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Denise Ellyson lives in a small town in rural Ohio with her own Prince Charming, two boys, and a cat they rescued. She's an avid fan of romance, particularly when it has a suspense element. She's always brimming with ideas and loves getting her thoughts down on paper. The day Denise released her first novel, Escape to Sanctuary, an inspirational romantic suspense, was one of the most exciting days of her life. Denise is a bit of a Mrs. Fix It, and enjoys doing repairs and renovations on her family home. She enjoys art and her paintings have been in several art shows. She feels she has the greatest job of all, working for her Christian ministry as an artist and designer.
Latest book: Escape to Sanctuary

Follow me on Twitter at  HechtConsult Michiel van den Broek
After obtaining my masters degree Business Economics (MSc) at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1988, I have gained expertise in treasury, banking, finance and project management. In 1998 I started my own financial consultancy company: Hecht Consult. Since 2005 my major activity is to train participants who work for Banks and (Corporate) Treasury Departments. I know from practical experience that finance is not rocket science and you do not need to be a mathematical wizard to understand finance. My training method targets to strip complex financial topics to the basic structure. The basic structure will support participants to understand and use finance in their future work practice. I have trained hundreds of ... read more
Latest book: Financial Markets Fundamentals

Follow me on Twitter at  colanecole Daniel Cole
Daniel Cole is the president of HIQUE CONCEPT®, an organization established to help young and old maximize their potentials through personal development strategies. For more than eight years, Daniel Cole has devoted himself to research and training of individuals and corporate organizations on capacity building and different personal development courses. As an international motivational speaker and personal development coach, he has spoken in different organizations, both religious and corporate bodies. He has spoken on emotional intelligence, business etiquette, professionalism, personal branding, relationship, individual competitiveness, network and net worth, to mention a few. He has produced different mot ... read more
Latest book: The Science of Success

Follow me on Twitter at  ianstories Ian D. Moore
I'm a 43yr old trucker for a major national televised haulage firm, Eddie Stobart Limited, living and working in North Yorkshire. A father to two sons aged 15 and 9 and step father to a boy and girl who feature in my first novel as smaller versions of themselves. I've been writing for many years but never published my work, usually poetry, short stories or random ideas and this first book, Salby Damned, was created mostly on my break periods while at work and originally written on a mobile phone. I am an ex army soldier, served for four years and after a serious road crash, had to leave the service but then became a trucker, been doing that now for the thick end of 17 years and still love my job. I have loved e ... read more
Latest book: Salby Damned

Follow me on Twitter at  krmethvin KR Methvin
K.R. Methvin is a freelance writer, ebook author, and educator. She is currently working on the next installment in the Ricochet series along with co-author, L. R. Doyle. She lives in southwest Missouri with her husband and three children. Follow her on twitter @krmethvin
Latest book: Ricochet

Follow me on Twitter at  Alyssa_COAW Alyssa Parker
I am a 28 year old Married Erotic Author. I have been writing my whole life but only recently started sharing my stories in the world. 90% of my audience are from Australia and I love the thought of being able to branch out and making others happy with my work. I live to make people smile, to make people cum, to make people love!

Follow me on Twitter at M.J. Hill
Born and raised in Oklahoma until 2006 when I moved to Austin,Texas. Lifetime lover of books, reading and writing short stories and poems. Two published poems in 1980 John Campbell 'OUR WORLDS BEST LOVED POEMS. I just recently completed my first novel 'FOR LOVE OF THE LAND' Kindle ebook at Amazon..a fiction based on a true story. Facilitator of The Writers Loft a group of actors and writers in Austin,Texas. Production Manager for a 2014 play Columbine's Cakewalk at Hyde Park Theater, and formerly Production Manager for a 48 hour film production for a Sundance competition. I just completed a course at St Edward University in Screenwriting. Formerly completed private character development classes with a local w ... read more

