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I'm an independent author. Susanna Shore is my pen name for Two-Natured London paranormal romance series, and a new contemporary suspense series about a Metropolitan Police crisis negotiator Harper George. I also write contemporary romances as Hannah Kane.

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Hello, I am Catherine Adams Webb. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts. I am one of 16 children. I wrote my first play at Christmas time, when I was in second grade. I love to write and I have a vivid imagination. I write about Romance, Thrillers, Mysteries, Sex Stories, Comedies, pretty much anything I feel like writing in the direction of my imagination. I love to entertain a captive audience. I sing Karaoke, after a couple of glasses of a good red wine. I Love Jesus, and I Love, Mother Mary and thank her for sharing her beautiful son with us the world. I thank the Lord for every breathe I take, with that said, God bless and Thank you for your interest. Sincerely, Catherine Adams Webb A.K.A. Crazy Cat
Latest book: Mr. Umnutfrankenstein

Follow me on Twitter at  authorjayork R. J. Will
R.J. Will is the pen name for Dave Tishendorf. Dave is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He has been a newspaper reporter, editor and columnist who turned to writing fiction. He now is a freelance writer and a published author of eight romance novellas, including Love Through the Ages, a set of five contemporary love stories. He also has written two stage plays. He is a member of AbsoluteWrite, a critique group for writers. Dave is a compelling new writer of contemporary romance. As one reader of The Virgin Conquest wrote, "Great characters and story line – humor, suspense, drama, tragedy and inspiration all rolled into a book that left me with a sense of satisfaction as well as ... read more

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Thirty-*mumbles* year old Raven ShadowHawk lives in Leicester (UK) with her twin sons (Sprog1 andSprog2), her partner (The Funk Master) and a stubbornly barren dwarf lemon tree. She turned to writing erotica when she realized that many of the stories told by her friends were just too good not to share (and after realizing, after seven years, that working in finance was far too boring and far too comfortable a career to maintain forever). Raven's unique humor, sauciness, well-observed realism, and unforgiving sass, gives her a brand of erotica she calls Smut With Brains. Under the series title Meeting Each Other, Raven has released a mini series of six short stories through her imprint Little Vamp Press. Futu ... read more

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Tracy King is a dedicated wife, mother and follower of Jesus Christ. Mrs. King is also the co-founder of the First Century Ministry that focuses on teaching and preaching a Christian worldview and lifestyle. Tracy is a firm believer of serving the King by serving others and believes in the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within all believers. Tracy and her husband Leslie King were brought together by the Holy Spirit and they serve in ministry producing written publications, radio and TV broadcast.
Latest book: Proverbs 31 Woman

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Ernest R. Pope was an American correspondent for Reuters in the years leading up to WWII.
Latest book: Munich Playground: The Myth of the Nazi Superman

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I'm an author of erotic shorts and erotic super shorts. I design my stories with quickies in mind. My stories are based on the things that go on in my active imagination. My life doesn't mirror my stories but the stories I write reflect my true character; beneath my professional exterior, I'm a dirty dirty girl ;)

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Skye Wolcott planned to marry, have children, and live happy ever after in her hometown of Marietta, Montana. Then her marriage imploded in a cloud of scandal. Now she¹d be happy if people would just stop talking about her. Chase Goodwin worked hard to get away from Marietta, where poverty colored his past. Living his dream as a major league baseball player, he has no reason to return beyond helping his half-brother escape as successfully. The last thing Chase would consider is staying. Then he sees Skye Wolcott, a girl he always had a thing for in high school. They get off to a rough start, but are soon carrying on like high schoolers. Chase wants her to join his fast-paced, larger than life world, but Skye ... read more
Latest book: Hometown Hero

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Upon graduating from Princeton in 2002, Cassie Nichols moved to New Haven, Connecticut and conducted educational research at Yale University. Cassie later accepted a faculty position at Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut, where she taught American and World Literature—as well as the college essay—to high school juniors and seniors. In 2006 Cassie returned to her hometown of Santa Barbara, California to earn a Masters of Arts degree in Education from University of California, Santa Barbara. While at UCSB, she taught college freshman composition courses for UCSB’s Writing Program, conducted extensive research on the teaching of writing and literature, and supervised student teachers as they ... read more
Latest book: The College Essay Toolkit

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USA Today bestselling author Katherine Garbera is a two-time Maggie winner who has written more than 60 books. A Florida native who grew up to travel the globe, Katherine now makes her home in the Midlands of the UK with her husband, two children and a very spoiled miniature dachshund.
Latest book: No Rest for the Wicked

