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Follow me at my  Facebook Page M.D. Taverner
I was bit by the writing bug way back in 5th grade when I won the Young Authors' contest at school (still gives me chills to this day!) I was a "closet writer" of poetry in high school and in college I wrote for the University of Michigan literary journal (mostly angst-ridden, secret crush poems that will hopefully never see the light of day!)Writing has always been something in the background that I never really mention, but love. I entered a few contests and even got a few "Runner Up" prizes, like an ABC After School Special television script (remember those?) and a Writer's Digest rhyming poetry "honorable mention." So, in my late 20's I started writing a mystery novel in a night class held at Schoolcraft Co ... read more
Latest book: Willow Bend: A Mara Hiddenbridge Mystery

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rick Ward
10 years in Merchant Navy. Many years in Hotels, Motels, Restaurants. Traveled extensivly, Managed Snow Ski Resorts. Owned Businesses, including Beach Hire. Owned and lived in or on, Caravans, Houseboats, Yachts, etc.
Latest book: How to Start an Inkjet Refilling Business.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Basil Sands
Author of several award winning action packed novels and short stories. Basil has built an audience of tens of thousands of listeners to his ebooks and audiobooks. The tapestry on which his tales began started at birth in rural interior Alaska and his school years among the Ohio cornfields where he wished to be anywhere else as long as it was exciting. He has lived in Alaska, San Diego, DC, Baltimore, and Ohio. He tried a career in the Marines but injuries sent him home after only six months. He worked as dining manager at NSA, owned a computer shop, was a carpenter, farmer, actor, lumberjack, voice actor, EMT, network admin, helpdesk supervisor, Boy Scout leader, IT trainer, radio talk host, youth minister, ... read more
Latest book: Midnight Sun

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K.D. Rausin
Author K. D. Rausin is a teacher living in Cape Coral, Florida. She is a wife and mother of two. After her daughter was paralyzed in a car accident at the age of ten, K. D. Rausin’s focus shifted to teaching her daughter to chase her dreams, wheelchair or no wheelchair, and that her strength comes from within. Six years ago, she attended a writing workshop and was inspired to try her hand at children’s fantasies. Mystic has been edited under the guidance of Emma D. Dryden of drydenbks LLC; author and editor have worked diligently towards the ultimate goal of having this book in the hands of children everywhere.
Latest book: Mystic

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maren Dille
Maren grew up in Rochester, NY, which is why much of her work is set in the East. She moved to Provo, UT to attend Brigham Young University in 2004. Meanwhile, she received a license in cosmetology in 2006, and graduated with a B.S. in Home and Family Living-Clothing and Textiles in 2009. After graduation, Maren worked as a cosmetologist/barber, while her husband finished his own degree in Special Education. After he graduated, they settled in Spanish Fork, UT, where they plan on staying for a long time. Now Maren is a stay-at-home mom, part-time piano teacher, cosmetologist, and writer. Amidst the buisiness of being a housewife, she loves reading, writing and playing music, vacationing, going on dates with he ... read more
Latest book: The Treehouse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G. Allen Clark
Clark has been writing commercial copy for over 20 years. As a commercial writer, his expertise spans a variety of venues from Marketing and Business writing and consulting, to technical writer, and Adult education instructor in Small Business. His website is By night he steps out of the business role however, and into fictional stories getting himself lost in the characters he creates. Clark has written other self published ‘how-to’ e-books – one on Professional Selling entitled “The Perfect Profession” another on “Writing Copy as a Career,” and another on writing structure for managers & professionals, entitled “Writing to be Read.” Hardcopy books can be found at ... read more
Latest book: The Book

