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Follow me on Twitter at  GingerVoight Ginger Voight
Ginger Voight is a screenwriter and bestselling author with over twenty published titles in fiction and nonfiction. She covers everything from travel to politics in nonfiction, as well as romance, paranormal, and dark, “ripped from the headlines” topics like Dirty Little Secrets. Ginger discovered her love for writing in sixth grade, courtesy of a Halloween assignment. From then on, writing became a place of solace, reflection, and security. This was never more true than when she found herself homeless in L.A. at the age of nineteen. There, she wrote her first novel, longhand on notebook paper, while living out of her car. In 1995, after she lost her nine-day-old son, she worked through her grief by writ ... read more
Latest book: Groupie/Rock Star Bundle

Follow me on Twitter at  KhulWaters Khul Waters
Drop in and visit me if you are looking for a place where loving intimacy, passion & eroticism merge inside fiction... I chose to write in the genre of erotic romance in order to express the joy I find in life and in love. I began with short stories and poetry that mostly seemed to focus on one theme: the nature of love between men and women. Specifically, I am intrigued by the nature of Dominant / submissive relationships. Not the stereotypical leather and whips type but the need for many men to take a dominating role in lovemaking and for many women to take a submissive role. My stories feature this preoccupation.

Follow me on Twitter at  KVanRisseghem Kristin D. Van Risseghem
Kristin D. Van Risseghem grew up in a small river town in Minnesota with her parents and older sister. And after receiving a double Bachelor of Science degree from Winona State University in Paralegal and Corrections, she worked as a Paralegal for various law firms around the Twin Cities for 14 years. Then she left the legal field and is now a Senior Buyer for a technology company. Currently, Kristin lives in Eagan with her husband and two Calico cats. She also loves attending book clubs, going shopping, and hanging out with friends. She has come to realize that she absolutely has an addiction to purses and shoes. They are her weakness and probably has way too many of both. In the summer months, Kristin can u ... read more
Latest book: The Guardian, a Sword, & Stilettos

Follow me on Twitter at  mrtmbilderback T. M. Bilderback
T. M. Bilderback is a former radio announcer with a number of story ideas running around inside his head, most inspired by or based on classic songs. The author currently resides in Tennessee, and is writing feverishly in order to banish these stories from his head and into book form before he runs screaming into the street. Pictured is the author with his wife, Christi, designer of the cover art for many of the author's eBooks. She is also an artist and an art teacher.
Latest book: Jim Dandy - A Justice Security Novel

Follow me on Twitter at  stevethomas11 Steve Thomas

Latest book: Klondaeg Omnibus

Follow me on Twitter at  TJosephBrowder T. Joseph Browder
T. Joseph Browder was born in Lima, Ohio in 1969. An ordained minister, he holds Doctorates in Religious Humanities, Metaphysics, and an honorary Doctorate in Divinity. A student of Human Psychology, his writing is driven by an insatiable curiosity for what makes people behave the way they do, make the choices they make, and feel the way they feel. Drawing on an intimate knowledge of the evil alive in humanity, his work centers on the darker aspects of life, the sudden changes and left turns life throws at all of us, and how we react to those things that lurk around the next corner, and go bump in the night. Joe currently lives in Kansas with his wife, Marie and is hard at work on a novel.

Follow me on Twitter at  weifarer Autumn M. Birt
Autumn (also known as Weifarer) is a travel and fiction writer currently based in Maine (though she wants to travel the world) where she lives in a small cottage lost in the woods, which she built with her husband. When not writing, house building, or traveling, she likes to take long hikes with her spouse and fiesty Cairn Terriers. Her work is featured on the adventure travel website No Map Nomads where she is the co-editor and writer. She is also a member of Guild of Dreams, which features her blog posts as well as those of eleven other fantasy writers. She is an indie author with four books currently available: the epic fantasy trilogy on elemental magic the Rise of the Fifth Order – Born of Water , Rule ... read more
Latest book: Stories from the War

