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Jim Richards is eagerly anticipating the return of the Lord after pastoring more than twenty years, having served as an associational Director of Missions and traveling and ministering in 50 states and 19 countries. His background includes serving as the first Vice President of the SBC and Executive Director of the SBTC since its founding in 1998. He’s earned a Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. The Criswell College awarded him the Doctor of Divinity in 2013. Jim has authored numerous books and writes a regular column in the TEXAN newsmagazine. He and his wife, June, have three children and three grandchildre ... read more
Latest book: Revelation: The Best is Yet to Come

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From the film, National Treasure: "There are 20 million books in the Library of Congress, and they all say the same thing: 'Listen to Riley!'" Why listen to Riley? My prayer is that those of you who love the Truth, and are disheartened by the falseness in the world, will find sanctuary in my words. Some say the nature of enlightenment is beyond the purview of language to express. Perhaps, when we try to put it directly. But a good story may do. In college I was the Editor of the literary magazine and received a national award for young writers. I turned instead to music. There my guru was the grievous errors many rock musicians are prone to. If we learn from our mistakes I must be singularly inspired. With w ... read more
Latest book: Enlightenment

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Jim Roberts was born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Growing up in Alberta, he studied theatre, screenwriting and motion picture arts at Red Deer College. A voracious reader, his literary love spans every genre, but especially the works of Ian Fleming, David Morrell, and Robert E. Howard. The amazing renaissance of digital publishing has given him a perfect opportunity to release his longtime pet-project: The Code of War. Jim currently resides in Red Deer, Alberta where he is hard at work on the next Code of War novel.
Latest book: The Peacemakers (Book Two of the Code of War)

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Jim Rupe attended Central Missouri State University where he received a degree in education. After graduation, he spent the majority of his adult life as an educator, filling the roll of administrator, teacher and coach in both private, and public sectors. He married Sharon his college sweetheart, and the love of his life. Together they raised two wonderful sons, and continue to enjoy a very close family association. With a keen sense of purpose and a penchant for adventure, Jim began his earnest hunt for the answers to life’s questions at age thirty-three. After exploring numerous dead ends, he began a thorough examination of the Bible, discovering a passionate curiosity for Biblical eschatology. Through a ... read more
Latest book: Day of Vindication

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Jim Sajo is a freelance writer living in Italy.
Latest book: The Salome Effect

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First published in "Walkabout", an Australian geographic magazine, followed shortly by an article in "Animal Kingdom", the New York Zoological Society magazine chronicling my IUCN/WWF research grant to determine the status of the Tasmanian Tiger. Spent seven years in Australia in the most remote areas of the continent capturing wild bulls, exploring wilderness that no other man had ever ventured into, living with aborigines, etc. Past twenty years have been publishing in various outdoor interest magazines. "The Bull Catchers" is my first book length project.
Latest book: THE BULL CATCHERS - A Unique Journey Into the Wild Heart of Oz

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I'm a student, novelist, translator and traveler, currently living in Luxembourg in the heart of Europe. If you want to contact me, use any of the means at your disposal here, or have a look at my blog. It would be nice to hear from you!
Latest book: Liqueur de la Succession

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Jim Shelley (b. February 29, 1952) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, poet, painter, and former high school teacher. Since the release of his first album, 12 Songs, in 1979, Shelley has usually recorded his albums in his home studio on a four or eight track machine, more often than not performing all the instrumental and vocal parts himself, though in recent years he has employed a full band on a number of occasions. Shelley is a relatively prolific writer, having released more than 500 songs on over forty records, most of them since 1989. He played a prominent role in the 1990s lo-fi music scene. Over the last couple decades, Shelley has performed live a hundred or so times on the East Coast, mostly i ... read more

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James C. Slusher, author of "Leviathan's Scales," available on Smashwords, and all major ebook sales websites, is an award-winning newspaper writer and editor with more than 35 years experience throughout the Midwest and California. As Assistant Managing Editor for Opinion at the Daily Herald, the third largest daily newspaper in Illinois, he oversees the development of the editorial page and helps define the editorial voice at a 130,000-circulation daily newspaper serving the west and northwest suburbs of Chicago. Slusher works closely with other newsroom managers to establish and monitor policies of the news operation, and he writes a weekly column to give readers insights into the decision-maki ... read more

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Jim has had an almost 40 year successful career as a serial entrepreneur. Born and raised in Northeast PA he is a 1976 graduate of King's College and completed the Executive Management program at The Wharton School in 1984.He is married since 1978 and has three children and one grandchild.
Latest book: The Real Business 101: Lessons From the Trenches