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joshua Hay

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gina Marie Long
Gina Marie Long is an author of paranormal thrillers, urban fantasy, and young adult novels. She has written the Unknown Touch-Werewolf Series and Rocked: A Chelsie Valdar Saga. Gina's fiction stories are inspired from her interest in the supernatural, science fiction and fantasy world. She enjoys reading, watching evening TV shows, movies and listening to music. Writing indulges her passion for the entertainment arts, giving her active mind a playground of possibilities to explore. She stays active on social media sites and blogging, making connections with others who share the same interests. She writes about werewolves, vampires, witches, werecats, Bigfoot, an occasional demon, psychics, Vikings, and r ... read more
Latest book: Rocked: A Chelsie Valdar Saga, 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul Kaufman
Paul Kaufman is a successful entrepreneur, published author and industry leader in Internet marketing. He has helped countless companies and organizations reach a wider audience and succeed online. Paul is a dynamic public speaker and trainer who brings an accessible and powerful message to his audiences around the globe.
Latest book: Home Run Internet Marketing: A Nuts and Bolts Playbook to Higher Profits Through Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Guy Bishop
Guy Bishop was born and raised in Northern California. As a young boy, Guy hunted and fished with his father, played youth baseball and played music. While attending college, Guy became involved in officiating high school baseball,football and basketball. He continued officiating for 34 years. He also played softball for several years and is currently an avid golfer. After Guy retired in 2008, he decided to pursue his passion for writing, garnering experiences from his youth to focus on children's stories. Guy currently resides in Southern California with his wife, Barbra. He has a lovely daughter and step-daughter and a six-year old grandson who feeds him ideas regularly. Latest Book: The Pitcher
Latest book: The Pitcher

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Red Engine Press
• The purpose of Red Engine Press, and its imprint River Road Press, is connecting readers with good books and talented authors. As an individualized attention publisher, we publish in various genres with focus on biographies, historical fiction, mystery and thrillers, and children's books in various formats including the wildly popular new genre of I-books. • Our mission is to discover gifted writers and produce books that entertain, provoke thought, and/or educate readers. • Description. A client-centric women-owned press dedicated to publishing quality books that entertain readers and make a mark on both literature and the educational impact of great books.
Latest book: MWSA Dispatches February 2013

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Diane Stringam Tolley
I live in the past. It's peaceful here!
Latest book: Essence: A Second Dose

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joseph Bruchac
Joseph Bruchac Storyteller & Writer Joseph Bruchac lives in the Adirondack mountain foothills town of Greenfield Center, New York, in the same house where his maternal grandparents raised him. Much of his writing draws on that land and his Abenaki ancestry. Although his American Indian heritage is only one part of an ethnic background that includes Slovak and English blood, those Native roots are the ones by which he has been most nourished. He, his younger sister Margaret, and his two grown sons, James and Jesse, continue to work extensively in projects involving the preservation of Abenaki culture, language and traditional Native skills, including performing traditional and contemporary Abenaki music with th ... read more
Latest book: Nisnol Siboal: Two Rivers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ben Tyler
Ben Tyler admits that he was raised in the arm pit of Texas. Escaped to Hollywood. Had dreams, and made 'em all (most of 'em) come true. Get to work for a big movie studio. I hang out with entertainment icons. Carol Burnett is everything you hoped she would be. Same for Mary Tyler Moore and Hugh Jackman and Faye Dunaway (not in a cool way, Faye!) and James Franco and Julie Andrews and Betty White! Okay. Enough name dropping. I also got to write fun books (really hot suff, based on my life in this amazing town!). Now I get to write for Disney and a bunch of other production companies. Wow! Amazing place this Hollywood! Remarkably creative people! Not as many assholes as you might expect. Or maybe I've just been ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Florella Sander
Als Florella Sander schreibe ich ausschließlich erotische Literatur in eBook Form, dabei bevorzuge ich Kurzgeschichten oder kurze Romane. Mein Autorenname ist ein Pseudonym. Ich habe mich dafür entschieden, weil ich neben Erotik auch noch in anderen Genres veröffentliche.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Linda Jane Riley
A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, I grew up in a small rural farming community about 6O miles from the city. Having married a sailor, I've been fortunate to have experienced life on both sides of the USA - East Coast and West Coast. I'm just a woman without any alphabet soup after my name. I have been through an educational experience better than any university could offer. I'm the wife of an alcoholic who as been at end-stage for more than several times over the course of ten years. I keep being told the end is near, but he's still alive. Two children, one grandson, and two great-grandbabies have blessed my life. I don't want to forget about my furry, four-legged children, my dog and cat. I love them a ... read more
Latest book: The Immortal Alcoholic's Wife

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Barbara Maskell
Too tired. Get back to you
Latest book: The legend of Dan'Qirk

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Randall Laird
My own self-understanding is my chief credential as a writer of, both, non-fiction and fiction. The honesty I try to bring to making sense of my life, informs and enriches my writing. I was an Episcopal priest for 16 years. I'm no longer an orthodox believer - but, I value the 'reason' and clarity with which that church determines and expresses its beliefs. Their humanistic approach to pastoral care and their advocacy of human rights and peace continue to influence my thinking and my writing. One memory, in particular - an assignment in seminary - continues to resonate. Professor Robert Hood once asked us to write an essay on human nature that involved no assumptions - theological or otherwise. Thanks, Dr. Hood ... read more
Latest book: Rubbertown

