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Follow me on Twitter at  rottenmind89 James Riverz
Raised in Chicago. I started writing when I was 17 until recently I finished my first story "Ghost Energy." I do many other things but I would like to make writing my profession in the end and if not at least a teacher.
Latest book: Ghost Energy

Follow me on Twitter at  JamesRobbNZ James Robb
James Robb grew up in Wellington, New Zealand. During the 1980s and 1990s he worked in meatworks, car assembly plants, carpet and biscuit factories in Wellington, Hastings, and Auckland. Currently he is a high school teacher in Auckland.
Latest book: China, Class Collaboration, and the Killing Fields of Indonesia in 1965

Follow me on Twitter at  James RobinsonJ1 James Robinson Jr.

Latest book: Take the Shot

Follow me on Twitter at  powercurrency James Rogers
Recognized leader in alternative currency systems backed by renewable energy. Currently working in China
Latest book: KW CASH

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesroseauthor James Rose
As a writer and advisor, James Rose has written features, commentary and analysis for various publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, the International Herald Tribune, the Far Eastern Economic Review, the Age, the Washington Post and, the South China Morning Post. His work has also appeared in various periodicals and academic journals. James is founder of Random Ax, a media company which focuses on generating media and communications strategies for pro-sustainability and pro-social justice clients. Among his clients are, or have been, the Burmese government in exile, lhe Zimbabwe opposition MDC and, the Western Sahara independence movement (“the last colony in Africa”). He has also b ... read more
Latest book: Virus

Follow me on Twitter at  TheSportstender James Ryan
Radio Host at the Sportstender. Media Coordinator for the Ontario Football Conference. Blogger at
Latest book: Desolate Warrior

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesscott000 James Scott
James Scott is an novelist that resides in the Atlanta, GA area. His debut novel, BUFFALO CITY CZAR has been published by Nickel City Publications. Biography James Scott was born in Buffalo New York in 1966. He endured the toughest streets, prison, and near death. Through the grace of God, he was given a second chance to relive his life through different circumstances. After enrolling into ITT-Technical school majoring in information technology, James began following his dreams of writing. He hopes to entertain the world with the tales of the dark side. Today, he resides in Athens, Georgia a proud father of two of God's most precious gifts.
Latest book: King Con

Follow me on Twitter at  jrsauthor James Sheridan
James Sheridan has had a very full life and career. Growing up in Liverpool It had always been his ambition to join the armed forces but after leaving school in 1989 he went travelling. He planned to be away for 2 or 3 months but after landing in Hong Kong he played rugby, found a job moving furniture and working as a bouncer in the Lan Kwai Fong bar area. The couple of months turned into two years and he had a blast. On returning to the UK in 1991 he joined a small family business in Liverpool and stayed for 15 years developing the product and customer base and rising as the company grew successfully to become sales and marketing director. In 2006 he won the Liverpool Echo Young Businessman of the Year Award ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  segblogs James Siler
James Siler Jr. was born in Philadelphia, Pa and raised in both Philly and Sedalia, North Carolina. He was raised around music his whole life. His mother could sing and his father played a numerous amount of instruments which automatically helped develop an interest in music in him. James studied music theory(piano) since he was 5 years old. This gave him the back-bone he needed to thoroughly root himself into the science of music. He went to college in North Carolina and minored in business so he could root himself with the basics of business. He also became a part of a internationally, well known drum-line called "Cold Steel" in college which helped polish his leadership skills. God knew what he was doing by ... read more
Latest book: The 50 Laws of Control: The Music Industry Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  inatthegeekend James Smith
James Smith, born in Surrey, England, grew up in South Africa where his father worked for NASA as an electronics engineer. His family returned to England in the late 70′s. After spending ten years in the defence industry working on top secret projects, he left to pursue interests in film and writing. A keen guitarist, windsurfer, skier, and traveller, his thirst for inspiration has seen him trekking through rain forests, playing gigs in smoky pubs, sailing with drunken skippers on racing yachts, and hanging out with surf dudes on the beach. All fine material for the humour that laces much of his writing. As well as involvement in film industry-related writing, fiction and autobiographical novels, James’ f ... read more
Latest book: In At The Geek End

Follow me on Twitter at  Jim Snedden James Snedden
Jim Snedden's writing draws heavily on his diversified experience as an international business executive, newspaper columnist, college instructor, and self-proclaimed political junkie. A transplanted Southern Californian, Jim now lives in Arizona with his wife Beth.

