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Lise Lyng Falkenberg is a Danish author of mostly fiction and biographies. Since her debut in 1983 a dozen of her novels and biographies have been published in both Danish and English along with hundreds of short stories, poems, essays, articles and reviews. Lise Lyng Falkenberg is a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and holds a second Ph.D. degree in Cultural Studies as well as a B.A. in Semiotics. She has worked for Odense University Library and University of Southern Denmark as a researcher and parallel to her academic career, she took on jobs as a model, graphic artist, musician, carny, journalist, scriptwriter, photographer and director of documentaries and rock videos. In 2005 she decided to put her Danish ... read more
Latest book: The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up - But Did

Follow me on Twitter at  mariewathen Marie Wathen
New Adult Author of the All Series, book one Be All released July 2013. Other tiles in the series are, All is Lost, All This Time, Worth it All, Risking All, All We Are and My All. My short story, No Details, can be found in the Novel Grounds All Our Love anthology. It will become a full-length novel in 2015. I am the mom of two beautiful & intelligent daughters; Kaitie and Kayla, who both married Kyle's. I married my best friend, the most loving man that I’ve ever met, Barry. He supports me and encourages everyone of my wild dreams no matter how neurotic. I have two g'son, WD & RJ, who sweetly call me Lola (because that's what I want them to call me). I am a proud Italian-American, living in Alabama. Barry & ... read more
Latest book: All is Lost (All Series, Book 2)

Follow me on Twitter at  pthistle P. Fern Phillips
Fern’s 27-year career in Information and Records Management has included extensive experience in Government, Public, and Private sectors in Calgary, Alberta, including consulting and educational capacities. From the very start of this career Fern recognized a gap in the research, and she read and extracted from Canadian legislation and case law and became one of the few Canadian non-legal experts in the relationship of records, admissibility and retention to Canadian Law. Fern was an Instructor at the Southern Alberta’s Institute of Technology (SAIT), Calgary, Alberta from 1988-2006. Fern maintains the CRM designation from the Institute of Records Managers (ICRM) in good standing continuously since 1988. S ... read more
Latest book: Carriers of Information: A Canadian Approach to Records Management

Follow me on Twitter at  rcoles66 Rachel Coles
Rachel Coles is a medical anthropologist working in public health and emergency preparedness in Colorado. She lives with her husband, Adam, and her daughter, Rosa. Rosa's fondness for scary stories is the inspiration for many of the stories. Rachel and Adam share a love for old horror novels and stories, and science fiction. They also compete for knowledge of the most obscure Star Trek and Babylon 5 trivia.
Latest book: Beyond The Veil: A Ghost Story Anthology

Follow me on Twitter at  A_noble_theme W Scott McAndless
The Rev. W. Scott McAndless has been an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada for two decades. He presently serves the congregation of St. Andrew’s Hespeler Presbyterian Church in Cambridge, ON. Canada. He lives with his wife, two daughters and their dog Minnie in Cambridge.
Latest book: Caesar's Census, God's Jubilee

Follow me on Twitter at  KellyArmenta "Kelly Armenta"
Kelly Armenta was born in Northern California, grew up chasing wild mustangs in Nevada then moved to Southern California at age 18 where she spent the next several years manufacturing and importing stuffed animals. After a decade living in "The Valley" she moved back to her hometown where she raised her two children. Kelly now lives in South Carolina on thirteen acres, is a partner in a Gun Range, works as a Senior IT Project Manager, and volunteers as Medical Responder, Dive Team Member, and Special Rescue Member for the County. During the Summer months she enjoys working on the underwater cemetary she helped create in a local lake, growing flowers, playing with her five dogs, and of course, writing. Kelly's m ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  MPSebar "Mark Paul" Sebar
My most important love is story telling of fictional tales, far away places, memorable characters, great beginnings and surprise endings. I can author work across many genres comfortably. If I can connect with you my reader, then I did my job and we are hopefully, both happy.
Latest book: The San Gabriel Years

