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After working more than a decade in two of the largest churches in Central and Northern California, Grant Cox started, an online ministry devoted to helping dads become heroes in their own homes. His education in journalism alongside his passion for ministry give him a unique ability to communicate God's plan for marriage and parenting, equipping men and women to lead their families more effectively than ever before. He and his wife, Talacey, have one daughter. They live in the heart of central California.
Latest book: The 5-Step Adventure from Failure to Father to Hero

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Grant Crusor is a poet and native of the Chicagoland area. In January of 2011 he published his first book of poetry, Nowhere to Hide, and currently working on his second offering for a 2012 release. The most succinct description of Grant would be: a son/brother/lover/friend/fighter/thinker/writer.
Latest book: Racing

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"Loyal to cause, passionate about life, never surrender." Grant de Graf is a writer, film producer and director, who is active in a number of multi-media initiatives. He is South African born and bush educated, a University of Cape Town graduate, a product of braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and fine dining. De Graf has traveled to the four corners of the world, worked and lived in the go-go bars of the rich and famous, scuba dived the Great Barrier and Red Sea, jackerooed on the sheep stations of NSW and Victoria, former Navy diver and underwater explosives expert, conducted sea search and rescue off the Mozambique Channel, and braved the jungles of Africa. Additionally, he played a meaningful role in Sou ... read more
Latest book: Cavalier's Call

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Hi. My name is Grant. I write books and they are awesome. Thanks!
Latest book: Stroke of Genius (Archie Lemons #3)

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A voracious reader of Action-Thrillers, Grant Finnegan began his literary journey more than ten years ago by writing his first story. He then began the Seventh List, inspired by the question, 'what would you do in your life if you knew the date it would end?' He is currently working on a new novel concerned with life's challenges and meaning, and how we cope with change. Grant is divorced with 2 children, and lives near the beach in Melbourne Australia. You can find him online at
Latest book: The Seventh List

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Author of the Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve YA novel series!
Latest book: Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve in...Tiger Trouble!

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I am a qualified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. I have been running my own successful personal training studio for 8 years now,. and I am extremely passionate about helping people achieve full body transformations. My biggest reward is seeing how living an active, healthy lifestyle can completely transform a persons life,from physical fitness, strength and appearance. To confidence, happiness and more zest for life. I love what I do and I have been blessed to be able to write about my passion.
Latest book: The 9 Step Absolution - Nine Simple Steps to a Leaner You

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Grant Jerkins is the author of the novels A Very Simple Crime, At the End of the Road, and The Ninth Step. His newest novel, Done in One (with Jan Thomas), will be published by St. Martin's Press/Thomas Dunne Books, January 2015.
Latest book: Eula Shook

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The Portland Tales is the first book of short stories written by Grant Keltner. Both fictitious and non-fictitious in nature, tales of life growing up in Oregon. Some of the stories are funny, some are sad; some are stories of love and faith, some are stories of miracles, stories of friends and family. The book contains historical events with my family, some of the stories are of people that I've encountered through the years. Portland, Oregon is the centerpiece of many of the stories in this book. This collection includes short stories that were inspired from my recollections with events, fables and yarns that cover my upbringing here in the City of Roses. It's my intent to remember the times that meant the mo ... read more
Latest book: The Rose City Chronicles

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Grant McKenzie is the internationally-published author of four edge-of-your-seat thrillers, plus an ongoing mystery series set in San Francisco. His debut novel, Switch, was published by Bantam UK, Heyne Germany and Penguin Canada before launching in the U.S. and Taiwan. His other novels include: No Cry For Help, K.A.R.M.A. and Port of Sorrow. His fifth edge-of-your-seat thriller, The Fear In Her Eyes, will be launched in January 2014 from Polis Books. Under the pen name, M.C. Grant, he writes the Dixie Flynn series that began with Angel With A Bullet, continued in October with Devil With A Gun, and will return in 2014. His short story Underbelly appeared in the First Thrills anthology edited by Lee Child from ... read more
Latest book: Groza

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Born and raised on the West Coast, Grant Michaels has been a private trainer to competitive bodybuilders and strength athletes for more than three decades and has seen countless fitness fads come and go. He focuses his teaching on a combination of the time-tested exercises that have always been shown to produce results and cutting edge, science-backed methods. His enthusiasm for helping people reach peak physical performance lead him to start writing and sharing the techinques previously only available to his private physical training clients. In his free time he enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and three wonderful boys and of course... Working out!
Latest book: Beat Back Pain: Know Your Back. Strengthen Your Muscles. End Back Pain.

