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Andrea Knoblauch is a Canadian Cloud & Virtualization Security Strategist with a passion for all things tech. With over 18 years of experience in marketing and product management, Andrea has spent the last few years working with leaders in the cloud space to promote best practices in cloud and virtualization. As part of her non-profit activities, Andrea has contributed to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)’s research groups on the topic of security, works with Canadian cloud startups and industry professionals, writes for several blogs and regularly meets with Canadian industry groups to help further cloud adoption.
Latest book: Deconstructing Cloud

Follow me on Twitter at  lacquerlucky A Michelle
I wrote, I write, I will.

Follow me on Twitter at  anobscurepark A Park
The oddest Park you'll know. Toronto native who smokes and writes in a small study which is actually a closet.
Latest book: The Fifth Rider: New Damascus

Follow me on Twitter at  themoderndevil A R
A.R was born in Dublin in 1975. After travelling the literary world in his imagination as a child, he set out at eighteen to visit the places he loved in his favourite books. On his return he penned this small collection of epigrams and wit.
Latest book: The Modern Devils Dictionary

Follow me on Twitter at  sugarman_author A Sugarman
Sugarman is one of the growing band of indie writers who believes ebooks are a way of breaking traditional author bonds. He writes fiction and fantasy with the emphasis on characters and their trials.
Latest book: From Upholstered Battlements

Follow me on Twitter at  abpotts A B Potts
Guilty as charged. I spent most of my childhood daydreaming in worlds inspired by the likes of Jules Verne, Gene Roddenberry and Ian Fleming. Further fuelled by TV programmes such as Doctor Who, The Professionals, The Man from UNCLE and Tomorrow’s World, it is only to be expected that my stories should be imaginative and futuristic with a hint of humour. At school, whilst others were listening to and absorbing the cold, hard facts of the French Revolution, I was running amuck through the streets of France with the Scarlet Pimpernel saving the Dauphin from the evil clutches of ‘Les Citoyens’. Nowadays, I have a very dull job as a bookkeeper so I continue to daydream of intergalactic fire fights and car ... read more
Latest book: Hell's Child

Follow me on Twitter at  powerspending A Better Choice Publishing
A Better Choice Publishing publishes books that make a difference in peoples' lives. Our company name was inspired by a dream and we seek to publish the best books in the topics of personal finance and self-development.
Latest book: Power Spending: Getting More For Less

Follow me on Twitter at  ACWilson1 A C Wilson
A.C Wilson, known to everyone else as Al is a life long writer with a passion for expression. He has been a music producer and artist/DJ since the age of 15 and has worked in the trance music scene in Public Relations, Music development and Artists and Repertoire. He has been editor and administrator for a number of sites and continues to make music professionally today. (Which includes a OST for his first book with the help of Sound Essentials) He has been entertaining people with stories and tails since his child hood. After many years pursuing his work life and being told he wasn't good enough for creative writing in his youth, Al decided enough was enough of bottling his ideas, worlds and visions to himself ... read more
Latest book: Ambersil: The Legacy of Mr Harrison

Follow me on Twitter at  adkoboah A D Koboah
A.D. Koboah was born in London and completed an English Literature degree in 2000. Her first novel, "Dark Genesis," was inspired by the concept of dehumanisation and the impact it can have on the psyche. "Rising Dark," the sequel to "Dark Genesis," is due to be released on the 24th April 2014.

Follow me on Twitter at  fatbellyblog A D Stone
OK. Before you purchase the Belly Fat Formula it's probably time I told you a bit about myself. I'm Aaron. I am a qualified trainer and Exercise Prescription specialist with a First Class Honors degree in Exercise Prescription and Exercise & Sports Science achieved at the University of Otago. Where's Otago? Good question. It's a small city in little old New Zealand. My colleagues and I have created the Belly Fat Formula - a step by step guide on how to lose belly fat... for good. It's simple and effective and will get you results. If you are still a bit nervous about buying the Belly Fat Formula to try to get rid of your belly fat - then feel free to drop me a line here or via our website.
Latest book: The Belly Fat Formula

Follow me on Twitter at  annietether A D Tether
Lives in England UK and gave up working in 2012 and now has time to write all those stories that have nagged away for years. Wrote a show for children called 'Pantomania' which was performed by a Youth Theatre Company in front of a paying audience. The Single Snowflake is her first full novel.
Latest book: A Single Snowflake

