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Latest book: Eternally

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Samir has more than ten plus years of industry experience in user experience design , market Research for cross platform content & applications development, information design solutions for fortune 100 product setups. Currently Samir is working as a Chief Designer for UX Innovations at Samsung R&D Center , Bangalore, India. For details see Linked in profile at
Latest book: UX Simplified: Models & Methodologies

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Born in Michigan, USA Rochelle H. Ragnarok began her writing career in 2004 after writing privately for several years. Her first horror short was published in "Necrology Shorts" and since then she had begun writing the first novel in her Boys in Love series—Game Boys. Rochelle has published three books total within the series and will complete the fourth and final novel soon. Rochelle has written horror shorts and web comics. However, her primary interest and passion is for yaoi. So far she has written five yaoi novels. Published works include: Boys in Love series and Hell City Hills. She is currently working on a supernatural yaoi horror.
Latest book: The Room-Final Conflict Part 3

Follow me on Twitter at  QuoVadimus2012 Gary Anderson
Born and raised in Roanoke Virginia, now reside in Spokane Washington.
Latest book: Through The Soul's Window

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N'Tyse is a Dallas, Texas native and bestselling author of My Secrets Your Lies and Stud Princess, Notorious Vendettas. While N'Tyse, pronounced entice, spells out exotic seduction, the true significance behind her name takes on an entire new meaning. Never Tell Your Secrets is the hidden message N'Tyse envelops within her stimulating taboo tales. N'Tyse's writing career began at a very young age where she found poetry, music, and story-telling as an outlet of escape. Now 29, the writer's obsession with the pen is better described as the "intimate release" for her imagination. In 2007, she ambitiously penned and self published her freshmen novel, My Secrets Your Lies. Upon the release of her first book, she di ... read more
Latest book: What He Wanted

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Larry Anderson is an award-winning businessman, speaker, author and philanthropist. He transformed himself from a lonely, penniless, high school dropout to a happy, fulfilled man living his dreams. In the Live Your MAGIC! series, Larry explains how he changed the direction of his life -- and shows how you, too, can make your dreams come true. The three books are: Inspiration to Live Your MAGIC! 75 Inspiring Biographies Wisdom to Live Your MAGIC! Life Lessons from 50 Amazing Teachers The Journey to Live Your MAGIC! Five Gifts. Five Choices. Six Tools. Published by LIAP Media Corp., a social enterprise. 100% of the profits and author royalties from the LIVE Your MAGIC! series of books are donated to c ... read more
Latest book: Wisdom to Live Your MAGIC!™

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Simply known as: THE GIFT, a.k.a. T.G. She is one who sees, feels and conveys the inner most depths of existence. She is the creator of her own writing style [O.A.C.], which is "Open-ended Artistic Creativity". She is an Innovator. She has written over 20 books. She has finished two books of poetry. The others are poetry-non-fiction/fiction short stories, short fiction stories and children's book that are all in the final completion stage. She has also written a play. She knows that it is a blessing to touch lives, that within itself is one of the most precious gifts. She knows that being a blessing is what her living is all about. She has (4) Children's Books currently being published and they are: "I' ... read more
Latest book: Sean's Dream

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Raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the 1970's. Jim has since made his home in Nashville, Tennessee with his family and their pets. After quickly deciding not to follow in the family waterman business, he began a series of career choices which brought him to IT Project Management. Where he now spends his daytime hours.
Latest book: Nightmare! A Haunting in Nashville

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Born in Moorestown, NJ in 1927. Served 3 years in USN during WW2. Attended several colleges: U of P, Rider, Rutgers, Nwk Coll. of Eng. all under GI Bill (Sales, Marketing, Business Writing). Owner: Weber & Sons,Inc. Printing & Direct Mail Advertising business for 30 years. Writer: Award winning (National DMAA)Sales letter copywriter with: Yeck & Yeck in Dayton,OH (1966-'67). Worked with author and Creative Direcctor, Darrell Hare at Graphic Service; Diamond Expert Author status (Best of the best of 478,000 article writes wolrd-wide), Author with 62,857 views of my 168 articles. Some of my inventions are:(Pat.Pend.; NoLabeSystem, Tydee Stamp, LabelPeeler, Tymindex Time Card File System sold ... read more
Latest book: Profitable Thinking How To Think For Yourself To Help Others

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Luis Costa Jr. lives on the out skirts of the oldest city in North America, Saint Augustine Florida. As an emotional poet Luis enjoys acting; and is a saltwater reef tank enthusiast. He encourages all reef hobbyists and aquatics pet shop’s to frag-swap their corals and protect our ocean reefs.
Latest book: Silent Echoes

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Attempting to make a living selling health and life insurance. Living in northern California with wife and son. Bright spots in life are hiking, reading, and watching my son grow into a brilliant person.

