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Founder of The Divorce Coach and Director of Breakup Angels, Jackie has been instrumental in the field of divorce coaching in the UK since it's arrival in 2006. A natural storyteller, she guides clients with metaphors, fairytales, songs, and nature until you find what it is that you are looking for while spontaneously letting go of that old often told tale which no longer works well for you.
Latest book: The Pre-Meditated Divorce

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An avid reader since childhood, Jackie White has always had a passion for writing. She started by writing her first play in the fifth grade and then progressed into poetry. Inspired by true events in her own life and the lives of those closest to her, she has followed her passion to write her debut novel, Deception, in which her poetic style is still very evident. A native of New Jersey, she works in the medical field and has a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. She currently lives in Union, New Jersey, with her husband, three sons, and daughter.

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Jackie G Williams writes adult horror, to give lovers of 'the scare factor' a turbulent ride into the evils of human nature. She resides in Wales UK, and is married with three grown children and eight gorgeous grandchildren.
Latest book: Tombie

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Jackie Pias Carlin is a lecturer at the University of Hawaii Maui College in Eng 100 and Eng 257-Literature of Hawaii. Carlin is also a watercolorist. Rightful Identity is her second book. She also wrote Spirit of the Village A Maui Memoir based on her childhood in a sugar plantation camp on Maui.

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Why I wrote this book Raised in an atheistic environment, I was one of many who fell asleep at the first page of the Bible. I never had a hope to understand this Holy book until I experienced something in my life, which I have come to call my Spiritual Choice. My Spiritual Choice… Years ago I realized that the corporate luxury train, in which I was comfortably riding, was taking me in a direction that I did not want to go. Getting off of this train at my own risk and expense was very hard, but I jumped off. But nothing completely disappears, and in my case, the tangibles (prestige, security, wealth and social status) were replaced by an intangible: the ability to see a Spiritual Choice. The realization fi ... read more
Latest book: Redemption: Supernatural Time-Traveling Thriller with Sci-fi and Metaphysics

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“M. J. Jackman is one of the most talented, exciting, and hilarious writers to explode onto the fiction scene in the 21st century,” was what M.J. Jackman hoped to read in the papers after the initial release of The Sid Tillsley Chronicles. He hoped his mastery of the written word and his elegant wit would bring celebrity status, which, in turn, would bring fast women, hard drugs and liquor, and then slower, more understanding women. To date, he has successfully installed a decking area into his garden. He’s gone back to university to be a “mature student.” And, no, he hasn’t gone back to learn how to write, which, in hindsight, would have been a good idea. He gets an NUS discount. Even his own c ... read more

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A hardcore science fiction and fantasy fanatic, Jackson Compton collects books like a meth cook hording cold medicine. "The Crucible of Happenstance" is the first entry into Jackson Compton's expansive epic, The Shattered Sphere Saga, first envisioned in the midst of marathon, beer-fueled gaming sessions. Compton blends horror, action and fantasy to create a world first touched upon in his debut "Night's End," but fully fleshed out in "Crucible" with an eye towards a sweeping adventure transporting a trio of friends from a small frontier fishing village to the capitol steps of a massive empire.
Latest book: The Crucible of Happenstance

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Together, Jackson Mumey and his wife, Sara, have helped thousands of bar takers pass their exams across the country. As Christians, we particularly appreciate the opportunity to share our faith through our business. Jackson is a Honors Graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, where he appeared on brief in several US Supreme Court Cases, became a Senior Teaching Fellow, and following law school passed the bar exam in 1992 using our predecessor course materials. He does not currently practice law, however, and instead devotes his full attention and energy to teaching the bar exam and developing innovations in our course offerings. Sara has spent many years in education and currently manages the office and ... read more
Latest book: Multistate Bar Review Book 2

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Kink lifestyle journalism has very much been a private passion for Jackson, blogging as he has for two international fetish and BDSM webzines, detailing the protocols, clubs and nightlife associated with its broad culture. Utilising his twenty years' experience and knowledge of fetishism and BDSM – via the UK and Europe underground scene and diligently through private practice – Jackson has been watching the interest in kink multiply through overt pop music and fashion culture for the past decade, culminating in the mainstream fervour of Fifty Shades. Taking this into account he has adapted The Book of Filthy Sex Games to include acknowledgements to the phenomenon, to help enlighten those influenced by fi ... read more

