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Follow me on Twitter at  WrightLaRoche Laura Wright LaRoche
I'm a native of Noblesville, Indiana where I was born in 1968, but spent my childhood in the small town of Shoals and my current residence is Linton, Indiana. I come from a loving home and as the youngest of six children, probably enjoyed being the “baby” a little more than I should. I'm a self motivator with many titles of interest, including: Fine Arts Artist, Digital Art designer, Photographer, Author, Rock Carver, Avid Mushroom hunter and the one I hold dearest - Mom.
Latest book: Legend of Manfin, The Journey, Book 1

Follow me on Twitter at  don_lett Donald Lett
I am an independent Christian author and publisher. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from Wayne State University. My passion is teaching the pure doctrine and universal truths of Christ. I have been a sitting member of the board for Shalom Ministries since 2007. I have taught classes and bible studies for several years. I have a passion for history, philosophy and theology. I am blessed with a beautiful wife and three healthy boys.
Latest book: The Lost Parable of the Cross

Follow me on Twitter at  AnnaMWrites A.E. Moseley
A.E. Moseley is a native of North Carolina, and still resides there. She started off detesting writing, spending her days playing in the woods, swinging or reading. Her love of reading never faded and is completely to blame for changing her life. After reading the first Harry Potter book and seeing the movie, she decided to try her hand at writing and fell in love with it. Ever since then she has been reading and writing almost non-stop.
Latest book: The Book of Monsters

Follow me on Twitter at  ls_johnson L.S. Johnson
L.S. Johnson lives in Northern California. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in such venues as Interzone, Fae, and Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History. Currently she is working on a novel set in 18th century Europe.
Latest book: Once Again, Long Island

Follow me on Twitter at  @maryjorabe Mary Jo Rabe
Mary Jo Rabe grew up on a small farm in eastern Iowa, earned a B.A. in German and Math from Michigan State University, and spent her junior year in Freiburg Germany, where she met her future husband. She and Franz attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she earned a M.A. in Library Science and first encountered and fell in love with science fiction. She has been employed in a small special library in Freiburg, Germany, since 1976. She is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Mary Jo and her husband live in a small town in the Black Forest. Her poems have been published in Pandora, Stygian Articles, The Martian Wave, Astropoetica, Raven Electrick, Space and Time, The Sword Review, and ... read more
Latest book: Blue Sunset

Follow me on Twitter at  eleanor_parks Eleanor Parks
I am the youngest of four children and was born in Leigh, a small town in Lancashire, England. I have been writing all my life, from poetry and short stories (one of which was published in my primary school's magazine), and finally culminating in my book "Killing For Capone". I am a real cat lover, and when I am not writing I love to spend my time relaxing at home with my 13 feline friends, all of whom have been rescued from the street. My other loves include MotoGP (Valentino Rossi is my hero), Formula 1, good food, good wine, reading (some of my favourite authors are Oscar Wilde, Truman Capote, Stephen Fry and Christopher Isherwood), and, saving the best for last, my wonderful husband! I left the UK 13 years ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  KuikMichael Michael Kuik
Michael Kuik lives in Michigan with his wife and son. Writing has been a hobby for many years, but with the help of Smashwords and the emerging markets of online publishing, Michael hopes to someday make a career of writing. Already, there are two more novels in this series in the works, with many more ideas for other books. Feel free to email directly with thoughts, criticisms or questions at
Latest book: Where Shadows Lie

Follow me on Twitter at  garyvcarter Gary V Carter
Gary is variously known as a Ministry Imagineer / Engineer, a Life Coach, a Pastor, a Church Starting Specialist, a Church Health Consultant, a Writer and Publisher. In all those roles people often comment on his abiding passion for ministry. Those are some of his various vocational dimensions but he is also a husband to Wendy, father and grandfather. Gary’s ministry life now spans over four decades. And he still stays fresh and more energized than many who are just starting!
Latest book: Church Ministry: How to Crank It Up without Getting Cranky

Follow me on Twitter at  Romana Van Lissum Romana Van Lissum
Romana Van Lissum has been a cocktail waitress in a popular Canadian strip club for over 20 years. In her spare time, she loves to train her horse on the trails near her home and competes in 25 and 50 mile endurance rides. She loves to read, travel with her husband, spend time with her wonderful friends, family and many pets. She enjoys hot yoga and meditation.
Latest book: How To Be a Shot Girl and Make Big Tips. Learn the Art of Selling Shooters Without Being Too Pushy