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Poets & Authors- Join The #OurWrite2Reach Movement: We are proud to showcase authors from all over the world on our sites and social networks. We search far and wide for 25 of the most unique of books and literary pieces to share on the #ourwrite2reach and other book club blogs each month. We also post other literary finds that we deem priceless and share links and information on our social networks daily. We aim to increase the exposure of writers on a world-wide scale to promote artistic literary awareness. We promote your links and information for free-- as our way of saying ' we love you-- keep writing'. You may find poetry, documentaries, novels, self-help- fiction and non-fiction additions posted on o ... read more

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"Bimbo Ekundayo is a graduate of Dramatic Arts from Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun State in Nigeria. After a spin in the Christian Drama Ministry as a playwright, director, costumer and actress; she opted out to focus on training. Presently she is a speaker and writer on love, relationship and family. She hosts a bi-monthly Tree of Life Singles' Summit in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. It is a forum where challenges facing matured singles who are still trusting God for their own spouses are identified, discussed and resolved.
Latest book: Bitter Tears In Love? No More!

Follow me on Twitter at  fireant_pr 'db' Morgan
An award winning film-maker from Colchester, UK. 'db' is also a screenwriter, producing his debut feature film 'Cul-De-Sac' in March 2015. All professional information is available at - By purchasing this guide you will facilitate a debut film maker to raise extra funding towards his lifelong dream- to see his scripts become successful feature films.
Latest book: Event Management: A geurilla Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  adebay_c 'Debayo Coker
Debayo Coker as he prefers to be called is a graduate of English and holds a Master’s Degree in Public and International Affairs from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos respectively. He had a foray into the corporate Nigeria but his innate reflex for arts cannot be wished away as he always finds himself coming back to that point of his first love-arts. Societal Fragments is his debut. He is a columnist of #PAUSIBILITY that is shared through many other blogs and he blogs via He could be reached: Follow on twitter: adebay_c He lives in Lagos with his family.
Latest book: A Man Like Me: Noteography Of A Father To His Son

Follow me on Twitter at  holyflo 'Flo Falayi
Pastor Flo, fondly called P’Flo, is the Senior Pastor of The Riverbank Church, Chicago(, Host of Relationship Matters (Radio/ Facebook) and co-founder of ‘Renew Nigeria.’ His most recent works include two insightful and inspirational books titled Get Off Your Duff and Relationships Do Matter. You can find him musing on his website, on relationship, leadership, diaspora and life issues. He is happily married and together they have three children. Contact PFlo: Email: Twitter: @holyflo
Latest book: Relationships Do Matter

Follow me on Twitter at  SoNonsoJohn 'Nonso John
Born to Nigerian parents in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja, 'Nonso John is a Thriller writer who loves to read and write anything between suspense, mystery, and detective thrillers with a little romance. His Sunday School teacher taught him God wrote the Bible, so at age six he figured God also wrote the first novel he ever read - James Hadley Chase's No Orchid for Miss Blandish. So, aged six, 'Nonso decided to be the very first man to write a novel, and with a borrowed pencil, and a new 20-leaf book, he launched a career . First Human Writer! Pow! Sadly, someone had beaten him to the "First man to publish a novel" prize. But of course, 'Nonso "...would never trade those early dreams for anything in the ... read more
Latest book: Thrones

Follow me on Twitter at  peteypowell 'Petey' Powell
I grew up in Hallsboro,N.C. I was an outstanding athlete throughout grammar school; I was even offered a baseball scholarship to the University of North Carolina Wilmington. But I did what many people do- made a hell of a lot of bad choices. Instead of focusing on academia, I sold drugs. My dad and Uncles sold drugs from the time I was a small boy, but I don’t blame them or what they did for me hustling; I know that it was my own decision to make the wrong decisions. The millions I made wasn’t worth the 10 years I spent in the federal penitentiary. It wasn’t worth seeing my children as babies when I went in, and seeing them as teenagers when I got out. It wasn’t worth not having a single visitor the l ... read more
Latest book: The Class President's Son

Follow me on Twitter at  TimonySouler 'Timony Souler
'Timony Souler has been writing since she could string a coherent sentence together. It started out as an escape from reality, soon became a hobby and now takes up most of her brain activity. Her current works are "in progress". You can find her poetry, minifiction and other randomness on her various blogs. She also like drawing and pretending she can take photographs with artistic qualities. When she isn't writing you can find her with her nose in a book, admonishing the cat, drinking various teas, collecting hats and admiring shiny things.