Follow me on Twitter at  JStellerBooks James Steller
James grew up in Essex, a small out of the way place, Imagine if you will Alcatraz with neon lights and short skirts and you will be getting very close. He spent most of his school years being the geek who liked Dungeons & Dragons, fantasy films and Goth jewellery, in fact he hasn't changed much. In 2013 his wife was diagnosed with a Brain tumour and it tore his world apart and broke his spirit, however his beautiful wife recovered and they now live in the sticks with their five year old daughter. Feeling he needed to do something of worth with his life he confessed to his wife he wanted to write a book, expecting to be laughed out of the house he was stunned when his wife confirmed it was a good idea and her ... read more
Latest book: Star Child: Ghosts From The Past

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesisuth James Sutherland
James Sutherland was born in Stoke-on-Trent, England, many, many, many years ago. So long ago, in fact, that he can't remember a thing about it. The son of a musician, he moved around lots as a youngster, attending schools in the Isle of Man and Spain before returning to Stoke where he lurked until the age of 18. After gaining a French degree at Bangor University, North Wales, James toiled manfully at a variety of office jobs before making a daring escape through a fire exit, hell-bent on writing silly nonsense full-time. In his spare time, James enjoys hunting for slugs in the garden, chatting with his gold fish and frolicking around the house in his tartan nightie. James is best known as the writer of the "N ... read more
Latest book: Norbert to the Rescue!

Follow me on Twitter at  72keys James Taggart
James Taggart is an economist and leadership consultant. His strong understanding of globalization, an ageing population and technology, and their effects on organizational performance, provide James a unique ability to assist organizational leaders. He worked for three decades as an economist, conducting applied research into labor market issues and researching topics relating to corporate competitiveness and innovation. Of special interest to James is understanding the interface between competitive global pressures and how leadership and management are practiced at the organization level. In addition to providing research consulting services services to organizations, he has been blogging for over three yea ... read more
Latest book: Leading in a Multipolar World: Four Forces Shaping Society

Follow me on Twitter at  JTtheVoodoo James Tow
James took some English classes in college. He likes to read and loves to write.
Latest book: The Sons of Liberty

Follow me on Twitter at  Berserk Mecha James Turbett
Once upon a time, the primordial chaos crossed with the eternal the fabric of reality in an eldritch union that produced a being who was given the legal name James Turbett. Between growing up in suburban America and being raised on a healthy dose of Star Wars and Saturday morning cartoons, James grew up as a quirky fellow who can best be described as an observant introvert and an optimistic cynic. To quench his appetite for information, half of James’s life is dedicated to the consumption of media. He enjoys political and character centered literature such as Game of Thrones and humorous satire such as Good Omens. Video games are also a favorite, including various Nintendo titles and StarCraft 2, in whi ... read more
Latest book: Damsels on the Drive

Follow me on Twitter at  JTTwerell James Twerell
Dr. J.T.Twerell is an award winning author as well as a practicing Psychotherapist in Manhattan NY. His works are a cross-section of fiction and non-fiction including “Signal 30” which won the Readers View Novel of the Year in 2011. "Catch and Release" was a top winner at London Book Festival, Los Angeles Book Show and Beach Book Show in 2013. For more information go to
Latest book: I Am Adam

Follow me on Twitter at  __jayt James Tyler
A writer from Canada Occasionally I drink too much coffee
Latest book: Away From Us

Follow me on Twitter at  ulvogcpa James Ulvog

Latest book: Tragedy of Fraud - Insider Trading Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  jvanloonj James van Loon
James van Loon besides being a novelist is a university psychology instructor, chartered psychologist, and international consultant. His artistic and scientific journey is one of many divergent paths, spanning a brief career as a radio disc jockey in his native USA, an introspective experience as a monk, and academic studies of literature and psychology in several European and North American universities. His peregrinations have taken him to the cobbled streets of old European towns speckled with cafes and compelling characters, where he nurtured his passion for research and writing. He has lectured at universities in Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Sweden, and the U.S.A. where he has also taught creative writi ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  rvernon22 James Vernon
James R. Vernon was born and lives on the planet Earth. He holds a degree in teaching mathematics in junior and high schools, which has zero influence on his writing. Instead he has spent as much time as possible, from a time when he could handle somewhat complicated words, reading and enjoying fantasy novels. Often stuck in long commutes for his job, James's imagination was free to create new worlds and stories. Through the assistance of family, friends, and some generous backers, James has been able to pursue his dream of sharing his stories with more then just the characters he has created. When not writing, he can usually be found with those he holds most dear, teaching those that put more white in his ha ... read more
Latest book: Bound to the Abyss