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Lorraine Devon Wilke – writer, photographer, singer and songwriter – started early as a creative hyphenate. First, there was music and theater, next came rock & roll, then a leap into film when a feature she co-wrote (To Cross the Rubicon) was produced by a Seattle film company, opening doors in a variety of creative directions. In the years following, she wrote for and performed on theater stages, developed her photography skills, and accrued a library of well-received feature screenplays; The Theory of Almost Everything was a top finalist in the 2012 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest and, most recently, A Minor Rebellion was a 2014 quarter-finalist in that same competition. She kept her hand i ... read more
Latest book: Hysterical Love

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After a short career as a feature writer and TV critic, Kathleen O’Brien turned to writing romance, and the job fit so well she never looked back. Now she’s published more than forty titles, is a five-time finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s RITA award, and holds an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. She lives near Orlando with her former-journalist husband, just down the road from their two grown children and, of course, the ever-famous Mouse.
Latest book: The Long Way Home

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Carol'n Rose, a pioneer and leader in the Empowerment field, has made it her mission for the past thirty years to inspire and motivate individuals to believe in themselves and to celebrate and appreciate the beauty and essence of who they really are. Ms. Rose received her B.A. and teaching certificate from California State University, Long Beach. She taught in the public schools for thirteen years. After relocating to the Detroit Michigan area, she became involved and studied Holistic Health. She created her own company and soon was conducting classes, seminars, and public speaking engagements to a wide array of audiences, including the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, Detroit Medical Center, and the auto i ... read more
Latest book: A Single Ray of Light

Follow me on Twitter at  emmasauthor Emma Salisbury
I write gritty, crime fiction that focuses on the 'why'dunnit as well as the 'who'. I worked for a housing association supporting socially excluded men and women with their return into society, which provided me with a lot of inspiration. FRAGILE CORD is the first in my Salford Detective series introducing Alex Moreton and Kevin Coupland as they investigate the murder-suicide of a mother and her son. A PLACE OF SAFETY, the second in the series is available now. I also write a Scottish crime series, TRUTH LIES WAITING introduces Davy Johnson a young man living on the edges of the law, pursued mercilessly by a corrupt cop. Born in Manchester, I started work selling ladies knickers (5 for a pound) on Grey Mare ... read more
Latest book: Fragile Cord

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THE PANTHEON COLLECTIVE (TPC) Three powerful individuals have joined forces to shake up the publishing world. Their MISSION: to empower and inspire (aspiring) authors to take control of their destinies and make their dreams come true. Their PASSION: getting their work (and the work of others) out into the published universe. Their STRUGGLE: overcoming individual issues (personalities, distance, interpersonal relationships, finances, day jobs) for the good of the collective, while balancing their roles as productive authors and creators. Their OBJECTIVE: successfully launch books and an author services company while documenting every moment both wonderful and difficult.
Latest book: F.A.T.E.: From Authors to Entrepreneurs

Follow me on Twitter at  olegariodacosta Olegario da Costa Maya Neto
Olegario da Costa Maya Neto, aka "Olegas", is a young Brazilian writer. "Hello, dear son" is his first published book in English. Besides writing fiction, he is an English teacher and a literature researcher.
Latest book: Hello, Dear Son

Follow me on Twitter at  mroemmich Mark Roemmich
Mark Roemmich, President and CEO of Noble House Entertainment Pictures, has been involved in the pre-production, production and postproduction of feature films, television, commercials, PSA docudramas and Visual Effects since 1969. As the global film industry continues to expand and mature and new formats are developed, NHEP has moved quickly to satisfy demand for quality projects. Roemmich established NHEP in 1985 to develop and produce feature films, constantly working with prominent industry professionals to attract projects that are attractive to both the Major studios and the Mini-Majors. His vision is to keep NHE flexible and to establish co-production relationships throughout the world. Since NHEP's in ... read more

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Colin Beazley is the author of the top selling war novel 'One Day in June'. His trilogy about the village of Doon features 'Within The Mist' as its opening story, introducing some of the strange folk that inhabit this unusual place. 'The Tale of Two Elephants'- a short story for older children and adults - was born from the growing popular concern to protect and preserve the increasingly vulnerable wildlife on this planet. Colin is busy compiling his collection of short stories - 'Stories my Grandfather told me' and writing his latest novel, a thriller set way up in the Frozen North. Living in the wilds of Devon, England he gains much inspiration from this landscape and his times in The Hebrides.
Latest book: One Day in June