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Hello and welcome to my author page. I started my digitial life as an ebook other and have now expanded into ebooks and website development / plugin development Please check out my site and there will be more books coming over time
Latest book: An atmosphere of angels

Follow me on Twitter at 1Faith Morgan
Faith Morgan has been writing for 30 years and has various styles of writing. "The living nightmare" is written with horror in mind "Eves hell" is written with modern urban fantasy in mind. She has written several short stories about women overcoming, or not overcoming life. She also writes poetry and short stories and was voted poet of the year in 1998 as well as editors choice in 1999. Faith welcomes any review of her books/Short Stories and would loves to hear form her readers.
Latest book: Julia

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Latest book: Writing for eHow: You're Doing It Wrong

Follow me on Twitter at  21strestaurant 21st Century Restaurant Internet Marketing
Here’s How 21st Century Restaurant Internet Marketing Will Help You Use The Internet To Get New Local Customers, Repeat Business With Your Existing Customers, Increase word of mouth marketing, Make More Money And Enjoy Your Desired Freedom! We strive to provide a proven system that allows smart, but overwhelmed restaurant owners and managers to quickly consolidate profitability, eliminate wasted effort, and put the best possible internet marketing strategies in play. So you rake in more money, spend less time in the office (and more time on vacation)… while everything runs (and grows) with amazing professional efficiency. Our future clients are now leading a business life of frustration and long hours. ... read more
Latest book: 21st Century Guerilla Internet Marketing For Restaurants

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Author for appliance cover, boiler cover and home emergency cover experts
Latest book: 247 Home Rescue - Home Safety

Follow me on Twitter at  2MOONzdiedbe4 2MOONz
2MOONz∞dosLUNAZ is a certified music engineer; a producer of his own genre of Hip-Hop called Assassin HI-Hop, HI-Hop, or World Trap; graphic artist; and author. The founder of buddhaLAB Records, he was born in Bogotá, Colombia some time in the late 80’s. A gypsy at heart, never staying too long in one place, he has moved many times through out the states and has yet to see more of the world. If the business environment has changed then we go and make do with what we can. What I can say about my self is that I've started much of what I said I was gonna finish and this is the result of it.

Follow me on Twitter at  2persevereHIIT 2persevere by Lana Barry
Lana Barry is a dedicated fitness enthusiast and writer, effective leader, certified project manager, wife, dedicated mother of 3 and human rights advocate. Lana is the Founder of, @2persevereHIIT and Author of the interactive 'HIITroks!' fitness eBook. Follow the HIITnutri online nutrition guide for quick and tasty meal suggestions at & #HIITnutri on Instagram. View the HIITroks! workout video previews at the #HIITview interactive gallery on Youtube, Vimeo and HIITroks!© is dedicated to my children, may this book inspire you to live a healthy life, dream big and aspire!
Latest book: HIITroks!

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360i is an award-winning digital marketing agency that drives results for Fortune 500 marketers through insights, ideas and technologies. 360i helps its clients think differently about their online presence and evolve their strategies to take advantage of the new world of marketing communications – one where brands and consumers engage in interactive and multi-directional conversations. Current clients include Kraft Foods, JCPenney, Coca-Cola, NBC Universal and H&R Block, among others. 360i is a division of Innovation Interactive, a digital marketing services company. For more information, please visit
Latest book: Mobile Marketing Playbook