Follow me on Twitter at  palacios_pau Pau Palacios
Empezó a estudiar Ciencias Políticas, pero se licenció en Sociología. Tras acabar sus estudios trabajó de road manager en el Teatre Lliure. En 2005 se trasladó a vivir a Lisboa, donde por un año flirteó con el video-arte. Desde 2006 vive en los Alpes, en el Tirol italiano. Es dramaturgo y performer de la Agrupación Señor Serrano, heterogénea compañía de teatro contemporáneo con base en Barcelona.
Latest book: Furioso reloj

Follow me on Twitter at  rich_greene Richard Greene
Richard B. Greene is business visionary, writer, and entrepreneur with more than 25+ years of experience driving double-digit revenue growth for start-up, turnaround, and high growth organizations. As a sales executive and trainer, he has mentored thousands of individuals in methods for the attainment of personal Peak Performance. Rich is also a tri-athlete and avid ultra-marathon swimmer. He believes that athletic competition promotes discipline, dedication, focus, planning, the importance of hard work, humility, and the necessary elements for long term success. He combines the elements used by successful athletes with a focused approach to learning and change management that teaches business executives, pro ... read more
Latest book: The Science of Using Affirmations and Attraction Strategies to Get Everything You Want in Life

Follow me on Twitter at  timeless_lovers Lily Silver
I live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, on the shores of Green Bay. I have always been a voracious reader of romances, mostly historical romances and sweeping historical sagas. My one vice, aside from reading romances, is coffee. I melt beneath the intoxicating sway of a strong white mocha latte promising to embrace my senses and carry me away. Mmmm . . . I can visualize the steam rising from that frothy cup as I sit here thinking of it. I write Historical Romance novels and non-fiction essays on women and feminist movement throughout history. I have a bachelor's degree in History and also one in Humanistic Studies with an emphasis in Ancient and Medieval Research.
Latest book: Gallant Rogue

Follow me on Twitter at  GuySamson3 Guy Samson
Guy Samson is a writer of interesting short fiction for the internet. Not much else is known about this mysterious figure, though much can be gleaned from the sordid and titillating contents of his works. Questions, comments, suggestions, and any naughty thoughts can be emailed to:

Follow me on Twitter at  DAMadigan D.A. Madigan
D.A. Madigan can be reached with commentary on his writing at damadigan at gmail dot com.
Latest book: Marveling

Follow me on Twitter at  TFLOnes Phillip McAbee
Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Phil McAbee left his childhood home on a dance scholarship and since then has been a dancer, choreographer, student, teacher, computer programmer, aerospace consultant, and serial entrepreneur. A graduate of UCLA, he has taught dance in Osaka Japan, trained Boeing Space Shuttle engineers in Risk Management, and biked the south of France. While living in New York, he founded the McAbee Dance Company. And years later, after reading Jon Krakauer’s, Into Thin Air, he decided to trek the Himalayas and party with the Sherpas at Base Camp Mount Everest. But wherever he has lived, he was always remembering and returning to these stories of his family that have formed his life. With The F ... read more
Latest book: The Four Little Ones

Follow me on Twitter at  wanderingfriar Robert Jenkins
Robert Jenkins is a writer for the stage and the page. His short plays have been performed in Sydney festivals and by youth theatres. His fiction has so far remained hidden from the world but he is endeavouring to remedy that situation. He is a Speculative Fiction fanatic as his works will show.
Latest book: The Truth of Dragons

Follow me on Twitter at  kendeldavi Kendel Davi
Kendel Davi was born in New York City. The reason I say “born” is because, when I was living there, I started to see the world for everything it has to offer. The experiences I had were the seed that bloomed into the writer that I am today. However, the journey has not been a easy one and yet it has been very rewarding. When you allow yourself to open up and not judge but listen, you can’t help but grow and with that comes a greater understanding of humanity. Whether you are LBGT or straight, no matter what you enjoy, it’s all linked to making a connection. So why have a focus on writing ethnic erotica? Well, I see this world through the eyes of a person of color, yet that doesn’t limit what I wri ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  MatthewPMGordon Matthew Gordon
Matthew Gordon was born in Toronto on August 3, 1987. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and History from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Master of Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. He has also completed his Freelance Writing Certificate at the University of Toronto and has written for and The Billfold. His first published fiction was released in June 2012. When he is not writing, he is diving into a book or listening to music.
Latest book: The Knight and the Princess

