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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lynn Kinnaman
I write fiction and nonfiction. I especially love mysteries, psychological suspense, family drama (all fictional, of course). My nonfiction varies widely, across many topics. I am a published author and editor of several nonfiction books, short stories and 100+ magazine and newspaper articles. I've been an Editor/Book Project Manager for three book compilations,and Contributing Editor/Writer for four annual travel publications. I'm the Editor of SW Montana Magazine ( Additionally, I have over two decades of experience in marketing and advertising. I build websites and help individuals, like writers, and small businesses market and promote themselves at my company WorksbyDesign (dot com).
Latest book: Skinny Budget Marketing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristopher Mallory
Kristopher Mallory lives in Glen Burnie, MD with his wife, two children, and two dogs. Prior to working as an I.T. Specialist, he was enlisted in the Air Force.
Latest book: These Bad Dreams Combined

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Becky Barker
Hi visitors - After many requests from fans, I'm making some of my out-of-print backlist titles available through Smashwords. I also have rights reverted from more recent Cerridwen Press titles, so I hope you'll be interested in reading a few. I offer a monthly readers' contest for backlist titles at my website, so please stop by and visit at Or, befriend me at Facebook:-) Hugs, Becky
Latest book: Chey's Cowboy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dawn Waldron
Dawn Waldron is a Professional Life Coach and Nutritional Therapist; she helps people overcome life and health challenges through the synergy of optimal eating and optimal thinking. Dawn is a cancer surviver and an engaging (and engageable) public speaker. She is the author of 3 books: The Dissident Diet, specifically aimed at people (like her) who really struggle with their weight; The Help Yourself (and Others) Cook Book; and Living on Purpose. Her understanding of life's ups and downs mean her books are full of practical, down to earth advice that fits easily within a normal lifestyle. To find out more please call on 01892 512842 or email Follow her blog at
Latest book: The Dissident Diet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hibamo Ayalew
Here I am, a boy born on the 12th of February, 1990 from a Nubian line of the Eastern front. I am a type of human being who believes that there should a readjustment in the way we live as a community. We shouldn't sacrificing an individuals inspiration and apotheosis for the sake of satisfying the so-called societal needs of immeasurable bounds and unclear nature. I believe in the individuals power to transform the society, to change it, to move its history and shake its beliefs like ever before as it has happened in the history of mankind. As such let us think over this thing and work towards it.
Latest book: Reflections on the 2012 Apocalyptic View of the World

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer Hyndman
Latest book: Karynja, The Giants Get A Pet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gary Goldstein
Gary Goldstein was born on October 18, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from Long Island University in 1983, and is a selected member of Sigma Delta Chi, and Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges. Before Gary's conviction, he worked for both CBS News and Sports, and NBC Sports, as a researcher/producer, and has also worked at other media outlets and sports production companies in the Tri-State area as well. Since his release in 2004, Gary has also been employed in the construction industry, but is now retired from that line of work. Gary is single and has no children. He enjoys reading, writing, music, working out, spending time with family ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vladimir Chepovoy
Happy family man and father of three children, businessman, social investor and author "Crossroads" (2008,2010,2011,2012), "The most fair game" (2004, 2011), "Diary of an Angel" (2011), "You're HAPPINESS - the choice of a new civilization" (2012). Come up with projects, find financing, form a team, inspire them to succeed, and output the project to the level of profitability and the regular management. Founder of the NGO "Institute for the Study of Happiness" (Ukraine)
Latest book: The Crossroads

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Duane Katene
My name is Duane Katene. I am 35 years old and was born in New Zealand. I now live in Australia. I am married with three daughters aged 7, 5 and 2. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Graduate Certificate in TESOL and a Graduate Certificate in Arts and Media. When I'm not writing I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies and reading.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aaron Kiggins
I'm a husband, father and construction worker.
Latest book: A NEW DADS HANDBOOK: Settle & sleep in 90 seconds plus other secrets from a real dad

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S.A. Murray
Growing up in the greater Toronto area Sarah began writing her own books as a child, designing her own covers, creating her own artwork and developing characters that repeated themselves through book after book. By high school she set out on a more serious journey towards a lifetime commitment to the written word and a determination to become a published author. Her love of books and imagination paving the way towards the creation of worlds far beyond our own. A lover of all things fantasy, a devotion to nature, the Earth, and Animals brought her from an urban upbringing to a rural life. Sarah spends her days enjoying living in the country with her four sons, enjoying fresh air and the outdoors as much as p ... read more
Latest book: Anna's Run

