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Latest book: for me. .

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Muhammad Luqmanulhakim, also known as Kang Manul, was born in Garut on 6 July 1984. He graduated from Agricultural Faculty of Padjadjaran University in 2007. After his graduation, he started his own business and started to write articles and books. In 2009, he received an appreciation from British embassy towards his service to promote one of his birthplace handcrafts. His passion is all about Indonesian handicraft, Agriculture Commodities and Food Processing.
Latest book: Mengenal Dan Membuat Sendiri Berbagai Menu Kopi Internasional

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I am student of b .tech 2nd year with brancg. of cs. I am working on "Happy valentine's day ","Chal jhuthi"
Latest book: Dream for you

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I started writing to entertain my daughter. I write stories with characters she can relate to. I use simple every day experiences for the plots that, though completely fictitious, could very well be true. My daughter provides constructive criticism. She is a little over 2 years old. I read the books to her and delete, shorten or rewrite the parts where she looks bored. She helps me choose pictures. She enjoys being involved and encourages me to write more. She asks for the stories to be read to her repeatedly and is a wonderful trial audience. Writing these ebooks serves as an excellent way for us to spend time together. The books have some big words with simple meanings. They are intended to introduce children ... read more
Latest book: Tania Gets Spectacles

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Kanika Taylor and Stephanie Williams are very proud mothers; they are sisters to one another as well as others, auntie’s, a wife and friends. Theses sisters were born and raised in New York City (Harlem) New York, than spent a grand amount of years living in Indianapolis Indiana but choose now to get back to the North side! In conversation with them, to create this profile, I became utterly impressed! These are two, Intelligent and talented young beautiful African American, head strong ladies. Then, personally I will add humorous! I asked, “What made you write this book? Turning to each other they laughed! This book was born from a personal conversation the two were having about their own personal relations ... read more
Latest book: Behind Every Man!!!

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I am KanKan j Medhi, I am from Guwahati, Assam, a Place known for its natural beauty and one horned Rhino in Kaziranga national park. I also stay near a place called Mawsynram, It is reportedly the wettest place on Earth, with an annual rainfall of 11,872 millimetres. I love writing books on religion, freedom fighters and close to my heart novels fictions. I believe "There is no friend as loyal as a book." There are more upcoming titles to be published, One of them is a novel on my love life, a true story. PEACE AND GREEN
Latest book: Bapu

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Kaolin Fire is a conglomeration of ideas, side projects, and experiments. Web development is his primary occupation, but he also develops computer games, edits Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine, and occasionally teaches computer science. He has had short fiction published in Strange Horizons, Tuesday Shorts, Escape Velocity, and Alienskin Magazine, among others.

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You, hello. I am Kaoru Kirihara. My artist name is sosasowo. I live in Kamakura in Japan. My hobbies are zen, a haiku poem, a walk, and reading. I would appreciate your favor.
Latest book: The wise saying of 100 of the world, and 100 31-syllable Japanese poems of mine

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Kaoru is an American self-help author, mentor, storyteller, public speaker and personal coach, who empowers’ people to change their lives and reach their hopes, dreams and aspirations.
Latest book: My Journey Stepping into Sunshine

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Kapil is an activist and social entrepreneur. As co-founder and coordinator of “Youth for Justice”- a New Delhi based youth action group that works on spontaneous issues that need cognizance, he has led the youth protest on various socio-economic issues including Jessical Lal murder trial, issues of Farmers suicides in various parts of country, reservation in higher education, encroachment on Yamuna river bed and various other issues that directly or indirectly affect our common future. For last three years, He is spreading voice against the anti people development approach that is being practiced by authorities in the name of Commonwealth Games in the city. He has raised the voice inside Delhi Assemb ... read more
Latest book: It's Common V/S Wealth

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Kara Allen is an emerging writer born and raised in Fremantle, Western Australia. She is a recent creative writing graduate of Edith Cowan University. She writes for Not Your Average Damsels, a blog interested in the lives and experiences of all women, and her fiction and poetry have appeared in Hubbub Creative Arts Exhibition Catalogue, and Primo Lux.
Latest book: Life-Changers