Follow me on Twitter at  38DegreesNorth 38 Degrees North
38° North are a group fitness professionals based in Ibiza who provide the space, time and experiences to allow you to reach your potential. We pride ourselves on offering a highly personal approach to your fitness and health needs: our prime focus is you. We work with clients on bespoke Fitness Holidays and Detox Retreats hosted from our base in Ibiza. We also run the fitness services, personal training, detox and slimming treatments at Revival Wellness Club within the 5 Star Aguas de Ibiza hotel. We offer a wide range of fitness activities on our holidays and retreats coupled with great food and options including an alkalizing detox juice cleanse programme, slimming treatments and spa therapies. Our team i ... read more
Latest book: 6 Days To Slim! The Ibiza Detox Diet

Follow me on Twitter at  liberdergi 3H Hareketi Liber+
Liber+ | İki Aylık Liberal Kültür Dergisi
Latest book: Liber+ 1. Sayı

Follow me on Twitter at  kenniekayoz 4E Inc
The Company Was Founded On: November 12th 2006 by Shane & Jessica Diamond.    But in 2011 it seems that 4E Inc is standing for: Death, Depression & Despair    Death - Since the start of 4E Inc (even before it was created) Shane & Jessica's lives have been riddled with death as it seems that everyone and everything (all the pets) around them are dying rather quickly.    Depression - Through the lives of Shane & Jessica they have both battled with depression on many issues from not being good enough to harassment issues which still plague them today.    Despair - Things started in 2008 with the feeling of despair, and things continue to grow with them. As it seems that nothing they do works out to the ... read more
Latest book: Darkside

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50 Things to Know. What Do You Want to Know? 50 tips from people who just did what you want to do. Four reasons to purchase a "50 Things to Know" Book include not wasting your own time searching the internet for resources, supporting mostly women writers earning extra income for their families, ten cents of each book purchased is given to a teaching and learning charity (read more about this on the 50 Things to Know Blog), and the books are organized, packed with information, and easy read.
Latest book: Charlie The Cavalier- Charlie Begs for Attention

Follow me on Twitter at  5amWriterMan 5amWriterMan
Writing erotica is an escape from some of the horrible and sad realities of life. 5amWriterMan hopes that his stories help any of his readers looking for an escape…or a release! ;-) 5amWriterMan was born from the author’s inability to sleep so he creates (stories, poems, paintings, etc.) He began creating through his insomnia, usually around 5 am, hence the genesis of “5amWriterMan.” He is obsessed with shades of grey, darkness, and a touch of red. He bats for #TeamGay and resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. "Infected Thoughts" is his first self-published story of fiction. He welcomes any feedback – good and bad!

Follow me on Twitter at  gailawler
Creater of Creative soul who just can't help but write. Known to have a passion for chocolate and most food type things.
Latest book: Impatient Pig

Follow me on Twitter at  918studio 918 studio
An indie publisher of good writing that deserves to be read...
Latest book: Her Kind, a novel

Follow me on Twitter at  1001recruittips @1001RecruitTips
The author has worked with over 70 NCAA Division I coaches over 15 years, competing in eight different sports, as well as professional coaches and athletes, including more than 30 NFL, NBA, MLB 1st round draft picks and several other players who have signed professional contracts. Throughout his career, he has worked along-side players and coaches who have won World Series Championships, Super Bowls, BCS National Championships, NCAA Men's Basketball Titles, NBA Championships, made Final Four Appearances and NFL Pro Bowls, along with individuals who have earned NFL Rookie of the Year honors, Heisman Trophies, National Coach of the Year honors, BCS Championship MVP Awards, NBA All-Stars, Cy Young Winners and both ... read more
Latest book: NCAA Recruit Tips

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I am a novelist, poet, short story writer and an investigative journalist. I have written a number of books and winning short stories. My books are available in paperback on For more information visit my website: I love poetry and I have a blog called Decolonising Poetry - where you can encounter a kind of poetry never before written. Visit Decolonising Poetry here: I love news. I am the founder and editor of a daily online newspaper I call What To Know Vist the paper and subscribe for free. In addition to my writing career, I am a trained chemist.I run a chemicals business called Rebochem. Rebochem supplies ... read more
Latest book: In The Name Of The Father

Follow me on Twitter at A Black
A. Black is a writer and world traveler. As a child, she believed she was fated to be a nonfiction writer. Now, she simply desires to write fiction stories in which she can live out her fantasies.