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Jackson Rubem, escritor, historiador, biógrafo, nasceu em Irecê-Bahia, no dia 04 de maio, filho dos agricultores Alvino Abade e Cantionilia Alves. Desde muito jovem sentia um grande fascínio por livros e artes em geral. Começou a ler os clássicos da literatura nacional e estrangeira, ainda na infância. Isso de certa forma contribuiu com o desejo de se tornar escritor. Técnico em Agropecuária, formado pela Escola de Agricultura da Região de Irecê (Esagri), fez o curso superior em Marketing e pós-graduação em curso na área de Tecnologia de Informação. Incentivado pelos confrades Benjamin Batista e Solange Durães, fundou a Academia de Letras de Irecê, em 1998, sendo o primeiro presidente da en ... read more
Latest book: História de Irecê para Jovens

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If you were lead to believe that *Jackson Spence once came from Royalty only later to be disowned, you’d be wrong and we apologise for that. That he was a disgraced Politician, a debauched Circus Performer, a disembowelled (M)anorexic or a disgruntled Rock Star you would unfortunately again be wrong. We prostrate ourselves before thee and humbly ask of your forgiveness, for Jackson Spence is not in fact one person but actually that of two. His familiars come in the form of Michelle Jackson and Stuart Mc Neil Spence who reside in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. In the shadows of Table Mountain with pointed pitchforks and sharpened knives they sit forever ready to feast on the facts of life. One ... read more
Latest book: This Devil's Dice

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Jackson Williams lives in the western portion of the United States since he got out of the Army six years ago. Originally he is from Montana, so that makes it easier to settle into another part of the same geographic area. Still, he's close enough to his home town that he can visit friends and family pretty much whenever he wants. He works as a Law Enforcement professional in his home area, which makes writing perfect, since it doesn't matter what shift he works, he can still write; plus, being in law enforcement gives him plenty of life experience. But his main career love is writing and he hopes to one day live off the royalties from his books. He likes writing erotic stories, mostly because people like rea ... read more

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Jacky Hughes is one of a team of ministers under Bishop elect Memory Tapfumaneyi at NewLife Covenant Church in Oxford Uk. She is also a highly experienced child-care tutor and has written several courses. Jacky performs her poetry at church functions and also writes both Christian and fiction books. Jacky has a ministry to abused women and you can find some of her videos on facebook. To contact her abut this and for details of her book 'Not a Victim,' which is currently under revision please email Jacky has two grown up children -Her son Joshua is an artist who specialises in cartoons of people in real life and Jessika is married and lives in London.
Latest book: Firedance

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Jacky Robinson is a freelance writer and accomplished angler who has fished from the Central Pacific to the Florida Keys. Her articles have appeared in Field & Stream, Saltwater Sportsman, Florida Sportsman, Jack and Jill, and Child Life. Editor, publicist, media events coordinator, and environmentalist, Jacky has co-starred in a national television fishing show; received the Don Hawley Foundation's Conservationist of the Year Award; won first place in the Metropolitan Miami Fishing Tournament; was named Grand Champion and Release Champion in the Women's World Invitational Tarpon Fly Championship of Islamorada. Jacky lives in the British Virgin Islands where she sails the Caribbean with her husband. Her sailin ... read more
Latest book: Saltwater Adventure in the Florida Keys An Introduction to Fishing for Kids

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Jaclyn Burch is an up and coming author. Her 1st book Heroes of the Ocean was inspired by her love for the ocean and her sincere desire to make a difference. Jaclyn is also a career professional golfer who has dedicated the last 14 years to perfecting her talent on the course. Now she is putting that same perseverance toward creating and writing books. She wants to teach through words and share her life experiences. Jaclyn wants to make a difference in the world and make it a truly better place. She has lived on the beach for the past six years and has seen all sorts of issues. In her small town of Satellite Beach FL she has heard and seen all sorts of damaged wildlife and trash show up on the beach. ... read more
Latest book: Heroes of the Ocean

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~A little Bio on the author~ Jaclyn Tracey was born in England on an American Air Force Base giving her dual citizenship to both beautiful countries. She grew up in the best city on the planet, Saratoga Springs, NY. where she met and married Steven, her best friend. They have been married twenty-seven years. They have two children, four if you count their significant others, Caitlyn and her husband Adam and Christopher and his girlfriend Jenn. Steven is an engineer for GE Healthcare. He helps develop and manufacture digital mammography detectors to help improve people’s healthcare. He is also their Six Sigma Lean Leader, holding a Black Belt Certification. They have a little Pit Bull, Lonny, who has stolen th ... read more

