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Catherine Rose Putsche is a British author and a native speaker who teaches English as a second language to young and adult learners in Austria. Originally from the North of England where she graduated in software engineering and had a successful career as a systems administrator before discovering her many other talents. Her books include, Addicted to Greed & A saved Soul. Her latest book The Surgeon´s Son released in March 2014 is now available worldwide. She is currently writing her fifth book which is a sequel to The Surgeon´s Son as it was very successful and features the same detective team. Not so long ago she decided to take part of her income from the book sales to help and support numerous instituti ... read more

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I came for your evolution. You have to re-programming your brain. I am The Messenger... Join me n be happy dear. for all part of humanity. That's what I am. I am all free from every kind of taboo and limit.

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RAWIYA is the more sensual erotica writer in the BLRawiya duo. Rawiya's first sole author book, “Time to Make the Donuts” is now available in multiple digital formats through online vendors and her first MMF Living In The Now was released in April from Naughty Nights Press. Rawiya loves multiracial characters who overcome obstacles other than race. Sweet, sassy, and spicy would be the best way to describe her work. Happily married mother of two, loves music, computers, and travel. She blogs regularly at Wicked Sexy Writers. For more please visit the Rawiya’s blog on Wordpress.

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Rhonda Scharf is a Professional Speaker, Trainer, and well respect Author based in Ottawa, ON. She has earned the highest speaking designation in the world, the “Certified Speaking Professional” designation (CSP). Rhonda is more than happy to come to your workplace and offer these real-life skills in person. She makes a potentially threatening topic fun, entertaining and easy to deal with. Interaction in a key component of all of her training programs, webinars and keynotes. When you hire Rhonda, your workplace will be a better place! Since 1993, organizations worldwide have been singing the praises of her programs, such as Dealing with Difficult People, Confrontation Skills, and Beat the Bully! Based on ... read more
Latest book: Common Sense is NOT Common Practice

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rocktpapa ist der Autorenname eines Autors und PR-Beraters aus München, der unter anderem einen Blog über das Leben als Vater führt und unter anderem Namen Fantasy-, SciFi-, Horror und Thrillerromane schreibt. Als ob Kinder, Berug und Schreiben noch nicht genug wären, ist rocktpapa noch dazu Musiker in einer Pop/Rock-Band. Die Entscheidung, ein Pseudonym zu nutzen, soll die Privatsphäre seiner Familie schützen und die nötige Freiheit schaffen, unbefangen über die Probleme und Gedanken eines Vaters zu berichten. Frau rocktpapa ahnt entsprechend nichts von der nebenberuflichen Karriere ihres Mannes.
Latest book: Der Tag, als der Regen nicht mehr aufhörte

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A literary chapbook press. Not an arms dealer.

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Shanzai [alt. sp. shanzhai or Shan Zai] literally means "Mountain Bandit or Fortress" in Mandarin Chinese. It is a phenomenon that goes far beyond the simplistic view of “copycat products” and in popular Chinese cultural usage is used to describe a vendor who operates a business without observing traditional rules or practices -- often resulting in innovative and unusual products or business models. Reading the stories on this website will open your eyes to a whole new business phenomenon that is affecting all of our lives whether we realize it or not. Read More: About
Latest book: Top Ten Apps for Customizing Android

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Γεννήθηκα στην πιο όμορφη χώρα του κόσμου την Ελλάδα. Είμαι παντρεμένος. Κατοικώ και εργάζομαι στην Νέα Ιωνία Αττικής. Γνωρίζω πληροφορική και Δημόσια Διοίκηση. Πάντα με ενδιέφερε η συγγραφή. Υπηρέτησα επί μακρόν το ερασιτεχνικό θέατρο, παίζοντας και γράφοντας. Το «Τι θα φάτε σήμερα?» είναι το πρώτο μου βιβλίο.
Latest book: Η Μυστική Διατροφή

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I started a small time live-events promoter - the best job I could have had - and when a much bigger promotions firm came along and purchased a massive venue, suddenly the game changed. Small guys like me could not operate on the same scale and I didn't want to go backwards. I have been made redundant twice, and found myself growing stagnant at another firm so I made the difficult decision to look for another job. While this is not new to anyone else out there, what I did was make sure I did as much research as possible to make sure I was on the best track to getting my new job. That is why I wrote the first in what I hope will be many more informative eBooks that will help you get you next job!
Latest book: Find Your New Job

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Horror that'll carve a smile on your face. Based in Austin, TX. We want to give the horror fan something they will be proud to spend their hard-earned money on. We want our books to be the razor blades that bury into the flesh of your face and slice open a smile. We want to give the true horror fan exactly what they've been looking for. Look no further, you sick bastards. We're here.