Follow me on Twitter at  authoressapril APRIL M. BARBOSA
I am first and foremost a believer in God. Without Him I am nothing. I am also a wifey and a mommy. During my free time I like to read and write. My books all have a touch of reality in them. I write young adult books and also adult mystery, suspense and have currently just tried my skills on erotica. I am also working on my memoirs.

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J.L. MacLaren is the author of the Adlergeist Series. Book 1: A Bitter Victory is available now. Her website will have extras for the series such as maps and character profile. She writes fantasy, sci-fiction, and contemporary fiction. J.L. is working on a group of essays on Creating Creatures. She has a B.S. in biology with a focus on Ecology and decade of experience in scientific research. The essays examine the use of biological characteristics and physiology of animals to create original and realistic monsters, humanoids and other organisms that could exist in nature. J.L. has lived in many states including Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Florida, and New York. She is currently living in Tennessee nort ... read more

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Jasper Storm was born in 1982 and grew up in a small town in the east of The Netherlands. In everyday life he is a software tester, but he aspires to become a full-time author someday. Before he became a software tester he studied to become an accountant, while he programmed and published a MORPG on the side as a hobby. He has a wide interest in many subjects, which reflects in his writing and genres. Most notably he loves to read and watch movies, but he also likes reading scientific articles and informative programs on Discovery Channel. He has a loyal minion in the form of a cat, who loves to distract him at the most inconvenient times, but looks adorably cute while doing so.

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Writer of novella. Loves a curse word now and again. Secretly someone else; commonly known by that other name. Shh.

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T. K. Simson is a young polish author at the moment working on a few publishing projects simultaneously. "Melissa and her Prince" is his first children's book, for now available only in digital format. Excited about bringing his new stories to life through Smashwords, he can't wait to show you his next works. The next months are bound to bring new books, so stay tuned for more!
Latest book: Melissa and her Prince

Follow me on Twitter at  SL_Carpenter Scott Carpenter
A native Californian, Scott Carpenter loves writing stories that blend his trademark twisted humor with plots that range from intense contemporary experiences to whimsical trips outside of time and space. And his mix of laughter and heated passion has been delighting readers for more than ten years. There are two dozen books with his name on them and many more to come. Married, with three children, he enjoys what he describes as the life of an ordinary man. His readers would argue that he's underestimating his ability to entertain and delight with his body of work. Look for more S.L. Carpenter books here soon!

Follow me on Twitter at  bhewy B.L. Hewitt
Born on Long Island, NY a long...long time ago, I was raised in a small midwest Ohio town and headed out to see the world as soon as I came of age. I have lived in many different cities and abroad, liking the gypsy life. The last 12 years I worked as a glass artist in Asheville N.C., the mountains there are a constant muse. I now live in Tampa, FL..don't ask me why. I have turned to my life long love of writing and "the twilight effect" is my first published work. My new thriller "Role Play" will be out in the spring. And that is probably more than you ever expected or wanted to know about me!
Latest book: The Twilight Effect

Follow me on Twitter at  pearlydroplets Grinelda Markowitz
Grinelda Markowitz writes erotic fiction across multiple genres. She resides in a galaxy far, far away with a trusty pen, a never-ending supply of paper and a fertile imagination. The Moon-Kissed Chi, her first e-published book in the genre of erotic fiction, is available on Amazon and Smashwords. For a bit of recreation I enjoy clay work and attending symphony. I meet up with friends when we are able to sync our schedules and I maintain a fairly active virtual life. Eating out is a passion for me. I’m always glad to find a new restaurant which warrants a return visit. I used to work at a book store part time. How cliché, huh? And, I also maintain a full-time bread-and-butter job as well. I find that ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  #drbilllifecoach William Tollefson
When considering my work I would have to say that my mission is to assist individuals in making a positive change in their lives. I teach skills and strategies to free themselves from barriers that keep them stuck and block them from success with themselves, relationships and business. One of my most proud accomplishments, among many, has been my creation of a specialized method called the Rapid Reduction Technique 2.0® or RRT 2.0 which helps survivors and veterans quickly make closure with troubling, intrusive, combat or traumatic memory through shifting the connected core beliefs and associated emotions. As I speak of growth to my clients I too have continued to grow and have improved the original RRT to wh ... read more

