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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alex Apostol
I am originally from the Chicago area, but have moving around the country for the last nine years and I currently reside in Virginia. I have a Bachelor's Degree in English from the American Military University.
Latest book: Earth Angel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page France Rivet
After a 23 year career as an IT consultant, in 2005, France Rivet’s life took a profound turn with a visit to Somerset Island, Nunavut. This first encounter with the Arctic was a life-changing experience! So much so that she returned to the Arctic in 2006, travelling to Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. These first two trips above the Arctic Circle made her realize that the time had come for a major career change. In 2007, France put an end to her IT career and decided to combine her growing fascination for the Polar Regions and her passions for travelling, history, writing and photography to found Polar Horizons, an enterprise allowing her to dedicate her time and skills to make the Arctic, its nature, peop ... read more
Latest book: In the Footsteps of Abraham Ulrikab

Follow me at my  Facebook Page CJ Edwards
I'm a suburban Mum by day and like to *ahem* let my hair down at night. Always blessed or cursed with a high sex drive, I'm lucky to have a fantastic husband who not only looks after me in every respect but also allows me to research all aspects of my writing. I love to write about sexy submissive ladies because at heart that's what I am. I write about my girls being put into often extreme and difficult circumstances by strong men who care about them and ultimately ensure they are loved and looked after. I write what I like to read so I expect my audience is mostly women but to be honest my stuff is so hot, I'm sure I have the odd male fan out there!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Penny de Byl
Penny de Byl is a professor of computer game design and development, artificial intelligence, animation, and educational technology. She has been awarded numerous awards for teaching and research throughout her twenty-year career. She has a PhD in artificial intelligence and computer game character programming. To date, she has written four books, including the best-selling Holistic Game Development and Artificial Life Possibilities: A Star Trek Perspective. "The Disciples Of Cassini Trilogy" is her first foray into fiction, combining her expertise in computer science with her love of crime mysteries and police procedurals. For more details, see her website at

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eamon Shanley
Dr. Eamon Shanley is a practicing mental health nurse/counsellor in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. Dr. Eamon Shanley, a practicing mental health nurse, has been working in this field for decades including as Professor of Mental Health Nursing. He has published many articles and books on mental health and is a member of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses. He lives in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia with his partner, Maureen. This is his first fictional publication.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cameron Trost
CAMERON TROST is an emerging writer from Brisbane, Australia who concocts disturbing stories of mystery, suspense and horror. He is the author of the collection, "Hoffman's Creeper and Other Disturbing Tales", and has had short fiction published by various online and print publishers including Brimstone Press, the AHWA, Dark Prints Press, LegumeMan Books, Dark Valentine, Ripples Magazine, Blue Crow Press, Australian Reader, and Morpheus Tales.
Latest book: Letterbox

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kaitlyn Davis
Kaitlyn Davis is the bestselling author of the Midnight Fire series, a young adult paranormal romance, and the A Dance of Dragons series, a young adult epic fantasy. Kaitlyn graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University with a B.A. in Writing Seminars. She's been writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and is overjoyed to finally share her work with the world. She currently lives in New York City and dreams of having a puppy of her own. To stay up-to-date with all of Kaitlyn's new releases, sign up for her publication day newsletter here:
Latest book: The Spirit Heir (A Dance of Dragons #2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tracey Garvis-Graves
Tracey Garvis-Graves lives in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa with her husband, two children, and hyper dog Chloe. This is her first novel. She blogs at using colorful language and a snarky sense of humor to write about pop culture, silly television shows, and her suburban neighborhood. She is hard at work on her next book. You can e-mail her at She’d love to hear from you.
Latest book: Cherish (Covet, #1.5)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Victoria Zigler
My name is Victoria, but most of my friends and family call me Tori. Feel free to do the same. Born in the shadow of the black mountains in Wales, I now live by the sea in the south-east of England with my husband, Kelly, a pair of gerbils named Bilbo and Baggins, and four Degus whose names are Jacob, Jasper, Jenks and Joshua. Having battled with glaucoma since birth, I now find myself completely blind. But I didn't let that stop me from chasing the dream I've had since I was a young child: the dream of being a published author. I've loved to read and write since I learned how, and always wanted to get my work published. Finally, in 2012, I made that dream come true by self-publishing. So now I'm a publi ... read more
Latest book: Vinnie The Vegetarian Zombie