Follow me on Twitter at  KarinaMcKinley Karina McKinley
Hello! I recently decided to be a full-time writer. Yes, I quit my well-paying job to do this, despite others thinking I'm absolutely crazy! I believe in following your heart and living life YOUR way! I enjoy traveling around the world (so far I have been to 11 other countries and 35 other US states), sports, reading, and writing. I am passionate about animals, the environment, and the power of thought!
Latest book: The Time of Your Life, Book 2: Dilemma

Follow me on Twitter at  danwolgemuth Dan Wolgemuth
Daniel S. Wolgemuth currently serves as the ninth President of Youth for Christ/USA. Dan was raised in Wheaton, Illinois, and is a graduate of Taylor University, Upland, Indiana. Dan and his wife, Mary, have a long and rich history with the Youth for Christ organization that helped to foster their love for the mission of YFC. Dan’s father, Sam, served as President of Youth for Christ/USA from 1965–1973. Dan has served on the National Board of Trustees from 1995 to present. In addition, Dan has served as a volunteer with YFC in Fort Wayne, Indiana and YFC Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to joining Youth for Christ, Dan worked in a variety of roles for several corporations. Most recently as Senior Vice Presiden ... read more
Latest book: Fragments: God's Pattern in Life's Pieces

Follow me on Twitter at  JennAllyson Allyson James
Allyson James is a pseudonym for NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Ashley. As Allyson, she writes award-winning urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. Allyson's Stormwalker series has finaled twice for the prestigious RITA award, given by Romance Writers of America to honor the best romances of the year, and she has won and been nominated for numerous RT BookReviews Reviewer's Choice Awards. Her books have also won Prism awards and Passionate Plume awards for best paranormal and best erotic romance. When she's not writing, Allyson enjoys playing guitar, reading, hiking, and making dollhouse miniatures.

Follow me on Twitter at  JEddleston John Eddleston
Writer, researcher and criminologist with 19 books published in the UK including definite works on Jack the Ripper and executions within the UK. Now moving into fast-paced crime fiction.
Latest book: And May The Lord Have Mercy On Your Soul...

Follow me on Twitter at  debra phillips Debra Phillips
Debra Phillips also writes under the pen name of D.Y. Phillips. She is the author of four printed books, lives in sunny California, and she is currently working on her next project

Follow me on Twitter at  catie_rhodes Catie Rhodes
Catie Rhodes grew up in the piney woods of East Texas. It was a dark and shadowy world, rife with folklore and spooky tales, some of which had pretty grim endings. There wasn’t much to do underneath those tall, tall trees other than daydream and make up stories. Naturally, Catie became a purveyor of lies and legends. Drawing on her East Texas roots, her love of true crime, and her love of the paranormal, she began writing the Peri Jean Mace Paranormal Mysteries. She writes horror shorts on those dark days and moonless nights when the shadows beckon. Catie is also that kid your mother warned you about. She lies. She cusses. She never washes her hands after petting the dog. And she still wears checkered vans. ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  JeffreyKosh Jeffrey Kosh
Jeffrey Kosh is the pen name of an author of two novels, some novelettes, and a long series of short stories. Perhaps best known for his horror fiction, Jeffrey also writes erotica and likes to experience different paths. His works have been published by Alexandria Publishing Group, Grinning Skull Press, May-December Publications, and EFW. He is also a graphic artist, creating covers for various authors and publishing houses. His various careers have led him to travel extensively worldwide, developing a passion for photography, wildlife, history, and popular folklore. All these things heavy influenced his writing style. His short story ‘HAUNT’ was featured in the ‘FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE’ anthology, while ... read more
Latest book: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Follow me on Twitter at  RobDurhamComedy Rob Durham
Rob Durham graduated from The Ohio State University in 2000 with an English Degree in one hand and a microphone in the other. From there Rob has built an act that he prides on originality and his unique point of view. He has been praised by many of the business’s big names whom he has worked with. From Bob Saget calling him "Freaking Hilarious" to Louie Anderson’s written claim of "Very Funny!" (Rob still has the cocktail napkin as proof), his material is respected by all who hear it. With a smile that says I didn’t get my braces off until I was 27, Rob’s innocent look helps him vent about his other career as an English teacher, his horrible dating history, his wonderfully spunky wife, and other near d ... read more
Latest book: Don't Wear Shorts on Stage...The Stand-up Guide to Comedy

