advisor. Jeannette now runs a graphic design agency in Berlin, Germany.
Latest book: Travel around the world - the ultimate guide to plan your big trip!

Follow me on Twitter at  TziganeMcD Tzigane
Tzigane grew up in Southern, California. His mother worked in the Hollywood film industry. His father published a series of three titles in San Francisco. It was inevitable that these influences from film and fiction would kindle an interest in writing screenplays and novels. Life does not always lead in a straight line however. By the time he became a young adult, the country had been swept by 'space' fever and he worked in Aerospace where he developed an interest in programming and artificial intelligence. Moving to Tokyo, he was a copywriter for various Japanese firms and developed software for his own company where he was also editor of a trade magazine. After returning to the U.S., he finished his degree ... read more
Latest book: The Turnings of Fire

Follow me on Twitter at  jonnaivin Jonna Ivin
Jonna Ivin is the author of the crime thriller 8th Amendment and Will Love For Crumbs - A Memoir She is the editor of Loving For Crumbs - An Anthology. Now available on Amazon. Her newest novel Sister Girl will be published in the fall of 2013
Latest book: 8th Amendment

Follow me on Twitter at  nadinekeels Nadine Keels
Nadine. A French name, meaning, “hope.” Spreading hope to her readers and listening audiences, author, editor, and speaker Nadine C. Keels of Seattle, Washington is well-known for The Song of Nadine, the powerful lyrical poetry seen in four of her several books and found on her spoken word album, Hope. Lyricized. Drawing from her lifelong passion for highly enjoyable and transformational fiction, Nadine has written a number of novels and novellas, including Love Unfeigned and The Movement of Crowns Series. In response to inquiries from other aspiring authors, Nadine put together a simple reference entitled Write Your Genius, Genius!: A Rather Quick Guide to Book Writing. Being the founder of Prismatic Prosp ... read more
Latest book: Come to Yourself, Mr. Jones

Follow me on Twitter at  marilynepowell MARILYN POWELL

Latest book: Kids Can Be Successfull Too

Follow me on Twitter at  QSteele1 Daniel Quentin Steele
Daniel Quentin Steele is a Jacksonville author and native Floridian. A former educator, he has been a journalist and public relations professional. He has covered and reported on crime and cops, courts and trials in several Florida cities. He has worked as a speech writer and political and media consultant. He has had one novel published in the U.S. and Great Britain as well as short stories published in the U.S., Canada, Australia and England.

Follow me on Twitter at  StevieMach Stevie Mach
Yes, this is all about me… so where to begin? I am a Scottish writer, novels and short stories, some poetry sometimes, but certainly concentrating on novels at the moment. I started writing in my teens, poetry and lyrics, was briefly in a band, wrote some songs, developed prose and wrote numerous short stories and a few novels. Somewhere along the way though, the writing was left behind. Move on, twenty-odd years, to the latter part of my fourth decade on the planet, and the creative impulse has returned. This website then, and my publications, are my panacea for a lengthy bout of writing procrastination. I am writing new and exciting stuff also. It gives me a buzz to do so. It is great to be back in the fr ... read more
Latest book: Silhouettes

Follow me on Twitter at  KimberlySLin Kimberly S. Lin
Kimberly S. Lin is a California native and graduate of UC Irvine and holds her Bachelors in Economics. After college, she moved to Los Angeles and worked as a financial writer and hedge fund analyst but always dreamed of becoming a women’s fiction author. Utilizing her experiences, she writes stories that are witty, heartwarming and relevant to the modern woman. Her passion in life is to inspire others to “never settle.” She now resides in Orange County, CA with her husband-in-training and her fur baby, Taeji. And is working on her second novel and a dotcom venture coming June 2012. When she is not working, she can either be found at the beach attempting to surf or in the kitchen trying out new recipes ... read more
Latest book: Recession Proof

Follow me on Twitter at  LuisMariaCano Luis Cano
NOVEDAD: EL SECRETO DE LOS ARTISTAS Luis Cano es un autor español con títulos de ficción y no ficción de los que siempre se puede extraer un contenido práctico aprovechable. Su primer libro publicado en papel, "A pleno empleo. Manual de ayuda para parados y trotaempresas" Editorial Sekotia, 2005, refleja en clave de humor las mil y una vicisitudes a las que se enfrenta cualquier buscador de empleo, ofreciendo enseñanzas divertidas, prácticas y sobre todo efectivas. La reedición revisada del libro "Trabajar en tiempos de crisis" Editorial Sekotia, 2010, demuestra la oportunidad y el gran acierto de su propuesta. Entre ambos títulos, publicó "El poder del ingenio. Estrategias creativas de éxito en ... read more
Latest book: El secreto de los artistas - Libro 1 (Colores)

