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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Skyla Dawn Cameron
Award-winning author Skyla Dawn Cameron has been writing approximately forever. Her early storytelling days were spent acting out strange horror/fairy tales with the help of her many dolls, and little has changed except that she now keeps those stories on paper. She signed her first book contract at age twenty-one for River, a unique werewolf tale, which was released to critical and reader praise alike and won her the 2007 EPPIE Award for Best Fantasy. She now has multiple series on the go to keep her busy, which is great for her attention deficit disorder. Skyla is a fifth generation crazy cat lady who lives in southern Ontario, where she dabbles in art, is an avid gamer, and watches Buffy reruns. If she ev ... read more
Latest book: Soulless

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cathryn Fox
Cathryn is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. She has two teenagers who keep her busy with their never ending activities, and a husband who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. Cathryn can never find balance in her life, is always trying to find time to go to the gym, can never keep up with emails, Facebook or Twitter and tries to write page-turning books that her readers will love. A maritime native and former financial officer, Cathyrn has lived all over Canada but has finally settled down in her childhood Cathryn also writes New Adult under the name Cat Kalen. www.catkale ... read more
Latest book: Wasted Summer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mia Dymond
I write contemporary romance novels with sexy, alpha males and females with attitude to boot. I live in a zoo,hold down a full time job, and am trying to coax my creative muse from her cage. So BEWARE, the madness may rub off on you!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Danica Avet
Danica was born and raised in the wilds of South Louisiana where mosquitoes are big enough to carry off small children and there are only two seasons: hot and hotter. With a BA in History, she figured there were enough fry cooks in the world and decided to try her hand at writing. When she isn't writing, working, or contemplating the complexities of the universe, she spends time gathering inspiration from her insane family, reads far more than any sane person would want to, and watches hot burly men chase an oblong ball all over a field.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer Gulbrandsen
I need to think of a clever bio beyond telling the world I love to write, I have three kids, and I drink a lot of wine.
Latest book: The Secret Life of Lies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chris Myers
Chris Myers spends most of her free time writing and dreaming up new characters who fight each other for page time or hiking and fishing in the beautiful Colorado mountains with her laptop or iPad. She doesn't travel far without either. She is an award-winning author of several published novels in the New Adult Contemporary Romance, Teen, and Thriller genres. Previous blog tours resulted in outstanding reviews. Chris's work has appeared in the NewsMag and has earned several awards including first place Paul Gillette, Colorado Gold finalist, and semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. She has taught writing workshops for PPW and Delve Writing and was an adjunct professor at CSU. My Nerdy Bio: Chr ... read more
Latest book: Buried in New Orleans

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Number Thirteen Press
Pulp Crime Novellas Simple really. Number Thirteen Press is an e-publishing company building a list of 13 quality crime titles, to be published consecutively on the 13th of each month, from November 2014 to November 2015.
Latest book: The Mistake

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Murray
Mark Murray is an IT Specialist by trade and a writer by choice. He has written short stories for the E-Zine Dargonzine and has been published by Arctic Wolf Publishing. When he's not working or writing, Mark can usually be found studying martial arts. Mark currently resides in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia, where he loves being outdoors.
Latest book: Tales of Rhillai