Follow me on Twitter at  hangovrfreelife Louise Rowlinson
Louise is a public health nurse whose writing is based on the knowledge and skills acquired as a general nurse with alcoholic liver disease experience, as well as her experiences as a psychology graduate, research assistant to Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Samaritan volunteer and post graduate specialist community public health nurse, but most importantly, as a person who was psychologically dependent on alcohol and who is now in the early stages of recovery.
Latest book: A Hangover Free Life

Follow me on Twitter at  arabiclimadhala Romy Matthies
Romy is a trained Earth scientist and has been passionate in languages for most of her life. She has been living in six different countries on three continents and speaks five languages. Her engagement with the Arabic language and the limited learning material available, has let her to write the first instalment of the eBook Arabic, Why Not? Part 1 that is co-authored by Amr Salman, a native Arabic speaker. The eBook is accompanied by audio programmes that can be downloaded at no additional cost from Apple’s iTunes store. With the eBook and the podcasts Romy and Amr aim to promote the study of Arabic, a language of the United Nations that is spoken by more than 290 million people. When Romy is not studying la ... read more
Latest book: Arabic, Why Not? Part 1

Follow me on Twitter at  @ivobonacorsi Ivo Bonacorsi
Ivo Bonacorsi, ex visual artist, art critic and teacher, withdrew from the art world in 2004 with a real boxing match dedicated to Arthur Cravan. He writes now of art, design, cuisine and varied humanity in newspapers and magazines. Some of his works are held in the collections of the Museo del Novecento in Milan. He lives in Paris and Oslo. ____ Ivo Bonacorsi, ex-artista visivo, critico d'arte ed insegnante si è ritirato dal mondo dell'arte nel 2004 durante un vero incontro di boxe dedicato a Arthur Cravan. Scrive ora d'arte, design, cucina e varia umanità su quotidiani e riviste. Alcune ue opere sono conservate nelle collezioni del Museo del Novecento di Milano. Vive a Parigi e Oslo.
Latest book: The High Bohème

Follow me on Twitter at  kezbia Kezia Mason
I am a twenty three year old woman and I grew up in Wollongong. As a young girl I was diagnosed with a rare sleep disorder, Ondine's curse. It caused me to lose my life four times and spend the first three years of my life in hospital. During my time in hospital I forgot how to talk and was spoiled rotten by the nurses. My mother and father would always find the nurses had bought me a new toy to play with. I have two older sisters who I absolutely adore. I was bullied in primary school and high school. My parents divorced when I was eleven. I had a mental break down at 14 and my mother pulled me out of school. I continued schooling else where. In 2009 I moved to Newcastle and continued to live there until 20 ... read more

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Bernard Kelvin Clive Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist at BKC Consulting, Amazon bestselling author with 15 published books, and over 10 years of experience in digital publishing, Clive has offered consulting services to hundreds of writers, poets, authors locally and internationally to self-publish their books. He hosts the #1 ranked Business & Career Podcast in Botswana & Ghana, and arguably the number one authority on Digital Publishing and Personal branding.
Latest book: Productivity: Tips to Manage Your Daily Life and Business Effectively

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Nick Kinsley has been writing since a very young age. After going through school focused on computer science, he discovered that he would rather be a professional author. He grew up with few friends and a love of books, and hopes to create worlds in which others can find enjoyment. Kinsley currently attends community college in Maryland and plans to study abroad and major in Literature. He also plays guitar, and loves music.

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Born under a Scorpio moon, raised in a little house on the prairie, Roxanne Snopek said “as you wish” to her Alpha Farm Boy and followed him to the mountain air and ocean breezes of British Columbia. There, while healing creatures great and small and raising three warrior-princesses, they found their real-life happily-ever-after. After also establishing a successful freelance and non-fiction career, Roxanne began writing what she most loved to read: romance. Her small-town stories quickly became fan favorites; print editions of her latest series were recently launched in France.
Latest book: Finding Home

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I'm a young adult indie author whose writings are inspired by the anime I'm watching, manga I'm reading and video games that I have played
Latest book: The Diary of Modern Cinderella

Follow me on Twitter at  jeremyers1 Jeremy Myers
J. D. Myers is a popular blogger and has authored numerous books, including Why You have Not Committed the Unforgivable Sin and Put Service Back into the Church Service. J. D. Myers can be contacted through his primary blog at J. D. Myers lives in Oregon with his wife, Wendy, and their three daughters.
Latest book: Adventures in Fishing (for Men)