Follow me on Twitter at  writerdebmcg Debbie McGowan
Debbie McGowan is an author and publisher based in a semi-rural corner of Lancashire, England. She writes character-driven fiction, covering life, love, relationships - the whole shazam. A working class girl, she ‘ran away’ to London at 17, was homeless, unemployed and then homeless again, interspersed with animal rights activism (all legal, honest ;)) and volunteer work as a mental health advocate. At 25, she went back to college to study social science - tough with two toddlers, but they had a ‘stay at home’ dad, so it worked itself out. These days, the toddlers are young women (much to their chagrin), and Debbie teaches undergraduate students, writes novels and runs an independent publishing company, ... read more
Latest book: Two By Two

Follow me on Twitter at  brfrankierose Frankie Rose
Frankie Rose is a British expat, who is currently enjoying the perks of living in Australia- her awesome husband, sunshine, and vitamin D. She spends her time creating fictional universes in which the guy sometimes gets the girl, the heros occasionally die, and the endings aren't always happy. But they usually are.
Latest book: Summer

Follow me on Twitter at  CaitSpivey Cait Spivey
Cait Spivey is a speculative fiction writer and freelance editor. Fiction is a passion she doesn’t see giving up any time soon. In her spare time, she plans her next tattoo (there will always be a next tattoo) and watches too much Netflix. Anything left over is devoted to her tireless quest to make America read more. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her darling husband Matt and adorable dog Jay.
Latest book: The Ties Eternal

Follow me on Twitter at  EdwardCozza Edward Cozza
Colorado native Edward Cozza is a fiction writer, speaker and humorist. He is a teller of human tales and enjoys public speaking with an audience who believes in taking the time to unplug, connect and being mindful of time spent with loved ones. He now lives in Southern California with his wife and dogs, sometimes with a bourbon nearby Edward left a successful career in business to dive headlong into the lives of his characters in his debut novel Nowhere Yet: Grant, Rex, Annie and Kat – four, forty-something friends who meet up in Palm Springs after many years apart. Their plight is like ours: How did we get here? Where will we end up? The second novel of the series that began with Nowhere Yet, will be rel ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  giniajo Gin Jones
Gin is a lawyer who specializes in ghost-writing for other lawyers. She prefers to write fiction, though, since she doesn't have to worry that her sense of humor might get her thrown into jail for contempt of court. In her spare time, Gin makes quilts, grows garlic and serves on the board of directors for the XLH Network.
Latest book: A Draw of Death

Follow me on Twitter at  hmgwriting Heather Mar-Gerrison
My passion in life is writing - and always has been really. I love writing teen fiction and I am currently working on a number of different projects. I'm working on the tenth in the Seltham Community College Series, Lucy's Lucky Locket at the moment. That one should be out in Spring 2015. I've started working on a spin-off series based on the Stan series - sometimes ideas take off in my brain and I can't let them go - so look out for Phase 5, White Water, Kallie's Secret and The Watchtower. There may be more, but that's it for now... I'm still working pretty much full-time and I write in my spare time, fitting it in around my family - which roughly translates as the house-work never gets done and I spend most ... read more
Latest book: Inevitable...

Follow me on Twitter at  jnewmanwriting Jason P. Crawford
I am a 33-year old father of three who decided to take a try at this writing thing. Who would have known that I would love it? I can't think of anything better than writing and I hope you enjoy consuming my books as much as I did producing them! Life is good, art is good, and I have only great things to look forward to!
Latest book: Bonds of Fate

Follow me on Twitter at  jordan_deen Jordan Deen
Jordan Deen is a Young Adult and New Adult Fiction writer from a small suburb of East St. Louis, Illinois. Her novels are a mixture of urban fantasy, paranormal and edgy contemporary. In her free time, she loves to read, bake, attend concerts, travel and play with her two-legged and four-legged sons. She is known for her love of quirky clothes, multi-colored hair and has a fondness for tattoos, high heels and cupcakes. In addition, she is a tech junkie that can be found most mornings and early afternoons on her tablet talking to folks on Facebook and Twitter about books, current events and music. Her debut novel, 'The Crescent' was a 2010 Reader's Favorite Award Winner. Her third novel, 'Breaking Lauren' was a ... read more
Latest book: Finding Lauren