Follow me on Twitter at  JamesViser James Viser
James Viser is the pen name under which I published my first two novels in the AMERICA FIRST trilogy: LIE MERCHANTS and MADE IN CHINA. I am a consultant to the international oil and gas business with an education background in international business, economics and finance. In addition, I have studied comparative religion and have been active in the political process. In my works, I synthesize my diverse experiences and knowledge base into intelligent action thrillers with a spirituality. I call that Spiritual Patriotism.I was born in California and earned a B.S. degree in International Management and a minor in Economics from a major public university. I started my professional career as as an analyst with an i ... read more
Latest book: Lie Merchants

Follow me on Twitter at  jameswhebborn James W Hebborn

Follow me on Twitter at  WalkrMetalsmith James Walker
James R. Walker is a metalsmith specializing in metal care, repair, restoration and preservation, full-time since 1974; mainly working with copper, brass, bronze, pewter, silver and spelter. His studio is located in Escondido, CA.
Latest book: Preserving Bronze Plaques & Memorial

Follow me on Twitter at  cjwarwood James Warwood
There are some kids who can do all the actions, sing all the words, smile for the camera, read every book and write their name backwards. And there are some kids who spend most of their time staring off into space. James Warwood was a star-gazer. Twenty years later and James still spends most of his adult life day-dreaming, only now his day-dreams become children's stories. Birthday: 20th July Favourite Colour: Blue Favourite Animal: Squirrels Hobbies: Running, playing bass guitar, watching F1, and drawing silly cartoons (though not all at once)
Latest book: 49 Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework

Follow me on Twitter at  jawesthoff James Westhoff
From The Easy Reader: This summer, Hermosa Beach writer James Westhoff welcomed two babies into the world. His first child, daughter Lila, was born on July 6. And on August 2, Westhoff released his first novel, “Smoke Monkey International.” Both babies got their start at the University of California at San Diego, where the author met his wife, artist Elisa Johns, and wrote the short story that would develop into his first book. “Between freshman and sophomore year of college at UCSD I went up to Idaho,” Westhoff said. “I didn’t want to be home that summer so I just went up there and worked as a dishwasher. I met all of these wacky people and it always just stuck in my head as this interesting story ... read more
Latest book: Smoke Monkey International

Follow me on Twitter at  19703JD James Westlake

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesnwlondon James Weston
My name is James Weston and I was born in Edgware, Middlesex and grew up in North West London. I have lived in England and Israel and have had many interesting experiences in my life. I am a recovered addict and have published my first book 'My Rehab Diary', in order to give a message of hope and faith to all addicts and families of addicts.
Latest book: My Rehab Diary

Follow me on Twitter at  m16agenda James Wilcox
James Wilcox, a former newspaper photographer and writer, is currently a high school teacher in Kansas City, where is lives with his wife and three children. James, the author of Miracle Child, and two novels: Sex, Lies, and the Classroom and The M-16 Agenda, is currently working on his third novel tenatively titled Sacrificing Tyreshia.
Latest book: Miracle Child

Follow me on Twitter at  Grimnian James Willard

Latest book: Bitter Is The Salt

Follow me on Twitter at  jimyarb James Yarbrough
Jim Yarbrough - International Business Development, Experienced Transportation Executive, Leadership Development Author A 25-year veteran in the international relocation, freight forwarding, and warehousing industries, he returned to Bangkok in 1999 to become the Country Manager of Brink’s Thailand, a subsidiary of Brink’s Inc. Jim is a graduate of the University of Southern California (International Relations and Economics) and Master’s program at UCLA (Public Administration and Computer Information Systems). Following service as a US Air Force pilot Jim lived and worked overseas since 1975. He managed and owned warehousing and forwarding companies in Panama, Thailand, Indonesia, and the US. He ha ... read more
Latest book: 'How to' Lessons in Courage & Adversity - 3.15