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S. M. Green has been writing for over 15 years on various topics and styles. After a thirteen-year career in the credit counseling industry, she now devotes part of her days, as a stay-at-home mom, to educating and sharing articles, tips, and e-books on personal money management and living within a budget. She has contributed articles on personal finance and money management to a number of e-zine sites such as and Her relationship with and other online associations provides the perfect forum for reaching a wide range of like-minded consumers. S. M. Green lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and five sons.
Latest book: Personal Finance Your Way

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Latest book: Animation Insiders

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I am a writer who is also a poet. I write childrens stories, poetry, articles. I am a co editor of Kite Tales
Latest book: Wrong Number

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S.M. Noh is an optimist and an entrepreneur who has been dedicating his time towards becoming a business and trend observer for various industries including F&B, Hair & Beauty and Clothing. He has strong experiences in branding and has been studying impactful brands of companies from different fields. He is known for his unique views of business and has since been trying to challenge the customs of companies in any field. He has also done freelancing in creating marketing master plans for SMEs and was actively providing business and management advice to companies looking for growth. He has been giving motivational speeches at a school and at the time of writing this book, he is progressing towards the ... read more
Latest book: Business Is a Baby

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I have written several books, one of which was an Award Winning Novel

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Tara Mitchell was born and raised in Indiana. She has spent a number of years traveling the country, learning the history of different regions and observing the people everywhere she has gone, then writing about those observations. After graduating from college she embarked on a career in Law but found it to be too cynical and lacking in compassion. From there she wrote for a small town newspaper. In her spare time she began to write stories for her young son. Annabelle's Kingdom is a loving and wholesome story for readers of any age.
Latest book: The Alphabet Gang

Follow me at my  Facebook Page thebiblepeople exists to encourage people to read the Bible. We believe that God's word is living and active and we've experienced how it penetrates our hearts and changes our lives. Our mission is to help make the Bible accessible and encourage others to join us as we read. One of the ways we accomplish this mission is by presenting a number of 30 Day Bible Reading plans. Why 30 Days? Because month-long plans are easier to commit to. We've found that it's hard to get people to commit to reading the Bible through in a year. But ask them to commit to 30 Days, and it's a lot more accessible for everybody. Studies show that you are more likely to follow through on a reading plan if you read with a friend who ... read more
Latest book: The Complete State of the Union Speeches and Inaugural Address of Barack Obama

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Bud Kelly is a San Diego writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, jokes, songs, and classical guitar music. He has just completed his first novel, The Curious Tale of Diamond Lil. Upcoming books: West Coast Sutras, Poems and Songs and Confessions of a Veterinarian, a memoir.
Latest book: The Curious Tale of Diamond Lil

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Latest book: The Grasshopper

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Latest book: The Knob Test

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Indie comic publisher
Latest book: Solar Storm: Power On! vol:3

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Alan Tenenbaum nació en la Ciudad de Guatemala en la tarde del 22 de abril de 1982. Desde muy temprana edad, sus tres pasiones han sido la música, los deportes y viajar, sumergiéndose en las distintas culturas para aprender de la vida. Al terminar sus estudios secundarios, empacó su mochila y se dirigió a Israel, donde vivió en un kibutz durante seis meses, bajando pencas de banano de las palmeras y conviviendo con gente de todo el mundo. Tuvo la grandiosa oportunidad de vivir cuatro años en la hermosa ciudad de Boulder, donde saco su título en Mercadeo de la Universidad de Colorado. Al graduarse regresó a su país natal donde trabajó por años en la industria de la publicidad y el mercadeo. Fue en ... read more
Latest book: En La Silla De Morfeo