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Allie K. Adams
Tagline: If it doesn't sizzle, it isn't hot enough.   BIO: Allie K. Adams is the bestselling author of several award-winning stories. An active member of the search and rescue, as well as previously served as a reserve deputy, Allie has firsthand experience in most of the dangers she writes about. Known for her highly erotic, deeply intense suspense romances, she can be found most days in front of her computer, saving the world one sizzling story at a time. She grew up in Seattle and now currently lives in southwest Montana with her husband, two kids, and two fluff ball dogs.   She loves to hear from readers and encourages them to reach out to her through her website at
Latest book: I Will Find You

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Art Robertson
Right now, I'm self-employed and really enjoy what I do. But, I've been around awhile, in fact I graduated from Dothan High School Class of 1959!
Latest book: Instant Pick-3 Success

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson was born in South Dakota and raised the exact right distance away from the Black Hills. She had an overactive imagination very early on, and wasted no time in getting most of her friends in trouble due to her unrealistic and completely ridiculous ideas. Seeing as she was so lazy and also afraid people would think she was bonkers, she didn't write down any of the story lines that played out in her daydreams. During her high school years, she took pen to paper and filled more notebooks than she is proud of with angsty, depressing, self-depreciating poetry. This led to her writing down more things: notes, ideas, character bios, plot twists that had no plot yet to twist. After years of cleaning up ... read more
Latest book: Deepest Blues

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Douglas Gellatly
Douglas Gellatly was brought up on a farm in the Wimmera district of Victoria, Australia. During the course of his life he has experienced working as a farmer, medical research institute field station manager, funeral director, travel consultant and cafe proprietor. He now lives in central Victoria with his partner, Jon, where they operate a small food preserving business and importing business, with a retail shop in the business district of Clunes, Australia's (and the southern hemisphere's) only International Booktown. After a life-time of living life, Douglas took up writing in his late sixties and has now completed three novels, "Lake Brambruck", "Golton Island" and "Corker's Creek". All are set in the Wi ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Merry Farmer
Merry Farmer is an award-winning author of Historical Romance and Women’s Sci-Fi. She is passionate about Writing, Blogging, and Cricket and working towards becoming a successful author and an internationally certified Cricket Scorer. Her other hobbies have included knitting, theater, and going back to school to earn more degrees in arguably useless subjects like History and Theater than any sane person should have.
Latest book: Fallen From Grace

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Eddy
James Eddy was born in Braintree, Essex in April 1980. After moving first to Colchester, Essex, the family settled in South Norfolk and James was able to enjoy the wide open spaces and quiet of the area which fed his imagination. Following an undistinguished University career, he began writing scripts for films and acting out the cliche of the drunken writer. He diversified by moving into prose and eventually focussed enough to write a collection of Short Stories called 'Diamonds' along with several other short stories a novel and novella. He released 'Bewilder', the first story from 'Diamonds' in April 2012.
Latest book: The Dark Era

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nikki Morgan
If I were a song, I'd be Doomsday by Kasabian. If I were a film, I'd like to be one that has Christoph Waltz in it, or Al Pacino. Either would make me happy. If I were a Boxset, I'd want it to be The Sopranos. I love walking in the rain, especially if I've got nowhere to go. Winter's my favourite time of year, it fits me, unlike summer when everyone thinks you should be happy. Happiness doesn't just appear because the suns out, life doesn't work like that. I love my family. I love reading - Harry Potter, Twilight, Memoirs of a Geisha, Da Vinci Code are all in my top ten. Don't make me choose one. That would be like asking me to choose between my children. It just wouldn't happen. I love writing. My charac ... read more
Latest book: Everlong (Book One of the Everlong Trilogy)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roxy Sloane
Roxy Sloane is a romance junkie with a dirty mind. She lives in Los Angeles with her hot ex-military hubby and her two kids. She loves writing sexy, complex stories about pushing the boundaries and risking it all.
Latest book: The Invitation: Release