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About the author I’ve always been interested in metaphysical concepts and often sought to find evidence that someone else felt the things that I felt; that so much did not make sense about the world. I couldn’t fully put my finger on it but it was there . . . like a veil over everything. So close I could smell it and sense it, felt it with every part of me, but why couldn’t anyone else? It was a bit frustrating. I knew things as a kid people thought a kid shouldn’t know. I was so sure I could do certain things, like fly and read minds, see energy and clips of the future—mainly mine, but sometimes others—visit other planets and more, but earths experiences told me “No, it’s not possible.” Yet ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  ianeve Ian Everett
Hi my name is Ian and I like to party and write fantasy books, but I actually don't like to party.
Latest book: The Seed of Apostasy

Follow me on Twitter at  madocleonard Gaynor Madoc Leonard
Gaynor Madoc Leonard was born and brought up in Wales, where her parents still live. Gaynor has lived and worked in London for most of her life. Her first novel, The Carmarthen Underground, was published in December 2009 by Y Lolfa ( Since then, the original novel has been published as an e-book on Two further novels in the series have been published and are available in print from The books are now also available for e-readers.
Latest book: The Carmarthen Underground - Darkness at Dark Gate

Follow me on Twitter at  brentmeranda Brent Meranda
Brent Meranda grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he lives with his wife and two children. He writes software by day and fiction by night. His articles have appeared in The Plain Truth, Christian Odyssey, and Control Engineering. He is also a certified teacher of relationship skills with Equipping Ministries International, and is a member of the pastoral leadership team at Christ Community Church.
Latest book: Original Encounter

Follow me on Twitter at  @tinagerow Tina Gerow
Tina Gerow has always had a passion for romance and anything paranormal. And even in school, was encouraged to put her writing skills to good use, but always with the admonishment to 'stop writing the weird stuff and tone down the sarcasm.' But what fun is that?! So, in 2003, she finally decided to try her hand at writing a novel, but still firmly embracing the 'weird stuff and the sarcasm.' Her first book, Into a Dangerous Mind, won the award for Romantic Times Best Small Press Contemporary Paranormal for 2006. Since then, Tina has published several more books, including the popular Maiden series, the Seduction Series for Kensington's Aphrodisia line as Cassie Ryan, and the Sisters of Darkness series ... read more
Latest book: Books We Love Special Edition - Tina Gerow

Follow me on Twitter at  pmandel Philip Mandel
Placeholder - bio to be updated soon!
Latest book: Allergy Resolution Process: you can be symptom-free in less than two hours

Follow me on Twitter at  NathanHale7 Nathan Hale
I am a serious student of history, political, economic, military history, read copiously, often 2-3 books a week, and I have found this knowledge to be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing: I understand what I have read, and I prefer original sources. The curse: mankind is really doomed to repeat the same errors endlessly. Do I take myself seriously? Not really, even though the characters I use in my books all have some basis in reality, I have found that the passions of youth really do mellow out as one gets older. I do take great pride in using weapons and systems that either actually exist, or are theoretically possible. Also the combat situations I describe are as accurate as I can make them. In my boo ... read more
Latest book: Death of Civilization; Reclamation

Follow me on Twitter at  kir_neh Henrik Kamstrup-Nielsen
Born and raised in the sleepy town of Sorø, Denmark, I grew up living in my own fantasy worlds. It turned out, however, that most of these places were quite horrible and to control my nightmares and started to write stories in which I conquered the evil. Now I believe my writing has matured to a level, where I would very much love to share what I write. Some is horrible, some violent and some might be disturbing. My primary genres are SciFi and horror but I sometimes run off to other places. My first novella, "One Too Many" is out now, soon to be followed by my first novel, "The Tournament". "One Too Many" is a noir detective story with a twist of something else, while "The Tournament" is SciFi.
Latest book: En for meget

Follow me on Twitter at  peachykirpal Neha Kirpal
Neha Kirpal has worked in the Indian media for the past five years – as a television reporter for New Delhi Television (NDTV), a newspaper correspondent for The Times of India, and a web content writer for Currently, she is a copy editor at McKinsey Knowledge Centre, Gurgaon. The common thread in each of these has been her primary passion – writing. Neha began to scribble at a young age and wrote her first poem when she was just seven. She has done a lot of freelance writing, and her work has appeared in a number of journals, magazines, and publications. Having studied broadcast journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), she also has a bachelor’s degree in economics ... read more
Latest book: Wanderlust for the Soul