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Jaclyn is an Idaho farm girl who grew up loving to read. She developed a love for writing as a senior in high school, when her dad jokingly said she was the next Dr. Seuss (not even close, but very sweet). She met her husband, Steve, at BYU, and they have six happy, crazy children who encourage her to keep writing. After owning a bookstore and running away to have adventures in Australia, they settled back down in their home in Utah. Jaclyn now spends her days herding her kids to various activities and trying to remember what she was supposed to do next. She has published six books in a year, and her mind is still reeling from the awesomeness. Her books include Endless: A Modern Cinderella Tale; The Princess an ... read more
Latest book: Just My Luck

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I am a semi retired aviator with a love for travel and stories.
Latest book: Bushmen Stories: Beginning

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Jacob Landis is a maintenance technician who lives in the state of Pennsylvania. He enjoys snowy days and writing complex stories for young adults.
Latest book: Jordyn the Ohnyx of Hope

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Jacob Abshire was born October 1977 and raised in the greater Houston area in Texas. Jacob is married and has four children. He serves as a teacher at his local church and contributor to Truth411, an online Christian content provider. His first book was published in May 2011, called "Forgiveness: A Commentary on Philemon."
Latest book: Forgiveness: A Commentary on Philemon

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Jacob Carlisle lived in Ferguslie Park, the setting for his debut novel, Small Fish Big Fish, until he was fifteen. At twenty-one he went back to study full-time at Langside College, and from there to Glasgow University, graduating Bachelor of Science. Jacob was a regular on the Scottish Folk Club circuit, playing guitar and singing with his friends and cousins for pocket money. He lived in Paisley until, at the age of twenty-six, he met and married Sue, who convinced him to return with her to Australia, a move he has never regretted. Jacob has enjoyed a successful career in small business, marketing and strategic planning in Australia, but by late 2008 he was on the lookout for a more creative pastime. He d ... read more
Latest book: Dark Fantasy

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Jacob Cole is from Gainesville, Florida where he is a freelance content writer, a job he thoroughly enjoys. Aside from that, he enjoys eating junk food, watching TV/movies, and playing video games. Jacob has a BFA in Creative writing from Full Sail University.
Latest book: The Old Car

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as both a high school student and a small time writer i find my inspirations from daily life at the hell hole i am forced to go to. I also get it from the assignments given out in history and english
Latest book: The Student

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I became interested in writing and reading in junior high, but really, writing became a passion of mine in high school.
Latest book: Chronicles of a Rock Troll: New Beginning

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I was born and raised outside Chicago, Illinois. During high school I started writing science fiction and fantasy stories but never tried to have them published. In college I became deeply interested in philosophy, religion, and government which led me to attend law school. After graduating from law school I decided to start writing again incorporating what I had studied in college and law school. Only this time I wanted to do a full-length novel and get it published. In late 2011 I finished the manuscript for The Fifth World and got it published on May 26, 2012. It is the first of what I hope to be many science fiction novels.
Latest book: The Fifth World: The Times That Try Men's Souls

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Jacob Heim is a 24-year old philosophy major at Southern Virginia University. He loves martial arts, writing (of course), asking uncomfortable questions, and going on adventures with his awesome wife Shauna.
Latest book: Secondhand Bounty: Skin Thieves Part 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jacob Henry
Jacob Henry is an aspiring writer with a passion for science fiction and fantasy. He is currently working towards his BFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University.
Latest book: Obsidian: The First Battle

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Philosopher Jacob Needleman has been teaching and writing about the riches of the inner life for four decades, giving a sophisticated but accessible perspective on the “big questions” of existence. A popular professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University who has been featured on Bill Moyers’ “World of Ideas” series, Needleman’s most recent works include What is God?, An Unknown World, and the Fearless Books title NECESSARY WISDOM.
Latest book: The Way of the Physician: Recovering the Heart of Medicine

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jacob Palmer
Jacob Palmer is an erotica writer living in Exeter, England. Having self-published two non-erotica novels, Jacob is now a full time erotica writer with several stories planned for release over the course of the year. He is also planning several novellas and novelettes which will be released via Smashwords. Far from being a genre writer, Jacob writes in a wide variety of styles with an even wider range of themes and characters. The main interest in his writing is the psychological elements of desire and lust which consume his characters. 'Where There's A Whip, There's A Way' is the first release from Jacob on Smashwords as an indie writer. When not writing, Jacob enjoys coffee, whiskey and wine, his classic ... read more