Follow me on Twitter at  cranstonbaxter A E Coates
Alan Coates was born in Lancashire, in the early eighties. He has since lived in Yorkshire, graduated from Plymouth University and settled in Leamington Spa. With a love of good stories, he has written short fiction and films before finishing his first novel, Cranston Baxter and the Red Button Set. His favourite writers include P.G. Wodehouse, Douglas Adams, Agatha Christie and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Alan is thirty, has two guinea pigs and one adopted cat called Lemmy with his wife Abi.
Latest book: Cranston Baxter and the Red Button Set

Follow me on Twitter at  FlurryFurry A Flurry Of Furry
"A Flurry of Furry" is a project in which a handful of anonymous furry co-authors pieced together a novella, paragraph by paragraph. The finished result was a ten story compilation of nonsense, humor, drama, suspense, romance, and eroticism. Best of all: upon release, A Flurry of Furry will be available for only 1USD in all of your favorite ebook formats! Check out the free sample of A Flurry of Furry to get a taste, and hand over that dollar bill when you're ready for the full thing! (That's what he said.) **But I want to give you more money!?** Too bad! Please donate to your favorite furry art site, furry story site, furry web comic, furry book/comic store, animal preservation charity, etc. DO NOT ever give ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  @bullburton A J Burton
I am a retired policeman, harness horse trainer, gibstopper and small block farmer. I have loved reading since I can remember. I have owned horses, dogs, and cats since I was twelve years old. I enjoyed the bush, surfing, snorkling, rugby, and judo and now in my retirement fishing on the family boat with friends and family. I am married with four boys and one gorgeous grand-daughter. Over the years I have written many short stories and a couple of novels without any serious thoughts of publishing them. A few years ago I decided I would write a novel with a view to having it published. Demon's Coven looked like it was going to become so large I decided to make it into a Trilogy. Demon's Coven is my first nove ... read more
Latest book: A Warrior's Death, Stories from Antiquity

Follow me on Twitter at  andyjlr A J Le Roy
Based in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, A J Le Roy has been writing ever since he could form letters on a page. Works include radio serials (Willow Tree Manor and Mutiny at the Estate) and "Gordon's Apprentice", a novella that has been well received by readers of all ages. As a writer, he fuses personal experience and wild imaginings to create worlds unimaginable. As an independent author, A J Le Roy has started ALR Publishing to assist emerging authors who may not have the time or patience to get their creations to print.
Latest book: Gordon's Apprentice

Follow me on Twitter at A J Walters
A J Walters is a new contemporary romance author who has just made her first appearance on to the indie circuit. Having interests in history, romance and elements of erotica, she has brought all of these together in her debut publication; An Acute Attraction. Wanting to break the trend of size 12 virgins in books, A J Walters has introduced a new real woman in Isabel Chambers. She’s a size 18-20, working single mother who now feels is it her time to start living her life again. At the ripe young age of 39, A J Walters also wanted to show that you can experience everything that a twenty-something would. “I saw that a 39 year old isn’t quite at retirement age for fun, sex and finding love again. There are ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  ALS_fanzine A Love Supreme
A Love Supreme may seem an unlikely title for a football magazine. Rather than try and explain it we'll leave you to consider the following passage. "True supporters care. They care enough to argue vehemently but often perceptively about the team, the players, the issues; they care enough to commit themselves to the cause of the club; they care enough to turn up week after week to support the team; they care enough to criticise, among themselves, their own players. The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference.”
Latest book: Auf Wiedersehen Lads

Follow me on Twitter at  GardensInItaly A M Hanley
A M Hanley is British but lives in Italy, writing and designing gardens.
Latest book: The Village: Warm Hearth, Warm Hearts

Follow me on Twitter at  @AM_Jenner A M Jenner
A M Jenner is a mother and grandmother who lives in Gilbert, Arizona with her family, a car named “Grey Ghost”, and around 5,000 books. A self-professed hermit, she loves interacting with her fans online, and was last seen entering the library.
Latest book: A Heart Full of Diamonds

Follow me on Twitter at  PeachyPinkCloud A M Russell
I write science fiction novels with themes of time travel and alternate realities. I live in Yorkshire; the middle of Britain. A life long fan of fantasy and science fiction - a geek who has read "Lord of the Rings" several times. My passion writing stories began early on after hearing "The Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe" at Junior School. I have a persistent curiosity that keeps me writing. It is my passion, my obsession, and the way I keep my mind focused and calm. I have a breakneck speed for writing, but edit much more slowly! I love films, The Time Machine; Matrix Trilogy; Inception; anything that bends the mind. I would love to see one of my creations turned into a film; I explore the world space in my ... read more
Latest book: Zebra and Cheese Sandwich (How To Steal A Time Machine And Not Get Caught)