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Kara has always had a passion for travel and exploring new countries and cultures. Years spent working in Asia and Africa have given her plenty of material to write about. Some subjects, like environmental issues and anti-poaching are dear to her heart and she supports all those who work for the preservation of our planet’s rich flora and fauna. Some of her happiest times she spends on horseback in the African bush. We cannot travel everywhere but luckily we have books to share our adventures and experiences with our readers. That's what books are for. So lean back, get comfortable and enjoy reading! Kara Benson
Latest book: Letters From Zimbabwe

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Kara Huntington is releasing her short story, Carnal Desires, as her introduction to publishing with Naughty Nights Press. She is an erotic writer, but she also adds a lot of humor into her stories. She has several more titles in the works and a few more releases with NNP, expected out summer and late fall of 2014. For further information about Kara Huntington, please check out her blog for upcoming releases, book links, free excerpts and author interviews. You can connect with Kara on her blog:

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Kara Keating is the author of spirituality and interfaith books detailing the journey to the spiritual, mystical life. Her first book, I am Enough by God, chronicles her own journey out of self-improvement to reach a deep sense of self-acceptance. She is an ardent believer that every person is already whole just as they are created by God. She also believes that we are all on a human journey to be the fullest expression of our souls. Kara is the founder of Interspiritual Ministries, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to low-cost spiritual counseling and spiritual support groups that help people create soulful lives. She believes that we are all interconnected and that we can support each other on t ... read more
Latest book: I am Enough by God!

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Latest book: Blood Gifts

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I am a stay at home mommy of two beautiful children. A five year old boy John and a 19 month old girl Holly. They are my world. Then there’s my knitting addiction (self explanatory) ;) or is it a yarn addiction? I haven’t quite worked through this question and probably never will.
Latest book: Charming Knits

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Kara Skye is an author and artist. She typically writes for all-ages in her children's books, although she does write adult fiction, too. The two genres, so far, are historical fiction, and historical romance. Kara Skye combines a love for cosplay - like faerie and gothic - with her love of history and searching through old books and legends. She enjoys sending her readers carousing - even at bedtime - thinking she's taken them on a really great adventure! (- as though through the window, like Peter and Wendy might have.) Find more about author, Kara Skye Smith, at Author's Notes, her blog:, and more children's e-books and goodies - like a free, downloadable map of Old Soul' ... read more
Latest book: The Nebulizer Potion and the Electric Compass

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Kara Tollman lives with her son in the northeastern section of the United States. “Her Silent Tears is Kara’s debut novel. She prays the story touches the heart of many.
Latest book: Her Silent Tears

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Karan Virk is a rising writer, poet, blogger, researcher/activist, social/cultural enthusiast. He is currently pursuing a degree in Pharmacy, but dreams of achieving his writer/director dreams. Karan Virk’s resume made up of various writing, articles, blogs, awards, is available at various destinations online like, Comic Community Groups, Blogging Groups, Storywrite Website, Allpoetry Website, Various Social Recreational Archives, etc. Keywords related to Karan Virk (giving him a 2nd dimension) are Sixth Pandav, N.G.A. (Non Governmental Author), Karanva, Freelance Talents, Dr. Freeze.
Latest book: Tails of Low I.Q. (Flop Fiction)

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Kareem Butler
Latest book: 9 World Chronicles - Flight of the Falcon

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Activist and environmental researcher Karel Rogers earned her doctorate in from Michigan State University. She has held administrative and teaching positions at four colleges and universities. With over thirty years of experience in general biology, genetics, evolution, embryology, environmental science, ethics, and computer science, she is Emeritus Professor of Biology at Grand Valley State University and the author of a series of peer-reviewed scientific articles with topics ranging from paleoclimate reconstruction to factors causing the decline of modern amphibians. She is a past president of the board of directors of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council and a frequent guest speaker on topics like ... read more
Latest book: Thinking Green: Ethics for a Small Planet

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Karel Segers wrote his first produced screenplay at age 17. Today he is a story consultant, writer and producer, with experience in film rights acquisition, development and production. Karel is a qualified teacher whose lectures have inspired students in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. His clients include award-winning filmmakers as well as three Oscar-nominees. Karel is the founder of The Story Department and! and he ranks in the world’s Top 10 of most influential people for screenwriting on Twitter. His is also a co-writer on the upcoming Danger Close (aka Long Tan), a screenplay that attracted Kriv Stenders (Red Dog), Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Stuart Beattie (Pirates of the ... read more
Latest book: The Screenplay Checklist: 57 Ways To Get Your Script Laid