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Hemmings
DAVID HEMMINGS: A world-renowned bird photographer who is known throughout the nature photography world for creating some of the most dynamic and impressive bird-in-flight images anywhere today. His work has been published on the cover of National Geographic, Canadian Geographic and has also appeared on the cover of other numerous nature photography publications including Audubon Magazine, On Feathered Wings, Birding Essentials and more In addition to David's photo passion, he is the President of Nature's Photo Adventures. Combining his photo passion, imagination and public relations expertise, he strives to introduce new, exciting and unique photo nature adventures. David loves meeting new people and sharing h ... read more
Latest book: Bird and Nature Photography 101

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ernest Olson
Ernie Olson holds Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, is a professor emeritus, does political cartooning and illustration, attributes his most important learning to his children, and in his spare time, under the name of JC Canon, writes short novels. He is the author of several nonfiction books, but it is in fiction writing that he finds the greatest satisfaction. In addition to his academic and creative work, he is a popular speaker and workshop leader. He is well known for his humorous and motivational speeches. For 11 years he served as a consultant to law enforcement agencies as a forensic artist and hypnotherapist. At different times in his life he has been a standup comic, telev ... read more
Latest book: Facelift

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Russell Stamets
Living full time aboard a sailboat generates one of the most balanced perspectives possible. It eliminates the noise, compelling you to focus on the most basic day-to-day needs.Next to food, water and energy, much of that other stuff we used to fret about seems hardly worth the effort. The bad news? Living a simple life in paradise takes a lot of time, and time runs differently here. The good news? When I write, this viewpoint lends my work a fresh flavor. Whether I'm publishing an ebook for a client, consulting about social media use, or advocating a healthy lifestyle, I bring a unique set of problem-solving skills. Toughest problem solved lately? Finding a supposedly "impossible" non-insulin solution to a di ... read more
Latest book: The Matter Of Love

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeffrey Lynn Stoddard
* Born in Concord, California. Raised in South Lake Tahoe, California. * Avid fan of true-life haunting and ghost stories. Even lived in several haunted houses and has some psychic ability. * Major roller coaster fanatic. This fanaticism is only surpassed by his love for Disneyland which proves that Jeffrey is either an eternal child or certifiably insane. * An ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. Proof that Hell has, indeed, frozen over. * Lives in Washington State with his partner, Vincent, and two cats, Kodora and Koji. * Was an announcer in radio for many years, where "I got paid to sit in front of a microphone and talk to myself." * Favorite Quote: "I like children. If t ... read more
Latest book: Face Your Fears

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Chew
James S.B. Chew Director, Strategic Development General Atomics James S.B. Chew has twenty-nine years of experience in the aerospace, automotive, and education fields. Prior to joining General Atomics, Mr. Chew served as a propulsion engineer for Boeing Aerospace Company, senior engineer for SPARTA, program manager for Air Force Rocket Propulsion Lab, Director of Rocket Propulsion Technology Plans and Programs for the Air Force Phillips Laboratory, Assistant Staff Specialist for Weapons Technology for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the Deputy Director of Air and Surface Weapons Technology for the Office of Naval Research. Mr. Chew also served as Exide’s (Nasdaq:XIDE)Vice President for the Mil ... read more
Latest book: Journey To Josie

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rebecca Park Totilo
Rebecca Park Totilo’s flair and passion for life bursts into living color when she writes and speaks, as you will see in the visual way she presents herself. She literally believes in the “show, don’t tell” principle in everything she does. Becca has ministered to literally millions of people via television, radio and live appearances. She is an award-winning published author of over 37 books, including “Through the Night With God,” “The Official Christian Babysitting Guide,” “The Christian Girls Guide to Money," and "His Majesty Requests." Her credits include working as a contributor writer on two best-selling series ("Quiet Moments with God" and “Stories for the Teen’s Heart”) whi ... read more
Latest book: His Majesty Requests: A Prophetic Significance of the Jewish Wedding for the Bride of Christ