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christopher McGarry
I am an author, freelance writer and magazine editor who lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Since graduating from the journalism program at Holland College in Charlottetown, PEI, in 2006, I have written for several publications including The Atlantic Catholic Magazine, Vermilion and Area Voice (Alberta), The Eastern Graphic (PEI), G! Magazine and the Interim Magazine from Toronto. Since 2008, I have been writing for Canadian Firearms Journal and currently serve as editor for the publication. Additionally, I review plays for the Buzz Magazine in Charlottetown. In 2011, I published my first novel, Unforeseen Fury.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anne-Rae Vasquez
Anne-Rae Vasquez is currently writing RESIST, book 2 of the Among Us Trilogy. Her latest work, Doubt, Book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy was launched at the Raindance Book Festival. Among Us Trilogy is a series about a group of online gamers who band together to investigate who or what is behind the catastrophic events happening around the world. Her novel Almost a Turkish Soap Opera was adapted into a screenplay and later produced into an award winning feature film and web series and was her directorial debut. Her other works include: Gathering Dust - a collection of poems, Salha's Secrets to Middle Eastern Cooking Cookbook published by AR Publishing Inc. and Teach Yourself Great Web Design in a Week, published b ... read more
Latest book: Resist

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nigeria's Phantom Publisher
Tn Odu (alias Nigeria's Phantom Publisher) writes mostly middle grade and juvenile-directed fiction with the belief that words can mold worlds and minds as well. He is also very passionate about uniting the younger ones under an umbrella of books, but as Phantom House has slowly come to learn-his books, his "community of one". Two of the phantom p's award-winning titles have been featured and published by Phantom House Books. The author has published several other titles with native publishing houses in Canada and the USA under pseudonyms.
Latest book: Child Soldiers : WaW

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emma Holly
Emma Holly is the USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty novels. Whether it's vampires, fairy princesses, or just extraordinary ordinary folks, she loves writing super-hot romance.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Felicia Tatum
Felicia Tatum was born and raised in Tennessee. She always loved reading, and at the age of twelve began writing. Her passion for creating stories grew and in May 2012, she finally wrote her first novel, The White Aura. She still lives in Tennessee with her daughter and her kitty. She loves cooking, books, and animals are some of her best friends. She watches a lot of Disney channel and often dreams up new book ideas. She's currently working on various projects, including the rest of the White Aura Series, the Scarred Hearts Series, and a novella series. Her dream is to write as many books as possible while entertaining as many people as possible.
Latest book: Unbound Destinies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bailey Ardisone
Bailey Ardisone was born and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois. She married the love of her life and spends her days submerged in books, movies, music, or art, and loves traveling. Fantasy books and movies have been a huge part of her life, and one of her greatest passions is Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. Her sister contributed some of the writing in Sweet Oblivion and Sweet Escape. Sweet Oblivion is the first installment of a series.
Latest book: Sweet Redemption (Sweet Series #4)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sierra Jaid
Author Sierra Jaid loves to tell stories that have power to wrench the heart of its readers. Romance that is potent as the torrent sea and gentle as a drifting plume.Her characters come alive with every word to make you laugh and cry along. Love, desire and passion are the essence of her writing. The simplest things in her life can make her happy – rain, flowers, crisp pages of a new book, her favourite food, and chocolate (the more, the better). You can find her on goodreads too - Upcoming Books- * His To Claim ( McBain Brothers Series, Book 1 ) * Learning To Love A Rogue ( Winner of Wattpad Award in the Best Young Adult Romance ... read more
Latest book: Fear

