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John Owens (1964) was born in a small, sleepy town in rural Georgia. For decades, he has diligently studied the human psychology, behaviour and emotions, as well as performed and taught handwriting analysis techniques in the corporate sector. As a business and personal coach and clinical hypnotherapist, he has helped people and organizations live up to their true potential. Today, he has expanded his practice on two continents using his own method that blends coaching and hypnotherapy for maximum effectiveness. As of 2010, John set up practice in Malta and employed his method of healing with clients in health establishments, spas, spiritual and wellness centres in luxury hotels, and various establishments owne ... read more

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John H. Paddison is Professor Emeritus at Central Arizona College. He taught there and at several other colleges and universities after receiving his PhD from the University of Arizona. Paddison’s writing career started with numerous non-fiction publications in the education field and has since branched out to the fiction genre. Upcoming publications include a fictional work entitled "The Grapefruit Burners" and other short stories.
Latest book: China Photos and Reflections: A Grassroots Look at Chinese Culture and the Chinese People

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John Paulits is a former teacher in New York City. He has published three other novels about Philip and Emery as well as Hobson’s Planet, an adult science fiction novel.
Latest book: Philip and the Sneaky Trashmen

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Originally an engineering graduate from the UK keen to become an astronaut, somehow I ended up working in community development overseas for some years. Did I take a wrong turn? I don't think so. I have very few regrets. In between, I've worked in a soup factory, driven a taxi in London, served refreshments in Regents Park and a few other odd jobs. Last year I settled with my Canadian wife and our two sons in Ontario, where we enjoy the great outdoors, Finnish pancakes and blueberries, preferably all three at once. I confess to a lifelong fascination with science and science fiction, ever since watching Dr. Who and Blake's Seven on the BBC as a boy. I'm even old enough to have fuzzy memories of watching t ... read more
Latest book: Samir And The High King

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John Perrier was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1967. Perrier has published four books across a variety of genres and subjects. His first book, published in 1999, was entitled 'Back Pain: How to get Rid of It Forever'. This book emanated from his career as a physiotherapist, and his frustration that all other self-help books on the market gave the same advice and exercises, regardless of the patient’s problem! This book was an instant success in Australia, selling out of its original print run. 'Back Pain’ spawned an offshoot publication, entitled 'Using Your Brain to Get Rid of Your Pain'. This compact paperback was a simple, commonsense guide on how to manage stress, reduce pain and think more healthil ... read more
Latest book: Using Your Brain to Get Rid of Your Pain

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John Phelps was born and raised in Central New York State. He and his wife Wendy now life in Arizona; where the weather is so much nicer. Visits is his first novel.
Latest book: Visits

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John Philip is a simple follower of Jesus. His career has taken him through teaching, company management, editing and writing, and into academia. He lives with his lovely wife, dogs and chickens on a windswept hill farm, with frequent visits to and from his equally lovely children.
Latest book: Fibs, Lies and Scripture

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John Phillip is a Diet, Health and Nutrition Researcher/Writer with a passion for Health Modification through proper diet, nutritional lifestyle and appropriate supplementation. His passion is to research and write about the cutting edge medical technology which will affect our lives through life extension principles.
Latest book: Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan Lite

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John is a retired Sales Engineer. After a Grammar school education started work in an accounts office of a major London company. Did National Service in the RAF for two years as an Instrument Mechanic. Subsequently became an Aircraft Fitter, then a draughtsman with several Aviation and Instrument companies. Then working in the Industrial Control and Instrumentation Industry as A Technical Sales Engineer,and finally Sales Manager and Director.Other interests: Theatre, Golf and Modern History. John loves writing, and has had many articles published in different media. He started his first novel novel, 'THE MALTA ENIGMA' a few years ago, but like a lot of writers, shelved it for a few years owing to being invol ... read more
Latest book: Protecting Pins and Passwords

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I drink coffee. I play with words. I write Haiku. I go by Coffee Commissar because I have a strict protocol for brewing a traditional pot on the stove. Senior Copy Editor for Newsela - Whipsmart Learning, a news website for students geared toward the U.S. Common Core Curriculum. Proofreader for LORE, a magazine of fantasy and speculative fiction.
Latest book: Red Chrysanthemums