Follow me on Twitter at  amslucas A M Lucas
A M Lucas has been interested in alternative medicines and treatment for more than 20 years. She was drawn into alternative treatments when family members and friends suffered from ailments for which medical science has no comprehensive cure. Foods that we eat can perpetuate an illness but there are foods that can cure an illness as well. AM Lucas has since discovered that the abundance in Nature can contribute towards abundance in health in our lives. She hopes to be able to give Hope to people who have given up hope on themselves: particularly the people who medical science says it can do no more for. For the last 30 years, she has been, and continues to be an adult educator specializing in communicatio ... read more
Latest book: Eat To Be Slim

Follow me on Twitter at  ntyse A Million Thoughts Publishing
N'Tyse is a Dallas, Texas native and bestselling author of My Secrets Your Lies and Stud Princess, Notorious Vendettas. While N'Tyse, pronounced entice, spells out exotic seduction, the true significance behind her name takes on an entire new meaning. Never Tell Your Secrets is the hidden message N'Tyse envelops within her stimulating taboo tales. N'Tyse's writing career began at a very young age where she found poetry, music, and story-telling as an outlet of escape. Now 29, the writer's obsession with the pen is better described as the "intimate release" for her imagination. In 2007, she ambitiously penned and self published her freshmen novel, My Secrets Your Lies. Upon the release of her first book, she di ... read more
Latest book: What He Wanted

Follow me on Twitter at  acoywriter A R Coy
Author of the newly released project Beacon Flight: Alpha Mission. My childhood dream was to be an astronaut. Through words I still can.
Latest book: Alpha Mission: A Beacon Flight Adventure

Follow me on Twitter at  Ardent45 A R Dent
A.R. Dent was born in 1945 in Sydney and lived at a beach side suburb. After a turbulent/quiet contrasting early life A.R. Dent then spent time travelling before settling down for a business and professional life. 'Been there - done that' about sums up his life. A Professional Artist and now also including his love of writing and poetry into his life. Like many authors, A R Dent is learning the various ways to entertain though the medium of Myth as taught by Joseph Campbell. Using family orientated tales including animals: the story of the Ordinary World becoming the battle ground for self-awareness victories to return a healed person back to normality. This is the world where healing of the hero is paramount ... read more
Latest book: Ocker Oscar: What Happened Down Under

Follow me on Twitter at  argrundy A R Grundy
In my fast-approaching 50 years, I have experienced wildly disparate living standards, comfortably within and skirting round the edges of Middle Class England. With a wealth of material to draw on and an acute discernment of the Middle Class psyche, I have written engagingly, humorously, sometimes deeply about the stifled emotions of the Middle Classes so often elegantly extinguished with a nice cup of tea and a forced smile.

Follow me on Twitter at  @asimpleprophet A Simple Prophet
I am a humble man. A citizen of the planet Earth. Some call me a prophet.
Latest book: The Economy of Simplicity

Follow me on Twitter at  alyssakirk A&E Kirk
Anyone who says this best selling mother-daughter author team doesn't mesh has only seen them trying to put out the fire from the stupid wires behind the television that should've been more clearly labeled in the first place. Alyssa, the A in A&E, has gone from mucking out horse stalls and taping her eyes open during college lectures, to writing novels. When she's not writing, reading, or running down the halls flapping her coat while singing the Batman theme song, she's either dancing or immersed in anime. Eileen has much more class. Even a degree. Fancy. Mother of three lovably peculiar children--all of which like to point out how short she is. But really, she isn't. They're just freaking giants. Happily ma ... read more
Latest book: Interview With A Hex Boy (Supernatural Fun When Book Bloggers and Fantasy Demons Hunters Collide)

Follow me on Twitter at  breaklinebooks A'Mera Frieman
A'Mera Frieman currently lives in Garland, TX with her husband, Zach and six children: Angelise, Austin, Alacea, Hunter, Andrew, and Ariane. Frieman is also a race relations advocate working to bring awareness of racial tolerance and cultural respect to today's society. After dealing with her son's physical and psychological effects from bullying, Frieman created the Stopping the Madness Antibullying Foundation to advocate for parents, students, and communities affected by bullying. She also plays the clarinet in the First Baptist of Garland Sanctuary Orchestra. Frieman is originally from Cameron, TX which she fondly calls the "country". Frieman has always been fascinated with writing. She was an alternate to ... read more
Latest book: Victoria's Choice

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorAesquivel A. Esquivel
A. Esquivel is a fifteen year old author of two novels which will be coming soon. He lives in Los Angeles with his older brother and sister. Right now he is currently writing a new contemporary romance. You can visit A. Esquivel on his website.
Latest book: the crow

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorAGorman A. Gorman
I dislike writing in third person. I'm a real life human and like first person, present tense. I'm a mom, wife, daughter, editor, and dog mom. When springtime arrives, you can find me out in our garden. I love gummy bear, classical music, and coffee. I tend to be random and I'm sure this mini bio proves it!