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G. L. Argain
Hi there, I'm G. L. Argain. I'm a college student pursuing engineering as a career, but I took up writing as a hobby after realizing how skilled I was at it in English class. I strive to create a balance between thrilling entertainment and meaningful themes in each of my works - nothing you haven't heard of before, I'll bet. However, I get most of my inspiration from movies rather than other books, mostly because I like to pick up on visual details not typically found in written imagery and put them into my work. Also, I do my best to make my stories as unique and interesting as possible for the reader; in my eyes, fictional literature can be just as astounding as any other form of media. On another note, I l ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nina Swartzwelder
Nina Swartzwelder spent her early childhood in northeastern Kentucky. By the time she reached high school age, her family moved to a very rural area in southern Ohio. The second oldest of five children, she could most usually be found curled up somewhere reading one of the dozen or so books that she checked out from the bookmobile as it made its bimonthly trip to her school. All the books in the world could not have prepared her for the turn her life would take as she married and raised a large family. Nina and her husband, Bruce, currently live in Destin, FL. Married nearly forty years, they have raised ten children. Many of the stories that Nina writes about have been taken from events that occu ... read more
Latest book: Two Weeks With Baby Kelly The Adventures of the Little Boys

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Liz Fielding
Best-selling author, Liz Fielding, has more than 15 million books in print. She has been nominated seven times for RWA's prestigious RITA award; The Best Man & The Bridesmaid took the prize in 2001 and The Marriage Miracle in 2006. A Family of His Own won the RNA's Romance Prize, and was named Reviewers' Choice Best Harlequin Romance by Romantic Times BOOKreviews in 2005. She has also been given a Lifetime Achievement Award by Romantic Times. For news and excerpts of her latest releases, visit Liz's Web site at For gossip, competitions, chat and a chance to talk back you'll find her on Twitter @lizfielding and on Facebook.
Latest book: The Bride, the Baby & the Best Man

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tracey Alvarez
I live in the Coolest Little Capital in the World (a.k.a Wellington, New Zealand) where I’ve yet to be buried under my to-be-read book pile by our infamous wind—my Kindle’s a lifesaver! Married to a wonderfully supportive IT guy (who doesn’t mind cooking dinner while his wife mutters to herself and hammers away at the keyboard), we have two teens who would love to be surgically linked to their electronic devices. As a teenager I devoured novel after novel in my maths class, which explains why I still don’t understand using the alphabet in equations. I discovered a stack of tattered paperbacks hidden in my mother’s wardrobe featuring scantily clad women wrapped around bare-chested hunks. Who needs a ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Talia Nyx
Currently a student at the University of Otago in New Zealand, Talia is a single mother who really enjoys writing. As yet Talia has not found her genre, and will write whatever idea strikes her at the time. Talia also loves reading, and will read almost anything once. Feel free to check out Talia on Wordpress, where she will keep you up to date with how much University is interfering with her writing, and also what she is planning to write during the approaching November for NaNoWriMo.
Latest book: I Trust You

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A. Bin Juran
When not immersed in books — be it writing or reading them — Ainat can usually be found nestling a cup of coffee in the company of her husband and twins. A former fast-food employee, T-shirt seller, and glorified secretary, Ainat eventually found herself with Bachelor’s and LL.M. degrees and working as a lawyer. A few years later, listening to a catchy pop song about dream fulfillment, Ainat decided to buy a clunky little laptop and get to work. Ten novels and a much better laptop later, she came to the realization that hitting the double-digit mark meant it was time to publish and start consuming coffee (though not necessarily in that order). When she isn’t writing, editing, or mothering, Ainat enjoys ... read more
Latest book: Out of Sync (Book One)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M.F. Wahl
Currently I enjoy being a duel citizen of both the United States and Canada, but I grew up in the small border town of Youngstown, NY (about 40 minutes outside of Buffalo, NY). Even as a young child I loved reading, and writing, especially stories that involved the more macabre and mysterious aspects of life. I remember some of the first horror books I ever read were those of R.L. Stein. I emulated to write books just like the ones I read at the time. I remember, at the age of 10, in a “creative” writing class I was pulled aside by my teacher and told very firmly to stop writing stories that were “so gory”. While other children were authoring works about Arnold Schwarzenegger swooping through wi ... read more
Latest book: Disease - Serial 6