Follow me on Twitter at  DavidFarland David Farland
David Farland is an award-winning, New York Times Bestselling Author with over 50 novels in print. He has won the Philip K. Dick Memorial Special Award for "Best Novel in the English Language" for his science fiction novel "On My Way to Paradise," and has won the Whitney Award for "Best Novel of the Year" for his historical novel "In the Company of Angels," and he has won the International Book Award for "best young adult novel of the year" for his fantasy thriller "Nightingale."
Latest book: One Good Fall

Follow me on Twitter at  johnhandrahan1 John Handrahan
Hi,thanks for reading this. I'm a keen online gamer, gardener and dog owner. I began writing like most authors thinking that I could write the best story in the world. After my inner egomania had calmed I wrote for self enjoyment. I hope you enjoy reading my books as I enjoyed writing them. I always try and put some humor in as there isn't enough of that in the world.

Follow me on Twitter at  GezaTatrallyay Geza Tatrallyay
Born in Budapest, Hungary, Geza escaped with his family in 1956, emigrating to Canada. He graduated with a BA in Human Ecology from Harvard University in 1972, and, as a Rhodes Scholar, next attended Oxford University, where he obtained a BA/MA in Human Sciences in 1974. He completed his studies with a MSc in Economics from London School of Economics and Politics, and represented Canada as an épée fencer in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal. Geza’s professional experience has included stints in government, international organizations, finance and environmental entrepreneurship. Since 2004, he has been semi-retired, managing a few investments mainly in the clean energy sector and devoting his time to t ... read more
Latest book: Arctic Meltdown

Follow me on Twitter at  barnyoka Dena Dale Crain
Dena Dale Crain relocated to Kenya in 1990. She has spent most of her time since then living on the shore of Lake Baringo, two hundred miles and a five hour drive north of Nairobi, with husband Jonathan Leakey, eldest son of Louis and Mary Leakey, renowned palaeontologists. Dena saw patchwork quilting as a way to employ local women, taught herself the basics and began a small production quilting business in her home. With advanced degrees in design, anthropology, and textiles, she was uniquely positioned to help. As her experience and confidence increased, she began producing “one-off” works of art. Dena’s innovative and art quilts have been the subject of several solo art exhibitions. With Canadian qui ... read more
Latest book: How to Make a Mosquito Net From Fully Illustrated Instructions

Follow me on Twitter at  redphoenix69 Red Phoenix
I heart my fans! :) I love romance and I love good sex. It is a healthy combination in real life. My books focus on the love and lust shared by couples. New Brie Series begins... (Submissive in Love) * Brie's Tokyo Tryst #1 * Brie's Denver Desires #2 * Brie's Christmas Pearls #3 * Brie's Montana Dreams #4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *2nd Brie Series (After Graduation) Brie Pleases her New Master Brie Submits to her Master Brie's Russian Fantasy Brie Faces her Master's Fears Brie Learns Restraint Brie Discerns Master's Heart Brie Visits Master's Italy Brie Surrenders her Heart * Complied into a full-length novel Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission (available in paperback) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  katekrake Kate Krake
Kate Krake is a writer and blogger. She writes fiction and non-fiction on a range of topics although specialises in short stories and pop culture. Kate is the founder, editor and head writer at pop culture website, Vivid Scribe. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with majors in English and History from the Australian National University, and a Masters in Humanities (Media and Cultural Studies) from the University of Queensland. Kate Krake is also published under the name Kate Murphy. Kate lives in Brisbane, Australia. Find out more at
Latest book: Species: Stories of Unnatural Selection

Follow me on Twitter at  Jenniferkate Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons lives in Lafayette, California with many books and two spoiled cats. She is working on a young adult novel and a book of essays.
Latest book: Ella Bella

Follow me on Twitter at  SelaineHenrikse Selaine Henriksen
Avid reader, writer, fitness instructor, mom. Done a bit of this, that and everything else, hence a blog of miscellany or Miss-Selaine-ious.
Latest book: Silver Moraine: A Memoir of Horror

Follow me on Twitter at  hyptalk Victoria Gallagher
Hello and thanks for stopping by. I'm Victoria Gallagher. I am the creator of HYPTALK.COM and have over 150 Hypnosis programs, which I sell online that will help you change your life for the better. I receive the biggest inspiration in my life from helping others get what they want. Have you ever stopped to notice that life is just one lesson after another? It's filled with unexpected changes and twists and turns. When you really stop to look at the TRUTH about things, life is always bringing you exactly what you have asked for, even if you don't think so at the time. And you have to get out of your way to let the universe help you manifest what it is you truly want. It just may not always look exactly like yo ... read more
Latest book: Healing With Chi Energy