Follow me on Twitter at  tweetsfromah A. H.
There's not much to say about me. I happen to like fairytales. I like fantasy and I love romance be it in real life or in fiction.

Follow me on Twitter at  ahaver1 A. Haver
FREE COPY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!! ***THIS WEEKEND ONLY*** a FREE COPY OF "THE WORST TRADE" by using this code SF77V at checkout. ****OFFER EXPIRES 12AM MONDAY**** Give a gift today!!! A. Haver has written three screenplays and made one short film that had an eighteen month run on the original Ifilm. Keep watching for more work. Thanks. Tweet me: @ahaver1 Better yet, visit the Blog: At the Blog you can find interesting things about the story - like where it came from, and soon links to the hidden truths behind the book. Look out you bigheads!

Follow me on Twitter at  cl_therightgift A. Heyer

Latest book: The Right Gift

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesandginge A. Jameson
A. Jameson is an attorney and mother of two who lives in the Twin Cities. She discovered her passion for writing long ago when she often chose to write short stories for school projects. Often times in her youth, friends would ask her for a story as a gift for their birthdays as opposed to a material gift. Her love of reading and writing contributed significantly to her career choice as an attorney. Unfortunately, her time and attention was overwhelmed by school and work for many years, though her passion for writing fiction never waned, it simply a lay dormant. Recently she rediscovered her passion again and decided to try her hand at it with her first published story A Fire So Deep. She has a few other sto ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  AWriterNReality A. Kennedy
My name is Amanda and I am writing my first series. The first novel in the series was published in June 2013. Because I didn't realize how much work went into editing, I decided I needed to go ahead and write a short story. So please check out "The Dance." My favorite part of life is that I'm a mom of two beautiful children. They are my drive and they are one of the reasons I have decided to push through with becoming an author. Writing has become my passion, and my stress release. I am also currently in school for journalism which has proved to be an exciting field! I'm looking forward to what this world has to offer, and I hope that I have something to offer this world!
Latest book: The Dance Continues

Follow me on Twitter at  alightbourne A. Lightbourne
SciFi/Fantasy writer. My writing style is light and littered with humor.
Latest book: Space Trippers Book 5: Don't Even Ask

Follow me on Twitter at  acehilink A. Lopez
Born and raised in Texas and now residing in Arizona, I published my first work Purgatory - 13 Tales of the Macabre in 2011, and Floor Four - A Novella of Horror. I am also writing the Night Dreams Series with episodes to be released every couple of months. My column, ‘Ask AJ’, appears in the All Authors Magazine, online. I chose the Horror genre for the first few books, and have plans to write in different genres with short stories, novellas, and novels. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and my Blog.
Latest book: Til Death Do Us Part - A Zombie Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  AlgenonLusch A. Lusch
A. Lusch lives in London and has been though much of the same path as David - in fact - this series is based around true events. Of course, there is MUCH more to come in the tale, but, don't worry, now the scene is set, there'll be many more dates per book. Is there a happy ending in sight? You'll have to keep reading to find out. A. Lusch fully believes in never settling, always striving for the perfect match, and never giving up on your man once you've found him - oh, and eating A LOT of donuts!

Follow me on Twitter at  sharpgirl500 A. Maria
Full-time Career Woman and Caregiver. Born and raised in Upstate, New York. Always looking for better and easier ways to manage every day life challenges. My daily goals: Gotta keep smiling and laughing, keep it movin' and stay on my hustle!
Latest book: The Working Caregiver's Companion Cookbook: A Lower Sodium Cookbook and Meal Planner for Hard-Working People For Whom Fast Food is Not an Option

Follow me on Twitter at  OctavianEarth A. Octavia
From an ancient desk in a sunlit corner of a room, A. Octavia writes about worlds hidden behind a veil of time and cosmic dust. He also writes an Erotic Blog, and hosts an Erotic Podcast available on iTunes and Stitcher. "The world is too big and full of everything to close your eyes and do nothing." -A. Octavia.