Follow me on Twitter at  EnzoPettinelli Enzo Pettinelli
Enzo Pettinelli at 8 years old begins to play ping-pong in the parish church of San Martino, in Senigallia. When playing double matches with his twin brother Giovanni as a partner, they are invincible. Enzo, like all children, plays football, volleyball, swims, skates. In skating he is 4th at the National Championship. When he is older he dedicates himself to ping-pong, right up to the National championship of B division. Then he feels that ping-pong can be played in a different way. He is fascinated by the musicality of the rhythm and by the beauty of the technical gesture. He leaves the agonistic activity and dedicates his time teaching this Sport. Three young lyceum students follow him: one of them, Domeni ... read more
Latest book: Verso l'ignoto

Follow me on Twitter at  ellyzupko Elly Zupko
Elly Zupko is a professional writer living in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. She grew up in rural Harford County on a four-acre property and now doesn’t even own a plant. Studying under acclaimed novelist and National Book Award finalist Madison Smartt Bell, she graduated Goucher College in 2003 with a degree in English/writing. She has had both her fiction and non-fiction published in a variety of outlets, including Preface, The Eloquent Atheist, The Baltimore Writer’s Project, Why Vandalism? and APMP’s Executive Summary. Her short stories “What It Means to Be Alone” and “Fixed” are available to read online through their respective publications. Elly has been making thing ... read more
Latest book: The War Master's Daughter

Follow me on Twitter at  KevinTCraig Kevin Craig
Kevin Craig is the author of two published novels. Summer on Fire was published in 2011 by MuseItUp Publishing in Montreal, Canada. Sebastian’s Poet was published in 2012 by Musa Publishing in Ohio, U.S.A. Both novels have received rave reviews. Kevin’s 3rd novel, The Reasons, was recently acquired by Musa Publishing and will be released in 2013. Kevin is a 4-time winner of the Muskoka Novel Marathon’s Best Novel Award and he is also a passionate playwright. He has had five comedic plays produced—four of which were produced by Driftwood Theatre for their Trafalgar24 Play Creation Festival ! at Trafalgar Castle in Whitby, Ontario. Kevin is a longstanding member of the Writers’ Community of Durham Regio ... read more
Latest book: The Reasons

Follow me on Twitter at  Joshuaaspotts Joshua Spotts
I am a young writer working hard to achieve my dream of being a novelist. I live in Albion, Mi, a little city along I-94, what I like to call the "belt of the glove." I currently study Professional Writing under the wise teachings of Dr. Dennis Hensley at Taylor University. I write short stories, which can be found on my blog, and a poem or two on occasion. I am currently editing the final draft of my novel The Masterless Apprentice. I am a freelance writer as well. Indeed, I am a professional writer! Sincerely, Joshua A. Spotts
Latest book: Wind of Destruction

Follow me on Twitter at  jimmeaney_inlaw Jim Meaney
James A. Meaney, a frequent presenter on franchise topics, is a franchise attorney who has practiced in the area for nearly 30 years. Mr. Meaney is a partner with Zaino & Humphrey, LPA in Dublin, Ohio. During his career, Mr. Meaney has held the following positions: General Counsel and Vice President of Franchise Development for Damon’s Grill®, General Counsel of the Ohio Petroleum Retailers and Repair Association, Section Chief of the Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section (responsible for enforcement of Ohio’s Business Opportunity Law), Chairman of the Columbus Bar Association’s Franchise and Distribution Law Committee, and a member of the Board of Governors, Columbus Bar Association. ... read more
Latest book: How to Buy a Franchise

Follow me on Twitter at  CK_Carlton C.K. Carlton
I began my professional career as a U.S. Navy intelligence officer. I spent six years in the Navy, making three tours, including a tour to the middle east in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I left the Navy at the culmination of that tour, and after a few years in business school, I landed at The Martin Agency, an advertising agency in Richmond, Virginia. It all seemed like the right trajectory, but, as the story so often goes, the stress of hiding what I went through as a boy eventually caught up with me. So, one day, I walked away from my career and decided to focus on me. (quitting your career is never recommended) I got a low-stress job and began my recovery, and as I did, I journaled. That work b ... read more
Latest book: Returning Harm