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A high school teacher, college instructor and fiction writer living in central Missouri, Kevin R. Doyle has seen his short stories, mainly in the horror and suspense fields, published in over twenty-five small press magazines, both print and online. In 2012 he began venturing into the book publication field. First with a mainstream novelette and then, in 2014, with the release of his first full-length mystery novel. A native of Kansas and graduate of Wichita State University, Doyle teaches English and public speaking at a high school in rural Missouri and has taught English, journalism and Spanish at a number of community colleges in both Kansas and Missouri. In the summertime, he can be found either toiling a ... read more
Latest book: The Litter

Follow me on Twitter at  mgherron M. G. Herron
M. G. Herron writes science fiction and fantasy books. He also blogs about TV shows, video games, his writing journey and more at You can also go there to find more free short stories. His forthcoming science fiction novel, Two Moons, will be available in 2015. You can connect with him on Twitter @mgherron.
Latest book: Stolen Choices

Follow me on Twitter at  DianaStevan Diana Stevan
Diana Stevan likes to describe herself as a Jill of all trades. Her eclectic work history serves her well in her writing. She's worked as a family therapist, a professional actor, professional model, teacher, and a freelance writer-broadcaster for CBC Televisions Sports Journal. Diana was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Home Economics with honors and Master of Social Work, graduating on the Dean's honour list. In the last several years, she's published poetry in the U.K. journal, DREAMCATCHER, and a short story in ESCAPE, an anthology. A CRY FROM THE DEEP, a romantic mystery/adventure, is her debut novel. A mother of two and a grandmother of three, Diana lives with ... read more
Latest book: A Cry From The Deep

Follow me on Twitter at  JessicaDanow Jessica Danow
I was born in Providence, Rhode Island and moved to Iowa when I was in high school. Even though I call Iowa my home, I'm always an east coaster at heart. I work full time and spend all of my free time writing. I have an amazing support system and I can't wait to share my characters with you! I usually spend all of my time writing in the evening as long as I have my writing fuel (Mike & Ike's or Thin Mints). I hope you fall in love with Stella and Tucker as much as I have. When I'm not writing I am reading, watching Top Gear and Doctor Who, and spending time with my boyfriend. I love to hear from everyone so feel free to track me down on here, facebook, or twitter.
Latest book: Providence in the Fall

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Latest book: The Way To Eilean

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I am a blogger and freelance writer and graphic designer. I love my husband, Doctor Who, reading, photography, and spending too much time on Pinterest. I have a passion for vintage clothing, crocheting, and fancy pens. And that's really all you need to know. If you want to learn more about me, check out my blog:
Latest book: How to Make Money with Google AdSense (when you don't even know where to start)

Follow me on Twitter at  @Marieevergreen1 Marie Evergreen
Marie Evergreen has been writing since she was a child. She loves to read, quilt, garden, can food; you name it, she loves it. She is the mother of two wonderful children, whom she homeschools. She lives in Colorado with her family and a collection of various animals.
Latest book: The Travelers: Quinn

Follow me on Twitter at  krocks Kristin Goodman
Kristin is a playwright, screenwriter and novelist. Kristin spent most of her adult years living in Chicago, IL, where she was an acting professor at The Chicago College of Performing Arts, and in Los Angeles, CA, where she trained horses and taught for The Unusual Suspects an at risk youth theater mentor program. She currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she writes full-time and raises her daughter alongside her very supportive husband.
Latest book: The Virgin

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesplebreton James Le Breton
James Philip Le Breton was born in Detroit, MI and moved to the South Florida area in the early 1980’s. After successfully obtaining a degree in healthcare, and a license in the firefighter and paramedic field, he chose to branch out into the entertainment industry. With two novels and a manuscript to his credit, he is the CEO and creative visionary of Prima Famiglia Productions. He is a proud husband and father of two. In addition to writing and creating, his passions include time with his family, volunteering, sports, coaching, and traveling.

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Nacido en Asturias (España). Pastor, escritor y comunicador. Maestro en teología.
Latest book: El hombre que rehusó morir antes de tiempo

Follow me on Twitter at  quant_objective Francine Habib
Francine Habib has travelled the world and brings her love for science, philosophy and an interest in the paranormal to her fiction. She's the author of sci-fi trilogy: The Quantum Objective, Sin, and The All. Prior to becoming a Chartered Psychologist, she graduated with a French and Business degree from the University of London and worked in the City. She finds inspiration in the frontiers of scientific knowledge as well as shared human values, beliefs and behaviours across cultures and through the ages. She sometimes climbs mountains (slowly), scuba dives (rarely), and does her utmost to steal nuggets of sleep where and when she can (unsuccessfully).
Latest book: The Quantum Objective

