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From being a senior manager in a high-pressure and politically-charged operation with dozens of staff and million-dollar-plus budgets to running his own comedy production and training companies, Terry isn’t just a leadership speaker and trainer, he understands the real people-issues that face real leaders in the real world. He’s author of ‘The Brain-Based Boss’ and ‘The Guide: How to kiss, get a job & other stuff you need to know’ and a columnist for ‘Employment Today’ magazine and contributor to the careers section of ‘The New Zealand Herald’. Terry is all about engaging people and helping you engage yours, taking best-practice research on driving change and improving results and turning ... read more
Latest book: Live Work Love: #Add10QualityYears

Follow me on Twitter at  @shauntennant4 S.D. Tennant
S. D. Tennant lives in Ontario, Canada and has a dog named Jake. Connect with the author on Twitter @ShaunTennant4
Latest book: The Hex Breaker's Eyes

Follow me on Twitter at  TyhePaulEgar Tyhe Paul Egar
I have been involved in the music and theater industry for over twenty five years. Having written scripts and monologues for others I realised that in the middle of all this I had written a book. But being ever so slightly dramatic, not just a book. But an entire universe! I did say slightly dramatic. I am also a broadcaster and producer and in the middle of preparing for a whole new adventure and frantically writing the second book in the reclamation wars. Mothers ruin cunningly entitled 'Book One'. Sharp as a tack me. I find I have nothing very clever to say when speaking about myself other than, "I am, therefore, I think I could be". I have now started my own multimedia company Broken Flowers Multimedia w ... read more

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Latest book: Going Home

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She has been an independent business owner for several years. That she found challenging, she is a published author, writer and a mother of three. She enjoys coach, internet marketing and social media marketing consultant. She has Enthusiasm and she lives with Passion. Making her DREAMS a REALITY!!
Latest book: Home Cash Power

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Latest book: The Home Business Handbook

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Heath Goetsch is studying creative writing at Full Sail University. He lives in Branson, MO where he works with many theatres in the entertainment district. His cat, Kitten II, collaborates with him on most projects.

Follow me on Twitter at  MortimerAglet Brian Dawson
Mortimer Aglet is the first book in a series of books about the protagonist. Mortimer struggles with the choice between becoming a ninja or a pirate, then must come to terms with the conflict resulting from his decision. Brian Dawson is a creator of worlds who has begun to chronicle these worlds in a digital format for your enjoyment. He swore off the simple life of a day to day NPC to become the main character in his life, which led him to the task of documenting Mortimer's adventures. For Brian, writing stories, creating fun characters and drawing visual representations of those characters has always been his passion and he is thrilled to spend his days giving his ideas life. Brian is currently knee deep ... read more
Latest book: Mortimer Aglet Versus the Sky Pirates

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Follow me on Twitter at  @efjacks E.F. Jacks
E.F. Jacks is the author of The Salty Peaches Girls, a sexy and thrilling New-Adult romance series. She loves the outdoors and dogs, rescued dogs in particular. Water Maze, the first book in The Salty Peaches Girls series, is her New-Adult debut. In a different life, she published an adult romantic suspense novel. She welcomes readers to connect with her at,, and @efjacks.
Latest book: Water Maze

Follow me on Twitter at  llfaroul L. L. Faroul
I am a fiction/fantasy writer that writes somewhat dark short stories. I like to make my short stories have some sort of lesson in them. I tend to avoid writing poetry, no one ever gets them. I have been writing for years, but I've recently decided to start writing for publication. Some of my favorite authors are Edgar Allan Poe, Agatha Christie, J.K. Rowling, etc.

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At the helm of Uptown Media Joint Ventures, K Kelly is following his passion of helping authors get their viable stories published and marketed to their readers! This passion includes expanding the audiences for recording artists and freelance journalists, as well! K Kelly is an avid Modern Jazz enthusiast. He proudly owns a vintage collection of over 1000 classic jazz CDs. Best of the Best Modern Jazz is an effort to compile his significant knowledge of the genre to assist others who want to develop and enjoy their own modern jazz collection.
Latest book: Best of the Best Modern Jazz

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Follow me on Twitter at  DavidMBerko davidberko
David Berko is a twenty-something aiming to change the landscape of thrillers at a very young age. He started writing only a few years ago. Only recently did he embark on the journey to develop the Before the End Series which promises non-stop adventure and heart-pounding twists and turns on every page.
Latest book: The Prognostication

Follow me on Twitter at Marie Harper
Writing has always been a passion for me but before the onset of independent publishing, I doubted ever seeing this dream fulfilled. With two and now three titles completed and published, I feel a flush of pride for the lives I have created on paper, and I hope you'll enjoy them just as much. On an personal note, I am a mother of three boys, a wife, and a teacher. My hands are always full and always busy. When my hands aren't overflowing with paraphernalia, my mind overflows with thoughts, ideas, and characters aching to be shared. I love being a mom and teacher, yet the fulfillment I achieve from writing a story gives me as much joy as watching my boys grow.