Follow me on Twitter at  karenswart1 Karen Swart
Karen lives in a small town in the North West province, in South Africa. She shares her live with her husband two sons and daughter. If she isn’t writing she is always spending her free time reading. Her preferred genres are paranormal and urban fantasy.
Latest book: Taming The Fae - An Exsilium Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  KenyaCarterKnws Kenya McCarter
With a bruised ego and business reputation. Forced to start over from nothing. Coming to grips that it was time to face the root of the bad habits and poor decisions. I felt the need to reinvent myself. From the inside out. I had no idea the journey would lead to addressing issues from my teen years. This was the place where the bad habits and broken confidence was unconsciously stunting my growth. What I desired to see happen overnight became a 2 year journey. And it was in this place of reckoning “The Power of I Am 21 Day Journey to a Renewed You” was given birth. Rehabilitated from defeat, lack and brokenness. It was time to step out and share the experience of evolving from a lowly spirit into A Wo ... read more
Latest book: The Power Of I Am 21 Day to a Renewed You

Follow me on Twitter at  KommuruBooks Subhash Kommuru
Subhash and Sujata hail from India. They migrated to the United States along with their memories of childhood and youth. Now that they are parents, just like every immigrant they crave to introduce their child to the culture and values of their upbringing. Yet it is challenging to teach something while you are in the midst of adjusting to a different culture yourself. Subhash and Sujata both work in different disciplines and have different styles and backgrounds, but it is the upbringing of their son that brings them on the same page. That exact place where they meet is captured and reflected in their stories, where Subhash can express in words, and Sujata can illustrate them beautifully. Where he puts it in bl ... read more
Latest book: Chatur (Hindi)

Follow me on Twitter at  marilynn_larew Marilynn Larew
MARILYNN LAREW is a historian who has published in such disparate fields as American colonial and architectural history, Vietnamese military history, and terrorism, and has taught courses in each of them in the University of Maryland System. Before settling on the Mason-Dixon line in southern Pennsylvania, she lived in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Georgia, Wisconsin, Ohio, South Carolina, Maryland, in Manila, and on Okinawa. It’s no surprise that she likes to travel. When she’s climbing the first hill in Istanbul to Topkapi Palace, strolling around Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, or exploring the back streets of Kowloon, she is not just having fun, she’s looking for locations for her next novel. When she’s not ... read more
Latest book: Dead in Dubai (Lee Carruthers #2)

Follow me on Twitter at  MJKingOfErotica Moctezuma Johnson
Call me Moctezuma! They say that I once took the Millennium Falcon for a spin through the Triangulum Galaxy. They also say I once had sex with both Angelina Jolie and Margaret Atwood at the same time. They say a lot of things, don't they? I crawled out of a New Jersey sewer in the 70s and have since lived all over the world. When not writing books and blogs, I enjoy photography and writing poems for people. If you want to hire me to write a poem for you in any way, contact me at moctezuma.johnson(@) (remove the parenthesis). Learn more at my site: Cheers, MJ

Follow me on Twitter at  Senayda_Pierre Senayda Pierre
Senayda Pierre is a native Floridian who's always had a passion for music, sports, reading and writing. Senayda currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Senayda is an identical twin. That's right, sometimes people give her a second glance wondering if she's the person they know! She's never seen snow... Swears she'll live in Hawaii someday... And she intends to travel the world... Senayda's had a long love affair with reading and writing. She loved to write short stories and poetry throughout her childhood. Now she's moved onto novels. Her debut novel was a psychological thriller, Killer Antidote. Currently she’s working on an erotic, contemporary romance series. ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at K. Weikel
K. Weikel has been writing books since she could use a pencil. Her first actual book, when she was eight, was the Haunted Mansion series. She wrote many Animorphs spinoffs by K. A. Applegate and many beginnings to stories that maybe one day she will complete. She makes her own covers, using either public domain pictures or her own, and she writes and edits her books herself. She tries her hardest to make everything perfect, and if there is something messed up or wrong that she doesn't catch, she hopes you do and you enjoy the little flaw she has shared with you. All of K. Weikel's books are dear to her heart, and she writes more with feelings than with her brain, which is why some sentences seem strange or ... read more
Latest book: The Unnamed