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Latest book: III

Follow me on Twitter at  avreisman Averil Reisman
I love to write steamy American-set historical romances of the Gilded Age and Gay Nineties--the late Victorian period during which America's industrial age aristocracy lived like lords and ladies of England. A closet feminist, I admire the brave women of this era who fought for equal voting rights, and who often broke the mold to bring about social change and women's equality. Writing about strong women, and the alpha males who love them, is one of my greatest passions . . . besides my loving husband. I live in a far northwest suburb of Chicago, out where the corn still grows and farmstands are plentiful. On a nice day you might see me out gardening, but on a nasty day, I'll be glued to my chair working on a ... read more
Latest book: The Captain's Temptress

Follow me on Twitter at  DebraEMcKenna Debra McKenna
With a degree in English and graduate work in Creative Writing, Debra McKenna worked as a feature writer and editor for city magazines in Sacramento, Denver, Lake Tahoe, and Las Vegas for over nine years. "Recovering from Life" is her first novel.
Latest book: Recovering from Life

Follow me on Twitter at  @candaceosmond Candace Osmond
Published author and freelance writer/editor Candace Osmond was born in North York, ON. From there she began her journey of discovering Canada with her parents, moving every fews years and experiencing what every province had to offer. She was surrounded and influenced by many cultures which broadened her mind and personality. Coming from a family of writers and artists dispersed throughout, it was inevitable that Candace follow in her family's footsteps. By the early age of ten years old, Candace had won numerous writing and art competitions including a nation wide art contest for the Louie the Lightening Bug Play it Safe Around Electricity program where the company used her winning ad design. A few years late ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  @WyomingBob Blaze McRob
Blaze McRob has penned many titles under different names. It is time for him to come out and play as Blaze. In addition to inclusions in numerous anthologies, he has written many novels, short stories, flash fiction pieces, and even poetry. Most of his offerings are Dark. However dark they might be, there is always an underlying message contained within. Join him as he explores the Dark side. You know you want to.
Latest book: Beware The Mold

Follow me on Twitter at  WhitOPag Whitney Pagano
Hey! I'm Whitney Pagano.I read ya sci/fi, poetry, murder mysteries and a couple of other genres. My favorite authors are Maya Angelou, Veronica Roth, Dick Francis, Agatha Christie,Suzanne Collins, George Orwell, Alexandra Bracken-to name a few. I dabble in poetry, young adult sci/fi and dystopian fiction, and short stories (usually psychological thrillers).
Latest book: The Girl Who Remained Elusive(Part 3)

Follow me on Twitter at Andrew Innan
Good odds that I am currently staring at a caret return waiting for inspiration to strike. I am male, in my 20s, and interested in writing erotica, for some reason.

Follow me on Twitter at  chotafakir Sumeet Gujaran
Everything happens 4 good| Manga fanatic | Drunken Monkey prodigy |obsessed reader| Entrepreneur | Engineer| Author |Glory glory Man Utd | Om Namah Shivaya |
Latest book: How I Doomed My Ventures: Celebrating Failure

Follow me on Twitter at  tracytresidder Tracy Tresidder
Tracy Tresidder is a coach, author, lecturer, speaker, mentor and the ICFA 2009 Coach of the Year (NSW). She has a Masters degree in Education, is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), the President of the ICF Australasia , an ICF Assessor, a member of the University of Sydney’s Coaching and Mentoring Association, a certified Enneagram Teacher from the Palmer/Daniels school and an IEA Accredited Teacher. She has been training and studying the Enneagram with some of the worlds best teachers over the last 10 years and has found that this has helped her to move to a deeper level of exploration and understanding not only of herself as a coach but also with her coaching clients, particularly when working w ... read more
Latest book: Knowing Me, Knowing Them

Follow me on Twitter at  robertmc68 Robert J. McGregor
Robert J. McGregor is a man who has real world experience. He served with the French Foreign Legion at an early age for over five years. He then returned to the United Kingdom to resume his studies, a pursuit that took him to both Edinburgh and Oxford. After graduation with a doctrine in business, Robert worked intensely with the security industry, which convinced him to see more of the world. In 2008 Robert relocated to China to begin a new life teaching the English language to the Chinese people in a university setting, while also working at training centre to help both young and old students. Robert has only recently begun to pursue a career as a writer. His first book, titled 'The Messenger', will be publ ... read more
Latest book: The Messenger

Follow me on Twitter at  TabooDeana Deana Michaels
Deana loves writing about the taboo relationships between step-fathers and daughters, step-brothers and sisters, and all the kinky combinations. If you desire to read about the most forbidden lust, then peruse her naughty catalog of familial lust.