Follow me on Twitter at  johnflannery15 John Flannery
John Flannery was born in 1963. He was brought up in Manchester but he now lives in Fleetwood. John studied Housing Studies at the University of Westminster and graduated in 1992. He decided to become a writer of fiction in 1986 but he did not start writing in earnest until 1995. In 2010 he self-published a collection of short stories entitled Toby's Little Eden and Other Stories that was greeted by a huge tidal wave of public indifference that still overwhelms him to this day. In 2012 he self-published a small collection of short stories called Our Little Secret and Other Stories. He has also published a collection of stries entitled Our Little Secret and Other Stories, a debut novel called God's Gift, and a n ... read more

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Giuseppe DJoNemesis Ciucci, amministratore del gruppo Facebook “Libri Stellari”, vive a Grugliasco, in provincia di Torino. Specializzato negli studi d’informatica, si è immerso in vari palcoscenici, come quelli musicali e teatrali: al momento è attore in un’emergente compagnia del posto. Ama gli animali, in particolare i gatti, lo sport e le attività creative in genere: ad esempio realizza videopoesie, filmati e booktrailer. Lo pseudonimo DJoNemesis nasce come simbolo dell’attività esistenziale dell’autore, durante il passaggio di Nemesis, un piccolo pianeta brillante come una stella, che annunciava l’arrivo di cambiamenti. La sua gatta, madame Lilly Sacra d’Orione, astroguaritrice, è la p ... read more
Latest book: Cuori pulsar nei segnali multiverso dall'Infinito

Follow me on Twitter at  sicoventry Simon Coventry
Simon Coventry was born an age ago. He spent decades dicking about being a trainee quantity surveyor, a theatre electrician, a bus driver, a photographer, a web designer. Recently, he discovered KDP and it provided the impetus to finish George and the Dragon, which he'd started back in the Eighties.

Follow me on Twitter at  kscottlewis K. Scott Lewis
Hello! I'm K. Scott Lewis, and I write epic fantasy for the series called The Ahmbren Chronicles. The Ahmbren Chronicles is set in a fictional world on another planet where dragons, gods, and magic exist. My stories are written for mature audiences and feature elements of horror, the supernatural, romance, social issues, religion, and a dash of science-fiction. I draw heavily on world mythology and current events for inspiration, and interweave the complexity of life into a magical backdrop, to include faith vs. skepticism, sexual identity vs. sexual conformity, ambition vs. compassion, substance addiction, and balancing the needs of family vs. the call of duty. The entry point into the series is either the n ... read more
Latest book: The Tides of Artalon (When Dragons Die, Volume 3)

Follow me on Twitter at  booksmango Marvin A. Marcelino
Marvin A. Marcelino is a graduate of Bachelor of Art in History and Philosophy of Religion and Bachelor of Theology at Adventist University of the Philippines. He was a professor in a Philippine government leadership institution. He taught Values subjects in colleges and secondary Christian schools for some time. He is presently working in an international school in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a frequent speaker to many youth and family camps, retreats, fellowships, seminars and conferences. He is frequent resource person in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. He is a coach, mentor, a trainer, a guidance counselor, a facilitator, a teacher, a father and a friend to many young and adult. He conducts ... read more
Latest book: One Anothering - Volume 1

Follow me on Twitter at  writertopaz Topaz Daniels
Web designer and mom by day, erotica author by night, Topaz Daniels is ending a very exciting 2014 with three books under her belt. She is author of the CAUGHT series, a collection of stories featuring Jessica Barrows, a sultry event planner who gets caught in all sorts of arousing situations. She's known to bribe her event planner girlfriends to provide salacious real-life stories in exchange for wine. Topaz writes from her crooked 1800s fisherman's house in a cozy New England coastal town, with her husband, two kids, and their crazy Bengal cat.