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sebastian Chalela Morris
Maestro en Artes Plásticas, Especialista en Periodismo, Master en Filología Hispánica, Chalela es un incansable buscador de la aventura en la vida cotidiana. Cree firmemente que los seres humanos somos todos historias, un devenir de narraciones personales que se entretejen para armar una bella red de infinitas posibilidades, todas valiosas y perfectas. Considera que cada uno es el personaje principal de su gran obra y como tal, el autor quiere vivir en el arte, en la creatividad, en la dicha, a través de sus experiencias y sus letras. Master of Fine Arts, Journalism Specialist, Master of Hispanic Philology, Chalela tirelessly searches for adventure in everyday life. He firmly believes that all human beings ... read more
Latest book: La ciudad de humo

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anne Rumery
Anne Rumery graduated with a degree in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign which means she is qualified to read, write, and sell books. She worked at Borders for a few years which crossed sell books off her list, she currently works at a publishing company which takes care of reading books, and with the completion of Mary Clockwork, she has finally written a book. She currently lives in central Illinois with her boyfriend, Drew, and her two cats, Josephine and Arthur.
Latest book: Mary Clockwork

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K. C. Boone, MSFE
The Scribe Described This scribe did not intend to be, yet was somehow chosen. Destiny played its part, shifting me to we, from I to all. I have always had a great curiosity about God and had studied much on the subject, but my primary focus was my career. Learning about God took on a new twist when God inspired me to write the words heard. “Hearing” is not how the words actually come, for it is more of a “knowing.” When the mind is quieted, the emptiness is filled with inspired knowledge. I write as and when instructed, either with pen or keyboard. The vehicle does not matter, but the content is to be kept sacred. Always, I understand that I must keep the sanctity of the gift given. Regardless of ... read more
Latest book: Divine Designs

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gabrielle Hewson
Non-fiction and fiction writer, graphic and computer graphics designer, and illustrator.
Latest book: Girls Living Healthy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Phillip W. Simpson
Phillip W. Simpson is the author of many novels, chapter books and other stories for children. His publishers include Macmillan, Penguin, Pearson, Cengage, Raintree and Oxford University Press. He received both his undergraduate degree in Ancient History and Archaeology and his Masters (Hons) degree in Archaeology from the University of Auckland. Before embarking on his writing career, he joined the army as an officer cadet, owned a comic shop and worked in recruitment in both the UK and Australia. His first young adult novel, Rapture (Rapture Trilogy #1), was shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for best Youth novel in 2012. His latest YA novel, Minotaur, will be published with Month9books in 2015. When ... read more
Latest book: Minotaur

Follow me at my  Facebook Page SandSPublishing
Hello, I am glad you dropped by to read my Bio; I hope you find it interesting. I was born in the cool, wet climes of Scotland where I spent most of my youth going to school, playing rugby but best of all learning to play golf as it was once played many years ago with fun, laughter and daring. However, my ambition was to learn engineering and apply it to the human body. So after many years of studying I graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering then a PhD in BioMedical-Engineering. I spent many interesting months in the open heart surgery operating rooms designing systems to control the flow of blood to artificial lungs which then became the basis for my thesis. Like everyone else the honeymoon of c ... read more
Latest book: Vegetable Gardening Basics: Easy Growing Guide

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sarah Michelle Bliss
Rev. Sarah Michelle Bliss is a Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Author and Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner. She has been a licensed real estate professional since 1997 and over the years has taught locally in Arizona where she resides, as well as nationally. She is currently a student at American Institute of Holistic Theology where she is studying for the Doctor of Divinity program. Sarah’s philosophy on success coaching is a combination of self-discovery and empowerment. Most people know there is more to life and her coaching technics encourage clients to find a deeper meaning to a living a fulfilling lifestyle. Sarah has coached a former Politician, artists, real estate agents, musicians and many other w ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Hendricks
David Hendricks is a prosthetist-orthotist by profession, which is to say he fits patients with prosthetic limbs and orthopedic braces. In 1983 his family was slain while he was away. Upon his return, he was arrested, jailed, tried, and convicted. After emerging from seven years of incarceration by being acquitted in March of 1991, David began rebuilding his life. In December of 2009 he sold an orthopedic manufacturing business and used a forced temporary retirement to write his book, Tom Henry. David lives with his wife in Orlando, Florida.
Latest book: Tom Henry: Confession of a Killer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tania Eddingsaas
Hello! I'm glad you found me! My first novel is called Who Has the Heart? It's a self-published, New Adult, Contemporary Romance Novel with 3 Intertwined stories. I've recently been side-tracked with a few other creative projects, (see my Facebook page:, but I'm still steadily working on the first book of a Romantic Series that I hope to self-publish one day! A little about me, I'm a first generation American (Mom from Germany, Dad from Latvia) and grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I love music, photography, sports, fabric arts, writing/reading, and traveling. I currently live just west of Milwaukee in Brookfield, Wisconsin ... read more
Latest book: Who Has the Heart?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jack Plues
Jack Plues is a freelance, fiction writer that spent his formative years venturing into the morbid playground of his own, vivid imagination. All things paranormal, biblical, legend or fable, form the foundations of his dark tales, offering the reader a disturbing, roller coaster of a journey into the underbelly of other worlds. The authors he most admires are the one and only Ann Rice, the not so dark Sebastian Barry and Peter Carey.
Latest book: Veritas