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I am the seam between a gas and a liquid as in "Given by the side of space".
Latest book: The Lesson

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I'm a self-published writer, originally from Illinois. I grew up in the orbit of the strange planet Chicago -- just out of reach, but just close enough that it feels like home. Relocated to central Ohio to be with my wife about a decade ago, so I suppose Columbus is my home now. For a number of years, I've worked in the courseware development industry, creating educational materials for IT companies. I've been writing since I was a kid on my Dad's Apple II -- sometimes tidbit stories based on dreams, sometimes raving, suicidal anecdotes from a depressed teenager, but most often about trying to find connection in a world in which I've often felt alien. It shouldn't have been any surprise that, after failing to ... read more
Latest book: A Black Tie Affair

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Author of: To Finish a Quilt - early 2012 Wall of Shadows - mid 2013
Latest book: To Finish A Quilt

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Grant Stone's stories have appeared in Shimmer, Strange Horizons, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Semaphore, and Use Only As Directed and have twice won the Sir Julius Vogel Award. He's also one-third of the Cerberus Writing Band, along with Dan Rabarts and Matthew Sanborn Smith.
Latest book: Everything is Fine

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Grant Wattie is a New Zealand-based global coach and counselor, family and relationship therapist (who also specializes in executive leadership), and author of a series of books on personal transformation. During his 30+ year career, Grant’s passion for life-long learning includes development in business management, executive coaching, counseling, leadership development, the arts and philosophy. His unique capabilities revolve around the ability to build relationships, develop creative solutions, and bring about sustained behavioral change. Grant trained as a family therapist for four years at the Family Centre Lower Hutt with Charles Waldegrave, an internationally recognized NGO. As part of a multidiscipl ... read more
Latest book: The Aroha Process: Your Journey of Transformation to Create an Extraordinary Life

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Isn't he that guy from Ghost Hunters? Yes... yes he is. Grant grew up a goofball, constantly in a state of creativity. He has been drawing and composing music since he was almost too young to start. At the age of twelve he started building literary worlds; cultures, magic, languages, and more. When wasn't feasting on geekiness or creating his own, he was bruising himself up hiking, biking, camping, and playing soccer. Now that he has finally grown up, he’s added more to that list including; cooking, ghost hunting, playing with his band, and pretending he isn’t twelve.
Latest book: Kingship, Tales from the Aether, Book One; Brotherhood of the Strange

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Grant E Brazell was born in Sydney Australia in 1966 to parents of English heritage. He has been a Fantasy buff for decades and spends most of his life wide awake in dreamland. He currently lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife, one son and two cats. He has had many influences in his writing. His early love of fantasy and indeed reading came while still at school when he picked up The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. From there he read fantasy voraciously. Authors such as David Eddings, Margaret Weis to name a few enthralled him. Between readings he dreamed of his own adventures and the desire to write was firmly implanted. Life though got in the way and it was another 30 years before he would put pen to paper. T ... read more
Latest book: Tesania complete series Box set: Trannyth's Keep, Tiadath Mage

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Born in Romania in 1973, Gratiela acquired a somewhat complex curriculum. She obtained her LLM In Law and Juridical Sciences at the University of Bucharest and a Common Law - Law Degree at the prestigious BPP London Law School. In 2006, due to health problems, she left London and the law arena to settle with her daughter in the deep French countryside of Dordogne. It was only after her ND Experience that she began to awaken to a world she was trying to run away from and to her inner healing abilities. Trained academic on one side and born healer on the other, she found it difficult to reconcile the two worlds to which she was part of. As a hard trained lawyer and researcher, she could not settle for the esote ... read more
Latest book: Le Sage Roi, Le Sorcier Maléfique et Le Retour Du Prince