Follow me on Twitter at  GRIMACHU James "Grim" Desborough
Game designer, writer, self publisher, freelancer, rakish fop, gentleman bastard, ten times more charming than that Arnold on Green Acres.
Latest book: Pulp Nova

Follow me on Twitter at  jhetley James A. Hetley
Contemporary fantasy author James A. Hetley lives in the Maine setting of his novels The Summer Country, The Winter Oak, Dragon's Eye, and Dragon's Teeth. Place names, events, and people have been changed to protect the author from lawsuits. The weather, on the other hand, can't sue for libel and is real. He also writes as James A. Burton, with new fantasy novel Powers out in May 2012 from Prime Books. A self-employed architect, he specializes in renovation and reuse of older buildings. Some of those also show up in his stories, playing themselves. Other diverse connections to his writing include black belt rank in Kempo karate, three years in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, a ham radio license, a ... read more
Latest book: Dragon's Bones

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesamurphyint James A. Murphy
LIKE SO MANY of us, at one time James wasn't really living the life he so longed for. He was just going through the motions, day-in and day-out. However, James was fortunate enough to have been introduced into the field of personal development in his 20's. It was here that he began his journey of self-discovery, a journey overgrown with the difficulties of the lessons of his past. The path that James has chose, has constantly challenged him, forced him to make sacrifice's, and caused him to grow. A path which has taken him to new heights. He has been a student and a teacher in the field of human behavior for over two-decades. His studies have led him to read over 400 books in the area of psychology, sociology ... read more
Latest book: The Waves of Life Quotes Companion Journal

Follow me on Twitter at  JAPerezNY James A. Perez
James A. Perez has worked in the field of education for over twenty years with children of all ages. His first novel, MAIA AND ICARUS, grew out of his love for Greek mythology and a desire to explore the epic journey of a young heroine. He lives on Long Island with his family, including his niece, Maia.
Latest book: Maia and Icarus

Follow me on Twitter at  JamesARennie9 James A. Rennie
Graduated HS in 1995. Attended Longridge Writing Group and also received a Master's in ESL. Traveled extensively thoughout America and Europe. Currently living in New Jersey.

Follow me on Twitter at  jwestbooks James A. West
Author page of epic fantasy writer James A. West! If you like leaner, fast-paced fantasy, you've come to the right place. When James was thirteen years old he read The Talisman, by Stephen King and Peter Straub, and a seed of an idea was planted that someday he, too, would create different worlds and realities. After a stint in the US Army, a year as a long-haul truck driver, and a couple as a log home builder, he enrolled at the University of Montana. There, he majored in Psychology and, by chance, took a creative writing course that allowed him to revisit that old seed of an idea of creating worlds. Words started to flow, and worlds were born. After college, he started a small woodworking business wi ... read more
Latest book: Crown of the Setting Sun - Book Two: Heirs of the Fallen

Follow me on Twitter at  JHyten James “Jimmy” Hyten
James “Jimmy” Hyten is a freelance writer and works for the Denver Department of Public Safety. Born in Houston, Texas his time there was short-lived as he was born into an Air Force family requiring him to move every couple of years. Finding himself back in Houston he was married and after a very stressful and emotional yet inspirational time, divorced. Eventually he settled down once again after meeting his soon to be wife and the love of his life. James graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor degree in business. He is currently pursuing graduate studies at the University of Denver. His debut book, “MY AWFULLY WEDDED LIFE,” is about the perils of his first marriage and it’s told ... read more
Latest book: My Awfully Wedded Life

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesbirdguess James Bird Guess
Homeless after high school and at rock bottom of his life, James Bird Guess discovered a success process called Grinding, in which a person creates success using ambition, vision, strategy and perseverance. Starting with only $1,000, poor credit, and a dream to become a millionaire, James single-handedly built a quarter million dollar enterprise selling products from the trunk of his car. Deciding to pursue his passion more than profit, he founded James Bird Guess International Success Academy, a leadership training and research company that trains thousands of managers and business leaders from organizations across the world, with one goal - to inspire the best performance out of people. From homeless to suc ... read more
Latest book: Lead Like Water: Many Can Manage, Few Can Lead