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cheryl Denton
Cheryl Denton wrote the first book in The Darkfire Series, Among the Ashes, to give readers a glimpse into the mind of a person suffering from PTSD. When Hope Was Gone, the second book, addresses the challenges of parenting a child with PTSD. The third novel, Losing Faith, portrays a woman who develops PTSD when a stalker terrorizes her. Mrs. Denton writes all of these novels out of her personal experiences. Her Spiritual Growth Series gently guides survivors through the depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem which many experience. As a writer, Cheryl Denton has contributed a large body of work through her blog for survivors of abuse and trauma, Much of her writing follows the the ... read more
Latest book: When Hope Was Gone

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James van Loon
James van Loon besides being a novelist is a university psychology instructor, chartered psychologist, and international consultant. His artistic and scientific journey is one of many divergent paths, spanning a brief career as a radio disc jockey in his native USA, an introspective experience as a monk, and academic studies of literature and psychology in several European and North American universities. His peregrinations have taken him to the cobbled streets of old European towns speckled with cafes and compelling characters, where he nurtured his passion for research and writing. He has lectured at universities in Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Sweden, and the U.S.A. where he has also taught creative writi ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brent Dawson
I am 43 years old and live in S.E Asia I have a girlfriend and 2 sons who I adore. I enjoy movies, fishing, dancing and music I also love the colour black, blue and pink. This book is about my life and also maybe yours too, I dedicate this book to my mum and my children.
Latest book: Choices

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tyson Adams
Tyson started writing after an unfortunate accident with an imagination and a pencil at a young age. Not being allowed to carry out black-ops operations, he instead writes thrilling stories. Tyson has a couple of science degrees, is married with a son and fur-kid and is a vocal proponent of renewable energies and quality whiskey. Quotes: Writing is almost as fun as reading, if only writing was as quick to do as reading. People often ask me if Tyson Adams is my real pen name. If tomorrow never comes then I may have accidentally broken the universe. My bad. I speak fluent Attention Deficit Disorder. Squirrel!
Latest book: Running the Cross

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cindy Johns
Hi, I'm Cindy, Personal trainer, Pilates Instructor and lover of Camilla Kaftans and chocolate. My blog and main business is Femme Fabulous, it's a blog dedicated to helping women live their most fabulous life. I started Femme Fabulous because I wanted to bring a little reason, a little sanity back into the fitness world. I've been a fitness professional for over 8 years and in that time I've seen a lot of people doing a lot of crazy things. Don't get me wrong, I love fitness and I love the fitness industry in Australia, but I can't cope with all the extreme dieting and exercise advice that is dished out to ordinary people in the name of good health. I wanted to create a place where women could get good up to ... read more
Latest book: 14 Days Of Success With Femme Fabulous

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Catherine Piot
Catherine Piot holds an MA degree from VIF University in Physical Education, Nutrition and Gymnastic training, is a certified Master Trainer as well as a Personal Trainer, Performance Nutrition Specialist and Group Fitness Instructor. She has over 20 years experience in sports, nutrition and fitness in both Europe and Canada. She helps her clients to lose weight and transform their bodies. Her knowledge and practical experience can help you achieve a better body, a healthier life, improve your personal fitness and reach those weight loss goals. She has specific experience with clients over the age of 40, who need extra help to succeed in achieving their goals. She does not sugar-coat the facts or hide you from ... read more
Latest book: The Fit Body Plan