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Latest book: A Vampire in Paris

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Gray Graham, NTP, teaches clinical nutrition to physicians and other healthcare practitioners worldwide. He is the founder of the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA). Deborah Kesten, MPH, is a nutrition researcher, award-winning author, and certified wellness coach. Her pioneering work explores the power of food to heal physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Larry Scherwitz, PhD, is a behavioral scientist, author, and lecturer, with a special focus on mind-body medicine, preventing and reversing heart disease, and overcoming overweight and obesity.
Latest book: Pottenger’s Prophecy: How Food Resets Genes for Wellness or Illness

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Gray Kane has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Mississippi and works at Austin Peay State University. He, his wife Carole, and their three rescue dogs live in Clarksville, Tennessee.
Latest book: Controlled Accident

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Graysen Morgen is the bestselling author of Falling Snow, Fast Pitch, and Bridesmaid of Honor, as well as many other titles. She was born and raised in North Florida with winding rivers and waterways at her back door and the white sandy beach a mile away. She has spent most of her lifetime in the sun and on the water. She enjoys reading, writing, fishing, and spending as much time as possible with her partner and their daughter.
Latest book: Mommies

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Motivational, inspirational, real life driven are the only ways one can describe Teaching: The Greatest Career on the Planet. Written as a resource for all educators, this resources will challenge you to rethink education generally, and classroom teaching specifically. This is a must read for all professional educators, both teachers and administrators alike. The e-book does not have the benefit of the motivational quotes or reading resources as does the written version. However, the substance of the e-book is what makes this resource a hit, and the price makes it all the more attractive. Buy it now!
Latest book: Teaching: The Greatest Career On The Planet

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With his first published work, Overload and Explode, Grayson Copeland has introduced men everywhere to a new dimension to sexuality by outlining his technique to enhance the male orgasm. Ejaculating more, farther, and with greater intensity is not only more satisfying for him, but for his partner as well. Written in everyday language that every man can relate to and understand, Copeland opts to show how there is a way to accomplish an enhanced orgasm without the gimmicks or unproven "volume pills" that have infected the internet as it relates to this topic. His upcoming release will focus on his nonfiction account of his wild, but short-lived days as a male stripper.
Latest book: Overload and Explode

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Multi-Genre Writer,Blogger,Paranormal enthusiast, Wolf Enthusiast, Music Lover.
Latest book: Whispers in the Hallway

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Grayson Queen
Grayson Queen is a full-time novelist and painter located out of Orange County, California. His artistic passions range from deeply philosophical to unusual science fiction and fantasy. In his free time, Grayson dabbles with music, sculpture, and various explorations of geek culture. He is happily owned by two amazing cats. Check for other upcoming books in print or ebook at:
Latest book: Absolute Power: Book 1: Origins

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We are mother and daughter from Sydney, Australia, who love to read and write stories! We have written a Children/Young Adult novel that is a cross between the genres of fantasy and science-fiction. It is called 'Between Angels and Humans', a novel filled with adventures and fantastic settings that will take you on a ride of imagination. Hope you'll all enjoy it and recommend it to your friends!
Latest book: 天使·人类之间

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We are the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. Are you a writer? A fan of horror? So are we. Like being scared? We do, too! Let's explore our mutual passions across the spectrum: prose, screenplays, poetry, art, photography. Company Overview We're a collective and compendium of writers, artists, and fans exploring the genre of horror, science fiction, fantasy, true crime, and horotica.
Latest book: Erie Tales, VIII: Holiday Horror

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Green Teacher is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping educators, both inside and outside of schools, promote environmental awareness among young people aged 6-19. Our quarterly Green Teacher magazine offers perspectives on the role of education in creating a sustainable future, practical articles and ready to use activities for various age levels, and reviews of dozens of new educational resources.
Latest book: Apprentissage en plein air