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I cut my teeth on the old sci-fi pulps and such great authors as Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Tolkien, Edgar Rice Burroughs and so many, many others. I've been writing since 7th grade. I graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in California with an M.F.A. in experimental animation, which should tell you that I love abstract art and animation. I have taught meditation for a living, traveled around the world, had my own animation business, and currently teach middle school as well as write in every spare moment I have, which also includes doing artwork of the digital kind which I incorporate in my writing as well as animation. I am a spiritual person and believe quite strongly tha ... read more
Latest book: Journey to the Center of the Earth 8 The New Team

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John Poche' is a semi-retired Professional Engineer, Builder and Real Estate Developer. He is an active member of St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where he has served as Senior Warden of the Vestry, and continues serving as Eucharistic Minister and Lector. He and his wife, reside in their lovely lakeside home blessed to be able to enjoy sunsets across the lake. Mr. Poche is a Veteran, former Public Servant and former award winning member of Toastmasters International. John is also a pen, ink and watercolor artist and track and field athlete. He is a National Champion Senior Olympian and member of the Louisiana Senior Olympic Hall of Fame.
Latest book: Abba Father; A Simple Prayer

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John served in Vietnam during 1970 and 1971 as an infantryman with both the Wolfhounds of the 25th Division and the 501st Infantry Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division. He was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star, two Air Medals, and a Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He has spent the years since Vietnam working in various management positions within the automotive industry and has recently received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Now works in sales and logistics for a Belgium company that supplies gears and shafts for transmissions and diesel engines. John is a member of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 154 and lives with his wife, Janice, in Sterling Heights, Michigan ... read more
Latest book: Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel - Revised Edition

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John Poindexter is an English teacher who was inspired to write crime novels from his experience as a Special Agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. His job description was that of Counterespionage Case Officer and has conducted numerous criminal, narcotic, fraud, and counterespionage investigations. He is a winner in the Filbert Publishing June 2010 Short Story Contest and also a 2010 Peevbody Award winner. His writing career also has dealt with writing articles on investigative techniques for the Pacific Stars and Stripes while working in Japan, and reports of investigation used to prosecute individuals. Mr. Poindexter received a B.S. degree in English from Indiana State University and hi ... read more
Latest book: She Rises at Dawn

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Latest book: How Do You Make Apps?

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John Prescott lives in the deep Southern woods of Mississippi with his wife Edie, son Grafton Caine, and their two cats. He loves to spend time with his family, take long walks, and draw. He is, of course, an avid reader. He somehow finds time to umpire baseball and softball while working as an art director. He maintains a Web site dedicated to his writing at, where he oversees a healthy, growing forum and encourages anyone to sign up. John's first short-story collection, Before Sunrise, has met with gratifying success, and he recently headed an international anthology entitled M is for Monster, released Halloween 2010. Pray is John’s first novel.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Priest
John Alexander Priest - born in 1958 in Netherton, near Dudley, West Midlands. One of seven children (three girls, four boys). Started writing in 1985 and had several articles published in National Magazines. First children's book published by Ginn & Co, Ltd., titled 'Naughty Nigel Runs Away'. Followed by 'Tom's Birthday Treat' and 'Answer The Phone Fiona! Latest on-line books for children are: Little Miss Straight Tail, a bedtime read for babies, Peter Challenge - Time Surfer, for children 8yrs-10yrs, and 'Jay-Pea-Eyes aka Junior Private Investigators', also for children 8yrs-10yrs.
Latest book: The Curse of Sea Shell Cave

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Pullinger
A former Travel writer, English teacher and hotelier born and educated in Brisbane, Australia, has worked in and out of Southeast Asia for over twenty years. He lives on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.
Latest book: The Last Jeep to Baclaran

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For over 20-years John B. Pyka has set himself apart as a performer with a theatrical fusion of magic and music. John has performed for millions of people in nearly every venue imaginable; from Music Row to Las Vegas, and has recently appeared Off-Broadway in New York City in his own production of the original Club Roxy Revue! One of John's talents as a performer is to create unforgettable, larger-than-life characters. He has played some of the great characters in theater like The Cowardly Lion, Rooster Hannigan, Marryin' Sam and Mr. Bumble. He has created several original characters, including the 1940's swing hipster Big Daddy Cool, and the past-his-prime vaudevillian Uncle Eddie Sparks. John's shows fus ... read more
Latest book: How To Produce Your Own Theater Show