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Karem has been writing since age eight, when she wrote her first story about a what some may call a tropical version of Heidi.Since then she has filled a few dozens of notebooks with wacky, weird, dark, happy, sad, spiritual, down-to-earth stories, poems, guides, essays and reflections. Fortunately for the trees, she's now writing them on her PC. For a time Karem thought about reaching enlightment, moving to India and finding a Guru -but then she realized that a nice experimental cooking session could be as spiritual as three hours of meditation and decided to find the Divine down in the everyday, and not on the top of the mountain. She did, however, trained as a spiritual councillor/coach and Interfaith Mini ... read more
Latest book: The Four Charms -a fairy tale of inner wisdom

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Consultor Director . Ingeniero de sistemas de profesión. Doctorado en educación. Postgrado en Formación Virtual, Negocios Electrónicos (CAINCO- TEC Monterrey), Generación de Proyectos de Desarrollo(BID)y Estudios Administrativos; Magister en Educación Universitaria con la Tesis "Estrategias de Fomento a la Investigación en Ciencia y Tecnología en el modelo de vinculación Universidad-Empresa"; Auditor Lider ISO 9001:2000, Bureau Veritas; Consultor de Proyectos. Investigador. Ver más en linkedin
Latest book: Factores Claves en la Gestión de Proyectos de Software

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Karen Wojcik Berner writes contemporary fiction with a sprinkling of the classics. An award-winning journalist, her work has appeared in several magazines, newspapers, and blogs, including the Chicago Tribune, Writer Unboxed, Women's Fiction Writers, and Fresh Fiction. She is a member of the Chicago Writers’ Association. When not writing, she can be found on the sidelines of her youngest’s football or lacrosse games, discussing the Celts with the oldest, or snuggling into a favorite reading chair with a good book and some tea. She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her family.
Latest book: A Groovy Kind of Love (The Bibliophiles: Book Three)

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Karen is a leading expert in career skill development for women in today’s business world. With a background of a successful career as a senior business executive, Karen speaks, blogs and is the author of award-finalist career guide “Hot Tips for Career Chicks”. Her career advice has been featured on the pages of major magazines and newspapers and her articles appear regularly in international publications. Karen is establishing an online go-to resource for career development, management and planning. The practical tips and ideas are designed to provide solutions to career dilemmas as well as to inspire and encourage Career Chicks at Karen has developed a CODE for career succes ... read more
Latest book: Hot Tips For Career Chicks: Unlocking the CODE to Success

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Karen Alexander lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has been entranced - and ensnared - by writing in one form or another for most of her life; from writing children's stories at the age of five to amuse her family, to stage plays in her late teens, to the inevitable bad poetry that coincided with first heartbreak. Though she occasionally dabbles in the other arts, writing remains her first love. She is the author of the military thriller "Deus Ex Machina", the romance "An audience with the sidewalk saviour", and the funny fairytale-reboot "The Official Guide to Rescuing and Maintaining Damsels in Distress".
Latest book: The Official Guide to Rescuing and Maintaining Damsels in Distress

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Karen Slimick Arnpriester, author of Anessia’s Quest and Raider's Vendetta, a graphic artist, wife and mother, lives in central California. She has four adult children and seven grandchildren. She has just released Slimy for children and parents who are dealing with bullying. Karen and her husband Don have adopted their two wonderful foster daughters, Chloe and Samantha. Karen looks forward to sharing her imagination and faith with you through her writing.
Latest book: Miraculous Relationship

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Karen Avivi is never bored. If the weather is nice, it’s almost impossible for her to stay inside. Karen has tried surfing, skydiving, scuba diving, stunt classes, archery, winter camping, orienteering, mountaineering, mountain biking, and she even attempted a bike ramp once but it didn’t end well. If she’s not reading or writing, she’s usually planning a new adventure.
Latest book: Shredded

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Karen Banes is a freelance writer specializing in parenting, travel, lifestyle and alternative education. She writes articles, website copy, ebooks and the occasional award winning short story. Her freelance writing has appeared in a range of publications both online and off, including Life Info Magazine, Transitions Abroad, Brave New Traveler, Natural Parenting Group, and Copia Magazine. She also works as a freelance copy editor and book reviewer, and loves helping other freelance writers and authors by providing editing services and book marketing opportunities over at her website
Latest book: Ten Commandments for the Thriving Writer: Enjoying and Embracing the Freelance Writing Life