Follow me on Twitter at  @randomguychains Some Random Guy
I really don't know what to say about myself. When I was a kid, I just wanted to get a job at a factory somewhere and work there until I could retire and not have to worry about anything. Somehow, I managed to find my way around a lot. I traveled a lot. I've done all kinds of different and interesting things. But even still, writing books was never anything that I would've thought I'd do. Still... sometimes there are things you just gotta do. I wrote the BDSM series because I thought I was obsessed over some girl. I just wanted to get her out of my head and go on with life. As far as that story's concerned, I could care less about it. I was just drunk the whole time writing it, and even while writing it, I co ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  littlesnowbirds Erin Lehn Floresca
Erin Lehn Floresca is a freelance writer, voice actor and avid travel junkie. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and daughter. In addition to being the RV editor at, Erin is also a writer and editor for multiple "Natural Awakenings" magazines around the country. In the voiceover world, she helps companies tell fun, interesting and inspirational stories about their products and services. A wanderer at heart, Erin can often be found planning her next travel adventure. She also loves to feast on veg and gluten-free cuisine, shop obsessively at her favorite Whole Foods Market, visit neighborhood parks with her daughter, and find silly excuses to have parties and connect with friends. ... read more
Latest book: Little Snowbirds: A Love Story on Wheels

Follow me on Twitter at Michael D Griffiths
Michael D. Griffiths is a man who likes to keep busy. He loves camping in the wilds of Arizona and all over the west, playing poker, and debating such topics as mysticism, creativity, anarchy, and punk rock. He was awarded first place in Withersin’s 666 writer’s contest and has been published in over twenty anthologies. He has become the Marketing Manager for Abandoned Towers. He is on the staff of The Daily Discord, Innsmouth Free Press, and The Noise magazines. His Skinjumper Series has been chronicled in M-Brane magazine and has now been released in a new novel. The Living Dead Press has published his series, The Chronicles of Jack Primus and Eternal Aftermath. The first novel in his Warriors of Light ... read more
Latest book: Dalsala Den

Follow me on Twitter at  Stolen_Fire Rachel Elisabeth Judd
Hello, and thank you for checking out my work! Rain of Ash is the first entry into a transmedia project all about vampires, vampire hunters and the magic of the city. I currently live with my beloved partner in Los Angeles, where I enjoy craft beer, crafting with friends and being a giant nerd.
Latest book: Rain of Ash Project Fifteen: Book One

Follow me on Twitter at  ken_bradford Ken Bradford
My name is Ken Bradford and freelance writing is a world I totally enjoy. I joined the ranks of freelancers over 12 years ago and at the time wasn't quite sure what areas of freelancing should get the most of my attention. Once I learned to get the focus off me, things started to progress smoothly. I have just co-written "Writing Better Web Content" with my friend and colleague, Dr. Deborah C. Bauers, LPC. We are both committed to writing better web content and want to offer ideas and advice for every freelance writer who has the same goal. Freelance writing is just like any other worthwhile venture. It takes a lot of time, patience and commitment to become good at it. I have become more relaxed and unde ... read more
Latest book: Walking Life's Road

Follow me on Twitter at  6Antichrist The Antichrist
The Antichrist comes out of the shadows to reveal his book The Beauty of Evil which reveals all in a very controversial book which is available now in a preview on this website.
Latest book: Preview The Beauty of Evil

Follow me on Twitter at  KittieWong Kittie Wong
Kittie Wong is a creative professional based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. When she is not working, her creative outlets include piano, flamenco, cooking and photography. She is a member of the Manitoba Writers Guild and the News Photographers Association of Canada. Recently, she passed her Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 piano exam. Her soon-to-be-released debut novel is titled The Raven Sonata.