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Peter Pollak
Peter G. Pollak has been a journalist, educator and entrepreneur. He started writing fiction as a teenager, but only recently decided to dedicate himself to the trade. He published a political thriller The Expendable Man in 2011, a police procedural Making the Grade in 2012 and a suspense story, Last Stop on Desolation Ridge in 2013. He lived in Albany New York for many years and now splits his time between upstate New York and Maryland.
Latest book: In the Game (A Mystery)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Devon Drake
I am a writer, poet, martial artist, amateur philosopher, explorer of the world, student of the human condition, sometimes an actor and most important a father.
Latest book: The Man of Nightstone

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Harlan Wolff
Harlan Wolff left London and arrived in Bangkok in 1977 shortly after a coup but in time for martial law and a curfew. So began his long relationship with Thailand, complete with its economic roller coaster and curious clandestine occasional democracy. Money wasn’t a problem because he rarely had any to worry about. A legal visa was a luxury and at one time he was seven years overstayed and therefore an illegal alien. Possibly the most wanted illegal alien in Thailand as there were very few foreigners in those days and even fewer like him. Harlan was never caught and rectified the situation in his late twenties, he has been a legal alien since. Having turned survival into an art form and becoming fluent in st ... read more
Latest book: Bangkok Rules

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Matthew Phillips
Current Bio for Matthew H. Phillips Writing has always been an important outlet for this individual sporting several avenues of creativity. Before he attempted to toot his first note on the flute, Matthew had actually penned his first story while in first grade. Unfortunately, the tale of a kind snake has been lost to time, but its impact on the young boy would never be forgotten. During his fourth grade studies, Matthew began flute lessons at Cynwyd Elementary School. As the years passed, Matthew would begin to find moderate success as a general studies student and as a budding musician. In Middle School after the main concert cycle had just been completed, the teacher in charge of the music pr ... read more
Latest book: John The Robot, a comical tale...

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J. Todd
J. Todd lives in Corning, California and owns a business there: Pandora's Box Arts & Crafts.
Latest book: Memiors Of White Owl

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Evelin Weber
Evelin Weber left her successful career in Wall Street to follow what she considered to be more worthwhile pursuits, such as drinking with friends, doing conservation work in Africa and Costa Rica, dancing like no-one's watching in the fashion capitals of the world, surfing in Bali, enjoying yoga bootcamps and getting her sommeliers licence while trying not to crash her plane. Evelin is always on the lookout for her next experience and it's these life experiences which have inspired her to write “The Black & The White," her first novel.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K.M. del Mara
K.M. del Mara is a musician working in Canada as a member of Orchestra London and at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.
Latest book: Whitebeam

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lia Sebastian
Lia Sebastian is a fiction writer who by day masquerades as a corporate writer and editor. Every now and then the words threaten to overwhelm her, but she considers this an occupational hazard. She lives in the United States with her two dogs. They have real names, but their superhero monikers are Jaws and Claws. They are cute enough to overcome these appellations. Lia is a devoted advocate of cream cheese pastries, dog training (positive-style, please), and the proper use of semicolons.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sheri Combs Lantz
Sheri Combs Lantz, Author of GODS SOLUTION TO THE FISCAL CLIFF and How a Biblical Jubilee can Fix our Economic Woes and DOUBLE STANDARDS AND THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF CHRIST is queen of questioning the question. I am a sinner not a saint. I am the mother of a 3 children ranging in age from 29-11. I am a wife, organic farmer, self reliant prepper, avid Equestrian, Friend, Reformed Liberal, a proud American trying to live the jaded American Dream but most importantly A Practical Girl.
Latest book: Gods Solution to the Fiscal Cliff and How a Biblical Jubilee can Fix Our Economic Woes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alex J. Hermosillo
Alex J. Hermosillo is an internationally known spiritual teacher who was born with the gift of healing. As a young man, he had the ability to help people with their pain with the touch of his hand. In 1997, he journeyed to Heaven through a near-death experience where he gained great wisdom. He brings messages from Heaven and has helped people heal from heart disease, cancer, tumors, migraine headaches, grief, depression, and much more. With the gifts given to Alex, he developed a quick, simple, and effective energy healing method that anyone can do for themselves and others called, Mastery of Energy Healing. Alex dedicates his life to help others experience a peaceful, happy, and healthy life, what he calls, ... read more
Latest book: A True Story of Hope, Healing & Miracles