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Chuck Solomon is an author, business consultant, and former home improvement contracting business owner. He previously owned and operated a successful home improvement business serving the Triangle area of North Carolina. Currently, he helps with marketing, sales, talent acquisition, and business development. He is also the creator of a new home improvement concept called Upkeep. Learn more about Upkeep at Learn more about his consulting at When not not working, Mr. Solomon enjoys hiking, kayaking, cooking, traveling, coaching youth sports and spending time with his family.
Latest book: Upkeep: A New Approach To Home Maintenance And Improvement

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Follow me on Twitter at  JuicySensuality Keeley Laine

Follow me on Twitter at  rey0807_jtb02 Rey Ayamine
I'm a Japanese living in Tokyo. I run a online store selling the design goods which united the character of comics with the Chinese character. I want to introduce Japanse culture and history to you.
Latest book: test

Follow me on Twitter at  @gstrtchroni Sa'id Salaam

Latest book: Stud 2 (G Street Chronicles Presents)

Follow me on Twitter at  lifestyle_book Oli Hille
I am regular guy who used to work long and brutal hours for a big corporation. One day I woke up and I had a revelation: "Life is not about working your butt off for someone else - life is about following your passions and creating a fantastic life for yourself and those around you. Life is actually about LIFESTYLE." I spent the next few years researching success and achievement, and applied the strategies to my own life. I have successfully set goals, made plans and achieved a fantastic lifestyle. So I decided to write a book revealing the strategies and formula that anyone can use to transform their life.
Latest book: Internet Marketing 2012 - Earn Money Following Your Passions!

Follow me on Twitter at  patriciasbowne Patricia S Bowne
Hello, and pleased to meet you! I've been writing the Royal Academy at Osyth stories for over ten years now. They say to write what you know, and I know the academic environment. Since the age of 3, I have been hanging around university science departments. I've spent time collecting fishes and invertebrates, cataloguing museum specimens, putting up educational displays (some of which involved live rattlesnakes), creating scientific illustrations, supervising student field work in lakes, rivers, and on coral reefs, assisting on deep-sea sampling cruises and in a giant clam farm, taking the jaws out of a 7-foot shark, and picking through piles of dead fish from Alberta to Taiwan. In the process, I've accumulat ... read more
Latest book: Beginner's Luck

Follow me on Twitter at  Aforismi_Rizzo Roberto Rizzo
I do not think of myself as being a homebody type of person. Perhaps this is because I took my first flight before I was nine months old. From Africa to Europe, from Libya to Italy, at the yoke of the plane was my father. However, my never revealed desire to travel exploded at the age of eighteen when, without any money, I decided to wander across Europe.However, I wandered for more than two years travelling throughout Europe with a friend of mine, hitchhiking and working in different places to scrape together the little money I needed to survive. It was in Copenhagen that we found ourselves in serious difficulty, because we lost our job and, with a just few cents in our pocket, we were certain to be in a po ... read more
Latest book: Nemesi

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Robert Szeles (pronounced saylesh) is an author, award-winning songwriter and music producer, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, video director and accomplished swing and blues dancer. His stories explore the dynamics of male/female interaction, romantic love, sexuality, relationship forms, questions of reality, altered states of perception and the general crazy and sometimes comical mystery of existence. He loves writing about Hollywood and California. He explores these topics and their place in American culture in his weekly blog, Sex and The Single Author. Robert lives in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles and belongs to the small group of literary misfits known as the Miracle Mile Writer's ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  EKellynow E Kelly
E Kelly lives in Eastern Maryland with her husband, amazing teenage daughter, and the weirdest dog on the planet. She is an avid reader and writer. She is currently at work on her seventh novel - Katherine's Fire - the fifth and final book in the Choosing Love series. You can contact Ms. Kelly as well as check out her latest releases at:

Follow me on Twitter at  lizmaverick Liz Maverick
Bestselling, award-winning author Liz Maverick is a novelist and adventurer whose contract assignments have taken her from driving trucks in Antarctica to working behind the scenes on reality TV shows in Hollywood. Her thirteen paranormal romance, young adult and women’s fiction novels include Publishers Weekly Top Book of the Year Wired, the bestselling Crimson City series, Cosmopolitan Magazine Book Club Pick What a Girl Wants, and the young adult interactive ebook series, Arcania. Liz is a California native with a BS from UC Berkeley and an MBA from UCLA, but she currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she can look across the water at the Manhattan skyline and dream up new stories. She’d love to ... read more
Latest book: Crimson Rogue (Crimson City Paranormal Romance)