Follow me on Twitter at  valmoredaniels Valmore Daniels
Valmore Daniels has lived on the coasts of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans, and dozens of points in between. An insatiable thirst for new experiences has led him to work in several fields, including legal research, elderly care, oil & gas administration, web design, government service, human resources, and retail business management. His enthusiasm for travel is only surpassed by his passion for telling tall tales.
Latest book: Seed Of Creation (The MoonWar Cycle, #1)

Follow me on Twitter at  GilbyRoberts Jennifer Gilby Roberts
Jennifer Gilby Roberts has a degree in physics and a postgraduate certificate in computing, so a career writing fiction was inevitable really. She was born and grew up in Surrey/Greater London, but now lives in Richmond, North Yorkshire with her husband, small daughter, two middle-aged cats and a lot of dust bunnies. Taking care of her daughter is now her main job, but previously she worked many thrilling jobs in administration. In these she learned the real truth of business: that every successful executive would be lost without their PA. She can also be found getting red-faced at zumba class, reading historical porn (as her husband calls it - Regency romance to the rest of us) and humming nursery rhymes whi ... read more
Latest book: The Dr Pepper Prophecies

Follow me on Twitter at  Pricer_musings RJ Price
RJ Price lives in Canada where she works and writes full time. When not doing either of those things she attempts to navigate social media and resists the urge to return to writing. She has published novels in the fantasy genre and insists she is also a science fiction author, but has been too caught up in her Seat of Magic series to actually complete a science fiction novel for publishing.
Latest book: Foundation's Promise

Follow me on Twitter at  BethanyMaines Bethany Maines
Bethany Maines, a native of Tacoma WA, is the author of the Carrie Mae Mystery series (from Simon & Schuster/Atria), and Tales From the City of Destiny. When she's not traveling to exotic lands, or kicking some serious butt with her fourth degree black belt in karate, she can be found at her job as the co-owner of the graphic design firm LILT.
Latest book: An Unseen Current

Follow me on Twitter at Shirleen Davies
Shirleen Davies writes romance—historical, contemporary, and romantic suspense. She grew up in Southern California, attended Oregon State University, and has degrees from San Diego State University and the University of Maryland. During the day she provides consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. But her real passion is writing emotionally charged stories of flawed people who find redemption through love and acceptance. She now lives with her husband in a beautiful town in northern Arizona. Shirleen began her new series, MacLarens of Fire Mountain, with Tougher than the Rest, the story of the oldest brother, Niall MacLaren. Other books in the series include, Faster than the Rest, Harder than ... read more
Latest book: Reclaiming Love

Follow me on Twitter at Angie Daniels
Angie Daniels began her career as a storyteller in 2000 and has written over 20 novels. She strives to entertain with erotic romances that reveal what’s really going on behind closed doors. For information on other naughty tales she has in store, visit her website at
Latest book: For Her Pleasure

Follow me on Twitter at  jennyperinovic Jenny Adams Perinovic

Latest book: A Magic Dark and Bright

Follow me on Twitter at  JoeBrewer1 Joseph Mark Brewer
Joseph Mark Brewer is an American journalist and author lucky enough to have spent many years living his dream of traveling and writing. The inspiration for his Shig Sato Mystery series comes from his years living in Japan. Visit him at

Follow me on Twitter at  VictoriaZigler Victoria Zigler
My name is Victoria, but most of my friends and family call me Tori. Feel free to do the same. Born in the shadow of the black mountains in Wales, I now live by the sea in the south-east of England with my husband, Kelly, a pair of rats named Skye and Star, a pair of gerbils named Bilbo and Baggins, and four Degus whose names are Jacob, Jasper, Jenks and Joshua. Having battled with glaucoma since birth, I now find myself completely blind. But I didn't let that stop me from chasing the dream I've had since I was a young child: the dream of being a published author. I've loved to read and write since I learned how, and always wanted to get my work published. Finally, in 2012, I made that dream come true by ... read more
Latest book: Home Squeak Home