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Karen Banfield is a storyteller, speech coach, writing teacher, singer and intuitive. She has inspired audiences throughout the United States, and appeared on national television as a featured guest at NBC. Years of working as a counselor, touring in the performing arts and understanding the power of language, combine to make her communication rich, fun and uniquely satisfying. Her latest book, Tarantulas Fudge and Altered Reality, is perfect for a morning commute or sitting in a café after work, but be forewarned, waiters and commuters may look at you funny when your eyes well up or you burst out laughing. Karen's gypsy-like experiences and raw honesty will have you reading her books more than once and beggin ... read more
Latest book: Tarantulas Fudge and Altered Reality

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My name is Karen Barkan - born and raised in Israel. Yes, this small and famous country out there in the far Mediterranean. Not only that, I also had the privilege to live near the lowest place on this planet – next to the Dead Sea. A place surrounded by a wild mysterious desert, which had been an imagination fertilizer and a perfect inspiration for my writing. In 2006 I relocated to NJ and although I was breathing and living the desert my whole life, I got completely hooked by the green scenery of NJ, fell in love with the culture, and my heart was completely captured by the people here. So…besides writing and reading, I play the guitar, the piano…and I so want to add Sax, but not yet. My favorite ... read more
Latest book: Lost In Time - Mirage

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Latest book: Faking It In France

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Hi thanks for stopping by, and maybe visiting for a while, I have led what some would call a very tough life, but I believe that everything has a purpose, and its true what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, I love life and people and everything this great world has to offer, you cannot pick and choose sometimes what life is going to throw at you, but you can choose to sink or swim, and I am definately a swimmer. I have been blessed with two beautiful children, I have a roof over my head and food on the table, and I live in a country where people are free to live the lives that they choose. I wrote my story as a form of therapy, a cleansing as such and in the hope that when people read my story it gives them i ... read more
Latest book: Struggle Street

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From the misspent days of my youth, playing guitar and writing songs for bands that never went any further than the next rehearsal studio, to eventually earning a PhD in science, I've been addicted to imagination, creativity and knowledge. I write short stories and flash fiction ranging from science fiction and fantasy to character studies exploring the darker side of the human experience. I have published a number of stories and poems under my real name as well as under the pseudonym "Arianrhod Darkwing". I'm also a science geek with penchant for biology and ethology. I adore animals and have a huge gooey spot for cats, horses and birds. Although an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy TV and film, I al ... read more

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I have a master's degree in counseling and years of experience working with parents, children and mentally ill. Through the years, I've been working towards a goal of coaching individuals on what matters to them -- achieving their personal, professional and relationship goals.
Latest book: Mindset

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KB is a "spiritual superhero", inspirational blogger, artist, musician, entrepreneur, internet marketing mentor and dedicated yogi. She is a creative powerhouse whose innovative ideas help people turn their deepest passions into successful businesses. KB's passion for internet marketing began when her hobby of making custom dog collars turned into a successful online business with thousands of loyal fans all over the world. KB has been working successfully online since 2004 and has an international following with fans and clients in over 120 countries.
Latest book: Pump Up the Volume: How to Raise Your Vibration in 14 Days or Less Using the Law of Attraction

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Karen & Darrin Brege are a husband and wife, author/illustrator duo that have 2 bestselling book series out to date, Mick Morris Myth Solver and Ghost Board Posse. They are also comedians and voice-over artists and spend much of their time presenting at schools and associations inspiring children to read and adults to laugh.
Latest book: Ghost Board Posse #2 Aloha Haunts

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I love to create a world where sensuous romance and thrilling suspense collide.
Latest book: Nefarious North

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Karen Brown is a triathlete, real estate professional, motivational speaker, author, and coach. She discovered her Divine Potential through realizing a lifelong dream of completing the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, and has built on her success to become a world-class Ultra-athlete. She currently lives in Colorado.
Latest book: Journey to Kona, A path to true potential

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Karen Leigh Burton is a mom, artist, graphic designer, website developer. Soon to be a first time grandmother and she has written a memoir for her son. This brutally honest telling of her mistakes, how unprepared her 15 year old mind was and how she survived. A domestic violence survivor who did her best with what she had. She loves her son more than the world. Loves to sing, hunt, fish, swim, sit on the beach, read, draw, paint. She actively supports several Dachshund Rescue groups throughout the U.S.
Latest book: Was it Worth It? Fifteen and Pregnant; before it was cool.

