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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Homespun Theatre
Set up by Bee George and Hannah Drake, Homespun is a new children's theatre company aiming to make something new from something old, blowing dust off forgotten tales and finding magic around the edges. Our book, Homespun Threads, is an anthology of fairytales from writers around the world which we put together to raise money to help us tour the UK in 2013.
Latest book: Homespun Threads (A Patchwork of Fairytales)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ronnie Dauber
Ronnie Dauber, whose formal name is Veronica, is a Canadian published author and freelance writer. Her young adult adventure series, The Misadventures of Sarah Davies, now has four exciting releases: MUDSLIDE is the first in the series, a race-against-time adventure that brings our team of heroes together and is filled with non-stop action; FIRESTORM that takes Sarah and her friends to British Columbia for a summer vacation where an unexpected search for Sarah's grandfather becomes a mission of rescue and survival when they learn that they are trapped in an unfamiliar forest that is on fire; WHITEOUT takes the team to North Dakota for a winter vacation that turns out to be a nightmare come true when a sudden st ... read more
Latest book: Let Faith Arise!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kathleen Kitson
I write Chick Lit+ Sci Fi with the Ivy Stratton & The Time Machine series. :-)
Latest book: How to Forget Your (Boy)friend: Ivy Stratton & The Time Machine Book 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Angela Monay

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joaquin Pineda
Joaquin A. Pineda, born in 1987, is a bilingual hard-boiled fiction author from Mexico. He is the author of a Spanish language novel and four more yet-to-be-published works, having written MUTEKI, his first novel-length draft, at the age of twenty-one. He cites the work of Mario Puzo, Raymond Chandler and Victor Hugo as his biggest influences. Whenever he is not busy writing more work, Joaquin balances his literary career with a passion for teaching English, History, Ethics and Literature to public high school students. Not too far behind are his interests in the sports of boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA).
Latest book: His Name Was Charlie Talbott – Nine Noir Episodes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dimitry Kashkaroff
Dimitry Kashkaroff. Nacionalidad española, nacido en Venezuela de padres rusos. Habla ruso, español e inglés. Se ha casado dos veces, con dos mujeres fascinantes. Doctor en Periodismo, probablemente haya perdido el tiempo estudiando Matemáticas, Ingeniería, Periodismo, Filosofía, Sicología, Dirección de Cine, Sicoanálisis, Sofrología y Magia Cabalística. Dirigió la revista "Gente Joven", produjo un programa de radio sobre música clásica jazzificada, "Arabescos"; Ha trabajado como Director Creativo en agencias de Madrid, Caracas, San Francisco y Bogotá. Ha volado en "ala delta", saltado en "bungee" y volado en ultraligero. Ha nadado en el Orinoco, ha subido al Roraima y ha sobrevolado el Salto Á ... read more
Latest book: Violin Concerto for a Sad Fairy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Denis O'Neill
I have always had an affection for poetry. Robert Burns would be my number one. I am single and live alone, I just love to write.
Latest book: Out of Africa is Out of Date

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pat Mizell
I love to read history; and every time I read something new I have questions. I read the what and when in the book but I want to know the why. It's always troubled me when the author doesn't say and I wonder why not. Then I have to find out, and the answer is often a fascinating story that history has overlooked. I want to tell that story. I try to humanize the great events of history for they involved real people with human frailties and emotions like we all have. Nothing is ever black or white; I live in the gray then I tell the tale.
Latest book: The Day Gaul Died

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Care Santos
Care Santos nació en Mataró (Barcelona) en 1970. Es autora de siete novelas, otros tantos libros de relatos y numerosos títulos de literatura infantil y juvenil, terreno en que es una de las autoras más leídas de España. Ha sido Premio Ateneo Joven de Novela y Finalista del Premio Primavera. Su obra ha sido traducida a 15 idiomas.
Latest book: Hacia la luz