Follow me at my  Facebook Page AnnaMarie Fernihough
AnnaMarie has been married for 35 years and enjoys creating things. She has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis since 1983, when she found herself going blind in her right eye with Optic Neuritis. While the blindness only lasted for six weeks, it was a warning to her doctors of things to come. AnnaMarie learned how to continue on with her life, as her children were only 5 1/2 and six months old at the time. After the first week of the blindness, her husband told her that the only things she was not allowed to do were to drive, (she kept drifting to the left) and pour baby bottles, because he got tired of cleaning up the milk that wouldn't go into the right side of the bottle. (In other words, she had to adm ... read more
Latest book: Glimmerings: The Other Side of The Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patrick Casey
Patrick Casey is a screenwriter, comedian, actor and author. He lives in Hollywood California and his film credits include "National Lampoon's Dorm Daze," "Gamebox 1.0," "Shotgun Wedding," and the Fox animated series "Golan the Insatiable."
Latest book: Mason Queensbury in the Parlour of the Occult

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrea Costantine
Andrea Costantine is a social entrepreneur, speaker and author. She inspires others to make a difference in the world by getting involved and creating community through compassion, contribution and connection. She believes that when we come together, change can be made. With a sense of community, separation dissipates, leading to happier, healthier, more compassionate human beings, who can then contribute back to others. Books: Speaking Your Truth (V1 & V2), How to Bring Your Book to Life This Year, Soulful Marketing, Connected: 101 Ways to Be of Service and Create Community Find out more about Andrea at
Latest book: Connected: 101 Ways to Be of Service and Create Community

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greg Mauro
For nearly three decades, Greg Mauro has served as the vice-president of ministries for renowned evangelist Dr. Morris Cerullo. Greg is happily married to wife, Jeri and father to eight wonderful children and three grandchildren.
Latest book: The Blessing Of Serving Another Man's Ministry: Seven Serving Secrets That Will Sentence You To Success

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeremy Hawes
I am a Web developer out of Sacramento, California. I have been involved in web design & development for almost 20 years and spent over 5 years in the US Army conducting analytical research and database development for transportation logistics. I have put together a variety of training material and training courses over the years and enjoy making all training material an extremely visual process. I have no clue what nationality I am, though my wife is Hmong and I have two boys. I spend most of my time with family and friends. I love the outdoors, the north west coast of California and good beer.
Latest book: The Visual Guide for Learning RapidWeaver 5

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dan Kolbet
Dan Kolbet lives in Spokane, Washington with his two daughters. He is a former newspaper editor and reporter. Kolbet currently works on the West Coast. Kolbet's literary works include the corporate espionage thriller, Off The Grid (2011), and Don't Wait For Me (Nov. 2012), a gripping tale of love, loss and new beginnings. Kolbet prides himself on writing stories that invite a reader in and hold their attention. If you enjoy wasted prose and needless opining, look elsewhere. You can find Kolbet's personal blog at or like his author page on Facebook
Latest book: Five Rows Back: A Short Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shawn Maravel
Shawn Maravel was born in a small New Jersey town located between somewhere and nowhere. She fled the country looking for adventure while following her heart and the love of a soldier. Shawn started writing when her husband joined the Army in 2008. It started out as a way for her to cope with the long periods of time that they spent apart but slowly took on a life of its own, becoming something she did for herself. Having always enjoyed writing and dabbled in it from time to time in previous years, the military lifestyle really provided her with the opportunity and an outlet to explore the passion further.
Latest book: Know Thy Neighbor

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dan Dilbert
About the Author I am a happy middle-aged male living in Prince William County, Virginia. I enjoy walks, movies, and live theater. I am also an avid TV watchers with many favorites (including “Criminal Minds,” “Person of Interest,” the History Channel, and reruns of “Bonanza,” the “Steve Harvey Show,” and “Martin”). I love music, to include gospel, jazz, and “old school” – and often attend the Capitol Jazz Festival. I am active in my church, work on its website, and inside the kitchen. In the past 8 years I have also been umpiring fast-pitch softball at local schools and recreational sports centers (a true test of my patience and management skills!). I was born and raised in Savann ... read more
Latest book: Ethos