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ashok Rajamani
Ashok Rajamani is an internationally published author, poet, artist, essayist, radio host, and activist, and Telly-Award winner in New York City. Heralded by Barnes & Noble as one of the "Great New Writers of 2013", his writings and art have appeared in dozens of publications, including Scholars & Rogues, Danse Macabre, 3:AM Magazine, and multiple ezines. He has also been host for Brain Injury Radio worldwide. He belongs to the Authors Guild, New York Writers Coalition, Asian American Writers Workshop, and South Asian Journalists Association. He was a keynote speaker at the 2014 United Nations International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy, and has also given talks at multiple venues, including Barnes & Noble ... read more
Latest book: If These Saris Could Talk: A Monologue of Gossip

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christine Wilkinson
Christine Wilkinson was born and raised in the Spring Green, Wisconsin, area. An avid reader from an early age, it soon became a dream to write a book of her own. After being laid off and unable to find employment, she realized there was no better time for her to see her dream become a reality. In September 2013, she made her author debut with the novel Desperate. When she isn’t busy writing, she can most likely be found hanging out with her mom and two daughters, enjoying coffee while watching the birds outside, or curled up on her chaise with her dog and a good book. Her other dream in life is to hire a personal chef so she doesn’t have to eat her own cooking anymore – or force anyone else to.
Latest book: Hidden Within

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Miller
LAURA MILLER is the national bestselling author of the novels, Butterfly Weeds, My Butterfly, For All You Have Left and By Way of Accident, due out Fall 2014. She grew up in eastern Missouri and spent some time as a newspaper reporter prior to writing fiction. Miller currently lives in Kansas City, Mo. Visit her and learn more about her books online at
Latest book: By Way of Accident

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristen Day
She is a southern belle at heart with a crazy streak that desperately tries to escape at every opportunity. She loves all things nostalgic, rustic, and quirky. She's been told she sees the world through rose-colored glasses, but prefers to think of them as kaleidoscope glasses - swirling and morphing reality into something she can digest. I am the author of the DAUGHTERS OF THE SEA series, which includes FORSAKEN, AWAKEN, CHOSEN, HEARKEN, , EVENTIDE (2014), PROVEN (2014). When she's not writing she's making jewelry, painting, drinking sweet tea, watching the Discovery channel, or going on random adventures in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband.
Latest book: Chosen (Daughters of the Sea #3)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S.K. Keogh
When Susan Keogh won an elementary school writing contest and a trip to a regional young writers conference, she hadn’t realized that experience was the beginning of a love affair with words. Keogh was raised in a large family where reading was encouraged. Through her mother’s interest in history, Keogh grew to admire such authors as Michael Shaara and Bruce Catton, a fellow Michigan writer who focused on the American Civil War. So it was no wonder that her first writing credit was a featured article in the magazine America’s Civil War. Keogh’s particular interest in the Civil War led her into re-enacting for several years as a field musician. Keogh's most recent time period of historical interest is e ... read more
Latest book: The Fortune

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Keely Brooke Keith
Born in St. Joseph, Missouri, Keely was a tree-climbing, baseball-loving ‘80s kid. She grew up in a family who frequently relocated. By graduation, Keely lived in 8 states and attended 14 schools. Keely’s many adventures include: being an exchange student, recording with a former Beatles producer, being chased through the New Mexico desert by a rattlesnake, jumping out of an airplane at 14,500 feet, and sleeping under the open sky in the Australian outback. Keely is a bass guitarist and plays on worship teams and for solo artists. She is married to singer/songwriter John Martin Keith, and they frequently perform and tour together. When she isn’t writing stories or playing bass, Keely enjoys dancing, havi ... read more
Latest book: The Land Uncharted