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa C. Morgan
Lisa Morgan lives in rural Upstate NY with her husband Brian, three children, a degu and precocious Siberian Husky. A lover of books and words, it has always been her desire to tell stories that the people near her could listen read, escaping the world around them by way of the page. Always having a new story idea popping into her head, sometimes at the least appropriate times, Lisa can almost always be found with a notebook and writing utensil somewhere within reach, just as her 8th grade teacher made her promise to do. When she isn't writing or taxing kids, Lisa enjoys reading, football, cooking, singing & dancing badly; tattoos, and spending time with family and friends. Lisa’s first published work, a sh ... read more
Latest book: Emerging Fates (a Maggie Henning & The Realm novella)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joanne McEachen
Joanne McEachen is an internationally recognized educational expert now based in Seattle, Washington, where she has recently set up her own education consulting business, The Learner First, LLC. She has nearly three decades of experience in education and a successful track record working at multiple levels in the system – as a school principal, a regional administrator, and national manager for the Ministry of Education in New Zealand. Joanne has seen firsthand the importance of involving parents in their children’s education and knows the positive difference it can make. She has led and managed countrywide education change initiatives by focusing on the most important outcomes and the fundamental values ... read more
Latest book: 8 Must-Ask Questions to Get the Best Education for YOUR Child - and How to Evaluate the Answers [minibook]

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roy Hudson
Roy Hudson is a college student and writer with previous writing experience in Broken Ink magazine and USCA's Pacer Times, as well as his novel The Odic Touch, available through Kindle and Nook.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jorrit Smink
Jorrit Smink (1976) was born in Amsterdam and worked there as a soccer coach and sports journalist. He wrote two books about Ajax Amsterdam: Staanplaats (2003) and Ajax Training Session (2004). Smink lived for two years in the USA, but moved to Chile in 2006. He became a professional soccer coach and wrote a book about the South American soccer jungle: Dromen, Pesos en Spelersvrouwen (2009). Inspired by his daughter Emily he completed his first book for children in november 2012: The freaky farts of Mister Schumm. Besides writing, Smink currently works at his own sports management agency.
Latest book: The Freaky Farts of Mister Schumm

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andy Hill
Andy Hill was born in Scotland in 1978 but moved to the South-West of England at the age of six. Devouring books by such horror greats as Stephen King, James Herbert and Shaun Hutson throughout his teenage years, he first discovered a talent for creating horror fiction shortly before turning 15. Since then, Andy has honed his skills by writing on a variety of subjects but always felt drawn back to his love of the macabre. "Darkness Calls: A Collection of Short Stories" is a serialised horror story collection delving into themes of madness, loss, violence and the supernatural. The first volume in this series consists of tales that were selected by the author from his large pile of previous works plus one new pi ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jada Charming
Greetings and Salutations! I'm Jada, an indie writer launching my career with the through self-publication. When I'm not writing, I'm a busy Mom raising a 9 yr old son and (still raising) a 22 yr old brother. I enjoy reading, travelling, trying new foods, and watching funny movies.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards earned his first university diploma in French Language and Civilization from the University of Lyon, France in 1965. He later did graduate studies in both Romance Languages and philosophy at The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. He earned a juris doctorate from the University of Toledo, Ohio and an LLM in international and comparative law from the University of Brussels, Belgium. He grew up in eastern North Carolina and now lives on a farm in middle Tennessee. He practices law and his practice is currently limited to federal criminal defense.
Latest book: Sanctified

Follow me at my  Facebook Page maximQuirk
Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1992. I immigrated to Australia in 1999 with my family. Becoming an expat family, I've lived and visited various countries, cities and towns across the globe over my schooling. Finally settling down in a coastal town north of Brisbane, for the final years of high school and the transition to university.
Latest book: The Lie. the freeform

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.S. Cummings
R.S. Cummings is a chemistry teacher and tennis coach in San Antonio, Texas. He's happily married with a two year old daughter and another one on the way. Cummings' imagination has revolved around the mystical world of Sordic since he was five years old. In 2003, while attending Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, he began developing the exciting, four-book adventure of Rylan Young. Since then, his fans have grown by the hundreds, each with their own theory on the many mysteries of Sordic. R.S. Cummings makes a point to write every day, whether it be a paragraph or a chapter. To get a better idea of the magic in his writing, visit Sordic's official website: THE MAG ... read more
Latest book: The Saga of Sordic: The Warlock of Ajalk (Novel 3 of 4)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Miranda Innes
English m.a. Girton College, Cambridge, same year as Adrianna Huffington (nee Stassinopoulos). I have had around 20 non-fiction books published by a variety of great publishers. This is my first foray into fiction. I was garden editor at Country Living magazine for 13 years, concurrently for the Sunday Express Colour Magazine and Metropolitan Home. I live in Umbria with my husband Dan Pearce, a painter - Spaghetti Romance will be published soon - and belong to a group of English and American writers. My blog is Miranda in Italy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hagen Engler
Hagen Engler is an independent operator. Let’s rephrase that, I am an independent operator. I’ve been self-publishing anthologies, novels and magazines on my Pocket Assegaai Publications imprint for years. There have also been albums of music with Jedi Rollers, a short film, spoken-word poetry, and an eclectic blog of chaos and creativity at In between, we bestrode the mainstream media firmament as editor of FHM magazine, freelance writer for numerous titles and web platforms and as wordsmith for hire. Hagen Engler is the greatest export of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, after Melissa from Idols, Athol Fugard, John Kani, Graeme Pollock, Peter Pollock, Shaun Pollock, Jeremy Maggs, Danie Gerb ... read more
Latest book: Comrade Baby ...and other South African Adventures