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Jacob Parr currently lives on the Eastern Shore of the United States. As a writer he has written many different genres and lengths of stories over the course of his life. In high school, he was awarded and recognized upon graduation from the State of Maryland for his literary efforts. In college, he continued his passion for short stories and novels. He is currently at work on his second, full-length novel titled 'Tragedy', which will be set in the Baltimore Washington Area of the Nation's Capitol. Extended Bio: As a writer, I have written many different genres and lengths of stories over the course of my life. In high school, I submitted stories for our Nationally-acclaimed literary magazine Echoes, and was ... read more
Latest book: Moonlit Nights

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jacob Prytherch
Jacob Prytherch has been making up stories since he was a child, even when he should have been paying attention in school. His influences include Ray Bradbury, William Gibson, and Neil Gaiman. His first novel The Binary Man, published in 2012, has since gone on to be the #1 cyberpunk bestseller on on two occasions. He currently lives in Birmingham with his wife and two daughters.
Latest book: The House on the Bay

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JACOB ASHER SINGER WAS BORN in 1935 in a small town west of Johannesburg, in South Africa. After attending school at the Potchefstroom High School for Boys, he studied Pharmacy at the Chelsea Polytechnic in London, England. In 1960, he married Evelyn Jackson, and practiced successfully as a pharmacist for the next 25 years, retiring in 1985 and emigrating to Canada in December 1992. His first book, BRAKENSTROOM, is a book of short stories about Potchefstroom, the town he grew up in as a boy, and where he and his family lived for many years. It is available from Amazon as an eBook and a soft cover. His second book, THE VASE WITH THE MANY COLOURED MARBLES is now available from Amazon as an eBook and a soft ... read more
Latest book: The VASE with the MANY COLOURED MARBLES

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Jacob Williams is a high school senior living with his parents in Atlanta, Georgia. He enjoys camping, hanging out with friends, and spending time with his Siberian husky. In his spare time, he volunteers at his mother’s non-profit organization, VOICE TODAY.
Latest book: Gracie Finds Her Voice

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Jacob Drake is the author of various Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction and Erotica books, all available on Smashwords. His only problem in writing is not having enough time to write to completion all the stories he gets in his head. "If I wrote constantly until the day I died I still would never be able to exhaust the imagination that is the source of these stories. "I've always loved reading, so somewhere along the line it only seemed natural that I would sit down and start writing the type of stories I like to read. And that's only because I can't always find a book I want to read that encompasses the type of story I want. Sure, there are lots of great authors out there, but they don't always have their next ... read more
Latest book: The Solarian

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I came from dirt, and graduated to the curb.
Latest book: The Royal Treatment

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Koos Kotze is a former member of the South African Police Force. He served between 1985 and 1991 primarily as a sergeant in the Pretoria Flying Squad. After leaving the Police Force he obtained the law degrees B Iuris & LLB at the University of the Free State (Bloemfontein, South Africa) and was a commercial law attorney for eight years. During his police years he was awarded the South African Police Medal for Combating Terrorism twice besides lesser awards. These days he is the owner of JKLS Africa and Associates, a specialist legal consultancy which specializes in hostage survival training and reducing legal risk in Sub Saharan Africa. He also wrote nine books on business, law, counter terrorism and security ... read more
Latest book: JKLS AFRICA Blogs 2014 - 2015

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Jacopo Stefani nasce nel 1986 a Firenze, e subito si rende conto che c’è qualcosa che non va. Inizia quindi saltuariamente a riflettere, nelle pause fra un ospedale, un prato o un’aula piena di colleghi bambini, a cose come il senso del tempo e la scioccaggine del potere. Rivelatasi la cosa impraticabile nel contesto adolescenziale, rimane traumatizzato ed è pertanto costretto ad andare a studiare filosofia. Da lì prende l’avvio una vicenda che, fra studi filosofici, poesia, teatro, pratiche orientali e disoccupazione, lo porterà a rendersi conto che la condizione umana rimane assurda anche in quanto la si comprenda: è la nascita di un ricercatore. Pertanto, oggi, nelle pause fra un ospedale, un inte ... read more
Latest book: Uscite dal pensiero

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Great Review: I just finished reading "But a Walking Shadow"H ow do you manage to plumb the depths of horror and squalor so thoroughly and then find more of each to pile on. it's a great read for sure a real page turnerand like the best stories i'm left at the end with an emptiness i want to be back in that world harrowing as it is and to know more about these people my new friends. I started reading on paper but finished it on my kindle and I wonder whether the conversion might cause any corruptions. All the same a greatly enjoyable book with hints of Jane Austen in the romantic parts and of Dickens in the squalor, not that I found it derivative or unoriginal, quite the contrary. I’m sure it would make a g ... read more