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Raab
DONALD ALLEN KIRCH lives in Kansas City, Missouri. He is an avid reader of history, Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, and the paranormal. He has a degree in Radio and Television Arts, and is listed in “Who’s Who in America.” After spending two weekends in the famous “Sallie House,” a “haunted house” featured on the Fox TV-series Sightings, in Atchison, Kansas, he is one of the only authors of his genre who can claim to have been attacked by a ghost!
Latest book: Green Lake

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John Rachel has a B. A. in Philosophy, has traveled extensively, is a songwriter, music producer, novelist, a left-of-left liberal, and has spent his entire life trying to resolve the intrinsic clash between the metaphysical purity of Buddhism and the overwhelming appeal of narcissism. Prompted by the trauma of graduating high school and having to leave his beloved city of Detroit to attend university, the development of his social skills and world view were arrested at age 18. This affliction figures prominently in all of his creative work. While living in Japan in 2008, he wrote his first novel, From Thailand With Love. Then in November of 2009, he completed his second novel, The Man Who Loved Too Much. ... read more
Latest book: An Unlikely Truth

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I am a writer from Phoenix, Arizona who has been on many adventures and with my wife and conpanion for 34 years and our friends,Juliet,Abby,Jesse our dogs.
Latest book: The Imagination Has Awaken

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Rasor
I've been writing for 20 years or more. I read a lot when I was younger and one day said to myself, "Hey, I can do that!” And I believe that I can. My first published book is a novel, Roadkill. It’s a serial killer thriller about a man who has lost his wife and unborn child because of a careless driver on her cellphone. Feeling he has been wronged by fate, and longing for revenge, he proceeds to wreak havoc on drivers using cellphones throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. The book follows both the killer and the police who are searching for him – with a lot of help from some motorcycle process servers along the way. My second published book is non-fiction, How Lost Got Lost, and is my take on the TV ... read more
Latest book: A Brief History of Time Travel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Reeves
My name is John Reeves, and I'm the author of The Keepers and Teen Spirit. I'm a loving husband and father of two.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Regan
Sailor and writer. Wrote The Seaman's Handbook + Little Joe: A lusty yarn of the sea. Biggest adventure: followed Magellan around the world and even got shipwrecked.
Latest book: A Singular Captain

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Rhoades
John Rhoades is a firm believer in the Bible, an ardent supporter of the U.S. Constitution, and a defender of liberty. The views expressed in his books are not necessarily his own. After all, he can hardly be expected to share the values of a demon. It would reflect extremely poorly on his church if he did. It has been noted, however, that the foolishness of some of the characters in his books are all his own.
Latest book: Dashing Dave Rides Again

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Rice
I was born in Iroquois Falls Ontario - the fifth child in a family of six. Shortly after the war we moved to a small farm in Sharp Township and when I was five we moved again, this time to a small farm near the village of Charlton Ontario. I left school when I was 15 and, after working at many jobs in the cities of Toronto and Vancouver (as well as other places) I went back to school through a government sponsored program. After completing high school, I studied electronics at Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology. I was hired in 1971 by International Nickel Company as an instrument technician and retired in 2005 after 34 years. My wife died in 2003 from cancer, and both sons, Matthew and Andy, ... read more
Latest book: Keeper of the Sword

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Author, Speaker, and Digital Media Creator. Personal Development Blogger. Ideas for Success!
Latest book: The Path of Consequence

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Richmond
When I read a book I like I want to know something about the author and there’s a very specific reason for it--we’ve been intimate. I don’t think there’s an art form out there that allows one person to commune more directly with another than writing. If I paint a picture, that picture may have a different emotional impact on you than it did for me, or a different meaning altogether, but you still see the same thing I do. It’s right there in front of you. When you read something on a page--a description of a kitchen, say--you don’t see the same room I see, not exactly. Your kitchen may have a white ceramic sink, whereas mine could be stainless steel. Your own mind adds to the picture, changes it, ow ... read more
Latest book: Empathy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Riha
I was born and raised in Illinois. I migrated to the West several times and finally resolved to stay there, with the big mountains and clear rivers. I'm married to a beautiful, funny woman I don't deserve, and I'm a dad to two sons who certainly must have done something right in their previous lives to deserve such a generous, understanding, and doting father. I’ve always been into writing, nature, and some form of carpentry. I grew up with lake houses, summer places where, as a small boy, I balanced my suburban life with a magical universe full of waves and seaweed and tadpoles and rowboats, and where all things that mattered existed. Both my grandfathers were carpenters, and I inherited the gene, and have ... read more
Latest book: Rookies in the Wild