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alyssa Rose Ivy
Alyssa Rose Ivy is a bestselling New Adult and Young Adult author who loves to weave stories with romance and humor. Although raised in the New York area, she fell in love with the South after moving to New Orleans for college. After surviving law school and earning her masters in library science, she turned back to her creative side and decided to write. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children, and she can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand.
Latest book: Dusk (The Dire Wolves Chronicles #2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emma Hart
By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to a terrible two year old and growing bump, due September 2013. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of juice and writes books. She likes to write about magic, kisses and whatever else she can fit into the story. Sarcastic, witty characters are a must. As are hot guys. Emma is currently working too many books to even count - including Playing for Keeps, the companion book to the New York Times and USA Today bestseller, The Love Game. She likes to be busy - unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas come to life.
Latest book: Second Chance Summer (Chance Series, #1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Karen Wojcik Berner
Karen Wojcik Berner writes contemporary fiction with a sprinkling of the classics. An award-winning journalist, her work has appeared in several magazines, newspapers, and blogs, including the Chicago Tribune, Writer Unboxed, Women's Fiction Writers, and Fresh Fiction. She currently serves on the Author Council of and is a member of the Chicago Writers’ Association. She lives with her family in the Chicago suburbs. When not writing, she can be found on the sidelines of her youngest’s football or lacrosse games, discussing the Celts with the oldest, or snuggling into a favorite reading chair with a good book and some tea.
Latest book: A Groovy Kind of Love (The Bibliophiles: Book Three)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Crystal Perkins
Crystal Perkins has always been a big reader, but she never thought she would write her own book, until she did. She lives in Las Vegas, where you can find her running author events and selling books at conventions when she isn’t reading, buying too many Sherlock t-shirts online or finding a place to put all of her Pop! figurines. A mac and cheese connoisseur, she travels the country looking for the perfect version, while attending book conventions and signings as a cover for her research. The first book in The Griffin Brothers series, GAMING FOR LOVE, is an international best-seller.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Katie de Long
Katie de Long lives in the Pacific northwest, realizing her dream of being a crazy cat-lady. As a kid, Katie flagged the fade-to-blacks in every adult book she encountered, and when she began writing, she vowed to use cutaways sparingly. After all, that's when the good stuff happens. And on a kindle, no one asks why there's so many bookmarks in her library. For information on new releases, visit, or sign up for Katie's mailing list ( ).

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Petra March
Petra March (aka Petra F. Bagnardi) studied Screenwriting and History of American Cinema at UCLA and NYU. Presently, Petra keeps traveling and dreaming through her novels. Her characters are deeply in love with Europe and the USA, just like Petra is. Connect with Petra:

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M. Clarke
M. Clarke aka Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.
Latest book: Crossroads

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brydie Walker Bain
Brydie Walker Bain is a playwright, poet and children's author. After competing a Bachelor of Arts in History and Theatre & Film at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, she studied at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Based in Waitomo Caves, Brydie balanced writing with working as an adventure cave guide for The Legendary Black Water Rafting Company, jumping off waterfalls and abseiling into caves pretending she was her childhood hero MacGyver. Brydie's plays have enjoyed readings in London, rave reviews and sell out audiences in Auckland, Hamilton and Waitomo. Her latest project is a young adult series, starting with 'The Secret of Sinbad's Cave,' available shortly on Smashwords.
Latest book: The Secret of Sinbad's Cave

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cherese A. Vines
I'd love to read a review from you. I was born into a military family during the late 1970s. I've lived in a number of different cities throughout my life, including Chicago where most of my family resides. Although I have a background in Journalism, my love of reading fiction led me to creative writing pursuits. I have incorporated my experiences and travels into my writing, which include young adult fiction, science-fiction, and fantasy. I currently reside near the Atlanta area with my husband and two children.
Latest book: Cords of the Ascendant

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Lewis
Robert D. Lewis (Bob) spent his early years as a youth minister, a youth evangelist, and a pastor. It was here that his study of Scripture and church administration took on serious dimensions. He also learned firsthand about the reality of church conflict. Later in life, Lewis served as an executive director of an association of Baptist churches in the Greater Sacramento, CA, Area. Here he served as a denominational liaison, a church consultant, and a mediator of church conflicts and disputes. One of his most helpful experiences was a season of communication training with Dr. John S. Savage, the founder and president of L.E.A.D. Consultants, Inc., for 25 years, and currently a senior consultant/trainer for th ... read more
Latest book: Barnacle Busters: Keeping Your Church Seaworthy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Racquel Sarah A. Castro
Racquel Sarah A. Castro is living with Cerebral Palsy. She always wanted to inspire people in all ways and proves the goodness of God through her life.
Latest book: When Fate Speaks Big Time