Follow me on Twitter at  Michael_Almich Michael Almich
Mike Almich has lived his entire life in Minnesota, and loves to spend time on the North Shore of Lake Superior, the setting for his Camp Lac Igam series. He is a happily married fortysomething father of three loving, exuberant, rambunctious, and often tiring children. Their household is further complicated by three dogs, and a teenage mutant ninja turtle cat. Mike enjoys reading in general, and in particular the fantasy genre. He is also passionate about football, and has found coaching his young sons to be immensely rewarding. He advocates tackling low, is currently an apprentice of writing on trains, a pontificator on the wonders of teenage daughters, and a Manager of the Institution of Marriage.
Latest book: The Huldra Hostility

Follow me on Twitter at  jayjfalconer Jay J. Falconer
Jay J. Falconer is an independent author, publisher, blogger, editor, engineer and Sci-Fi junkie who lives in the mountains of northern Arizona where the brisk, clean air and stunning mountain views inspire his workday. He makes his online home at: and is the author of the critically acclaimed Narrows of Time book series. If the mood strikes you, please use the Contact the Author form on his website to connect with him. Mr. Falconer would love to hear from you. He personally reads and responds to all inquiries. You may also connect with him on Facebook: Mr. Falconer is currently developing an all new action Sci-Fi series called Redfall. The first season is ... read more
Latest book: Incursion: Book 2 in the Narrows of Time Series

Follow me on Twitter at  WadenhoeDavid David Phillips
David Phillips was born and bred in the Fens of West Norfolk inthe East Anglia region of England. A respected former editor of Land Rover Owner International magazine, and one of the world’s foremost authorities on the marque, he has been a prolific writer on all matters Land Rover since the 1990s and has written three books on the subject: Land Rovers Uncovered, Land Rover Adevntures in Africa and Land Rover: The Story Behind The Legend. In a journalistic career dating back to 1972, when he joined Angling Times as a trainee reporter, David has worked for a variety of publications, including a five-year stint as editor of Coarse Fisherman magazine. Today, David lives in rural Northamptonshire. He is a noted ... read more
Latest book: Land Rover: The Story Behind the Legend

Follow me on Twitter at  lacobraprieta Jose Abreu
Jose Abreu is a Dominican writer from the South Bronx. He studied at Yale and taught in Korea before moving to Spain. He currently works as a freelance writer in Amsterdam. I just released a new book, "My Funeral," check it out on Amazon:

Follow me on Twitter at  NRTrandahl Nicholas Trandahl
Nicholas Trandahl was born in 1984. He has been writing fictional stories for as long as he can remember and reading them for about as long. His passion for poetry came while serving in the United States Army. He now lives and writes from Wyoming.
Latest book: An Uncomfortable Life

Follow me on Twitter at  pammyls Pamela Swyers
Pam lives with her husband Bill in Gwinnett County, Georgia. She is the mother of three grown children and has dabbled in creative writing since she could hold a pen. Pam has written poetry, children’s stories and dramatic scripts but her passion and calling is penning fictional novels. Pam currently writes full time and has seven books in print, with more on the way. She can often be found toodling around NE Atlanta, doing book-signings and making appearances when she’s not working hard on her computer. Pam is a professional member of the Georgia Writers Association.
Latest book: The Hobby

Follow me on Twitter at  garretguy John Beresford
I am currently a writer who also works full-time as a computer systems architect. That single sentence crystallises my priorities. Since the first time a story of mine made the rest of the English class screw up their faces in horror and disgust, I've wanted nothing more than to write. I was 12. Later that year I came second in a sponsored writing competition with a short story about how the Sphinx is really a quiescent guardian against alien invaders. I won £10. That was big bucks in 1968. Since then, real life has stepped in between me and my writing. In my 33-year career in computing I have written dozens of design documents, created and delivered presentations to audiences from 1,000 technical experts to ... read more
Latest book: Well of Love