Follow me on Twitter at  CherylDouglasNN Cheryl Douglas
Cheryl began her professional career as a nutritionist, but she finally decided to follow her bliss and pursue a full-time writing career. Twenty-eight books later, she considers it one of the best decisions she's ever made. When she takes a break from her keyboard, it's to spend time with the other two loves of her life, her husband and son.
Latest book: Fast Track (Nashville Nights Next Generation 5)

Follow me on Twitter at  cpicciolini Christian Picciolini
Christian Picciolini is an award-winning television producer, a visual artist, and a reformed extremist. His work and life purpose are born of an ongoing and profound need to atone for a grisly past, and to make something of his time on this planet by contributing to the greater good. After leaving the violent hate movement he was part of during his youth, he began the painstaking process of rebuilding his life. Picciolini earned a degree in International Business and International Relations from DePaul University, began his own global entertainment and media firm, and was appointed a member of the Chicago Grammy Rock Music Committee and the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival. In 2010 and 2011, ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  EllynOaksmith Ellyn Oaksmith
Ellyn Oaksmith is an award-winning screenwriter and novelist. Her books include Adventures with Max and Louise, Divine Moves and the upcoming Fifty Acts of Kindness (Spring 2015). Ellyn is at work on her first YA novel, Finding Nirvana. She also is part of the which has been featured in The New York Times and USA Today. Her writing partner is a dog.
Latest book: 50 Acts of Kindness

Follow me on Twitter at  hdesignidea Janet Handcook
Janet Handcook is a 34 year old interior designer who lives with her twin 11 year old daughters in New York. She has spent the last 10 years running her own successful interior design business where she has done work for numerous top companies, plenty of individuals and also a few celebrities who wish to remain anonymous so we can't reveal their names here to protect their privacy but they have certainly given her business a boost. In her spare time (which isn't much when you consider she juggles a family life and a thriving business career,) she enjoys going to the live theatre, the opera and watching romance movies. She created “Home Interior Design Made Easy” guide for you to manage your own interio ... read more
Latest book: Home Interior Design Made Easy

Follow me on Twitter at  lrwlee L. R. W. Lee
L. R. W. Lee credits her introduction to C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe as the beginning her love of fantasy. Later on, she enjoyed the complex world of Middle Earth brought to life by J. R. R. Tolkien in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The multiple dimensions of the worlds, especially the dragons, mixed with a layer of meaning captivated her and made her desire to invent Young Adult Fantasy and Epic Fantasy worlds others could get lost in, but also take meaning away from. More recently, L. R. W. Lee has found inspiration from J. K. Rowling and her Harry Potter series as well as Brandon Mull and his best selling Fablehaven, Beyonders and Five Kingdoms series. So, ... read more
Latest book: Resurrection of the Phoenix's Grace (Andy Smithson Book Four)

Follow me on Twitter at  Wendylowens Wendy Owens
Wendy Owens was born in the small college town, Oxford Ohio. After attending Miami University, Wendy went onto a career in the visual arts. For several years she created and sold her own artwork. In 2011 she gave her true love, writing, a try. Her first novel flowed from her in only two weeks time, as though it had been fighting to get out. That moment was when she knew she had found her calling. Wendy now happily spends her days writing the stories her characters guide her to tell, admitting even she doesn’t always know where that might lead. When she’s not writing, this dog lover can be found spending time with her tech geek husband, their three amazing kids, and two pups, lovingly nicknamed stinks and ... read more
Latest book: Wash Me Away