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shonna White
Shonna is a Canadian born writer and artist based out of Calgary, Alberta. Creativity is where she finds her centre. It constantly challenges, frustrates, and invigorates her. Writing is Shonna's prefered form of expression. Like so many young people, it started with bad emotional poetry. By the age of twelve, she was already writing novel-sized manuscripts. At fourteen, she won her first serious acknowledgement when she entered a short-story competition with people much older and experienced than herself. The letters she received back from both the Calgary Publisher's Society and fellow contestants, were full of praise. Still, a perfectionist at heart, she's always struggled with sharing her writing, always fe ... read more
Latest book: Deception: A Lost Infernal Prequel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sara Lucinda Bell
Sara Bell received a Bachelor of Science in journalism, emphasis on photojournalism, from Northern Arizona University. She and her husband are currently living out a real-life adventure, traveling across the United States in a travel trailer. You can read about their adventures on her blog,
Latest book: Princess Shannon and the Evil Wizard

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tammy Doherty
Tammy Doherty writes Inspirational Romance. Her Western romance series is available now: Celtic Cross, Claddaugh, and Celtic Knot. She grew up in the family greenhouse business but decided to go into an animal related career and became a veterinary technician. Her husband is "The Perennial Guy", so she's back to being immersed in the plant business. Currently, she works for a veterinary distribution company, selling pharmaceuticals and supplies in the Northeast. Tammy shares a blog with critique partner Nike Chillemi ( There you can find information about the world of writing along with personal interest articles. Yes, writers have lives too. They just need to be remi ... read more
Latest book: Celtic Knot

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kyle Mewburn
I'm an award-winning children's writer living in the backblocks of New Zealand. I used to aspire to creating a self-sufficient lifestyle but I've become way too busy with my writing to achieve that. Never mind, I'd much rather write about it anyway...
Latest book: Sewing Moonlight

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John C. Elliott
Dr. Elliott worked for the U.S. State Department from 1966 to 2008, conducting international operations, and concurrently for Mossad in Israel from 1985 to 2010. While engaged with his work, he has been shot on four separate occasions, stabbed three different times, run down by automobiles twice and blown up twice. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, an MBA and a Juris Doctorate degree. He is a public and motivational speaker and conducts safety and crime-avoidance seminars nationwide. He is fluent in English, Gaelic, Hebrew and Hungarian, and can speak conversationally in Italian and French. He’s an on-air contributor for the BBC in London and in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is also an editor ... read more
Latest book: The Adventures of Ri Ra

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Michael Rice
James Michael Rice is the author of Rebel Angels, A Tough Act to Follow, The Still, and For Those Who Worship The Sun. He lives in New England.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Susan M. Haldane
I've always enjoyed books. They're like a window into another reality that I can't wait to dive into. During my Freshman year in high school, I decided I wanted to create my own world. And while that one is still a work in progress four years later, I'm dipping an ink covered quill into all kinds of other worlds.
Latest book: The Adventures of Lady Shaw and the Seven Seas Book 1: The Search for Maybeard

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Keith Crews
Keith Crews was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has written several novels which are currently being converted into audiobooks. He hopes you enjoy the read(s) :)
Latest book: Wasteland

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mike O’Driscoll
MIKE LIVES IN SWANSEA. WHEN NOT WRITING HE WORKS with adults with mental health problems. His fiction has been published in TTA publications Black Static and its predecessor The 3rd Alternative, Interzone, and Crimewave, as well as in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Albedo One, Back Brain Recluse and a whole bunch of long since deceased small press magazines, may they rest in peace. He’s also had stories in numerous anthologies including Inferno, The Dark, Lethal Kisses, Off Limits (all edited by Ellen Datlow), Gathering the Bones (edited by Ramsey Campbell & Dennis Etchison), Darklands and Neonlit (both edited by Nicholas Royle), The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror #17, and two volumes of Stephen Jones’ Mammoth ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Rothschild
An unusual series of events led John to be one of the most respected football handicappers in the country. He went from getting accepted in Medical School at 18 years old, to studying for an MBA, to owning a successful race horse syndication business. He's combined simple mathematical probability with principles from human nature to make winning choices on a consistent basis.
Latest book: Rothschild's Guide to Football Handicapping