Follow me on Twitter at  clara_nieto Clara Nieto
Clara Nieto is a Colombian journalist and diplomat who served for eleven years as a delegate to the United Nations, and later as Colombia's representative to UNESCO in Paris, chargé d’affaires in Yugoslavia, Ambassador to Cuba, as well as UNESCO's regional director in Havana. She is the author of Masters of War, first published in Colombia by Uniandes-Cerec (1999), and later in the United States by Seven Stories Press (2003), in Italy by Nuovi Mundo Media (2003), and by Random House-Mondadori (2003).
Latest book: Obama and the New Left in Latin America

Follow me on Twitter at  annecmichaud Anne Michaud
Anne Michaud is an author of many talents, especially getting distracted by depressing music and dark things. She likes to write and read everyday, and speak of herself in the third person. Since her Master’s degree in Screenwriting from the University of London, England, Anne has written, directed and produced three short films, distributed by Ouat! Media in Toronto, Canada. And then, after hundreds of hours spent on studying and making films, she changed her mind and started writing short stories, novelettes and novels. Some have been published, others will be soon enough. Keep your eyes open, she’s behind you.
Latest book: Hunter's Trap

Follow me on Twitter at  david_daggett David Daggett
David Daggett is the Managing Partner of Daggett Shuler. He has practiced personal injury law since 1985. He is experienced in assisting clients with all types of injury cases, including serious injury, wrongful death, and insurance claims. Every day at 5 AM, David is up and running - literally. He's a serious triathlete who has completed more than 160 triathlons, including 21 Ironman competitions. He has completed the Hawaii Ironman World Championship six times. To his clients, David brings the same intensity and devotion that has helped him become a world-class athlete. "To me, a lot of what I do athletically is a metaphor for what I do professionally," he says. "Both take dedication and planning, and ... read more
Latest book: North Carolina Injury Law: A Reference for Accident Victims

Follow me on Twitter at  lizpowell_ Liz Powell

Follow me on Twitter at  MissDaisy596 Kristi E. Moore
About the Author Kristi E. Moore, also known as Miss Daisy, received her Bachelor's of Science Degree in Marketing from Alabama A&M University and her Master's of Science in Management with a Concentration in Information Systems from the Florida Institute of Technology. She currently attends Walden University, where she is pursuing her PhD in Public Health with a Specialization in Epidemiology. She is also a graduate from James Oliver Johnson High School. Along with her love for writing, she also enjoys singing, writing songs, reading and making her famous homemade sweet potatoe pies. Growing up, she received various awards for singing well as performing in local shows, performing in local churches, school c ... read more
Latest book: Nothing Can Stop Miss Daisy: A Breast Cancer Survivor Story

Follow me on Twitter at  franklinveaux Franklin Veaux
As a child, I heard a fairy tale about a princess forced to choose between two handsome princes, and thought, “Everyone knows princesses live in castles. And castles are big enough for both princes. So why does she have to choose?” I have been writing about polyamory since 1998 at, one of the top-ranked sites about polyamory on the Web. I currently have five long-term partners and live in Portland, OR.
Latest book: More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory

Follow me on Twitter at  @shelleydavidow Shelley Davidow
Shelley Davidow was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1969. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in English and Drama at Wits University, and in 1991 she achieved recognition for her young adult novel Freefalling in the national Maskew Miller Longman Young Africa Award. She has had 33 books published, mostly in the realm of chil- dren’s and young adult fiction. In the Shadow of Inyangani, (young adult novel), was nominated for the first African Writer’s Prize by Macmillan/Picador and BBC World. She has lived and worked in Zimbabwe, England, Germany, Qatar, the United States and Australia, among many things as a waitress, researcher, teacher, lecturer and mother, more or less in that order. Today, she l ... read more
Latest book: Lights Over Emerald Creek

Follow me on Twitter at  alliepenpal Allie Palomino
I have been writing books for what seems like forever for my own enjoyment. After several years and a few novels, I finally thought about publishing them, so here I am! I love writing, and I hope you enjoy my work. I would love to hear from you, so please drop me a line and a review. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Spotify! Thanks, and happy reading!