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Jim Southard has worked as a communicator throughout his life for organizations like Third Millennium Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ, or Atlantic Coast Communications. Whether writing, photography, videography, voiceover or teaching, he has always been employed as a communicator. He lived in Budapest, Hungary from 2002 to 2010 where he assisted Campus Crusade staff in developing multimedia capacities. In 1992, he received his Master of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. Besides golf, he enjoys singing, songwriting and running. His handicap has ranged from two to ten over the last 30 years.
Latest book: God Carries a One Iron: A Christian Approach to Golf

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Born in 1955,Jim Spinosa remembers,as a youngster, being entranced by the science fiction novels he perused in a small,corner bookstore in Denville, NJ. The cramped confines of that store had claimed to contain the largest selection of books in Northern New Jersey. His penchant for science fiction engendered an interest in physics. Often daunted by the difficulty of physics textbooks,he questioned whether physics could be presented as clearly and concisely as science fiction,without sustaining any loss in depth Nuts and Bolts:Taking Apart Special Relativity is an attempt to answer that question.
Latest book: Bell's Inequality Untwisted

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Latest book: Managing Leadership

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Swearingen
Originally from Oregon, Jim Swearingen has worked with users of continuous positive airway pressure for over a decade. Operating under a state license to provide home medical equipment, he has had great success helping patients use and benefit from this type of equipment. He has a Master's Degree in Business and currently resides in Florida.
Latest book: Duerme Bien y Sientete Grandioso Con CPAP * Segunda Edición

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Terry
I was born in St. Louis. I lived in Springfield, Mo for about the last 22 years (can’t really remember when I moved here). I now live in Gamaliel, AR, having moved here in Feb. of 2014 During my life I have been a bartender, waiter, truck driver, cab driver, tried my hand a stand-up comedy, a radio dj, radio news, a tour guide and photographer at a drive through cave, a certified medication aide, house-painter, a tax professional, dishwasher, a detox tech for an alcohol and drug rehab center, plus many others forms of work along the way. My last stint in radio was 2005. After my divorce that same year, I went back to school at the local university to study writing. I have various works in progress. Hopefully, ... read more
Latest book: The Great Art of Life

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Jim Tortolano is a professor at Golden West College in California. He recently was editor and publisher of the Garden Grove Journal community newspaper. His journalism career included writing and editing for the Long Beach Press-Telegram, Orange County Evening News and Los Angeles Times. Additionally, he served for seven years in the California State Military Reserve (reserve to the National Guard) in the public affairs section, rising to the rank of staff sergeant. He is married and living in his hometown of Garden Grove. His interests include history (especially military and local history), politics and film, as well as writing and reading.
Latest book: No Justice: Adventures of the Black Dog

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Jim Traylor lives in Chandler, Arizona with his jewelry designer wife Louise and his Pomeranian therapy pup T-La. In addition to writing, jim enjoys music, RV Travel, Guitar and visiting children's hospitals and elder-care homes with T-La. The Monkey Soldiers was his first novel, followed by Regena Guitar and Other Short Stories, and A Poets Passion. His latest novel, Siam Song is a mystery romance novel. He is a Vietnam era Army Veteran with nine years’ service. A more detailed Biography and information on works in progress may be seen at If you wish to contact Jim, please send your email to

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Jim Utsler is both a freelance and contract writer and has won multiple awards for individual articles, regular columns and as the editor of Visit Detroit, a popular regional travel magazine. He’s also contributed to publications as diverse as PGA Magazine, Automotive World and IBM Systems Magazine, in addition to working with clients such as General Motors, the University of Michigan and He has a creative writing degree from the University of Michigan’s Residential College and a graduate degree in written communications, with a focus on fiction, from Eastern Michigan University.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Vick
At the age of 6, Jim Vick walked onto a college campus to start the first grade, and he has never left. A brief summary: 12 years at the LSU Laboratory School, 4 years to get a BS in math at LSU, 4 years to get an MA and PhD in math at the University of Virginia, 2 years teaching at Princeton University, and 40 years as a faculty member and administrator at the University of Texas. His administrative responsibilities include 11 years as associate dean in the College of Natural Sciences and 16 years as Vice President for Student Affairs. He is currently Ashbel Smith Professor of Mathematics and a member of the University’s Academy of Distinguished Teachers. He and his wife, Niki, have two children (Todd ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Wills
I’ve had many and varied careers. In more or less historical order, I’ve been a motorcycle mechanic, a race engine builder, a teacher, an academic, a hard rock miner (silver), a book editor and ghost writer, a commercial writer in print and video, a novelist, a mason, a wood-fired artisan bread baker and a teacher of that craft. Some, if not all, have overlapped in time and continue. A Few Men Faithful, the first novel in the Kavanagh series, was awarded the IndiePENdents Certificate and Seal of Good Writing in October 2013 ( In the Review, UK, Karen Andreas said of it: "Jim Wills’ A Few Men Faithful is the very best of reads. It starts off with epic action and, before you know i ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson, the founder of PathForeWord, is a retired publishing and communication executive who has chosen to "re-wire" rather than retire and to do so via a career encore around writing and consulting projects. His expertise covers a broad range of topics from working in electronics and computer technology in his early career, to teaching, writing, and training development in mid-career, to more than two decades of leadership responsibilities in publishing project development and communication initiatives for the Boy Scouts of America. Jim has written extensively on amateur radio, electronics technology, leadership, career development, and the job search process.
Latest book: Job Search Essentials 2.0