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Arthur Wooten
Arthur Wooten is the author of the critically acclaimed novels Dizzy, Leftovers, On Picking Fruit, Fruit Cocktail and Birthday Pie as well as the children's book Wise Bear William: A New Beginning illustrated by Bud Santora. He's also penned Arthur Wooten's Shorts: A Stroke Of Luck and The "Dear Henry" Letters. Also a playwright, his works include the award winning Birthday Pie, which had its world premiere at the Waterfront Playhouse, Key West, FL. His one act plays, Lily and The Lunch, have been produced in New York City and most recently Te Anau, New Zealand. For two years he was the humorist for the London based magazine, reFRESH. Arthur grew up in Andover, MA, and now resides in New York City.
Latest book: Dizzy: A Fictional Memoir

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kylie O'Brien
Wife, Mother, world wide traveller, author and lover of life.
Latest book: Crew Wanted!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charles Pedley
Charles was a teacher for some 34 years, ran a computer business, sold proprietary church software and hardware around the world. Charles has many blogs and sites on the web. would be interesting if you ever need a joke or a funny video. Charles majored in Psychology and Geography to obtain his BA degree and in Counseling & Education to receive his MSEd degree. He inherited his third degree from his Dad, C W Pedley, as this degree is passed on through the oldest offspring, the MUI degree. This degree empowers one to offer Useless or Useful Information to anyone and e ... read more
Latest book: Joyful Mourning - A True Love Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kate Sutherland
Kate Sutherland helps people and human systems come into alignment with purpose. She facilitates transformative processes with individuals, groups, organizations and communities, through high-impact conferences, turning-point board retreats, innovative community development projects, and strategic communications. Her "Make Light Work" books are practical, accessible guides to working with intuition, perception, intention and consciousness.
Latest book: Make Light Work in Groups: 10 Tools to Transform Meetings, Companies and Communities

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ronnee-Lee Parks
I am a mother of three and grandmother of one. I love writing almost as much as I love horses and the outdoors. Feel free to post any comments on my facebook page. I have about 3 more books almost finished and will hopefully have those done pretty soon. I take your comments to heart and will continuously work on improving all of my books, but especially The Wren, because it was my first.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Peter Lucking
2012 Children’s Literary Classics Gold Award for Best Holiday book, Christmas book in Special Categories. Santa & The Little Teddy Bear 2011 INDIE Excellence Award Winner for Best holiday book and Finalist for best Cover Design-Children's books, The Christmas book, Santa & The Little Teddy Bear by author and illustrator Peter John Lucking has been compared to some of the great classic authors and illustrators. Peter and Cheri Lucking collaborated on the young readers version of Santa and The Little Teddy Bear creating Bilbo's Adventures: A Christmas Wish, the 2nd book in the series of Bilbo's Adventures. Peter is particularly proud of his wife's pros which hop, skip and jump along to a world of magically ... read more
Latest book: Santa and The Little Teddy Bear

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K.A. Veatch
K.A. Veatch is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy who served as a C-17 pilot in both Afghanistan and Iraq after 2001. Now settled in the Pacific Northwest with her family, she continues to serve within several area churches and outreach ministries.
Latest book: Changed

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shayne Silvers
Shayne Silvers is a martial arts enthusiast with over 12 years of personal experience ranging from Tae Kwon Do to Youn Wha Ryu Karate. He’s proficient with nunchakus, knowing full well that they are totally useless in real combat, but nonetheless arguing that they look scary as hell when wielded correctly. He’s competed in both national and international martial arts tournaments, and even won a few. Shayne enjoys terrible Kung Fu movies, novels of almost every type, arguing with authority in almost every possible situation, video games, and is constantly proven wrong when engaging in verbal battles against his Ukrainian bride. But he knows his time of victory is coming. One of these days… He lives in Mi ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Donald Michael Platt
Born and raised in San Francisco and a graduate of Lowell High school and U.C. Berkeley, Donald also has taught History, English, and Creative Writing and has been an Adjunct Professor of Writing at Polk Community College. He currently resides in Winter Haven, Florida with his wife, Ellen. Briona Glen Publishing reissued his horror novel, A Gathering Of Vultures, in November 2011 and Rocamora was released in a paperback editon in September 2011. He has completed a novel set in the 9th century Carolingian Empire, Bodo the Apostate, and has begun another set during World War II. Donald is also currently being house trained by his new cat, Bodo, a loquacious tyrant.
Latest book: House of Rocamora