Follow me on Twitter at  anjiecares4u A Fields
Angela Fields is a New Jersey native with roots in South Carolina. Angela is an author and Community Pastor licensed and endorsed through FCS (Focus Community Strategies) Urban Ministries. Angela holds a Masters of Divinity from Mercer University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from William Paterson University.
Latest book: I'm Perfectly Different

Follow me on Twitter at  albertodabull A Grant
A Grant is one of my writing personas and quite different from the others. Vigilante is my first novel and is a commentary on where our society could be heading if we do not make a hasty u-turn. Without giving anything away I can tell you that this a story about retribution run out of control and the moral dilemma we face when confronted with the corruption of justice and our society. This is a thriller through and through - there is action and the tension builds with every chapter. Vigilante is a novel that should have been on the shelf 10 years ago, but as is so often the case with writers, I allowed myself to be sidetracked and I lost belief in myself on the advice of people I should have ignored. Armage ... read more
Latest book: Dragonscream

Follow me on Twitter at  kayodeatoyebi A K Peter
About The Author A.K Peter, is a little boy and founder of HYbLOVE initiative (pronounced as High Love) {HYbLOVE an initiative is founded for the purpose of producing content that is useful to all human kind of all ages, continent, race and region} The author who belief in helping others as a perfect way of living life, and which is also the purpose of this initiative of his. Because he believe that in anything you do your positive impact will be in peoples’ life for ever so also was your negative impacts. He has many of his periodic essay published at many top online publishing companies, like goarticle, wikinut, ezinearticle, Google plus, facebook and more, on each occasion, he has successfull ... read more
Latest book: 21 Keys Of A Fruitful Day

Follow me on Twitter at  Stratustician A Knoblauch
Andrea Knoblauch is a Canadian Cloud & Virtualization Security Strategist with a passion for all things tech. With over 18 years of experience in marketing and product management, Andrea has spent the last few years working with leaders in the cloud space to promote best practices in cloud and virtualization. As part of her non-profit activities, Andrea has contributed to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)’s research groups on the topic of security, works with Canadian cloud startups and industry professionals, writes for several blogs and regularly meets with Canadian industry groups to help further cloud adoption.
Latest book: Deconstructing Cloud

Follow me on Twitter at  lacquerlucky A Michelle
I wrote, I write, I will.

Follow me on Twitter at  anobscurepark A Park
The oddest Park you'll know. Toronto native who smokes and writes in a small study which is actually a closet.
Latest book: The Fifth Rider: New Damascus

Follow me on Twitter at  themoderndevil A R
A.R was born in Dublin in 1975. After travelling the literary world in his imagination as a child, he set out at eighteen to visit the places he loved in his favourite books. On his return he penned this small collection of epigrams and wit.
Latest book: The Modern Devils Dictionary

Follow me on Twitter at  sugarman_author A Sugarman
Sugarman is one of the growing band of indie writers who believes ebooks are a way of breaking traditional author bonds. He writes fiction and fantasy with the emphasis on characters and their trials.
Latest book: From Upholstered Battlements

Follow me on Twitter at  abpotts A B Potts
Guilty as charged. I spent most of my childhood daydreaming in worlds inspired by the likes of Jules Verne, Gene Roddenberry and Ian Fleming. Further fuelled by TV programmes such as Doctor Who, The Professionals, The Man from UNCLE and Tomorrow’s World, it is only to be expected that my stories should be imaginative and futuristic with a hint of humour. At school, whilst others were listening to and absorbing the cold, hard facts of the French Revolution, I was running amuck through the streets of France with the Scarlet Pimpernel saving the Dauphin from the evil clutches of ‘Les Citoyens’. Nowadays, I have a very dull job as a bookkeeper so I continue to daydream of intergalactic fire fights and car ... read more
Latest book: Hell's Child

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A Better Choice Publishing publishes books that make a difference in peoples' lives. Our company name was inspired by a dream and we seek to publish the best books in the topics of personal finance and self-development.
Latest book: Power Spending: Getting More For Less