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joelle Fraser
Joelle Fraser is an award-winning author of two books, The Territory of Men, and The Forest House. She’s also the publisher of HardRider Press, whose short stories are set in the motorcycle world.
Latest book: Bad Blood: A Short Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page HP Mallory
I started my writing career as a self-published author and was lucky enough to hit both the Amazon and the Barnes and Noble bestseller’s lists with my two series, the Jolie Wilkins series and the Dulcie O’Neil series. After hitting both lists, I thought life couldn’t really get much better so you can imagine my surprise when Random House (Bantam imprint) signed me to write three books in the Jolie Wilkins series (Witchful Thinking, The Witch is Back and Something Witchy This Way Comes). Now I love the fact that I’m both a traditionally published author as well as a self-published one (with my Dulcie O’Neil series). And even more cool news? The books in both series are currently being made into audio ... read more
Latest book: How I Sold 200,000 E-Books, A Guide for the Self Published Author

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mercy Amare
I am twenty-four years old. I live in St. Louis, MO with my extremely-nerdy husband.
Latest book: The College Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alec John Belle
Alec John Belle is an online high school student that resides in the state of Massachusetts. His hobbies include reading, writing, and trying to find out who "A" is on Pretty Little Liars. He writes about tough topics that many are too afraid to talk about like suicide, homosexuality, self harm, cyberbullying, anxiety disorders, addiction, and other teenage issues, and he often blends these ideas with the paranormal. Before I Break is his first novel. Before I Break is an Amazon Bestseller in LGBT Issues of Teen Fiction, and a sequel titled Once I Fall is set to hit Amazon December 15, 2015. His new paranormal young adult series, The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles, is set to release it's first three books in 20 ... read more
Latest book: Forbidden Darkness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elizabeth Loraine
I grew up in Minnesota, married my husband of now over 30 years and had my two children (Matthew now 30 and Andrea 28). In the early 80's we moved from Minnesota to Florida and I've lived on the beaufiful Central East Coast ever since. I've always been creative, and my career life focused on interior design, painting and garden design. I didn't start writing until I turned 52. I loved the Vampire genre and after years of enjoyment found in the pages of other author's books, I decided that I wanted to know more about the characters than was there between the covers. What had these long lived vampires been doing, what had they seen and done throughout history? My two wonderful children were grown and my fant ... read more
Latest book: Power of the Secret

Follow me at my  Facebook Page DV Berkom
DV Berkom is a slave to the voices in her head. As the author of two bestselling thriller series (Leine Basso and Kate Jones), her love of creating resilient, kick-*ss female characters stems from a lifelong addiction to reading spy novels, mysteries, and thrillers, and longing to find the female equivalent within those pages. Raised in the Midwest, she received her BA in political science from the University of Minnesota and promptly moved to Mexico to live on a sailboat. Many, many cross-country moves (and several years) later, she now lives just outside of Seattle, Washington with the love of her life, Mark, an ex-chef-turned contractor, and writes every chance she gets. For more information, please visit ... read more
Latest book: The Body Market