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Keith E Ouellette
Keith E Ouellette (1951-Present) was born in Salem, Massachusetts to French-Canadian ancestry, educated in Boston, secured an 18-month initial assignment in Europe experiencing operations of small to medium-sized businesses and learning how to work with various cultures throughout the region. For the 1st half of his career as a financial manager/controller for small divisions of two (2) major conglomerates, he developed the skills necessary to look at the big picture, apply current conditions/trends of the economy, and to accurately develop plans for his company's future growth and financial well-being. Since the mid-1980s, he moved into the financial services industry and gravitated towards writing article ... read more
Latest book: The U.S. Economy Exposed - Debt Crisis

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Max Philisaire
Max “The Body” Philisaire is a Hollywood Elite Personal Trainer and fitness lifestyle coach. He is best known for his mental and spiritual approach to health and fitness, results-driven, high performance training techniques, and his incredible ability to motivate others. Max’s capacity to effectively communicate the importance of implementation for results encourages his clients to reach their maximum potential. Before becoming “The Body,” Max struggled with his own battle of motivation, direction and confidence. Yet, he was determined to achieve his fitness goals. Through dedication and hard work, Max began to change his mind, body and soul. Philisaire was born on August 10th 1980, in Haiti to a ... read more
Latest book: Built to Conquer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Carswell
Richard Carswell is a leading authority on the development of human potential and higher levels of achievement has a rare talent to both entertain audiences and enrich their lives. A Kodak Award Winning Photographer Richard has journeyed to over 145 countries. A world-class adventurer he brings a unique global perspective to his stunning multi-media presentations. Known for his remarkable ability to capture and hold rapt attention Richard delivers compelling, high-content value with a fast-paced combination of stories, humor and photographic images that elicit marvelous insights, immediate change and results fast. For over 3 decades, Richard studied with the world's wisest sustainable business, environmental ... read more
Latest book: The Ultimate Truth Detector: How to Tap into the Infinite Universal Data-Base to Discover the Truth about Anything, Anywhere!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Si Te Feng
a futurist and tech enthusiast
Latest book: Ideas for Post-human Civilization

Follow me at my  Facebook Page W. A. Hoffman
W.A Hoffman, aka Wynette Hoffman, started her own publishing company, Alien Perspective, to publish her books in 2001. Her first novel is Blood Is Thicker Than Water, a vampire/adventure novel. This was followed by Love & Benjamins, an espionage/adventure novel, and then the gay historical Raised By Wolves series: Brethren, Matelots, Treasure and Wolves. Since she enjoys the flow of the English language and does not believe in cramming her thoughts into 144 character boxes, Wynette chooses to engage in her primary communication with her readers via her web site, Please visit it for info on the Raised By Wolves series and her current project, Apes' Enigma. At ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Chitwood
David Chitwood grew up a Navy brat, and then spent thirty years in the Air Force. His military career sent him places like Vietnam and Laos on POW/MIA accounting missions, to Iraq and Afghanistan, to Korea and Japan, to New Zealand, Antarctica, and even the South Pole. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters in Criminal Justice. In the process of traveling the globe he’s noticed a common theme. He’s doesn’t really know what that theme is, but he’s pretty sure it’s common. He currently lives in Manassas Park VA.
Latest book: Outside My Window

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vicki Giger
Previously married 30 years to a career military man (see my ebook "Dancing Through My Divorce"). I have three daughters and 5 grandchildren. I was remarried in 2011 and have a new home and new life after surviving divorce and death of parents. I am writing now about my sewing, crafting hobbies and trying to build an at home business. I work full time at a hospital to pay the bills but would like to retire (wouldn't we all?). I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Latest book: Dancing Through My Divorce

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kevin Craig Mortimer
I write at night, working tirelessly at completing the epic fantasy series that was first incepted in 2005. I have a second book published, called "The Depth of Darkness" that is due for print and ebook release in March.
Latest book: The Runes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michèle Porretta
I was born in Paris in 1948, of French parents. But I was lucky to have a German grandfather, became French in 1920. The twin sister of my father married an American GI during World War II. One of my cousins ​​did the Vietnam War and is now married to a Vietnamese American, I, in the spirit of family, I'm married to a French citizen of Italian descent. This gave our family a special understanding of people. We are generally interested in all the others and volunteer in various fields. As for me, I am a volunteer at the Red Cross. Also, personally, because I had a number of health problems in my life, I've always been interested in all aspects that could keep me in a state of "acceptable". I mainly study al ... read more
Latest book: Questions and Answers on Hysterectomy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D. Sean
D. Sean has always been an avid reader. As a kid D. Sean would often stay up past bedtime, sneakily reading books by the glow of a night light. D. Sean has a flair for vivid imagery gathered by life experiences and interests which include adventure, the outdoors, extreme sports, and travel. For more fiction and exclusive content visit DSEANBOOKS.COM Happy Reading! Works by this author: Toxic Affections Coming Up For Air Unloaded
Latest book: Toxic Affections