Follow me on Twitter at  Eli_S_Author Eli Summers
Growing up in a small city of Saskatoon, I always found myself writing poetry or something else to occupy my time. I entered a few contests, never winning but always knowing this is what I wanted to do. I wrote my first novella when I was sixteen, it really ignited my passion for writing. As time moved forward, I found myself creating more characters and more plot lines. I have now written over one hundred short stories, seven novellas and two full length novels. If I'm not working I am writing, creating something from the endless void in my head. I have published two books to smashwords and amazon as of March 2015 and I plan on writing more. Eventually, I would like to self-publish myself to createspace so I ... read more
Latest book: The Summer Experience (Book #2 Seasons Experience Collection)

Follow me on Twitter at  EmilyFordWorld Emily Ford
Emily Ford lives in the desert hotness of southern Arizona. Her genres include thrillers, horror, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy. Her thrillers include episodes in the "Kings of New Orleans" Series. Her horrors include books in "The Rachel Payne Horror Series," and the standalone novella "Hell Town." And, her April 26, 2015 release is the paranormal romance/urban fantasy "The Sober Companion." Emily loves scary things, family, dogs, traveling, Starbucks, and hand-to-hand combat. She has begun adapting books to screenplays and plans to move into film production in the very near future. Emily looks forward to visiting the United Kingdom for the first time very soon!!
Latest book: The Devil's Carnival

Follow me on Twitter at  sarahjpepper Sarah J Pepper
Sarah J. Pepper lives in South Dakota with her real-life prince charming. At a young age, she fell for paranormal books and now incorporates that genre with the romance that thrives in the hearts of us all. When she’s not storytelling, she’s most likely biking, hoarding chocolate, or taking a bubble bath. Get a glimpse inside her head at
Latest book: Locks

Follow me on Twitter at  ValChoice Dan Karr
After being hit by a car, Dan had massive medical bills that both medical and auto insurance companies refused to pay. In fact, his auto insurance company misquoted his medical records making it appear as if the injuries were not related to the accident. That was an experience that Dan strongly believes no one should have to go through. That's when Dan’s interest in helping people with insurance began. Dan is now paying forward his experience with insurance through Injured Money. As a complement to his insurance experience, Dan brings to Injured Money 20 years of experience as a CEO or Vice President for high-technology companies. Knowing that the complexity of fighting insurance claims has the effect of int ... read more
Latest book: Fully Insured, Claim Denied: What Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

Follow me on Twitter at  HaleyWhitehall Haley Whitehall
Haley was telling stories before she could write. When she was four, she woke her parents up to write down her burning ideas. Growing up on John Wayne movies and the Little House on the Prairie books, she has always loved historical fiction. For ten years Haley developed her writing craft and voice by studying authors such as Avi, Ann Rinaldi, and Mark Twain to name a few. She received her B.A in history through Central Washington University. During all her research, her soul was pulled deeper in the 19th century U.S. Using her words to transport people back in time continues to give her a thrill. Sometimes she wishes she could escape the present and float down the Mississippi River on a raft. But then again, ... read more
Latest book: Prisoner of War: A Civil War Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  htxwritersguild Houston Writers Guild
The Houston Writers Guild is a nonprofit organization and community of writers whose purpose is to support each other in the author’s craft and writing career through: 1. Engendering safe environments for writers of all skill levels 2. Reciprically sharing time, talent, and knowledge 3. Creating opportunities for the development of writing careers 4. Celebrating the success of each as a success of all 5. Providing a platform through which members forge life-long relationships in writing and publishing, and 6. Fostering a culture of continuous learning. A B O U T T H E TIDES OF POSSIBILITY E D I T O R K. J. Russell is an author of speculative fiction. He has been seen scouring the shadowed swamps of Hous ... read more
Latest book: Tides of Impossibility

Follow me on Twitter at  LoriLSchafer Lori Schafer
When I was in the seventh grade, my English teacher assigned us a creative writing project for Halloween. We were to compose short stories, which we would then read aloud before the class, coupled with a competition of sorts in which the students would vote on who had written the best one. Now in my pre-teen years, I was not what you would term the most popular kid in school. Perhaps it was those horrible "Student-of-the-Month" photos of me hanging in the main hallway, which they somehow always managed to take right after gym when my hair was flying every which way, or perhaps it was the oxford shirts and corduroy trousers in which my mother dressed me because I refused to participate in ridiculous wastes of t ... read more
Latest book: Stories from My Memory-Shelf: Fiction and Essays from My Past