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Winter
Jim Winter is a computer programmer and administrator by day and middle-aged college student, writer, and stepdad by night. His work has appeared in Thug Lit, Plots With Guns, and Spinetingler. He is a former reviewer for January Magazine and Mystery Scene. Jim lives in Cincinnati with his wife, Nita, and his stepson AJ. At writer's conferences, he is most receptive to you buying him a Jameson with a Bass chaser.
Latest book: The Compleat Winter

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Wright
Jim L Wright is a native of Piedmont, Alabama, now living in Amman, Jordan. NEW YESTERDAYS is his first published work. When he isn’t writing, he is blogging and traveling the length and breadth of the Holy Land collecting ideas for his forthcoming novel.
Latest book: New Yesterdays

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Zoetewey
Jim Zoetewey grew up in Holland, Michigan, near where L Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz and other books in that series. Admittedly, Baum moved away more than sixty years before Jim was even born, but it's still kind of cool. Jim didn't attain his goal to never leave school, but did prolong his stay as long as possible. He majored in religion and sociology at Hope College, gaining enough credits to obtain minors in ancient civilizations and creative writing—had he thought to submit applications to the relevant departments. He attended Western Theological Seminary for two years. He followed that up by getting a masters degree in sociology at Western Michigan University. Once out of school, he took up the mo ... read more
Latest book: The Legion of Nothing: Rebirth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim "Little Wolf" Vose
After many years of publishing short, erotic stories on the internet, Jim (Little Wolf) has finally come full circle with his epic, gothic romance; Bark at the Moon – Coming of the One; making fans of his story telling ecstatic. For many years, he has thrilled readers with his ability to bring the characters he writes about to life; allowing us to become a part of the very story he is telling. His ability to immerse his readers into the lives of his characters is evident as you begin to feel as they feel, cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh. Now with Bark at the Moon – Coming of the One, he continues that tradition; allowing us to join with Gryf, Brec and Scott as they forge head-long into a wo ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim & Pete Jesson
Jim and Pete Jesson are PI's working around the U.S. We have a new book, The Next Act with 20 detective cases.
Latest book: Recollections of a WW II Coast Guardsman

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Grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, USA Finished my first book about an adventure working as a ranger in Yellowstone National Park, Wild Harmony. Chasing bears, exploring wilderness, fighting wildfires, corralling buffalo, medical emergencies, search and rescues were all part of the job. From pouring concrete in Cleveland to reaching the beautiful promontories of Yellowstone, the story speaks to the human capacity everyone has inside of them. Editing will be final near the end of March.
Latest book: Wild Harmony

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim G Payne
Raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the 1970's. Jim has since made his home in Nashville, Tennessee with his family and their pets. After quickly deciding not to follow in the family waterman business, he began a series of career choices which brought him to IT Project Management. Where he now spends his daytime hours.
Latest book: Nightmare! A Haunting in Nashville

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Kay
Dr. Jim Kay is married with three children. He lives in Georgia, just north of Atlanta. Press Releases and Newspaper Articles:
Latest book: God, I’m Listening

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Limber Davis
Jim Limber Davis was born to an American woman and a European father. He grew up in the Southern United States. Eventually he moved north, to Indiana, to be with his wife and adopted daughter in 2005. Since then Mr. Davis has become very fond of history, economics, and fixing the terrible conditions that plague humanity. After being struck with a couple of layoffs beginning in 2008, Mr. Davis began rejecting government welfare entirely and set out to understand the problems that were causing his terrible luck. Above everything else, Mr. Davis is a man devoted to the principles of voluntarism and nonaggression. In personal debates he is very passionate. He means what he says and he says what he means. He ... read more
Latest book: Liberty Defined