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M. Pax
Can also find my books in print at B&N: M. Pax is author of the sci-fi series, The Backworlds, and the new adult science fiction fantasy The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear. A Browncoat and SG fan, she’s also slightly obsessed with Jane Austen. In the summers she docents as a star guide at Pine Mountain Observatory where the other astronomers now believe she has the most extensive collection of moon photos in existence. No fear, there will be more next summer. She lives in stunning Central Oregon with the Husband Unit and two lovely, spoiled cats.
Latest book: The Initiate

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Karl Beckstrand
Karl Beckstrand is a ten-time published author with more than 20 titles online. Raised in San Jose, California, USA, he received a B.A. in journalism from BYU and an M.A. in international relations from APU. Since 1993 he has produced captivating stories, ads, and scripts. An engaging presenter and consultant, Beckstrand has experience in high tech, TV/radio broadcasting, film, and public policy. He has lived abroad, been a Spanish/English interpreter, and he enjoys volleyball and kayaking (usually not at the same time). Beckstrand's activity books, Spanish & bilingual books, ebook mysteries, and nonfiction stories feature minority characters and have been lauded by national reviews such as the Horn Book blog, ... read more
Latest book: Polar Bear Bowler: A Story Without Words

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emma Hart
By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to a terrible two year old and growing bump, due September 2013. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of juice and writes books. She likes to write about magic, kisses and whatever else she can fit into the story. Sarcastic, witty characters are a must. As are hot guys. Emma is currently working too many books to even count - including Playing for Keeps, the companion book to the New York Times and USA Today bestseller, The Love Game. She likes to be busy - unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas come to life.
Latest book: Second Chance Summer (Chance Series, #1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brian Gottheil
I’ve been writing as a hobby since, at the age of four, I penned an epic about my then-favourite sport, the charmingly mis-spelled “baceball.” I’m more of a basketball fan these days, but I have kept up my love for writing throughout. I live in Toronto, Canada, or as we Torontonians like to call it, “the centre of the universe.” I’m just joking about that … mostly. I’m writing a novel at the moment in which the main character hates Toronto, so that’s been a bit of a challenge. At one point she describes it as a “frenetic smogscape.” To each her own, I suppose. In my day job, I work as a labour and employment lawyer with Bernardi Human Resource Law (visit us at I prac ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Barbara Valentin
Barb is a freelance writer, corporate minion, over-scheduled parent and connoisseur of fine chocolate. A second-generation journalist, her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune and its affiliates as well as Mom.Me. Three of her pieces were included in a Tribune Media e-book collection entitled, Love Notes: Stories of Love, Loss, and Coming Together (Agate, 2014). Having spent the whole of her thirties pregnant, she has five boys to show for it. Their exploits provided fodder for her column, The Plate Spinner Chronicles, a long-running feature in the Chicago Tribune, which snagged her a runner-up spot in an Erma Bombeck Humor Contest. A member of RWA's Windy City chapter, she still dreams of the day when her ... read more
Latest book: False Start