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Geoff Musselbrook
At the age of 0 I was born in Orpington, London, England. At the age of ten I had moved to the seaside, lost my Mother and lived in a hotel At the age of 20 I had an HNC a full time job and a house of my own (or the banks). At the age of 30 I had a PHD, my own business, a wife, two kids and a bigger house. At the age of 40 I had 10 employees, a wife, a bigger house and a fantastic life.
Latest book: Bob Fatso

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thomas J. Pagonis
Thomas J. Pagonis, born in Pireas / Greece, has continued the family tradition and in 1980 he became the 2nd generation shipbroker of “Ploiki Maritime”. During his career he acquired experience in ship-owing, ship-management, international trade, claims and crisis management. He has published several articles in international and Greek maritime magazines and newspapers. He is a lecturer for Chartering since 1995 in the seminars organized by the Hellenic Shipbrokers Association (H.S.A.) as well as in chartering courses of various Shipping Colleges. In 2009 and in 2011 he was elected as Vice President of H.S.A and was honored to be the president of it’s Education Committee. Literature and theatre are ... read more
Latest book: 9 μικρές αναμνήσεις

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elaine Isaak
Elaine Isaak is the author of The Singer's Crown series of traditional fantasy novels and the epic fantasy novella series, "Tales of Bladesend". Her short fiction has appeared in anthologies like: Flush Fiction (from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader), Live Free or Undead and Escape Clauses. A graduate of the Odyssey Speculative Fiction Workshop, Elaine has written how-to articles for the Writer Magazine, and authored the Lady Blade fantasy writing column at AlienSkin magazine for three years. Her speaking engagements have included local chapters of Romance Writers of America, World Science Fiction and World Fantasy conventions, and the Odyssey Writing Workshop. Her most famous talk is entitled "Ten Mistakes ... read more
Latest book: A Song for the Sea

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anna Staniszewski
Born in Poland and raised in the United States, Anna Staniszewski grew up loving stories in both Polish and English. She was named the 2006-2007 Writer-in-Residence at the Boston Public Library and a winner of the 2009 PEN New England Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award. Currently, Anna lives outside of Boston with her husband and their adopted black Labrador, Emma. When she’s not writing, Anna spends her time teaching, reading, and challenging unicorns to games of hopscotch. Her first novel, My Very UnFairy Tale Life, was released by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky on November 1, 2011. The sequel, My Epic Fairy Tale Fail, is scheduled for March 2013. And look for Anna’s first picture book, Dogosaurus Rex, coming from ... read more
Latest book: My Very UnFairy Tale Life: Jenny’s First Adventure

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jacqui Knight
I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and I'm a writer (wouldn't call myself an author), a butterfly lover, gardener, grandmother. I love hosting overseas people or telling people (would be visitors) how fantastic New Zealand is. Very active in two charities: the Moths and Butterflies of New Zealand Trust and Duffy Books in Homes.
Latest book: New Zealand: Bit by Bit

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christopher Slatter
I have been a professional writer since I was 17 years old. I have been an advertising copywriter, film director, teacher of screenwriting and a television producer. I have worked for some of the world's largest advertising agencies in Australia and the UK before attending the London Film School for two years. A career as a director of television commercials and short films followed before returning to Australia to take up the post of creative director of a small agency in Melbourne. Following an invitation to direct a series for Australian television, I returned to the screen. Then in 1990 I went back to university, studying geology, horticulture, environmental science and plant genetics. I am also a wri ... read more
Latest book: Gavin: Confessions of a Clairvoyant Schoolboy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Isabo Kelly

Latest book: Interface

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Donna Fawcett
Donna is a former creative writing teacher from Fanshawe College in Ontario. Donna is the author of five novels two of which won Best Contemporary Novel in The Word Awards. Donna also has two non-fiction books--one a manual on home teaching and the other, a writing tutorial. Donna has a CD of her songs published entitled Searching for the Song. Her feature song Heaven's Light won Best Song Lyrics in The Word Awards. She speaks at writers' conferences, in small groups and as a motivational speaker for Stonecroft Ministries.
Latest book: Duke the Chihuahua Writes!