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jimelle Suzanne
Award winning ballet teacher and choreographer, Jimelle Suzanne began dancing at the age of seven and performed in her first ballet company at the age of twelve. At fourteen, she went on to join the Sacramento Ballet Company under the artistic direction of Dean and Barbara Crockett. While in grammar school, she enjoyed story-telling and writing plays. She was the editor for the Roseville Union High School newspaper and wrote inspirational essays as librarian for Job's Daughters, a Masonic based organization for young women. As a young adult, she performed for the Los Angeles Regional Opera Ballet Company. Jimelle formed her own dance studio in Roseville, California and later she created the Golden West Theate ... read more
Latest book: Blue Vision

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jimi James
Jimi James an expat living in Paris. He’s the bartender par excellence, with over 15 years experience and an undefeated record of winning the hearts and minds of the Paris bar scene. A master of surprise, he’s a wiz when it comes to cocktails, shaken or stirred, and he pulls the meanest pint in the City of Lights. Jimi is also adept at organizing events, from the corporate to the chaotic. Whether it’s a formal soirée or an evening of unruly fun, Jimi James has got you covered.
Latest book: Drinking Quotations

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I am an inspired poetic poem writer ready and inspired by my late mother,(Leona A, Smith) whom was an inspirational poem writer whom never published what she wrote and placed all whom read her poetry in the mind of Maya Angelou if not better and she asked before her death, for me to make my dreams come true and to be the author she never had the opportunity to be of all of my poems and in the process, know that i am with you every step of the way..My poems venture in the realm of the ups and downs in life, the wins and losses and how we take those experiences and learn from them rather than allowing them to forever keep us pinned down in lifeSome times in order to win in life, we must put up with the losses th ... read more
Latest book: “A Raincoat, for Hearts that Cry”

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Jimmy Hager has been telling stories since he learned to talk. As a toddler, he had an imaginary friend named Richard, who told him stories until Jimmy became fully self-aware somewhere around the second grade, when he started making up his own stories to entertain his playmates, classmates and teachers. From the age of fourteen until age twenty-seven, he played rock and roll saxophone in various South Carolina bands. During this time Jimmy’s groups opened for Jerry Lee Lewis, Janis Joplin, Chicago, The Allman Brothers, Poco, and virtually every major soul and rock act touring America from 1963 until 1972. When his friend Duane Allman died tragically, Jimmy quit touring, moved back to Charleston and got marr ... read more
Latest book: The Merch

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jimmy Henderson
Jimmy has an Honours degree in Philosophy (metaphysics), a post-graduate certificate in Trauma Counselling and a Master’s’ degree in Psychology from the University of South Africa. He is presently busy with his PHD in Psychology with UNISA. He is a specialist in human thinking and behaviour and is now self-employed as a chartered practitioner in Organisational Development, specialising in people and change management. He offers his consultancy services to companies which wish to improve worker motivation, performance, quality and client service. Jimmy was previously an HR director and a service delivery programme-manager until his retirement. He has since worked part-time as a trauma counsellor for a larg ... read more
Latest book: Living on the Edge of Darkness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jimmy James Jr.
Jimmy James Jr. was born on August 27, 1952 in Creston, BC (British Columbia), Canada. He is the oldest of three brothers born to James Sr. (deceased), and his wife Marlene. Their other two children were Donny (deceased) and Mikey. After his father was killed in 1957, Jimmy Jr's. mother remarried Jerry Lee from Washington State, and they had four more children; Kelly, Connie, Patricia and Mark. Although Jimmy Jr. had always wanted to write during his younger years, the necessities of life always seemed to get into the way. Between managing a career and playing bass guitar in various bands, there just never seemed to be the time to write. He was married twice, and after the two divorces, he spent much of hi ... read more
Latest book: Ghosts and Skeletons

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jimmy Pollard
From hometown runaway, to oral surgeon to recording artist, Jimmy Eugene has done it all, and done it all quite well. But this much valued success has not come without many long years of trials, tribulations, minor setbacks and successes along the way. After dropping out of school and hitchhiking from Texas to California, Jimmy joined the Navy where he was given the opportunity to attend school at Burroughs High School. In addition to attending school, Jimmy was a crash and rescueman at a naval air station. After returning home from the Navy, Jimmy’s loving mother guided him to receiving his GED, getting into college and eventually attending medical and dental school where he became a certified oral and maxil ... read more
Latest book: Heartstrings

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith served a mission for the LDS Church in Rosario, Argentina from 1995 to 1997. He has worked for the LDS Church since 2008 in the IT department and with Seminaries and Institutes of Religion. Jimmy specializes in Web analytics and Internet marketing. He has a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and an MBA degree from Arizona State University. His professional experience also includes work as a Software Engineer with Motorola and a Strategic Marketing Analyst with FedEx. He resides in Lehi, Utah, with his kind and beautiful wife Heather and their five children.
Latest book: Mormon Mission Prep: A Practical Guide to Spiritual and Physical Preparation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jin Q
Born: May 1986 in Cedar Rapids Went to college at Des Moines Area Community College I have 3 cats. I am that I am . . .