Follow me on Twitter at  THEJamesAshford James Ashford
James Ashford is an inspirational and motivational business mentor, speaker and in his own words ‘rocker of worlds’. He works with leading businesses to help take them beyond their current challenges and towards the greatest ambitions they have for their company. He also works very closely with business owners and their executive teams to help remove their limiting beliefs and get them motivated & fired-up to succeed. James is constantly studying the world’s greatest companies and individuals to discover how they’ve succeeded, which he melds with his passion & inspiration and shares with his client’s and fans. He authors a successful business blog at, which you can subscribe to ... read more
Latest book: The Pink Tie Principle™

Follow me on Twitter at  leslieparma Leslie Parma
LESLIE PARMA “To fantasize is human. And sexual fantasies are called to mind when humans want to be sexually aroused. They are the interior movies we summon when we want to turn ourselves on. As far as we know, everyone has some experience with sexual fantasy. And, for some people what they imagine can be very extreme indeed. I began to write adult fiction stories in 2002, mostly for my own amusement. I self-published a few tales on BDSM websites and that’s when I made a strange and fascinating discovery. My writing struck a nerve with a number of readers and I began to receive emails. These notes came from all over the world – from men, women and couples. The correspondence followed a pattern. They ga ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  shesladyzelda Ashley Shavonne
Ashley started out writing at the age of seven, which happens to be her lucky number. The were little books with pictures or whatever had came to mind. As she grew more as a writer and a person, her stories became more serious. She would considered herself open-minded as well as diverse, especially when it comes to her outlook on life and her writing style.With several books under her belt,including the Two Sides to the Game series and Duchessa, she continues to write and put out stories for the readers.

Follow me on Twitter at  toddthewriter Todd Yunker
Todd Yunker is Oregonian and is Salem, Oregon. Todd is an award-winning author of the epic science fiction The Lost Wonder Series, book one Shackleton’s Folly. Growing up, Sci-Fi permeated Todd’s youth and adolescence. He was an avid reader. He devoured all the books he could find in the library. Todd relished classic Sci-Fi feature films and Japanese monster movies. He indulged his fancy and watched swashbuckler movies of the ‘30s and ‘40s influenced his vision of adventure. The raw cynical attitudes and sexual motivations of Film noir influenced his grasp of story over fluff. Todd’s study of storytelling brought him to Joseph Cambell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces and Christopher Vogler’s Th ... read more
Latest book: Shackleton's Burden

Follow me on Twitter at Diane Van der Westhuizen
Di van der Westhuizen is a South African-born author who took a quantum leap of faith and left office life to follow her passion: writing. She has drawn on her love of fantasy, humour and the perseverance of the human spirit to weave the story in this, her first book, Wild Avengers. But, more than anything else, it was her concern for the way we treat animals who cannot speak for themselves that was the driving force behind this book. A quotation from this book says it all: "Morbidius Ultimatum understands that damage is done one butterfly at a time, book one tree at a time, one bullet at a time". She has subsequently had articles published in South Africa's most widely-read family magazine as well as short st ... read more
Latest book: Dead on Time

Follow me on Twitter at  cleverblack Clever Black
Clever Black was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in March of 1973. He and his immediate family left New Orleans on August 28, 2005 to escape hurricane Katrina and they’ve never returned to the city except for the occasional visit. Clever Black and his family now call Charlotte, North Carolina home. Says Clever Black, “The ninth ward, for me was a place of happiness, sorrow, despair, hopelessness, love, success and tragedy. I learned so much in just that small piece of real estate. I learned to deal with life's problems head on. I learned to love and care for others. I've witnessed so many of my friends and peers perish on the streets, that, the most powerful lesson I've learned was not to succumb to the at ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  @charlotteHains Charlotte Hains
Charlotte Hains left the UK for France after deciding she needed a change, taking on the huge project of renovating a house. In the UK her life consisted of getting up, going to work, coming home, going to bed, and just surviving. She now enjoys French life within the community of the village in which she lives, and feels privileged to be part of it. She describes her French neighbours as fantastic, offering her help in every way they can, and says she might have given up long ago if they hadn’t been so understanding. With her house nearly finished she found herself with long nights and lots of thumb twiddling, reading anything she could get on her iPad. In honesty, she admits it was here that 'Fifty Shades ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  AbdulilahHamadi Abdulilah Hamadi
An academic living in Sweden. He is also the author of Your Guide To Understanding OTHERS. Dr.Hamadi is a seasoned traveler who has studied cultural differences and compiled the content of this book from both his own experience as an observer and from his international contacts. He is believing in international networking and one of his favourite hobbies is meeting new people, writing and talking about Cultural differences.
Latest book: Observer Strange Desired Unexpected