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An uplifting, educational conference for writers of supernatural and contemporary YA and NA fiction, book bloggers, book cover models, book cover designers, editors, agents, book marketing experts, publicists, book trailer producers and, of course, the book lovers out there! Publishing and Writing industry experts abound at utopYA. Panels, filled with writers and experts in the publishing and entertainment industries, share knowledge with aspiring authors and screenwriters to improve their craft and advance their careers. There are also FUN panels for fans where then can directly influence and interact with their favorite authors! The June 2014 Conference has: --> Barnes & Noble and Indie Book Stores --> Swag ... read more
Latest book: Take Me To Your Reader: An Otherworld Anthology

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Vanessa lives with her husband and three children in the Midwest. She is the author of three novels; Rescued Heart and The Case of the Missing Crown- A Gloria Jean Mystery. She has also compiled and edited an inspirational anthology - Nudges from God - and Anthology of Inspiration. She has several stories in various anthologies and has appeared as a special Editor in another book. Vanessa has worked as Special Feature Writer for her local newspaper. She is currently working on the next book in the Thundering Falls series.
Latest book: The Case of the Missing Crown

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We are a group of authors who value our readers. Our goal is to provide you with well-written and entertaining books. We have just about every genre represented – Romance, Romantic Suspense, Mystery/Suspense, Thrillers, Horror, Fantasy, YA (Young Adult), Science Fiction, Children’s, Nonfiction and More. We love interacting with our readers, so feel free to leave comments, follow us on facebook, twitter and other social media sites, or shoot us an email.

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Latest book: The New Hindu Toolbox

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AtheistSocial was a social network that operated from 8-2010 to 5-2013. It continues as a book producer.
Latest book: The Atheist Protocols of the Learned Elders of Earth

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The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), established in 1863, is a not-for-profit association representing more than 81,500 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services. Structured to work for its members, the AVMA acts as a collective voice for its membership and for the profession.
Latest book: Report of the AVMA Task Force on Foreign Veterinary School Accreditation

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The Better Hero Army proudly publishes short books available on various e-reader platforms through numerous marketplaces. Our pledge to you is to produce well-crafted stories of high adventure in many genres, to deliver exceptional quality, and to entertain. The short length format, being between 150 and 200 pages when printed in paperback, makes our eBooks perfect for travel and leisure as easy reads that are fun and exciting.
Latest book: Nine Hours 'Till Sunrise

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C.Hampton Jones only started to publish her Illustrated Historical Fiction or Graphic Novels (she calls them Storybooks) in 2011. Her e-books are 'Storybook' versions, which means that they are enhanced with artful illustrations (collages) as an extra for e-book readers. All her published English, German, Dutch and French e-books of the Regency Romantic Warriors Series are available on Smashwords. Please visit: when you want to know more about her. (Extensive Who-hub interviews.)

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Nous sommes une maison d’édition de contes et romans pour la jeunesse, publiés uniquement en numérique. Pourquoi avoir fait un tel choix? Tout simplement parce que nous sommes soucieux de notre environnement et préférons préserver notre belle planète de toute pollution due à la fabrication d’un livre. D’autre part, nous sommes convaincus que ce moyen de publication permet à un plus grand nombre de jeunes lecteurs un accès aux livres à des coûts moindres. a pour objectif de faire connaître des auteurs connus et méconnus, talentueux et originaux désirant partager avec les lecteurs une autre façon de voyager, rêver, penser et agir à travers des récits pleins d’humou ... read more
Latest book: Les fils du dragon, Tome 3

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I do this as a hobby. Please note that I always offer 20% commission on all sales and referrals from affiliate marketing on all my books.

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Born and raised in Pennsylvania Denali found her escape from life in novels. Through the years her tastes have changed, turning spicier with each new book, until she found herself diving into the world of writing head first.