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Robey
Writer, gamer, all-around geek; creator of webcomics The Suburban Jungle ( and NeverNever ( and author of the Brigid and Greg fictionlets.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Robinson
John C. Robinson, renowned natural history tour guide and author of six books on birds, nature, and the environment, has been studying birds and birdwatchers since 1979. An African American ornithologist, John is an advocate for minorities in bird watching. For over twenty-five years, John worked as a wildlife biologist and professional ornithologist for the US Departments of Interior and Agriculture. He wrote all the species accounts and the computer code for his comprehensive multimedia program, the "North American Bird Reference Book" CD-ROM, which has received international recognition and has sold over 108,000 copies.
Latest book: Birding for Everyone

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Rocha
I'm a British photographer and writer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. My photography is mostly editorial and for stock agencies. As a writer I concentrate mainly on short stories and poetry and also on writing non fiction based on photo technique, travel and antiques. I'm married and have a teenage son who loves fantasy fiction
Latest book: Take Your Photos Super Sharp

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Rohrer
John Joseph Rohrer has an Honors Diploma from Chillicothe High School and an Accociate's Degree in Social Sciences from Ohio University. He has completed work on several albums of original music and is the sole author of The Collected Works of John Omni. He currently resides in Athens, Ohio. His email is, and he gratefully welcomes feedback on his work from critics and the converted alike.
Latest book: The Collected Works of John Omni

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Roozen
Living in a log house at 9,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies – who wouldn’t want to stay home and write stories. Add a fine wife, an amusing mix of dogs, wild animals, funky friends, and two children to watch as they meander the world with their own “odd” view on life. So many stories to tell. John Roozen
Latest book: Stories To Make You Dream

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Rothschild
An unusual series of events led John to be one of the most respected football handicappers in the country. He went from getting accepted in Medical School at 18 years old, to studying for an MBA, to owning a successful race horse syndication business. He's combined simple mathematical probability with principles from human nature to make winning choices on a consistent basis.
Latest book: Rothschild's Guide to Football Handicapping

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Rowlands
John has contributed to science and particularly astronomy magazines for over 25 years. In 2010, he fought off over 1300 other entries to reach the final four experiments for BBC Radio 4's 'Material World' programme. Since then, John has gone on to continue his studies of atmospheric phenomena, most notably noctilucent clouds. He works in informal parternship with professional scientists and othe amateurs across the globe. John was one of the few who observed and reported dust visible from the UK following the Chelyabinsk meetorite entry in February 2013. John has a number of scientific papers published with other authors in respected journals. John has appeared on NHK (Japan) TV, and BBC TV's 'Midsummer ... read more
Latest book: Space Clouds: A Short Guide to Observing Noctilucent Clouds and the Science Behind Them

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Rust
John Rust was born in New Jersey and received degrees in the communications field from Mercer County Community College and the College of Mt. St. Vincent. He has worked as a radio sports/news reporter in New Jersey and Arizona. John has previously published three short stories, including "The Art of Fear," featuring the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, in the anthology Halloween Dances with the Dead.
Latest book: Dark Wings

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Sabella
John Sabella has 30 years of media experience in newspapers, radio, magazines and video production. His documentaries on Pacific Northwest and Alaska history, the region’s maritime industries, and the lifestyle and culture of its coastal communities represent a significant contribution to regional lore. His work appears regularly on public television and is widely distributed on DVD and via Internet streaming. The author of numerous books, articles and video scripts, he remains a frequent contributor to trade publications and the general media on business issues, personalities and the environment. He remains personally involved in all of his firm’s creative endeavors.
Latest book: After the Galaxy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Samsen
Over a course of many decades, John Samsen followed a quest to understand the “big questions” of Life; why are we here, what is Life all about, and who am I, really? Trained as an aerospace engineer, John has been a devotee of the Sciences, believing that the scientific method is essential to our understandings of our world. A number of paranormal experiences opened his mind to areas of experience beyond the paradigms of science, and he studied mythologies, religions, philosophies, and psychologies, to expand his understandings. In 1970, he embarked on a quest of Self discovery, participating in hundreds of hours of intensive consciousness exploration with such noted researchers as Dr.s Jean Houston and ... read more
Latest book: Gems Among the Stones; My Path to Awakening