Follow me on Twitter at  StellaDemaris1 Stella Demaris
Stella Demaris, fondatrice e amministratrice del gruppo Facebook "Libri Stellari", è una signora particolarmente devota all’umorismo con tutti gli annessi e connessi. Nata nell’isola francese di Porquerolles, in gioventù ha sgambettato seminuda (ma agghindata con piume e lustrini) su alcuni palcoscenici della Ville Lumière; poi si è trasferita a Firenze, città dove ha avviato la sua carriera letteraria. Amante degli animali, soprattutto dei gatti (meglio se questi ultimi sono dotati di un bel pancione da sprimacciare delicatamente), s’impegna anche per la protezione dei boa di piume, temendo che le ballerine parigine possano un giorno rimanerne sprovviste. Le sue opere sono pubblicate in cartaceo da ... read more
Latest book: Come impaginare libri cartacei ed e-book con Word

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DinoPhia, your Korean friends. Visit our website at!
Latest book: 101+ Easy Korean Phrases

Follow me on Twitter at  melissafhart Melissa F. Hart
I started writing romance fiction since I was 16 years old. I'm now a published writer thanks to the wonderful world of ebooks. I live in Canada and I love the winter months. As you can see, I wrote several books related to the winter holidays. I'm not represented by an agent and I'm a proud indie. I have learned how to create websites and edit images, design book covers, etc. All my books and what you see on this website I have created myself. I'm currently a certified accountant but my dream is to be a full-time independent writer of hot erotic romance books.
Latest book: Following the Wolf (Trilogy Bundle) (Werewolf BBW Erotic Romance)

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Latest book: Callie, a Lagarta do Natal

Follow me on Twitter at  realconniecliff Connie Cliff
Click below to sign up for Connie’s newsletter, to be the first to learn the upcoming new releases, sequels, and freebies. You will get a free short story just for signing up! Connie Cliff is an erotic romance writer. She fell in love with the genre when she was in high school, and her favorite book was D. H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover". Connie's protagonists are women and men who love to experiment and who enjoy themselves, in whatever situations Connie places them. You will find stories with many themes, including multiple partner, menage, bisexuality, BDSM, and lots of others! Please visit her website at to learn about her books or to ask her quest ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at Jessica Rowan
Jessica Rowan is a current student in the Full Sail University Creative Writing for Entertainment program. She is slated to graduate in March 2015 with her Bachelors in Fine Arts and move onto teaching middle school English in the fall. Jessica received a scholarship from Full Sail for her short story entitled, A Shining Wife.

Follow me on Twitter at  LisaBrisse Lisa Brisse
Lisa Brisse is an Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Coach, Speaker, Spin Instructor, Writer and Founder of State of the Heart Fitness in Santa Monica, California. Ever since she was a little girl, Lisa has always felt a deep caring for humanity and the planet and has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their optimal health and live their best life through exercise, healthy eating and mindful awareness. She has traveled extensively around the world, has journaled about her life experiences since the age of 12, and attributes much of her joy and learned wisdom to her most profound teacher, her horse of 32 years, Little Miss. Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul is her ... read more
Latest book: Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul

Follow me on Twitter at  joshreyes1979 Joshua Reyes
“How did I get started writing about cuckolding? Well, I blame my girlfriend because she cuckolded me for real. I was 35 years old at the time, a computer nerd with a good job. Her name was Angela and she was a Filipino like me. I was the only Filipino she’d ever dated. She said Filipinos reminded her of her brother. This was the first warning sign. The second warning sign was one night after we’d had a few drinks. I asked her how many lovers she’d had. She took a moment and said, “I dunno… maybe 60… Hmm… might be closer to 70!” But it got worse. One holiday weekend, I was barbecuing and we were drinking margaritas. We got to talking about cocks. I asked her what she preferred. I figured she ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  johnmadormo John Madormo
A veteran college professor with more than 30 years of teaching experience, John Madormo is a screenwriter, author, entrepreneur, father, husband, and devotee of the master, Ralph Waldo Emerson. John has spent a lifetime in search of the perfect self-help manual that would answer all of our questions, and solve all of our problems. He is a fan of Wayne Dyer, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale, and others. He credits much of his success to the ideas and principles espoused by these talented motivational speakers and writers. But even having discovered all of the wisdom set forth by this very gifted troupe of positive thinkers, he continued to seek out the ultimate life manual. ​ Until recently, he ... read more
Latest book: Trust Your Wings and Touch the Sky