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Jacquel Chrissy May is a writer and lifelong fan of fantasy and science fiction. She grew up reading everything from “The Lord of the Rings” to the Redwall series. In the seventh grade, she once slapped the class bully across the face because he didn’t know what a Cthulhu was. In high school, she invented the stories of the Teen Rebels and Temmy & Venus, both of which have evolved to the teen fiction that she has began to favor in recent years. The kinds of stories she generally write (besides fan fiction) are drama, mystery, science-fiction, and fantasy. Most of her stories are just watered-down versions of real life, and the problems that come from it.
Latest book: Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer

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Jacqueline Abrahams is the author alter ego for an ordinary mum to three children (two human and one canine) and wife to one husband. Born in South Africa, she now calls Sydney, Australia her home. A collector all things books and bookish, she in an avid reader and has a tiny obsession with filling bookshelves. Scared of Beautiful is her debut new adult novel, the first in The Scared Series. (currently available on Amazon). Infinite Fear is the latest installment to the series, a prequel novella. Scared of Forever is available now for pre-order on Amazon!

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Jacqueline Ciolli is a lifelong fan of the works of H. P. Lovecraft. She currently works as a civil servant for the local sheriff of her home county in Southern California. She lives with a hairless cat who thinks she is the Queen of all she surveys, and drives a car named Daisy. Watch for the second book in The Weird Adventures of Edward Sinclair Trilogy, "A Green Flame Whispers".
Latest book: A Yellow Moon Watches

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Jacqueline Collin is an writer living In Edmonton Alberta.
Latest book: When I Became a Zombie: A Short Tail of Violent Death

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Jacqueline Diamond has sold 100 novels, including mysteries, romantic comedy, medical romances, romantic intrigue and paranormal thrillers. She received a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times magazine and has twice been a Rita Award finalist. Jackie is a former Associated Press reporter and television columnist in Los Angeles. You can find a complete booklist and sign up for her free monthly newsletter on her website, You can email Jackie at
Latest book: Calling All Glass Slippers

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"Mon regard Vagabonde Pour se poser Là où les mots Transmettent Une lueur d'espoir." Depuis mon adolescence ( que le temps passe vite! C'est un cliché, mais c'est vrai!), je griffonne, j'écris, je lis, j'emmagasine des idées, des opinions pour être lues un jour. Je suis contente d'avoir gardé beaucoup de mes anciens textes. Ils me permettent de mesurer ma maturité émotionnelle au fil du temps (Dieu merci). Ils me servent d'encouragement quand en panne d'inspiration je rouspète contre ce désir d'écrire qui me ronge. Ils me servent de repères. J'aime la magie, la folie et la sagesse qui transpirent à travers des phrases joliment pensées et écrites. C'est pourquoi je récite et j'organise des r ... read more
Latest book: 10 Étapes avant de publier son ebook

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Jacqueline's love of storytelling began at an early age when she would make up stories with her grandma before bedtime. In early 2010, she completed her first novel and has been stuck on writing ever since. She resides in Colorado and loves hiking, writing, fantasy fiction, and all things cupcake.
Latest book: Besotted (Thoughtless Series #2)

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Nació en Maracaibo, Venezuela, en 1966. Doctora en Ciencias Sociales (UCV) y Licenciada en Letras (LUZ). Su trabajo ha discurrido entre la literatura y el periodismo, abarca la poesía, la narrativa, el testimonio, la crónica, la literatura infantil y el periodismo gastronómico. Toda su obra poética publicada desde 1986 hasta 2006 fue recogida en Verbos predadores (Ediciones Equinoccio, 2007). En 2011 apareció el poemario Postales negras (Ediciones Sociedad de Amigos del Santo Sepulcro). Ha obtenido diversos reconocimientos, entre ellos el premio único de la XII edición del Concurso Transgenérico convocado por la Sociedad de Amigos de la Cultura Urbana (2012); Premio Regional de Literatura "Jesus Enriqu ... read more
Latest book: Nosotros los salvados

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jacqueline Grant
My passions are history and writing. I spend most of my time researching books I am planning to write or actually writing them. I have a PhD in Caribbean and Latin American history and I teach 11th and 12th grade students at a private college prep school in Reno. I was born on the island of Jamaica and many of my stories are set in the Caribbean or have Caribbean themes. But I also write about lots of other things and I'm particularly fond of stories that help children see their value and stories that just plain make people giggle. I hope you enjoy reading Gunga Peas Books.
Latest book: My Name is Noel