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Although not the original Diotima, the author does agree that the western world has invested far too much energy into separating the inseparable duo of mind and heart. Diotima has written widely on a number of subjects, including essays, fiction and poetry. Her two latest books have been published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina: Dancing God – a collection of poetry, and Goat Foot God, an examination of the Great God Pan; both available through Neos Alexandria
Latest book: Tales in Vein

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As the co-founders of Global Leadership Foundation, Gayle Hardie and Malcolm Lazenby are passionate about and committed to making a positive difference to people, organisations and communities – both locally and globally. Along with their enthusiasm, they each bring over 30 years of experience and internationally recognised expertise in developing, strengthening and transforming individuals, teams, organisations and communities. Gayle and Malcolm’s work on the emotional health levels of leaders and their “translation” of the Enneagram into practical and tangible business applications are recognised across the globe as both innovative and groundbreaking. Gayle and Malcolm are also committed to continu ... read more
Latest book: The Emotionally Healthy Leader

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The Houston Writers Guild is a nonprofit organization and community of writers whose purpose is to support each other in the author’s craft and writing career through: 1. Engendering safe environments for writers of all skill levels 2. Reciprically sharing time, talent, and knowledge 3. Creating opportunities for the development of writing careers 4. Celebrating the success of each as a success of all 5. Providing a platform through which members forge life-long relationships in writing and publishing, and 6. Fostering a culture of continuous learning. A B O U T T H E TIDES OF POSSIBILITY E D I T O R K. J. Russell is an author of speculative fiction. He has been seen scouring the shadowed swamps of Hous ... read more
Latest book: Tides of Possibility

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The Independent Forum for Faith and Media (IFFM; formerly the Independent Forum for Religious Broadcasting – founded 1994) is devoted to promoting spirituality and faith in all aspects of broadcasting, including electronic media. The IFFM exists to promote four aspects of faith based broadcasting: - programmes of worship, teaching or pastoral care for the adherents of the various faiths present in SA - educational programming to assist the South African public to understand the faith communities present in the country - the presentation of the view point of faith based communities on moral and ethical matters or issues of current concern which may be presented or debated in the media - networking to create ... read more
Latest book: Religions in South Africa, Vol.3: Buddhism

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Iscah writes books. Sometimes the books write back.
Latest book: Seventh Night

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JeBouffe s'est donné pour mission d'aider les gens désireux de mieux manger à se préparer de bons petits plats sains et nourrissants ainsi qu'à mieux les conserver. Notre recette: Acheter des produits frais Préparer des plats savoureux Les tester et les manger puisque nous sommes tous deux assez gourmets pour ne pas dire gourmands. Lui: Informaticien amoureux de la bonne bouffe et gros lecteur Elle: bibliothécaire amatrice de bonne chère et de bons livres. Les deux forces conjuguées donnent un résultat qui, nous l'espérons, saura vous plaire tout en nous procurant du plaisir et surtout beaucoup d'activités pour les années à venir.
Latest book: JeBouffe - 30 délicieuses soupes repas

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Jelani is a Transformational Coach and blogger with more than 25 years of experience in helping others to creatively transform their lives. Jelani loves to spend his time traveling around the world learning new languages, people and cultures. He has traveled to more that 30 countries. Jelani received his Bachelor’s of Music from the University of the Pacific, an MA in Theater from California State Los Angeles and an MFA in Film Producing from UCLA. He is currently completing his PhD in Culture and Performance. He is a credentialed education specialist and continues to work with special needs children in the Los Angeles Public Schools. He will release his first series of children’s books in the Summer of ... read more
Latest book: Walking on the Edge of the Moon

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Az "író" nem író, csak gyermekkora óta ír; mióta rákényszerítették, hogy megírja élete első művét ”Legkedvesebb Nyári Élményem” címmel, az általános iskola második osztályában. Az iromány vegyes fogadtatásban részesült. Kritikusai szerint, Afrikában nem lehet kengurukra vadászni, lévén azok egy kontinenssel odébb élnek. Ám eme malőr, nem szegte az író kedvét. Az irodalomdolgozatok írása során, tovább gyártotta történeteit. Bár türelmét erősen próbára tették a naponta egy oldalnyi kötelezően másolandó szövegek - az írásai külalakjának a fejlesztésére, mondván, hogyan lehet egy nyolc éves gyereknek úgy írnia, mint egy nyolcvan évesnek – ... read more
Latest book: A Szürke 48-as Trikolórja

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K is a writer who doesn’t write to impress the proper usage of words taught by English Professors everywhere. Rather, K writes to elicit usage of imagination and feelings experienced by all mankind worldwide. K writes for the adventurer, the romantic, and the curious hidden in all of us.