Follow me on Twitter at  svsugaree Christine C. Wallace
Christine Wallace is the author of two books including The Pocket Doula and Prepare to Come About. Her work has appeared in the literary journal Clover (vol. 3, 2012, vol. 6, 2014). Christine was founder and CEO of “Gracewinds Perinatal”, a nationally award winning business. She is the mother of five children and a grandmother of six. Recently retired first mate and port captain on the schooner Zodiac, Christine holds a USCG 200-ton captain’s license. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest onboard an ex-forestry boat with her husband, youngest daughter and a seaworthy tabby named Lucky Jack.
Latest book: Prepare to Come About

Follow me on Twitter at  jdawnking J Dawn King
First time author Joy Dawn King fell in love with Jane Austen's writings two years ago and discovered the world of fan fiction shortly after. Intrigued with the many possibilities, she began developing her own story for Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Living high in the Andes Mountains of South America, Joy loves to take an occasional break from the Latin culture and bury herself in reading English literature about her favorite English characters. Joy, and her husband of 34 years, live next door to their only child, Jennifer, her husband, and twin grandchildren and is a native Oregonian. The author is currently writing about Mr. Bingley's and Jane Bennet's struggles with happily ever after and will foll ... read more
Latest book: A Father's Sins: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Follow me on Twitter at  brianlovestar Brian Lovestar
From an early age all Brian Lovestar wanted to do was write. On school break up Friday when all the other kids took toys into school to play with, he took a notepad and pen and wrote short stories. Then he got a real job, a social life, started travelling and put his passion on hold for a while. But eventually his creative juices could no longer be stifled.
Latest book: Dream Myself Alive At Christmas

Follow me on Twitter at  JoChumas Jo Chumas
In May 2013 Jo Chumas won the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) in the Mystery/Suspense category for her thriller 'The Hidden'. She secured an advance and a publishing deal with Thomas & Mercer (USA). 'The Hidden' was released in October 2013 to much acclaim, in paperback, ebook and audio format. Upon release, it became an immediate number 1 best seller in the US and the UK, and stayed there for many weeks. Jo has written seven novels and has been an internationally published journalist for 23 years. She now writes full-time and has just finished her eight novel 'The Unforgiven' which is in the editing stage.
Latest book: After Rafaela

Follow me on Twitter at  @Mark_Aberdeen Mark Aberdeen
Mark Aberdeen was born and raised on a family farm along the Southeastern Connecticut shoreline. He cobbled together an education and a varied career, which includes: armament technician in the US Army, submarine builder for the US Navy, cook, restaurant manager, retail sales, highly unpaid actor, and currently works in field of telecommunications despite a lack of talent, skill, or the study of anything useful. He currently lives in North Georgia with his wife and two rescue dogs.
Latest book: Dex Territory

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Follow me on Twitter at  cspencerupton C. Spencer-Upton

Latest book: Emeralds and Pearls

Follow me on Twitter at Chiara Squinzi
Chiara Squinzi, health coach, yoga teacher and wellness enthusiast, is just one of the many supporters of calories deficit for weight loss. However, in this book Squinzi is applying a long awaited twist by creating a plant-based nutrition plan that is balanced, gluten-free and most importantly sugar-free. Chiara Squinzi has years of experience developing delicious, healthy dishes for her personal clients, family, friends, and healthy cafes & restaurants; in these following pages she wishes to share with you: - essential information about health - plant-based mix & match nutrition plan for weight loss - practical and useful shopping and condiment lists - 64 delicious and nutritious snacks recipes that are easy a ... read more
Latest book: Nourishing Weight Loss

Follow me on Twitter at  blairrobertson Blair Robertson
Blair Robertson is a full time psychic medium. He regularly appears on radio and television. A Canadian by birth, with a strong Scottish heritage, he resides in Arizona and travels widely giving demonstrations of connections to the afterlife, workshops on spiritual topics and currently is working towards getting six books written and published. His first book, "Spirit Guides: 3 Easy Steps To Connecting And Communicating With Your Spirit Helpers" is based on techniques that have helped thousands make connections over the years. Blair's main hobby is listening to and playing blues on his growing guitar collection.
Latest book: Spirit Guides: 3 Easy Steps To Connecting And Communicating With Your Spirit Helpers