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Karen was born on the island of Malta and used to write songs and poems throughout her childhood years. She wrote her first short story in her native language when she was twelve. Following a lot of requests from her friends, who loved reading her stories, she continued to write throughout her teenage years. Her inspirations came from real life experiences. Karen later decided to translate them into English and these are now being edited and published as Ebooks. Watch out for plenty more short stories to come!
Latest book: Hephzibah's Destiny (Short Story)

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Latest book: The Lipstick Classified

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Karen Celestan manages community relations and policy in government affairs for Tulane University. She is an adjunct instructor of English at Southern University at New Orleans. Celestan is the co-author of "unfinished blues: Memories of a New Orleans Music Man" with Harold Battiste, Jr. (Historic New Orleans Collection, 2010). The Black Caucus of the American Library Association, Inc. (BCALA) presented the 2011 Outstanding Contribution to Publishing Citation to "unfinished blues" for excellence in scholarship. She was senior director of university communications for Dillard University, publications and media coordinator for Festival Productions, Inc. of New Orleans (which produces the New Orleans Jazz & Her ... read more
Latest book: Trois noire de Nouvelle Orleans

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Karen Charlton is the author of two historical novels, 'Catching the Eagle' and 'The Heiress of Linn Hagh' and a non-fiction genealogy book, 'Seeking Our Eagle.' She has published short stories and numerous articles and reviews in newspapers, magazines and e-zines. An English graduate and an ex-teacher, Karen is also the coordinator of Famelton Writing Services, a literary consultancy which offers editorial services to aspiring authors. Karen has led writing workshops entitled: 'Good Enough to Publish?' and spoken at a series of literary events across the North of England where she lives. A stalwart of the village pub quiz, Karen also enjoys the theatre and won a Yorkshire Touri ... read more
Latest book: Catching the Eagle

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Karen is an author, poet and former journalist. "Life as a writer is fun, adventurous and can also be quite rewarding". Her years of being a freelance journalist at The Staten Island Register were some of her best. The afternoon, she received her newspaper and saw her article on the front page...well let's just say that the whole neighborhood herd her yelling in the middle of the street. I've been writing since I'm fourteen years old. I started my career by writing poetry, short stories and writing articles for the high school newspaper. After reading Jackie Collin's Lovers and Gamblers and Jacqueline Susann's, Valley of The Dolls, I knew I found my niche. I wanted to write women's fiction. I wrote my firs ... read more
Latest book: Reflections A Collection of Love Poems

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Karen Cioffi is the founder and manager of Writers on the Move. She is also an author, ghostwriter, and freelance writer. Writers on the Move is a group of experienced writers/authors of multiple genres who strive to share their combined wealth of writing and marketing knowledge with other writers through articles, workshops, podcasts, and ebooks.
Latest book: Writing for Children One Step at a Time

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Speak for Yourself’s communication coaching programs are customized to meet your specific needs, tailoring our sessions to your concerns. Whether coaching an individual or members of large corporations, we will work specifically on your content, your organization, and your delivery, of your material. I guarantee you will have more fun and greater confidence sharing your info, and your fabulous speech won’t be forgotten! Learn how to be engaged and engaging.
Latest book: The Naked Truth About Giving Great Speeches

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After listening to stories swirl around in her head for years, Karen Cunningham attended Murder in the Magic City Mystery Conference, in Birmingham, Alabama, and decided to start writing them down. She joined Sisters in Crime and soon became a member of the Southern Sisters writing critique group. She has also attended the North Carolina Writers Workshop and Killer Nashville Writers Conference. Karen has been an active part of Celtic culture since 1982. She taught Scottish dance for many years, earning a Full Certificate from The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society of Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1997 she also started teaching Irish Step Dance and co-founded the Birmingham School of Celtic Arts in 1998, where she ... read more
Latest book: KIller Tunes