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vera West
Soul(s) is the first book in the Soul(s) Series and is N.E. Wilson's debut novel written under the pen name Vera West. The pen name was designed to draw a clear line between works written for a younger audience versus novels written for a maturer one. The author resides in the Midwest with her husband, dog named after Tony Stark and a fluffy guinea pig named Guin-Guins.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.L. Griffin
R.L. Griffin published her first book in 2004. After that she focused on practicing law. A few years ago she began writing the By A Thread series, which is out now. Her goal is to keep readers on their toes, whether it's the plot twist or the book itself, her books are outside any box. There is a little bit of grit in most of her books and a ton of cussing. Most books are enjoyed better with a glass of wine, or whiskey, whatever your poison may be. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, kid and dog. She loves to travel and meeting readers.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page I.G. Frederick
Now through midnight PST Cyber Monday (December 1, 2014), get up to 45 percent off on all my print books (including novels by Korin Dushayl). I'll sign them and ship them to you for Solstice/Yule/Christmas/Kwanza/Festivus/mid-Chanukah giving. Choose from 13 short story collections, five novels, and one book of poetry with varying levels of heat, romance, and kink at up to 45 percent off. Plus, for the collector, I'm offering reduced prices on First Editions of Broken, Shattered, Dommemoir, and Pain of Love (quantities limited). Check out all the Book Bargains while they last. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Find your fetish: you can now search my stories to find the ones that in ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lori Handeland
Lori Handeland is a Waldenbooks, Bookscan, USA Today and New York Times best-selling author, as well as a two time recipient of the Romance Writers of America’s RITA award. She also writes gritty, sexy, adventurous western historical romance under the name Lori Austin. Lori lives in Southern Wisconsin with her husband, enjoying occasional visits from her grown sons. She can be reached through her website at or
Latest book: Rising Moon (A Nightcreature Novel)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lizzy Ford
Please visit our website to join our mailing list for updates on Lizzy Ford releases! Winter/Spring tentative release schedule: - January 6 - "Soldier Mine" (standalone military romance) - Feb - "The Black God" (#2, Damian Eternal series) - March - "Spring Rain" (#4, Witchlings) - April - "East" (History Interrupted - time travel romance) - May - "See No" (#2, Hidden Evil) ***About Lizzy*** Lizzy Ford is the award winning, internationally acclaimed author of over thirty five books written for young adult, new adult and adult romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling Rhyn Trilogy, Witchling Series and the War of Gods series. Considered a freak of nature by her peers for the ability to write ... read more
Latest book: Soldier Mine

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eve Langlais
Hello, my name is Eve, a Canadian mom who works full time as an author. In between juggling my three kids, hubby, and housework, I pen steamy romance--usually with werewolves, cyborgs or aliens lol. I love to write, and while I don't always know what my mind is going to come up with next, I can promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because I love a HEA. Thanks so much for coming by and checking me out. If you'd like to know more, read some excerpts or find out what's coming next, then please visit me at Or sign up for my new release email list at Happy reading! Eve Langlais

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shoshanna Evers
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Shoshanna Evers has written dozens of sexy stories, including The Man Who Holds the Whip (part of the bestselling MAKE ME anthology), Overheated, The Enslaved Trilogy, and The Pulse Trilogy (from Simon & Schuster Pocket Star). Her work has been featured in Best Bondage Erotica 2012 and Best Bondage Erotica 2013, the Penguin/Berkley Heat anthology Agony/Ecstasy, and numerous erotic BDSM novellas including Chastity Belt and Punishing the Art Thief from Ellora’s Cave Publishing. The non-fiction anthology Shoshanna Evers edited and contributed to, How To Write Hot Sex: Tips from Multi-Published Erotic Romance Authors, is a #1 Bestseller in the Authorship, Erotica ... read more
Latest book: I am Not Your Melody (steamy cowboy romance)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marie Landry
Marie has always been a daydreamer; since early childhood she's had a passion for words and a desire to create imaginary worlds, so it only seemed natural for her to become a writer. She resides in Ontario, Canada, and most days you can find her writing, reading, blogging about writing and reading, listening to U2, watching copious amounts of TV on DVD, or having grand adventures with her nephews and niece. She's a hopeless romantic, an unapologetic eavesdropper (occupational hazard), an equally unapologetic squeeing fangirl, and a lover of swoonworthy book and TV characters. For more on Marie and her books please visit She also loves to chat with fellow book lovers, so feel fr ... read more
Latest book: After the Storm

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Merry Farmer
Merry Farmer is an award-winning author of Historical Romance and Women’s Sci-Fi. She is passionate about Writing, Blogging, and Cricket and working towards becoming a successful author and an internationally certified Cricket Scorer. Her other hobbies have included knitting, theater, and going back to school to earn more degrees in arguably useless subjects like History and Theater than any sane person should have.
Latest book: Fallen From Grace