Follow me on Twitter at  vaempires Thomas Winship
Thomas Winship lives in New York. He currently serves as MBA Director for a private liberal arts college in southern New York, where he also teaches courses in English Composition, Communications, and Business. Prior to this, he spent fifteen years working for a global pharmaceutical company, specializing in organizational development, talent management, and training. Tom writes in his spare time. His first novel, Temporary Insanity, was a 2008 finalist in a national contest but failed to garner industry attention. Væmpires: Revolution, his second novel (first in the Væmpires series) and Væmpires: White Christmas were published in 2011. His latest work, Væmpires: Zombie Rising, was published in late 2012. ... read more
Latest book: Vaempires: Zombie Rising

Follow me on Twitter at  eearhart Elliett Earhart

Latest book: Suppressed

Follow me on Twitter at  emolyzed Emanuel V. Terzian
• The Prologue I was raised in France, went to medical school in Italy, and practiced as a Surgical First Assistant, specializing in head trauma surgery, since 1976. I contracted Hepatitis-C from a Vietnam veteran while I was working with a reckless neurosurgery resident, who poked my finger while suturing. • The Science of getting Rich It was hard, very hard, and although I was more dead than alive at certain times during my treatment ... I am convinced that I survived that ordeal because I had found a book called The Science Of Getting Rich. In fact, I may have been one of the very first people on this planet to receive a medical certificate stating that I was "free" from that virus. This book revealed t ... read more
Latest book: Discovering How To Become Wealthy (951 scientific affirmations to make the best occur in your life)

Follow me on Twitter at  loriborgman Lori Borgman
Lori Borgman is a nationally-distributed newspaper columnist who writes family humor, covering earth-shattering topics like the hazards of upper arm flab. She also touches on serious subjects from time to time. Her column goes out to more than 300 papers/sites in the U.S. and Canada. You can find her column, and subscribe to it, at Lori speaks to a number of groups each year including book and author luncheons, lecture series, schools, businesses, civic groups, fundraisers for non-profits, MOPS groups, church groups and women's retreats regaling (regaling? really? hey, I'm writing this, I can use any superlative I want) audiences with humorous messages woven together with the threads of co ... read more
Latest book: Catching Christmas

Follow me on Twitter at  Cash_Depression Libby Kalis
Libby Kalis lives in Australia and has successfully lived with depression for over 20 years. In that time, she has gained a huge amount of knowledge about depression. Libby now brings her own experience, wisdom and learning to assist you to helping someone with depression. As a person who has first-hand experience with this mental illness, Libby shares her knowledge of depression by providing you with accurate, insightful and contemporary information on helping someone with depression.
Latest book: The Easy To Follow Guide To Helping Someone With Depression

Follow me on Twitter at  Evang_SAScott Shannon Scott
I was born and raised in a Christian home in Tennessee. My Dad was a pastor and my Mom was a very godly and musical woman. I prayed to receive Christ when I was young, but never had peace about my salvation. I departed from my Christian roots, and in 1989 I went to California to become a 'rock star.' However, God had other plans and thwarted mine. Just like the prodigal son, I returned home to Tennessee and was wondrously and gloriously saved August 19, 1992. I returned to California where I recognized the call to preach November 26, 1995. In 1996 I met my Cecilia. December 7, 1996, Cecilia was saved on our second date at a revival in Norwalk, California, where evangelist Joe Boyd was preaching. We were married ... read more
Latest book: Discernment & Decision Making