Follow me on Twitter at  ubgonline Casper Stockham
I am author of "Old Networkers Don't Die They Just Burn Out!", Co Founder of ASA Online and my wife and I are Christian Marriage Coaches through our website I AM Love Builders. One of my lifetime goals is to have 1 Million friends who want to make a positive difference in peoples lives. Although I may never get to a Million Friends and we may never meet in person I would love for you to be one of those friends so please add me to your list. Together we can accomplish great things and Become The Change We Wish To See In The World!!
Latest book: The Golden Business Solution

Follow me on Twitter at Tammy Ruggles
Being a legally blind freelance writer, artist, and photographer has its challenges, but I find ways to make it work. I write short stories, articles, e-books, audiobooks, screenplays in the YA, grade school, and preschool genres--just about all of it; and have over 300 publishing credits and counting. They can be found all over the web if you search my name, or my pen name, Miss Tammy. I create the cover art for a lot of my titles. My first paperback book, Peace, was published by Clear Light Books in 2005.
Latest book: I Ate The Bully

Follow me on Twitter at  ab_kelly Andrew Kelly
My name's Andrew Kelly - and I refuse to write my bio in the third person, alright? First things first: What do I do to pay the mortgage and put food in my kiddies' mouths? Well, I've spent much of my long career in IT helping corporates comply with their legislative, regulatory and information security requirements. It's what I do - and I'm sorry to disappoint - but more often than not I have 'Consultant' somewhere in my title. Now that we've got that out of the way ... what about my writing? Not so unusually in an author, I was first - and remain - this avid reader of all types of fiction: thrillers, SF, adventure, pulp, fantasy, humour, whatever. The only difference between when I was in short trousers and n ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  AbramsSeraphine Seraphine Abrams
Hi, Thanks for your interest in my literature. I currently live in California and have been writing for most of my life although this is my first published work. I enjoy to read books in the fantasy genre. My favorite authors are Sophie Jordan, P.C. Cast, Cassandra Claire, Michael Scott, Emma Mills and Rick Riordan just to name a few. Mythology and Legends have always captivated me and love to mix them together in my writings. The idea for Kane And The Elven Realms was first conceived in the fall of 2009. The idea fascinated me for months and so the journey began. This book's characters are extraordinary in that they have the ability to tap into the raw components of Nature (air, earth,water, fire) ... read more
Latest book: Kane And The Elven Realms

Follow me on Twitter at  jaredmcvaytheauthor Jared McVay
Jared McVay, is a veteran television and film actor, and author, who has been called “The Ultimate Story Teller.”
Latest book: Hacker's Raid

Follow me on Twitter at  CattRudolph Catherine Rudolph
Catherine Rudolph is a minister, public speaker for young people and author. After completing her undergraduate degree in business management and masters degree in education she decided to begin writing books and curriculum. Her first children's book is available now and several more are one the way. These books are short, full of color and designed to teach life lessons and inspire young readers. Read and enjoy!
Latest book: Ellie the Elephant

Follow me on Twitter at  chrisclark Chris Clark
Chris has been the pastor of East Clairemont since 1998. Born and raised in Long Beach, Chris was licensed to the ministry in 1979 and ordained in 1988. He is a graduate of California Baptist University (BA, BS) in 1982 as well as from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv) in 1986. Chris has over 30 years of ministry experience, including 17 years in youth ministry. He is married to Terri, and they have four children. Chris has a number of interests in addition to helping people discover and do God's will. He enjoys playing golf and softball and trying to stay physically fit. He enjoys watching his kids play sports, play musical instruments, lead cheers, get good grades, and otherwise just grow u ... read more
Latest book: Clark's Quiet Time Commentaries: 1 Peter

Follow me on Twitter at  BreeBellucci Bree Bellucci
My name is Bree Bellucci. I'm a nurse by day and a sex fiend by night :) Writing sexy smut has been a hobby of mine for years. I started out writing stories for my own pleasure and eventually began sharing with friends. There is no better way to get me horny than reading about a slut doing whatever it takes to please her partner, or partners. The greatest erogenous zone is the mind, and erotica is the best way to turn it on! There can never be enough good smut, read on, and check my site for updates and new releases!