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jinni James
Jinni James is an administrative assistant, wife, and mother of two girls as well as a step mother based in Huntsville, Alabama. Since child hood she has written many short stories and poems but never dreamed of writing a novel. She attempted to write many stories but never finished. Finally she was in the perfect place in her life to write a story that had been invading her thoughts and dreams for a very long time. That story blossomed into her first novel The Wolfs Maine. She is now currently working on her next novel.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jinnie English
Jinnie English knows what it’s like to strive to become a high achiever. Like many highly-accomplished professionals, her success didn’t exactly come easily. But with persistence, hard work, and a ‘never-say-die’ attitude, Jinnie has reached astounding levels of both personal and professional success. She research her target audience and her findings led her to an untapped niche market: executive mental health. In 1999, she launched English Consulting and began to develop and refine her concept of Business Therapy. In 2006, she renamed her company Chicago’s High Achievers, and focused her business solely on providing clinical mental health services to executives wanting to achieve a high level of bu ... read more
Latest book: The High Achievers Guide to Being a Decent Parent

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jinsey Reese
Jinsey Reese writes sometimes hot, sometimes sweet, but always steamy contemporary romance about twentysomethings. She loves to put her characters into embarrassing or impossible situations and see what happens. She has a deep undying love for Johnny Depp, chocolate-mint everything, and lavender roses. She is the author of ANYWHERE, and co-writes the UNTAMED series in The Brothers Wilde collection with the fantastic Victoria Green. She also writes young adult contemporary fantasy novels under the name J. Meyers.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jioge
I'm a Minecraft content producer and I run a Youtube channel.
Latest book: Making Money With Minecraft Content

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I'm a highschool teacher, who graduated college with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English at Laguna State Polytechnic University- San Pablo City Campus.
Latest book: The New Race of Conquerors

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JJ Alleson
I'm a multi-genre writer living in a cosmopolitan world. I write about cosmopolitan characters from this world and beyond. My by-line is: "You Gonna Write That?" To which the answer tends to be: Yes. Yes indeed I am.
Latest book: Heaven's Mountain

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JJ Asher
Bio provided by Secret Narrative. JJ is committed to giving satisfaction for all his characters, which they achieve via a variety of sexually explicit encounters involving bisexual ménage, spanking, bondage, domination, and anal penetration (male/male & male/female). He writes strong storylines with fantastic attention to detail. ‘Mastering Megan’, ‘Last Dance’, and ‘Afternoon Delight’ are included in ‘Sex 11’ (a collection of eleven erotic short stories). We’ve also produced ‘Three More of the Best’, to showcase JJ’s work in a single title. ‘Cover Her Eyes’, an erotic tale of a couple and the games they play is both harsh and erotic; JJ has written two sho ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JJ Barrie
J J BARRIE, the Australian born author and novelist, recently retired after years of involvement in general business writing in order to concentrate on a love of historical crime and investigative procedure. The first historical crime novel was published in 2009. An abiding interest over decades in English family history largely related to Cambridgeshire and adjacent counties continues. Particular interest and research into industrialisation and the resultant migration to the colonies has resulted in THE EMIGRANTS. The trilogy is almost complete with the first volume - THE BROTHERS FIVE - published in eBook and print formats by Custom Books. The second volume - GOLD & GLORY - is in edit for release towards t ... read more
Latest book: THE EMIGRANTS: The Brothers Five

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JJ Brown
Author J.J.Brown was born in the Catskill Mountain region of New York and has lived in New York City for two decades. She has published novels, short stories and poems. J.J.Brown was a research scientist before turning to fiction writing. She completed a PhD in genetics and her research is published in leading science and education journals.
Latest book: The Doctor's Dreams

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JJ Crane
I’m a lifelong resident of New Jersey. I’ve been writing since high school. In college, I ventured into the realm of television production where I eventually evolved into writing promotions and tv ads for many years. Writing The Jersey Devil was something of a lifelong goal. Initially it started as a short story that I wrote ages ago. However, I always felt I could turn the idea into a novel. After many starts and stops over the years, I finally resolved to put my ass in the chair, set down written goals for its achievement and got working at it. The book took less than a year to write the first draft. It took a couple more of trimming, altering, tweaking, rearranging before I was finally satisfied ... read more