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sarah Woodbury
With two historian parents, Sarah couldn't help but develop an interest in the past. She went on to get more than enough education herself (in anthropology) and began writing fiction when the stories in her head overflowed and demanded she let them out. While her ancestry is Welsh, she only visited Wales for the first time while in college. She has been in love with the country, language, and people ever since. She even convinced her husband to give all four of their children Welsh names. With over 300,000 books sold, Sarah is the author of 17 novels and 2 novellas, all set in medieval Wales. She is currently working on the next book in the After Cilmeri series. She makes her home in Oregon. Please follow ... read more
Latest book: Warden of Time (The After Cilmeri Series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Felipe Adan Lerma
Grandfather of five, father of three, and oldest of six. Married over 30 years. Family, children, and relationships - a cornerstone of all the fiction and poetry. * Born and raised in Texas, and recently lived a year in Vermont, his wife Sheila's gorgeous home state, Adan brings a gentle infusion of yoga and fitness to bear on life long interests in writing, painting, dance, photography, and the arts in general. Determined to learn about the ideas of Western Culture that have informed our civilization, Adan put himself through college with the help of his GI Bill benefits. More recently, he has added certifications in fitness and yoga. His self stated mission on his website, reads, "Integrating Yoga Fitne ... read more
Latest book: Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andre Baganz
Andre Baganz was born in East Berlin just a few months before the building of the Wall in 1961. His father was African and his mother German. He grew up in Wismar on the Baltic Sea and Streichwitz, a small village about 120 km east of Berlin, near the Polish border. Being mixed race in a totally white society, he had a hard childhood and youth. Thinking that life would be easier for him in West Germany, he attempted to escape from communist East Germany at the age of twenty, but was captured and put in a holding facility. After breaking out of the holding center, he was caught and sentenced by the communist judicial system to life in prison. Thanks to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, he was released, having ... read more
Latest book: The Cooing of the Pigeons

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anni Sennov
Anni Sennov Anni Sennov is the woman behind AuraTransformation™, which is a powerful method for expanding your consciousness. She is also the founder of the Aura Mediator Courses™ which take place in different countries, mainly in Europe. Anni Sennov is a clairvoyant advisor, international lecturer and the author of more than 20 books about energy, consciousness and self-development, as well as New Time children and relationships, several of which have been translated from Danish into a number of languages. Together with her husband Carsten Sennov, she is a partner in the publishing company Good Adventures Publishing and the management consulting and coaching company SennovPartners, where she is a consu ... read more
Latest book: The Little Energy Guide 1: Take Care of Your Own Energy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.E. Butler
A Midwesterner by birth, R.E. spent much of her childhood rewriting her favorite books to include herself as the main character. Later, she graduated on to writing her own books after "retiring" from her day job as a secretary to become a stay-at-home mom. When not playing with her kids, wrestling her dogs out the door, or cooking dinner for her family, you'll find her typing furiously and growling obscenities to the characters on the screen. Her best-selling series The Wolf's Mate, Wiccan-Were-Bear, The Necklace Chronicles, Hyena Heat, and Ashland Pride are available now.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sumiko Saulson
Publisher Info: "Writer's Muse" is a writer's group on Facebook. The Writer's Muse Group publishes the Writer's Muse Magazine. Author Info: Sumiko Saulson is a horror novelist, published poet and writer of short stories and editorials. Her novels include "Solitude," "Warmth", and "The Moon Cried Blood". A native Californian, she was born and spent her early childhood in Los Angeles, moving to Hawaii, where she spent her teen years, at the age of 12. She has spent most of her adult life living in the San Francisco Bay Area. An early interest in writing and advanced reading skills eventually lead to her becoming a staff writer for her high school paper, the Daily Bugle (McKinley High, Honolulu, HI) one of the ... read more
Latest book: Death Omen

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jessica Frances
Jessica is an Aussie who has always loved writing and reading. She currently is living in Australia. Connect with her via facebook!
Latest book: Taken By Force

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roy Glenn
Known as the master of urban suspense, Roy Glenn is the author of I Came To Bring The Pain, Treat Me Nice, There Was a Time, Freeze The Early Years, Wanda’s Reign and The Indictment of Mike Black. His other novels include Killing Them Softly, After Hours Tales, Crime of Passion, Body of Evidence and Ulterior Motive Roy is working on The Boss Wears Heels, This Is Mine and Revenge, the next three installments in The Mike Black Saga.
Latest book: Wanda's Reign