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Travis Luedke
Travis Luedke is a husband, father, and author of Urban Fantasy Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, and Sci-fi. He is currently catching a 3rd degree sunburn in San Antonio, Texas, and loving every minute of it. As the author of the Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives very vicariously through his writings. He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned: The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.
Latest book: The Shadow Box (Paranormal Suspense and Dark Fantasy Thriller Novels)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jordan L. Hawk
Jordan L. Hawk grew up in the wilds of North Carolina, where she was raised on stories of haints and mountain magic by her bootlegging granny. After using a silver knife in the light of a full moon to summon her true love, she turned her talents to spinning tales. She weaves together couples who need to fall in love, then throws in some evil sorcerers and undead just to make sure they want it bad enough. In Jordan’s world, love might conquer all, but it just as easily could end up in the grave.
Latest book: Contresens

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Josie Leigh
Josie Leigh is an independent author who focuses on writing Romance because she loves a story with a happy ending. Writing has been an escape for her since a very young age, and she cherishes the time she gets to spend with her characters. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition in 2008, she pursued a challenging career in the field of nutrition insecurity and anti-hunger advocacy. She is grateful to be able to feed hungry families on a daily basis and chase her literary dreams in her off time.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jinni James
Jinni James is an administrative assistant, wife, and mother of two girls as well as a step mother based in Huntsville, Alabama. Since child hood she has written many short stories and poems but never dreamed of writing a novel. She attempted to write many stories but never finished. Finally she was in the perfect place in her life to write a story that had been invading her thoughts and dreams for a very long time. That story blossomed into her first novel The Wolfs Maine. She is now currently working on her next novel.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rebecca Hagan Lee
After arming herself with a degree in fine arts and experience in radio, television, and film, Rebecca Hagan Lee wrote her first novel Golden Chances. Since then, she’s published numerous bestselling and award-winning novels and three novellas. She’s won a Waldenbooks Award, a Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award, several Romantic Times awards, been nominated for an RWA Rita Award and has been published in nine languages. She currently lives in Georgia with her husband, her two beloved Quarter Horses, and a miniature schnauzer named after literary icon Harper Lee.
Latest book: Ever a Princess

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amanda Dick
Amanda Dick is a night-owl, coffee addict, movie buff and music lover. She also writes. She is rather partial to dark chocolate and believes in the power of a good vanilla latte. She has a passion for the colour green (particularly in clothes and gemstones) and insists there is nothing sexier than a man in a kilt. She spent several months traveling around Europe in her late 20’s (there’s a story there – she’ll get around to writing it one day). After ridding herself of her wanderlust, she met the love of her life (while working to pay off said wanderlust) in Edinburgh, Scotland. They moved in together the week after their first date – so yes, she believes in love at first sight. She also believes in ... read more
Latest book: Absolution

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tyrone Mcdonald
I'm a entrepreneur, adventurer, lion tamer, and visual artist. You can usually find me at a bar or in a studio.
Latest book: The G-Code: 10 Secret Codes of the Streets Revealed

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Melissa French
My name is Melissa French and I live in Chicago, Il. Probably the most corrupt state in the USA. I started writing this series with the idea to show that besides just having corruption, our city has a lot to offer! Rebecca Fitzgerald is a detective in the Chicago Police Department in this series. She will be exploring the city differently in each book, as she hunts down criminals while trying to find love along the way. This is meant to be a light read series that focuses on the romantic aspect of a cop's life. It is a mystery but the focus is on the personal relationships of the characters as they solve whatever is going on! I hope you enjoy this book, and this series as it grows along with me.
Latest book: Missed Opportunities in the Windy City, A Rebecca Fitzgerald Mystery, Book 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page AmyBeth Inverness
Most of my stories are set on a human-colonized planet called "Kingdom Come" where group marriage is the social norm, and the diversity of human sexuality is embraced. I have two sides to my blog. The Inverness Press is a regular bloggedy blog. I post a SciFi Question of the Day every Tuesday, and an interview every Friday. I'm always open to suggestions and requests for interviews, even other pre-published writers. Under Loch & Key is the blog where I post fiction. Some short stories there are related to my Work In Progress, and others are random such as prompts from other sites. Many of the stories have adult themes such as sexuality, and so Under Loch & Key is only for adults. There are some images illustr ... read more
Latest book: Sheepless in Seattle