Follow me on Twitter at  ACWilson1 A C Wilson
A.C Wilson, known to everyone else as Al is a life long writer with a passion for expression. He has been a music producer and artist/DJ since the age of 15 and has worked in the trance music scene in Public Relations, Music development and Artists and Repertoire. He has been editor and administrator for a number of sites and continues to make music professionally today. (Which includes a OST for his first book with the help of Sound Essentials) He has been entertaining people with stories and tails since his child hood. After many years pursuing his work life and being told he wasn't good enough for creative writing in his youth, Al decided enough was enough of bottling his ideas, worlds and visions to himself ... read more
Latest book: Ambersil: The Legacy of Mr Harrison

Follow me on Twitter at  adkoboah A D Koboah
A.D. Koboah was born in London and completed an English Literature degree in 2000. Her first novel, "Dark Genesis," was inspired by the concept of dehumanisation and the impact it can have on the psyche. "Rising Dark," the sequel to "Dark Genesis," is due to be released on the 24th April 2014.

Follow me on Twitter at  fatbellyblog A D Stone
OK. Before you purchase the Belly Fat Formula it's probably time I told you a bit about myself. I'm Aaron. I am a qualified trainer and Exercise Prescription specialist with a First Class Honors degree in Exercise Prescription and Exercise & Sports Science achieved at the University of Otago. Where's Otago? Good question. It's a small city in little old New Zealand. My colleagues and I have created the Belly Fat Formula - a step by step guide on how to lose belly fat... for good. It's simple and effective and will get you results. If you are still a bit nervous about buying the Belly Fat Formula to try to get rid of your belly fat - then feel free to drop me a line here or via our website.
Latest book: The Belly Fat Formula

Follow me on Twitter at  annietether A D Tether
Lives in England UK and gave up working in 2012 and now has time to write all those stories that have nagged away for years. Wrote a show for children called 'Pantomania' which was performed by a Youth Theatre Company in front of a paying audience. The Single Snowflake is her first full novel.
Latest book: A Single Snowflake

Follow me on Twitter at  cranstonbaxter A E Coates
Alan Coates was born in Lancashire, in the early eighties. He has since lived in Yorkshire, graduated from Plymouth University and settled in Leamington Spa. With a love of good stories, he has written short fiction and films before finishing his first novel, Cranston Baxter and the Red Button Set. His favourite writers include P.G. Wodehouse, Douglas Adams, Agatha Christie and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Alan is thirty, has two guinea pigs and one adopted cat called Lemmy with his wife Abi.
Latest book: Cranston Baxter and the Red Button Set

Follow me on Twitter at  FlurryFurry A Flurry Of Furry
"A Flurry of Furry" is a project in which a handful of anonymous furry co-authors pieced together a novella, paragraph by paragraph. The finished result was a ten story compilation of nonsense, humor, drama, suspense, romance, and eroticism. Best of all: upon release, A Flurry of Furry will be available for only 1USD in all of your favorite ebook formats! Check out the free sample of A Flurry of Furry to get a taste, and hand over that dollar bill when you're ready for the full thing! (That's what he said.) **But I want to give you more money!?** Too bad! Please donate to your favorite furry art site, furry story site, furry web comic, furry book/comic store, animal preservation charity, etc. DO NOT ever give ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  @bullburton A J Burton
I am a retired policeman, harness horse trainer, gibstopper and small block farmer. I have loved reading since I can remember. I have owned horses, dogs, and cats since I was twelve years old. I enjoyed the bush, surfing, snorkling, rugby, and judo and now in my retirement fishing on the family boat with friends and family. I am married with four boys and one gorgeous grand-daughter. Over the years I have written many short stories and a couple of novels without any serious thoughts of publishing them. A few years ago I decided I would write a novel with a view to having it published. Demon's Coven looked like it was going to become so large I decided to make it into a Trilogy. Demon's Coven is my first nove ... read more
Latest book: A Warrior's Death, Stories from Antiquity