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Latest book: Grift

Follow me on Twitter at  Dr_Ken_Phillips C. K. Phillips
C. K. Phillips is a (mostly) retired educator who is an avid reader. After a career of teaching and grading composition, he finally determined to make time to fulfill his creative impulses. Comes The Awakening is his first novel. Although he implies no comparison to them, he points to Cussler, Baldacci, Brown, and Grisham as some who have inspired him to write. He lives with his wife in Southeast Tennessee. Phillips is working on his second book and welcomes your comments.
Latest book: Comes the Awakening

Follow me on Twitter at  hk_sulaiman H. Sulaiman
এইচ সোলাইমান বাবা আব্দুল মান্নান মোল্লা। জন্ম ১৯৯৭ সালে নরসিংদীর ধানুয়া গ্রামে। কাজ করছেন ওয়েব ডিজাইনিং নিয়ে। সমাজের অসহায় মানুষের জন্য কাজ করা ও তাদের পাশে দাঁড়ানোর ইচ্ছা ছোটবেলা থেকেই। বরতমানে যুক্ত আছেন 'Hunger Free Society' নামক একটি সামাজিক সংগঠনের সাথে। কবিতা লেখাটা শুধুমাত্ ... read more
Latest book: নীরবতার সীমান্তে তুমি ও কবিতা- এইচ সোলাইমান

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I am involved in a combined church ministry called Five Islands Christian Ministries ( which works to promote church unity in the Illawarra area of Australia. I worked as an electrical engineer and project manager in public works and study theology in retirement.
Latest book: God's Glasses

Follow me on Twitter at  cychug Krzysztof Wiśniewski
Krzysztof Wiśniewski (ur. w 1973 r. w Zielonej Górze) ukończył studia na Politechnice Zielonogórskiej. Maratończyk, myśliwy, podróżnik, motocyklista i prezes firmy CONTMAN. Pisarz niezależny, wydawca i self-publisher. W 2013 roku wydał w postaci ebooka swoją pierwszą książkę pt. „Safari w Namibii”, w której opisał przygody z wyjazdu na Safarii. Wolny czas najchętniej spędza czas z rodziną. Prowadzi bloga:
Latest book: Safari w Namibii

Follow me on Twitter at  alyseking Alyse King
Alyse King is the mother of four courageous children, one wonderful son and three delightful daughters. She is also a grandmother of one beautiful granddaughter and four adorable grandsons. For over two decades, Ms. King has tirelessly focused her attention on caring for two of her four children who had been struggling with chronic illnesses since they were teenagers. She has successfully helped them cope with their illnesses and reintegrate into society by retraining them to live independently and become financially self-reliant, provided them with the soft skills training that are vitally important to self-improvement and skills for the job market. Ms. King’s happiness about her ability to help her son and ... read more
Latest book: Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Stress and Stigmas - Coping

Follow me on Twitter at  sebastianbendix Sebastian Bendix
Sebastian Bendix is a Los Angeles based writer and musician, as well as host of a popular midnight horror film series, Friday Night Frights at the Cinefamily. He attended school at Emerson College for writing and has had pieces published in both in print (Mean magazine) and online ( He has written several screenplays in the fantasy/horror genre, one of which, The Black Cradle, is in development as an independent feature. The Patchwork Girl was his first foray into the world of prose fiction. His second novel, The Stronghold, is nearing completion and will be out to publishers in 2015.
Latest book: The Patchwork Girl

Follow me on Twitter at  bibahabdul Bibah Abdul
Bibah Abdul, a muamalaf lady who is approximately just 155.5cm height. Started writing poems, short stories and novels since sixteen years old. After her marriage, she stopped writing and started focus on her family. Few years later she started writing on her new book called Oblivious, a serial trilogy book.

Follow me on Twitter at  Privatepoet4u Terry Sewell
I have had many works of mine published over the years, but of late I am concentrating on writing Fictional short stories only. I am currently working on several short stories, which I hope to complete soon. I believe I have the talent to succeed in being a good writer, and I won't stop trying until I do. For years now I have been writing, since I was a child, though I never took it seriously until now. My ambition is to become an established known writer within my own lifetime.
Latest book: furry red...tints of grey

Follow me on Twitter at  kindlebooks_4u Casey Beck
I am an author and i am writing books on different niches. i love to read and write books. so, i made writing my profession, and i am writing from last 2 years. I mostly write on informative and health related topics, because I want people to get benefited from whatever i write and share with them. I hope you will like my books and will learn something good from them.
Latest book: Benefits To Adopt Plant Based-Diet