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mayo Purnell
Mayo Purnell is a writer, painter and sculptor with over twenty years of experience of the city of Rome, its history, art and architecture. He divides his time between Rome and Dallas. 'Bestiarius' and 'Roman Animal Trapper' are part of a series of forthcoming novels, one of which concerns a veteran NFL linebacker who has a concussion in a game and has a flashback to the Roman Colosseum.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page E. Edgar Price
Miss Price is an award winning author and burgeoning talent. As of this date, she has spent most of her career writing memoirs and short romantic fiction for contests. However, she has several novels in the works and has completed the first of many Young Adult titles in the fantasy genre.
Latest book: Sanctuary

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gracie Strattyn
Gracie Strattyn was raised in various parts of the United States. She began writing at the age of thirteen. She now resides in a small town in Georgia, where she’s lived for eight years. Ms. Strattyn can often be found drinking hot coco any time of the year, taking long walks in the forest, vlogging on her YouTube channel, and constantly taking pictures of nature.
Latest book: In an Author's Mind

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bluetrix Books
Welcome to Bluetrix Books. Multiple genres and even more titles to come.
Latest book: Sisters: Sorcery and Steel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Naoko Smith
Hope you are having fun reading my stuff! I love to get feedback - critical or affectionate - either in reviews here or to my email ( I am a social anthropologist: part time academic, part time housewife, full time Mum. I like knitting, single malt whisky, humanist philosophy and the Scotland rugby team. My most recent research is on Sex and Relationships Education. I was appalled to find that the world my daughter is growing up in is just as ill-informed as the one I grew up in so I set up a blog to tackle the issue (Feminist Erotica). I review sexy stories that are good for the soul so if you are looking for a good read (wink) check it out. Please let me know if you come across any ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephen Cote
I am a Software Engineer and Consultant, a United States Marine, a martial artist, and an author. You can find more information about my early creative writing and ongoing open source projects on I enjoy writing hard and whimsical science fiction, adult fantasy, and poetry. As an early advocate of Creative Commons licensing, many of my short stories and poems have been available online since 1996. If you would like to learn more about my writing, open source projects, please contact me at
Latest book: Quota

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kevin T. Goddard
Kevin T. Goddard was born in Springfield, Missouri in 1975. He grew up watching shows and movies like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team, and much more action/adventure/science fiction. Kevin is currently a school administrator in Missouri. His family consists of a wife, 8 kids, and a chihuahua. Kevin earned a Doctorate of Education, Ed. D., in Educational Leadership in 2010. He started writing when he was a kid, but as he worked on his advanced degrees in the field of education, his writing turned academic. About 9 years ago, Kevin wrote a short book entitled Adam Powerhouse: Birth of the Double Zero. After finishing it, he didn't know what to do, so Kevin saved it on his c ... read more
Latest book: The Voice in the Wilderness: John the Baptist Prepares the Way of the Christ

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cheryl Healey
Cheryl Healey is a Motivational Speaker, professionally trained Coach, Certified Natural Health Professional, Author of three books, as well as the creator of training seminars and coaching programs. Helping children and adults be the gift they came here to be - naturally! Visit to learn more and access many free resources. Enjoy infinite blessings!
Latest book: Angel Meets The Projector

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gary Kinney
I am an obstetrician/gynaecologist in clinical practice in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I am also a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. I have a special interest in gynaecologic oncology and women's issues. That is only one of many hats, however. I have a small farm and raise llamas -before that it was sheep, and goats and chickens... Well, the eggs and the racks paid for the upkeep. Oh yes, and I also paraglide whenever I find time from hiking, kayaking, sailing, and running. Did I even mention writing?
Latest book: The Voice