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesbryronlove James Bryron Love
James Bryron Love was born in southern Ontario in 1957. Since his youth he has pursued art. His art has taken on many forms that include poetry, writing, sculpting, oil painting and music. He was schooled in classic philosophy in Toronto amongst other subjects.
Latest book: Relentless

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesbryronlove James Bryron Love
James Bryron Love was born in southern Ontario in 1957. Since his youth he has pursued art. His art has taken on many forms that include poetry, writing, sculpting, oil painting and music. He was schooled in classic philosophy in Toronto amongst other subjects. The original cover art for Harvesting the Dream is also one of his creations done in oils. You're welcome to visit his website
Latest book: SciFi Anthology #1

Follow me on Twitter at  GladToDoIt James Burd Brewster
James Burd Brewster was raised in Albany, NY, learned to sail on Lake Champlain, navigated a Polar Icebreaker in the US Coast Guard, and married Katie Spivey from Wilmington, NC. They lived in Baltimore, MD when Ben and Luke heard the Rocky Hill, Fireman stories. The family grew to five (Ben, Luke, Rachel, Andrew, Sam) and settled in Pomfret, MD outside of Washington, DC. Ben and Luke are no longer 6 and 4. Ben is a Marine, married, and father of four. Luke is an Apple employee in Chicago, IL. Ben now tells Uncle Rocky stories to his sons, Levi, Micah, and Judah. -- Children can contact Uncle Rocky or the author, join the Glad To Do It! Club, or download coloring pages at:
Latest book: Uncle Rocky, Fireman - Book 4 - Sparky Protects

Follow me on Twitter at  twentyonedays James C Snaith
James is philosopher, fusion chef, writer, entrepreneur/concept designer and long time marketing/sales agent; also holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Applied Philosophies, minor in Quantum Physics. I recently began writing and have self-published my first book titled 21 Days. It is a practical guide to aligning with the Creator and His principles of seed time - harvest. Also, for those in marketing/sales -my handbook: Perfect Pitch will take you step by step through the -well- Perfect Pitch and get you the results you want. There is a third publication in progress titled Quantus Philo -a critique of Quality versus Free Will.
Latest book: Perfect Pitch & Viral Letter

Follow me on Twitter at  urbanwolf James C. Femmer
I’m just your typical half-fae Germano-Celtic Spaniard living in Central Pennsylvania with an obsession with modern fantasy, action-adventure, and live music. I don’t look my age. I blame my elvish heritage. I don’t act my age either. For that I blame my human heritage.

Follow me on Twitter at  jameskirk James D Kirk
James was born in Hollywood, California during the spring of 1965 but quickly found himself relocated to the East Coast. Over the first eighteen years of his life, home was in Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. For many, this kind of movement could have spelled disaster, but James drew strength of personality while learning to reinvent himself with every change of location. Boldly trekking across the country after high school, James met up with his brother, John in Berkeley and eventually attended U.C. Berkeley. Today James resides in Jerome, Arizona and if he looks carefully, he can see down into the Verde Valley, the homes of his mother, Linda Lee, his sister and her husband, Stacey ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  jdbest James D. Best
James Best is the author of The Shopkeeper, Leadville, Murder at Thumb Butte, The Return, Tempest at Dawn, The Shut Mouth Society, Principled Action, and The Digital Organization. James has also written two regular magazine columns and numerous journal articles. As a conference speaker, he has made presentations throughout North America and Europe. He is currently working on Murder at Thumb Butte, a Steve Dancy Western.
Latest book: Steve Dancy Tales Box Set

Follow me on Twitter at  jdmaxon James D. Maxon
James D. Maxon (1977-Present) was born at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. His parents were divorced when he was just three-years-old. Raised in a strictly female household, James grew up in the midst of mental illness and depression. He, himself, struggled in school due to a learning disability. Without a positive male role model, James learned how difficult it can be for children to realize their true potential. Having acquired a love for fantasy at a young age, he began to write stories of his own, providing children and teens with messages of faith, hope, and insight. Overcoming his disability, James graduated college with a 4.0 GPA. He deepened his connection to the creative world by followin ... read more
Latest book: Traphis: A Wizard's Tale