Follow me on Twitter at  MelissaPearlG Melissa Pearl
Melissa Pearl was born in Auckland, New Zealand, but has spent much of her life abroad, living in countries such as Jordan, Cyprus and Pakistan... not to mention a nine month road trip around North America with her husband. "Best. Year. Ever!!" She now lives in China with her husband and two sons. She is a trained elementary teacher, but writing is her passion. Since becoming a full time mother she has had the opportunity to pursue this dream and her debut novel hit the internet in November, 2011. Since then she has produced five more books and is loving every step of her writing journey. "I am passionate about writing. It stirs a fire in my soul that I never knew I had. I want to be the best writer I can poss ... read more
Latest book: Forbidden Territory (Mica & Lexy, #1)

Follow me on Twitter at  Ranae_Rose Ranae Rose
Ranae Rose is the best-selling author of more than twenty adult romances and counting. Originally from Maryland, she grew up the daughter of a US Marine and always wanted to be a writer. Today she lives on the US East Coast with her man in uniform, young children, German Shepherd dogs and overflowing bookshelves. Her love affair with the romance genre began as a teen when a classmate handed her a romance comic book. Instantly hooked, she read them during class behind her textbooks and under her desk. She hasn’t looked back since. When she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys things like good coffee, travel and fitness – especially pursuing her elusive goal of getting her husband to tap out on the jiu j ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  rbenzaim Renee Benzaim
I remember the first long story I ever wrote. I was in the third grade and my teacher, Miss Steere, asked us each to write a story about something in history. I chose to write about the Donner party and the tragedies that befell them as they tried to make it to the Wild West. I went on and on. I was having so much fun and making up stories about the people and conversations between them. It was like a game to me. It didn't occur to me that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I wasn't even old enough to understand what it meant to be grown up. Throughout school, whenever I had to write something, I always had a lot of fun with assignments. I remember writing about the Salem Witches when I was in high s ... read more
Latest book: Coyote's Song

Follow me on Twitter at  scottsemegran Scott Semegran
Scott Semegran lives in Austin, Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in English. He is a cartoonist and a writer. He can also bend metal with his mind and run really fast, if chased by a pack of wolves. His comic strips have appeared in the following newspapers: The Austin Student, The Funny Times, The Austin American-Statesman, Rocky Mountain Bullhorn, Seven Days, The University of Texas at Dallas Mercury, and The North Austin Bee. His short stories have appeared in independent publications and literary journals like The Next One Literary Journal from the Texas Tech University Honors College. He is a Kindle bestselling author.
Latest book: Good Night, Jerk Face

Follow me on Twitter at  UviPoznansky Uvi Poznansky
Uvi Poznansky is a California-based author, poet and artist. Her writing and her art are tightly coupled. “I paint with my pen,” she says, “and write with my paintbrush.” She earned her B. A. in Architecture and Town Planning from the Technion in Haifa, Israel. During her studies and in the years immediately following her graduation, she practiced with an innovative Architectural firm, taking part in the design of a large-scale project, Home for the Soldier. At the age of 25 Uvi moved to Troy, N.Y. with her husband and two children. Before long, she received a Fellowship grant and a Teaching Assistantship from the Architecture department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she guided teams in ... read more
Latest book: Apart From Love

Follow me on Twitter at  AlannahLynne Alannah Lynne
New York Times Bestselling Author Alannah Lynne believes there’s nothing more magical than finding the other half of your soul, experiencing fiery passion, and knowing you’ve found happily-ever-after. She loves going to work each day (in sweats and a T-shirt) and writing about hot heroes and feisty heroines who torment each other in the most delicious ways before finding their happy ending. She lives in the coastal region of North Carolina with her husband, who also happens to be her best friend and biggest fan. They have two sons, a dog, a cat and an outrageous number of ducks and geese that inhabit the pond on their farm. She loves chatting and making new friends, so visit her on the web at www.alannahl ... read more