Follow me at my  Facebook Page KT Grant
KT Grant is a self-proclaimed eccentric redhead who not only loves to read a wide variety of romances, but also loves writing it. Under her alter-ego, she is a well-known book reviewer and blogger who doesn't shy away from voicing her opinion. A proud native of New Jersey, KT is multi-published and known for writing "out of the box" romances. KT has been mentioned in the Guardian.UK, Publisher's Weekly's Beyond the Book and at KT is a top ten best-selling author at Amazon, as well as being a multiple All Romance Ebooks best seller and a Night Owl Reviews Top Author Pick.
Latest book: The New Year's Fantasy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Josette Reuel
Josette Reuel spent many years in the corporate world writing stuffy computer software manuals, until one day a shape shifting dragon kidnapped her and drug her off to be his destined mate... as the words flowed on to the page, she realized that it was time to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. An avid reader from her earliest memories, Josette enjoys many genres; however her current passion is anything Romance. Her love of Fantasy and the Paranormal tends to come out in all of her writing with strong alpha shapeshifters. ~ *Connect With Me Online* ~ Web site: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Latresha Byrd
Hello and thank you for stopping by. I have been an avid reader and writing since childhood. I started writing seriously in 2010, by contributing articles and web content for several sites including Yahoo Contributor's Network, Helium, Suite 101, and Knoji. I also write for my personal blogs YA Books Etc., and Write Latresha. I have always dreamed of writing stories and books, and thanks to self publishing my dreams can finally come true.
Latest book: Taking on the Writing World: The Ups and Downs of the Writing Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cheryl Douglas
Cheryl began her professional career as a nutritionist, but she finally decided to follow her bliss and pursue a full-time writing career. Twenty-eight books later, she considers it one of the best decisions she's ever made. When she takes a break from her keyboard, it's to spend time with the other two loves of her life, her husband and son.
Latest book: Fast Track (Nashville Nights Next Generation 5)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roz Morris
Roz Morris's fiction has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide, although you won't have seen her name on the covers as she ghostwrote for high-profile authors. She teaches creative writing masterclasses for The Guardian newspaper in London. She is now writing acclaimed fiction under her own name. She is a writer, journalist, fiction editor and the author of the Nail Your Novel series for writers. Her novels under her own name are My Memories of a Future Life and Lifeform Three.
Latest book: Writing Plots With Drama, Depth & Heart: Nail Your Novel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vaughan Stanger
Until recently, Vaughan Stanger worked as a research manager at a British engineering company. From 1997 to 2011, he wrote science fiction and fantasy stories in his spare time, effectively setting himself homework. The results of this head-scratching were published in Nature Futures, Interzone, Postscripts, Daily Science Fiction and Music for Another World, to name but a few. Translations of his stories have appeared in Polish and Hebrew. In January 2012 Vaughan became a full-time writer. Currently he's busy writing a hard SF novel (hard in both meanings of the word). The head-scratching has got worse if anything. There are also some new stories in the works, plus further e-book compilations of his previously ... read more
Latest book: Touching Distance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sheila L. Jackson
Sheila L. Jackson is an author, inspirational speaker, and teacher who love to bring out the best in others through God’s inspiring word. When Sheila is not writing or speaking, she works as a clinical laboratory scientist in her hometown, Shreveport, Louisiana. Unable to ignore or run from her calling as a writer any longer, she stepped out in faith and became a published author of several non-fiction and fiction books. Through her love and thirst for God’s words, she inspires others to follow their passion. Sheila pushes those around her to use their gifts and talents for greatness. And that God uses those that consider themselves as worthless for His glory. As a missionary at her church and the surround ... read more
Latest book: Perfectly Normal