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Sanders
Mr. Sanders has more than 30 years of military leadership and management experience. Additionally, he has over 15 years in the financial services industry. He has also worked as a federal employee within the Department of Homeland Security. He has authored The Right Track workbook designed to provide helpful common-sense, budgeting, credit, and money management to teenagers and young adults. Basic money management skills, how a budget works, and personal discipline are the bedrock on this functional tool. He has attended many classes on financial literacy and employee benefits. The attendance of these courses combined with the unique challenges and privileges associated with being a federal employee has help ... read more
Latest book: Federal Employee Benefits Handbook 2014

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Satisfy
John Satisfy is an erotica author that specializes in fulfilling fantasies with words. His stories are written specifically with the woman’s perspective in mind, but are enjoyed by both genders. Often what starts out as a simple or straightforward scene morphs into something slightly unexpected which is where part of the fun lies. Sex should not be completely predictable, neither should erotica. While some of his works may play with BDSM themes, come across in a more playful manner. After spending his younger years traveling and living through the United States, he is currently living in the Midwest with his new wife. In his free time he loves to bake, listen to music, and take photos, finding ways to e ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Sauer
Author John Sauer has always moved to the rhythm of different drums. He has been a video game script writer and producer, professional big game fisherman, copywriter, brand developer and a glass artist. He believes that wonderful things happen when you break convention and is a firm believer on Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. Other published works by Sauer include books on how to beat video games from Prima Publishing and IDG Books. The Divided Man is his first work of fiction. When he is not getting stories on paper Sauer recycles glass into countertops with his studio GleenGlass LLC near Portland, Oregon.
Latest book: The Divided Man

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Latest book: Mortal Confines

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Schmidt
About John Schmidt With forty years in creative writing, John Schmidt has published eleven books, six through his publishing company, Path Publishing, and five through others. Paralleling the creative writing has been editing and publishing. For more than seventeen years he has been the editor of Path Publishing, releasing the works of eighteen other authors. Along the way he has earned master’s degrees in English, and drama with an English minor; spent several years teaching college and high school English; penned more than 2,000 poems, with some published in the days when he was submitting poems; developed skills for writing in several genres, from nonfiction books to plays to short stories; has given abou ... read more
Latest book: Forty Tips for Church Growth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Scott
John was plagued with weak lungs when very young. Every sniffle ended up as Bronchitis, and 2 weeks of lying in bed, missing his mates at School, and feeling sorry for himself. Alongside that, he nearly drowned when aged 2 by falling face first in a puddle only several inches deep, when his Mum was distracted for a second. His Mum, Joan, was determined he should learn to swim at the earliest opportunity. He had his half mile swimming badge by the age of 8, and gradually, colds became colds, and didn’t mean weeks off School. As a result of the difference improved lung strength made to his health, his parents encouraged him to take up more sports. He never has been very good at any sport, but is well above av ... read more
Latest book: Diet Hard? No Longer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Scott
Quite possibly as mad as a hedgehog at a lawnmower convention, and having won Baldest Wookiee (Westcountry Division) three years in a row, this is John's third novel. Despite a lack of sanity, there appears to be no stopping him. Having written The Legend of Adam Caine and Recon One-Five, and now Ghosts of Earth, the Nineteen Galaxies has become his playground. John currently lives in Chard ("ooh-arr" cider country) with his amazing wife and with two amazing kids, and is still writing. For feth's sake, somebody stop him!
Latest book: Ghosts of Earth

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I am a retired chemist with five children and seven grandchildren with lots of time to spend on writing. All of my stories have a strong female character. My other efforts will be coming out soon.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Shore
John Shore is an award-winning book author. His articles for The Huffington Post's Religion section are among its most popular. His blog,, is one of the most read and commented upon in the blogosphere. He is the founder of the growing movement known as Unfundamentalist Christians. Praise for John Shore: “John Shore is America’s preeminent non-douchey Christian.” — Dan Savage, Savage Love, founder of the It Gets Better Project. “John Shore is awesome. The minute I started reading his stuff, I knew he was a brother from another mother.” — Rob Bell, author of Love Wins, Sex God, and Velvet Elvis. “John Shore is a gadfly, calling the Christian Church everywhere to act the way it s ... read more
Latest book: Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang: Why I Do the Things I Do, by God (as told to John Shore)

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John “Bobby” Shupeck is a freelance poet, musician, and former semi-professional wrestler from Leechburg, Pennsylvania. He is currently working on his next novel, 12 Nights of Sorry.