Follow me on Twitter at  rennapeak Renna Peak
Renna Peak lives in the great northwest with her husband and four amazing children. She enjoys writing new adult and contemporary romances with suspenseful twists. Find her online: Website: Facebook: Twitter:

Follow me on Twitter at  adopted_axiom Audie Jinks
Audie Jinks is a Minnesota based writer and a student at Full Sail University, Florida, working toward her BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment. Two of her short stories, “A Need for Shelter” and “Lies Told: Roll Over”, have been published in the literary journals In Parenthesis and Wayward Arrows respectively. She aspires to create fantasy stories that capture the reality of humanity through exploration of its considerable nuances and questionable charms. Fanfiction was her first writing playground. In 2007, she stumbled onto fanfiction during a search for a Saiyuki fix (a manga that just wasn’t translated fast enough for her needs) and the single click of a LiveJournal link opened a fresh new ... read more
Latest book: A Need for Shelter

Follow me on Twitter at  MrsWilsonDHT Amanda Wilson

Latest book: Letters to a Young Generation

Follow me on Twitter at  FaithByrd2 Faith Byrd
I love to tell a story, then the world is mine, to create a alternate view or dance around the truth. To share my ideas or maybe my fears. Are you afraid of the unexpected, do you know what you might do. I'm the wife of a First Sgt. and the mother of five. Some stories originate from my life experience. Missing and Replaced is a partly true story, My husband and son refused to tell me where they were going, I did get the call, and I couldn't find him. My life and imagination collide in the creation of Missing and Replaced. I'm the granddaughter of a woman who wanted me to know my heritage. She told me about my Great grandfather, who came over on the Mayflower. My grandfathers who were the Scotti ... read more
Latest book: Missing and Replaced

Follow me on Twitter at  NicholsNotes John Nichols
Learn about me by visiting my site:
Latest book: Go Eat The Cheese!: Habits of Highly Defective Managers

Follow me on Twitter at  Gabrielle_Faust Gabrielle Faust
Internationally renowned author Gabrielle Faust is best known for her vampire series ETERNAL VIGILANCE. Her previous work has also included three collections of poetry, BEFORE ICARUS AFTER ACHILLES, CROSSROADS and THE BEGINNING OF NIGHTS, the novella REGRET, the celebrated dark fantasy adventure novel REVENGE, and the vampire novel THE LINEAGE. She was also the chief editor and a contributor of the vampire anthology HIGH STAKES. Her work has appeared in the sites SciFi Wire, Fatally Yours, Examiner, Doorways Magazine and Fear Zone, as well as various anthologies and magazines. Faust was the Guest of Honor at the Queen of the Damned Vampire Ball in 2008. From 2009 to 2011 she was a Special Guest of the Endless ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Rachel_Robinso Rachel E.B. Robinson
Rachel E.B. Robinson has had a passion for the written word since the age of seven, reading everything she could get her hands on which included encyclopedias and the thesaurus. At twelve, she had her first encounter with a Stephen King novel and was hooked. Rachel became inspired to write her own brand of fiction. Combining multiple genres is her way of keeping things interesting. Always ready to learn new things, her search for knowledge never ceases. You will find her enrolled in someone’s college earning yet another degree. Rachel has an Accounting degree, went to Cosmetology school and studied Digital Film and Video. Her current stint is working towards an AAS in Business Entrepreneurship. She is a hug ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  iamscottblade Scott Blade
Scott Blade is a regular guy with an unusual name. He was meant to write thrillers with a name like that. His books do more than thrill. He writes stories that emerge you, characters that grab you, and plots that keep you guessing! Scott Blade's books have entertained thousands of readers. He hopes that you join them. Scott lives on the Gulf Coast with his best friend, Mako. She is a rescued Siberian husky who is deaf. Scott has to communicate with her through doggie sign language.
Latest book: The StoneCutter

Follow me on Twitter at  jewellromance Roselyn Jewell
I'm an author, a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter, and so much more! I've always loved reading and found myself wanting to continue the stories I loved so much, which is how I started writing. Now I've finally reached my dream of being published. My novels are mainly romance, though there are a lot of other elements as well. My books prove that you can have the romance and the passion without having to sacrifice great plot lines or strong character personalities.
Latest book: Degress of Separation