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Our slogan is "books that matter". Green Leaf Publishers is now a cooperative enterprise. We have partnered with several authors who share common goals and write about topics like global warming, the environmental devastation in Vietnam, nuclear terrorism and organized crime as well as health topics like Fibromyalgia and PTSD. Since the Lopintos became grandparents, they have published two children's books focused on conservation, and partnered with another children's book writer . The authors in our cooperative share marketing and other resources The LoPintos charge no upfront fees. They work with the authors as true partners promoting their books jointly, and providing our technical and publishing ... read more
Latest book: Mobsters : Calla's Curse

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I have been working in tourism sector since 10 years as Porter, Guide, Team leader and office manager. Because of my experience and enthusiastic to contribute a step in Nepalese Tourism he decided to open Company with his friend Raj. I have done Tourism related training such as Trekking Guide, Mountain Safety, and first aid...... I have been handling all the business very activity & successfully in a team work with his staffs. Beyond the business his is actively involved in social works as well. Contact Us for more information
Latest book: Everest Base Camp Trek

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I graduated from the University of Delaware in 1969 with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in Russian History. The Romanov dynasty fascinated me, especially the era of the last Tsar. Even the names were dramatic and mysterious: Ivan The Terrible, Peter The Great, Catherine the Great. Nicholas II was ill prepared and a hopeless leader of his 130 million subjects. Empress Alexandra had more strength of will and exerted it readily—although lovingly—over her passive husband. The image in the book of the 4 Grand Duchesses haunted me when I first saw it in 1966 continues to haunt me, knowing how those ethereal beauties met their horrific end. And then there’s Alexei. His incurable disease, the “Royal ... read more
Latest book: Alexei and Rasputin

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Greer Noble, educated in Rhodesia and greatly influenced by her mother, a classical pianist and her father, a conservationist, wrote her first title, Veiled Madness, after a three month sabbatical in Zimbabwe's Matusadona National Park, on the shores of Lake Kariba. Her life spans careers as diverse as photographic modelling to designing, building and running holiday resorts, to explorations across Africa. In 1989, Clint Eastwood's award winning film, White Hunter Black Heart, directed by and starring himself, shot on location at her old hotel, also helped fuel her imagination. While her creativity remained under wraps during the Rhodesian bush war, it was these experiences and being privy to top secrets, tha ... read more
Latest book: Veiled Madness

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Greg Acuna – has an unusual combination of business and creative experiences from writing, directing and producing media projects to managing complex ventures for major IT companies. He has a degree in political science from University of Southern California and a Masters degree in playwriting from San Francisco State University. Greg has written/directed one feature film, co-written two other produced features and been a script doctor on several projects. Other accomplishments include two novels, several productions of his plays, poetry published in four countries, composing songs, directing music videos, and writing articles. He has taught screenwriting at the university level. He has also been a consul ... read more
Latest book: Revolution American Style

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greg Alan
Greg Alan lives in Fairfield, Ohio with his Wife, Two Kids, and a Labrador Retrievapotomus. In addition to operating Freeing Families, he works as a freelance graphic designer, owns a childcare center, sings in a rock band, and tries to get some sleep now and again.
Latest book: 12 Freedoms of Healthy Families

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greg Apgar
Greg Apgar is a combat veteran of the Navy, and a veteran of the Army. He has worked as a historic preservation maintenance tech in the museum industry for the last 17 years. He resides in southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and three dogs (and a dirty cat).
Latest book: Ted Lives

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greg Benage
Greg Benage lives with his wife, Maria, in Atlanta, Georgia. When he's not creating stories, Benage creates spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations as a product manager for one of the largest commercial banks in the U.S. Writing as Cameron Haley, he is the author of The Underworld Cycle, an urban fantasy series from Luna Books. MOB RULES, SKELETON CREW and the novella "Retribution" in the HARVEST MOON anthology are available in print and digital at fine bookstores everywhere.
Latest book: A Circle of Iron (Eldernost: Book 1)

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Greg Blair is a novelist and screenwriter who has written for television, cable, and film. He is particularly fond of having been a part of the quasi-legendary animation series, Biker Mice From Mars, which taught him that one could make a living writing and being funny at the same time. Average Joe is his first novel. Having left Hollywood for New Hampshire, he swears the "New Hampshire First" primary, where presidential candidates frantically crisscross the state like crazed pinballs, had no influence on his book at all. Well, maybe a little. He is currently working on his second novel.
Latest book: Average Joe