Follow me on Twitter at  shadowstorm6 Shadowstorm Norwicca
Shadowstorm Norwicca is an author of Paranormal Romance. She is a avid reader of romance novels and loves to be pulled into the world of the characters. She is a veteran having served in both the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Army; she now spends her time chasing after her cats Loki and Lucien who keep her on her toes. She is a mother of two wonderful children. Shadowstorm writes short stories on Facebook and has a following for her unique stories. She is a personality on her own Blog talk radio show called Shadowrealm and has a E-Magazine called Shadow Realm as well. She is a Pagan Witch who embraces her characters in her book because they are a part of her. Her debut book is Forbidden Fruit a tale of love, pain, ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  curvyauthor June Stevens
June Stevens writes in MANY genres, including contemporary romance, romantic suspense, romantic fantasy, paranormal romance, urban fantasy. June Stevens creates new worlds in the form of short stories and books. When you step into one of June Stevens worlds you will encounter at least one (or a combination of many) of these elements: ROMANCE, mystery, suspense, magic, ghosts, vampires, witches, werebeasts, elves, faeries, other magical creatures, space ships, aliens, space travel, time travel, angels, demons, gods and goddesses, and who knows what else. If it can be dreamed up…it may be in one of her worlds. Some of her work may be a little sweet and fantastical, while some (The Paranorm World series for e ... read more
Latest book: Voodoo Moon

Follow me on Twitter at  highlevelstudio scott eagle
While most web experts can do amazing things with computers, they’re often less than amazing when working with people. Scott Eagle is the rare exception to the rule. His engaging, easygoing personality and stellar com­munication skills mean that his clients get the benefit of his extensive experience without the IT jargon – or the hefty price tag that so many others charge. Scott began his IT career at age four, working on a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. In 1982, he was thrilled to switch to a brand-new Commodore 64, which he mastered by working on every day after arriving home from elemen­tary school. Today, more than 25 years later, Scott now works on multiple computer platforms and operating systems on ... read more
Latest book: The Seo Handbook

Follow me on Twitter at  mitchdagen Mitch Dagen
Mitch Dagen of French and Lebanese descent graduated from Rosemount High School in Montréal in 1976 with a High School Diploma. For the past 32 years he has worked for Canada Post in Montréal. He took a few Creative Writing courses plus a Fundamentals of Fiction course. He started writing this novel in 1993 from a simple paragragh that was stuck in his mind. From that arose this novel. In recent years, Mitch took his writing more seriously and finally got around to finishing it. This is Mitch’s first published book. Mitch lives in Montréal with his wife.

Follow me on Twitter at  MissRobynPierce Robyn M. Pierce
Robyn Pierce lives in Las Vegas, where the night is never-ending. There are no vampires in Las Vegas, except the ones on the pages of books. She loves music, and loves cuddling with her two cats, Joy and Hiroki, while lying down to read a good novel. Darkest Embrace is Robyn's first novel, and is the first of many in the series that will chronicle important times in the Lanistter family history. Check her out online at **I have removed PDF, RTC, and Plain Text options from my novels, as I have had a problem with someone purchasing my novel on this site and posting it for free, unauthorized download on another website.**

Follow me on Twitter at Jennifer O'Donnell
Hopefully you will find my fiction fun, sexy, erotic, and maybe a little naughty! If I'm not writing you can find me on the beach! We enjoy Florida summers and even play golf between the thunderstorms. Don't be afraid to email me as I don't bite, unless you want me to. Feedback is my drug of choice. Anyway, I'm hoping that my stories provide a little mental vacation from the reality of life!

Follow me on Twitter at  ImogenLinn Imogen Linn
I write erotica, often with a BDSM kink. I was born in Chicago in the 80s (no, I'm not telling you what year - a girl has to have some secrets). I was always a bit of a wild child. My stories are mostly about good girls who end up submitting to dominant, older men. (Autobiographical? Who, me?) I try to write my sex raunchy, and make the situations and characters believable. For me, if there's no build-up, or I read something and think, "But, she wouldn't do that!" then it kills the experience. I write about encounters and situations that turn me on and get me hot. Some of them are (loosely) based on things that really happened, others are based on things I only wish had happened!

Follow me on Twitter at  MarthaBechtel Martha Bechtel
I write in a wide variety of lengths and genres, but I'm starting my eBook plunge with collections of my Saturday Story Prompts. Once I've gotten the hang of things the store will expand to include the rest of the content. (And possibly some non-fiction fun as well!) NOTE: SSP collections are a 'tip jar' of sorts-- the prompts are all free to read on the website (or will be free in the future). The monthlycollections will roll over into 'free' status when the 'prompts from the future' become 'prompts from the present.' ~*~*~*~*~ Saturday Story Prompts Color Coding Yearly Collections = Green Header 2012 Monthlies = Blue Header 2013 Monthlies = Tan Header
Latest book: In Peace