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lizzie T. Leaf
Award winning author, Lizzie T. Leaf started life in Kansas, continued her growing in North Carolina, and currently shivers through the winters in Colorado. She has numerous e-books in varying lengths and her first print book, Struck by Lightning, won dual 2007 Beacon awards, in addition to being a finalist in two other contests. In addition, Making Christmas, a Christmas Historical novella set during the Civil War won Love Romances Café Best Historical and the 2012 Aspen Gold for Best Novella. Beyond Magic, the first book in the Magical Love series won the 2012 Award of Excellence Best Paranormal/Fantasy/Sy-Fi, and was a finalist for Best Paranormal in the Aspen Gold. Since discovering the fun of writi ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paula Pelosi Christian
Paula Pelosi Christian is a wife and a mother who grew up in West Orange, New Jersey. In her twenty's she began writing short stories. Today she is a freelance writer and has published two books entitled "My Addiction...My Daughter and "My Life with Wayne".
Latest book: My Life with Wayne

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jose Borges
JOSÉ BORGES es uno de los primeros egresados de la maestría en Creación Literaria de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón en Puerto Rico. Sus escritos han aparecido en los principales periódicos y revistas de Puerto Rico. "Santurtzi", "El deshaucio", "Como en París" y "Barrancos" son algunos de sus cuentos más elogiados. Con “El cuarto jinete”, ganó el primer lugar en el Segundo Campeonato Mundial del Cuento Oral. Su novela, ESA ANTIGUA TRISTEZA, fue publicada por primera vez en 2010. Ese mismo año el periódico más importante de su país la seleccionó como una de las tres mejores novelas publicadas. En 2011 ganó el premio a la mejor novela de 2010 otorgado por el PEN Club de Puerto Rico.
Latest book: Fortaleza

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Trevor Williams
I started my career as a biochemist but got diverted along the way into pharmaceutical sales, teaching and technical writing. In 2007 I obtained an MA in creative writing at Edge Hill University. Now I spend my time writing SF, editing, playing jazz guitar, swimming and cycling.
Latest book: Parasite World

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ms. LaLa
Author of children's illustrated book Keepin On and The Naked Acorn, LaShundra a.k.a. Ms. LaLa was Born in Panama City, FL and grew up in Omaha, NE. Currently residing in Oklahoma she loves her large family, wonderful friends and supporters, and being surrounded by her little four legged (plus) friends. She has three crumb snatchers of her own. Married since 2001 they have added to their lovely family some pet fancy rats, dogs, cats, hermit crabs, and fish. (Yes they all live under one roof and love each other very much.) Although they seem to live in the zoo, everyday is an adventure and another memory to add to the mental pallet. Ms. LaLa loves writing and she loves a good laugh so join her on her jour ... read more
Latest book: The Naked Acorn

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Delia Lewis
Delia is an award winning dancer and performance coach. As a performer she has dancer internationally and has been featured on national TV and national newspapers. As a coach she combines her dance experience with an academic understanding of performance. She became inspired by anthropological performance studies while studying Social Anthropology at The University of Oxford and The School of Oriental and African Studies, London
Latest book: Performance Mastery: Stage Presence book for Belly Dancers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Deanna Jewel
I write multi-genre romance and live in the Pacific Northwest. I invite you to join any of my links here and also my newsletter. My website tab 'About Me' will also let you see what's coming up for future novels. I always have contests going on so hop over to my website to find the contest links. My books are already at the iBook Store with Apple iTunes for your iPad or iPod. Thank you so much for viewing my profile. I hope you enjoy my books!
Latest book: Whispers at Ghost Point

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lloyd Jerome
I'm a part-time farmer, part-time dentist, and full-time writer. My wonderful wife, Laura and I moved from the bustle of urban life in Glasgow, Scotland, and we've settled in the rural sub-tropics in the far north of New Zealand.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lew Kaye-Skinner
A native Nebraskan, Lew has been a storyteller all his life. His primary work is a college-level teacher of English, but he seldom lets that get in the way of enjoying a well-told tale.
Latest book: Diana's Diary

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrew McCoy
I'm a game warden and a novelist. I'm also the co-author, with Andre Jute and Dakota Franklin, of the free novel Henty's Fist•1 GAUNTLET RUN on Wattpad at and co-author with Andre Jute of the bestselling critical literary biography of Stieg Larsson at
Latest book: The Meyersco Helix

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Heather Albano
Heather Albano is the author of the steampunk alternate history Timepiece and its sequel Timekeeper, as well as assorted short fiction and poetry. She also writes works of interactive fiction for Choice of Games, so far co-authoring Choice of Broadsides, Choice of Zombies, and the Affairs of the Court trilogy (part three forthcoming in early 2013). Find out more about Heather’s projects at
Latest book: Timekeeper