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greg Blok
Born and raised in Canada, Greg began writing shortly after graduating from Lakehead University and teaching a class of exceptional children. The first time the writing bug caught was when he composed a complete play for his grade six class in 2 hours to the amazement of his students. A few years later, Greg began the manuscript that became "Otto and the Hunt for Mal Goue". It was put on the back burner for 5 years as Greg pursued his career and had 3 wonderful children with his wonderful wife. A chance meeting with a friend pushed Greg to re-read Napoleon Hill's classic "Think and Grow Rich". He realised the first time he read the book, he didn't understand the messaging and immediately picked back up t ... read more
Latest book: Otto and the Hunt for Mal Goue

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Greg is an information and help content author, arming people with the most relevant and useful knowledge that they can use in their everyday life.
Latest book: Common Landscape Lighting Mistakes That You Can Avoid

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell is an award-winning journalist and author specializing in narrative nonfiction and has written for such publications as The Atlantic, The Economist, WSJ Magazine, The Daily Beast, Paris Match, Foreign Policy,, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, the San Francisco Chronicle, In These Times and Amnesty Magazine, among others. He is the author of four nonfiction books, including The Road to Kosovo: A Balkan Diary; Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Deadly Path of the World’s Most Precious Stones; and (with coauthor Scott Selby) Flawless: Inside the World’s Largest Diamond Heist. Blood Diamonds, which won the Colorado Book Award in 2002, served as inspiration for the Oscar- ... read more
Latest book: The Road To Kosovo: A Balkan Diary

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After joining the Australian Horror Writers Association in 2009, Greg Chapman was selected for its mentor program under the tutelage of author Brett McBean. Since then he has had short stories published in The Absent Willow Review, Trembles, Eclecticism, Bete Noire and Morpheus Tales and comic artwork in Midnight Echo Magazine. "Torment" is his first novella-length publication in the United States. It was published on March 1, 2011 by Damnation Books. The same publisher released his second novella "The Noctuary" on December 1, 2011. Chapman is also a horror artist and his first graphic novel "Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times", written by Bram Stoker Award winning authors Rocky Wood and Lis ... read more
Latest book: Vaudeville and Other Nightmares

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Greg Curtis is the name of a hopelessly boring, middle class, sci fi loving nerd. He was born in New Zealand, land of the long white cloud and small flightless birds and grew up in the city of Wellington, renown for its high winds and the almost magical ability of rain and sleet to be lifted off the street and blasted into one's face. After eighteen years of suffering the cold and wet, he was finally blown away in a particularly bad storm to settle far away as a student at Massey and Otago Universities. He was intered there for more years then most would ever admit to. Then when the universities finally pronounced him done he became an overqualified and underpaid worker in the health sector - aren't we all! ... read more
Latest book: Doorways

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A native-born Californian transplanted to Ohio then back to California and currently to Oklahoma. I've been a technical writer, an administration manager, a security guard at a federal laboratory, a WalMart department manager, and am currently a technical writer again. I write science fiction and horror and have been writing since I was in grade school. I've also designed and written games, particularly the play-by-email game Fire On The Suns. I'm 55, white, single, live in Broken Arrow, OK, and like beer, dogs, good food, cheese, chocolate, fishing, and writing.
Latest book: Firepower! The Journal of the Fire On The Suns Universe Issue #2

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Hello folks. If you read the first portion of my book, please, go to my blog and give me feedback or just let me know what's going on with you and i will follow you and we can be friends into the dark vicissitudes. The second portion is coming soon, though already finished. Thank you. I am a fan of lots of things and getting to know you should be one of em'.
Latest book: The Caper volume 2

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Latest book: The Family Tree

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greg Hogan
Hi, I was brown and raised in Ireland and not live in Georgia. I am a photographer and enjoy the outside. I am married and have a beautiful family. I truly believe that if you slow down and stop for just a moment you can see beautiful things in the everyday surroundings of the world we live in. You do not need an expensive camera or top of the line equipment. Just a love and appreciation for the world we live in. The pictures and my poetry is my own. Thank You -greg
Latest book: All In A Day