Follow me on Twitter at  @pgonzalezsilva Pedro González Silva
Pedro González Silva, nacido en Caracas, es Licenciado en Comunicación Social, mención periodismo impreso, graduado en la Universidad Central de Venezuela. Como periodista ha ejercido su profesión en diversos periódicos venezolanos nacionales y de provincia, y actualmente conduce un programa radial de corte periodístico en el estado Nueva Esparta. Es además, astrólogo, graduado en la Gran Fraternidad Universal. En esta área ha desarrollado una amplia trayectoria de casi 20 años, que le ha dado reconocimiento a nivel nacional e internacional. Creador y director de la Escuela de Astrología GEA. Se ha dedicado tanto a las consultas personales de asesoría, como a la docencia y la investigación en el ... read more
Latest book: Karma Cáncer/Misión Capricornio

Follow me on Twitter at  PD_Singer P.D. Singer
P.D. Singer lives in Colorado with her slightly bemused husband, two rowdy teenage boys, and thirty pounds of cats. She’s a big believer in research, first-hand if possible, so the reader can be quite certain P.D. has skied down a mountain face-first, been stepped on by rodeo horses, acquired a potato burn or two, and will never, ever, write a novel that includes sky-diving. When not writing, playing her fiddle, or skiing, she can be found with a book in hand. Her husband blesses the advent of ebooks — they’re staving off the day the house collapses from the weight of the printed page. Pam is always glad to hear from readers; feel free to send a note!
Latest book: On Call: The Collection

Follow me on Twitter at  jeannesclark Jeanne S Clark
Jeanne S Clark is the author of the dark erotica series, "The Elite".

Follow me on Twitter at  dyslexicmebook Carson Queen
Carson Queen is a Business Management Graduate, she holds a BA Hons business management degree from the University of Greenwich and also is an affiliate member of the Chartered Management Institute. Carson's career started out with dreams to be in the music industry but slowly returned to pursue her education at university. At the age of twenty five, Carson was formally diagnosed with severe Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. It occurred to Carson after graduating that there was not much help available for people with dyslexia in educational establishments, and a lack of assessments readily available for people who may suspect they are dyslexic. Her dyslexia was not recognised at primary school however, she demonstrate ... read more
Latest book: Dyslexic Me

Follow me on Twitter at  ShirleyAWriter Shirley Anne Edwards
Shirley Anne Edwards is a Northeast girl who first found her love for books when she read Nancy Drew’s The Secret of the Old Clock Tower at thirteen. Shirley found her love for writing at a very young age, and since then has let her imagination run wild by creating quirky characters and vast worlds in her head. Shirley lives in New Jersey and works in the entertainment industry in New York City. In the immortal words of Mark Twain: “Life is short, Break the Rules. Forgive quickly, Kiss SLOWLY. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret ANYTHING that makes you smile.”
Latest book: What If

Follow me on Twitter at  KatieFaun Katie Faun
Katie Faun likes her books like she likes her porn: not set in reality and full of all sorts of monsters, creatures, and beasts. Often unable to find what makes her hot and wanting on-screen, she looks for it in the written word. But finding high-quality erotica that fits her desires is like finding a tentacle monster in a barber shop. She believes in writing what you want to read, and that is her inspiration when she spills her fantasies onto the page. She has decided to share her stories with you, and hopes that you get as turned on as she does! The thought of making strangers all hot and bothered adds to her enjoyment, so if you have enjoyed one of her stories, she’d love to hear from you! Reviews are alw ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  bbookcase Beverly Starr
Biography My passion is writing. I think the world needs a good story to take them to places that are in the realm of imagination. The gift of transformation on a few pages of life makes the thrill and excitement of words come alive. Beverly Starr was born in 1944 in Boise, Idaho. Growing up in Wethersfield, Connecticut she had dreams of becoming a famous author. Family,children, and life captured her dreams and placed them in the far corners of the bookshelf. Now in her senior years residing in Florida, she has begun a resurgence of her writing.