Follow me on Twitter at  cinnabar01 Sherrie Cronin
Sherrie Roth grew up in Western Kansas thinking that there was no place in the universe more fascinating than outer space. After her mother vetoed astronaut as a career ambition, she went on to attended Northwestern University studying journalism and physics in hopes of becoming a science writer. She published her first science fiction short story long ago and then waited a lot of tables while she looked for inspiration for the next tale. When it finally came, it declared to her that it had to be whole book, nothing less. One night, while digesting this disturbing piece of news, she drank way too many shots of ouzo with her boyfriend. She woke up thirty-one years later demanding to know what was going on. The b ... read more
Latest book: d4

Follow me on Twitter at  EggplantProduct EggplantLiteraryProductions
A small electronic publisher of speculative fiction. Founded in 1997.
Latest book: Spellbound Winter 2013: Giants

Follow me on Twitter at  VanessaKEccles Vanessa K. Eccles
Vanessa K. Eccles has had a writer’s spirit since before she could write. She won her first short story contest at the age of six and was first published at thirteen. Words have always been a part of her life. Her deep love of literature inspired her to study English at Troy University before founding Belle Reve Literary Journal, where she currently serves as executive editor. When she's not writing or devouring books, she enjoys living the lake life with her Prince Charming and their four dogs.
Latest book: Fabled

Follow me on Twitter at  Markaroni_ Mark Ure
I write comedy sometimes, so far I have made £84 from my work. Not long till I can retire I wrote a sketch show for a student touring production. That was 2 years ago and they've still not toured with it, lazy scrounging Pot Noodle loving bastards I submit sketches several times a year to radio shows like Newsjack, they always use them (four times in 15 months) I stay in Edinburgh with my 3 cats, Phil, Shirley and wee Dugface If you're a bit nosy and want to know more you can follow me on twitter at @Markaroni_ All the money I make from my books go to a good cause, mostly Pringles and battered Mars bars

Follow me on Twitter at  NehaYazmin Neha Yazmin
Neha Yazmin graduated from University College London (UCL) with a degree in Psychology and now lives in London and works in the financial services sector. She writes both contemporary and paranormal romance. Her debut novel ‘Chasing Pavements’ was first published as an e-book in summer 2012, with the sequel 'Make You Feel My Love' published a year later. She is currently working on a number of projects, including paranormal romance books, the Poison Blood series.
Latest book: Make You Feel My Love (The Soulmates Saga, Book 2)

Follow me on Twitter at  HoneyBrownBlues Carl Polgar
Born on an island, raised on a peninsula, now living in Nashville, Tennessee, most of the time. The rest of the time is spent in hotel rooms. For now, I like things this way. Used to write poetry, then I wrote songs (this switch is mandatory for everyone who moves to Nashville), then I wrote short essays and blog posts - now writing a book or two, and a bunch of short stories. Any and all feedback is much appreciated.
Latest book: Dan And Eric

Follow me on Twitter at  snglmaltproof Benjamin Snyder
Having spent the last half-dozen years wandering the country, mostly for work but occasionally just because I wanted to, I finally decided to get off my rear-end and get some of the several million words I've written out into the world. Depending on the success of the first few books I'll be publishing through Smashwords, maybe I'll even get to do this full-time. I'm a very accessible person, so if you happen to become a fan, feel free to drop me a line any time. You can even write directly to me at wherethemeatcomesfrom (at) gmail (dot) com. Best of luck to any other erstwhile writers who have found me in this corner of the Internet, and I hope everyone keeps reading.
Latest book: Dreamrise

Follow me on Twitter at  hillaryepeak Hillary Peak
Hey! I'm a lawyer trying to retire and write novels! Check out my novels: Wings of Hope and Cappuccino is the Answer for Job Dissatisfaction on Amazon. Coming soon: a legal thriller: Justice Scorned!
Latest book: Cappuccino is the Answer for Job Dissatisfaction

Follow me on Twitter at  #DeborahLovett Deborah Lovett
Deborah Lovett is an international author and speaker. She speaks for women’s conferences, events, and retreats. Deborah writes for several blogs including her own, “These Boots were made for Talking,” and is the author of Gushing Springs and 22 Days in the County Jail. She has aired on several talk radio shows. Deborah’s mission is to empower women with hope and without judgement. Deborah and her husband Tim live in Dayton, Ohio and have two children. They live on a ranch with two horses, one golden retriever and two black cats. Contact Deborah at
Latest book: ARISE Out of the Ashes