Follow me on Twitter at  ar_odom A. Odom
A. Odom writes and edits fantasy, young adult, and science fiction. She works as a content writer for a small Canadian press, and had a poem published in 2014 by Unfold. She is currently working on a degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. She lives around the beaches of northern Florida with her cat and two crazy dogs.
Latest book: For Tomorrow: A Collection of Poems

Follow me on Twitter at  aleoverton A. Overton
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Aleta Overton grew up in its' suburbs before moving back to the city in her early teens. At a young age she began writing in order to practice and share her stories with friends. Aleta first discovered Sci-fi and Fantasy while rummaging through her granddad's favorite VHS tapes. Her mother swears that at five, Aleta would watch Dune for hours on end! In her teens she began writing fantasy after reading J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which remains today one of her favorites. While a Creative Writing major at Cleveland School of the Arts, Aleta continued expanding her talents in storytelling. Her one act play Between Boyz was featured in the New Play Festival ... read more
Latest book: A Simple Gal's Cookbook

Follow me on Twitter at  Alisha_SBC A. Payne
Alisha is a former Navy sailor who now stays at home with her two kids while her husband continues to serve as a Naval Officer. She is an avid reader and also has a love for video games. Writing is her creative outlet. She draws inspiration from books, movies, ancient mythologies, and her own world experiences.

Follow me on Twitter at A. Pisano
Angelo Pisano is a successful entrepreneur, artist and author. He grew up tough, loud and using drugs in Brentwood, Long Island with two brothers, a mother and a stepfather who was emotionally and physically abusive. He was always smart but used it for criminal purposes and didn't conform well with authority. If there was something he wanted, he took it and was proud of the title once given to him: The Invisible Man. Despite his prowess, he was arrested on several counts of drug-related thefts and served over ten years on three separate indeterminate terms in New York State prisons, 97-R-7285, 03-A-5071 and 07-A-5744. Throughout his incarceration, Angelo witnessed the abuse that naïve and unsuspecting new ... read more
Latest book: Prison Guide: Prison Survival Secrets Revealed

Follow me on Twitter at  adarosaria A. Rosaria
Alex Rosaria mainly writes horror stories, but also likes to branch out into other genres when his creativity demands it. He loves the freedom writing gives in creating any story that transforms in his mind, and to share this with anyone willing to read it. Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:!/ Goodreads:
Latest book: Gone World: Episode Four (No Shelter)

Follow me on Twitter at  Panspen A. Silenus
A. Silenus spent his early years in southern England and now lives in Arizona. He writes in various genres under different names. His erotic romance, The River's Embrace, is published by Secret Cravings Publishing. Three short story collections in the erotica genre are available: Fiends That Go Boink, which has otherworldly themes, Obsessions, and Two Men And A Woman In A Boat, loosely inspired by Jerome K. Jerome's Victorian classic. His short stories in the erotica genre have been published online at Fishnet, in Forum magazine in the UK, and in anthologies published by Cleis (Afternoon Delight), Blue Moon (The MILF Anthology) and Ravenous Romance (Wicked Pleasures).

Follow me on Twitter at  NewMillenLove A. Tunson
Born in Berkeley CA, raised in the small quaint town of Ukiah CA, then moving to Sacramento CA in her teens, Mrs. Tunson has been rooted in a diverse sense of community, style, and culture. She takes pride in her colorful upbringing, crediting her adventurous and open minded personality to her exposure to various social dynamics, and adapting to change at such a young age. Mrs. Tunson’s passion for love, life, and family is the primary motivation for her first book, New Millennium Love. The struggles of growing up too fast, trying to tackle major life decisions while developing herself, surely provided its share of trials and tribulations. Yet surviving and overcoming adversities prove to be her most ep ... read more
Latest book: New Millennium Love: A Refreshing Perspective To Stimulate Healthy Fulfilling Relationships In Today's Era

Follow me on Twitter at  OutOfCaffein A. Wendeberg
Annelie Wendeberg's award-winning debut novel, The Devil's Grin, is the first book in Anna Kronberg Thriller Series that has sold more than 200,000 copies in the US, and is being translated into 5 languages. For a sneak peek at new novels, free stories, giveaways, and more, sign up to her spam-free newsletter at:
Latest book: Fog

Follow me on Twitter at  a_wrighton A. Wrighton
A. Wrighton has been imagining flights of wild fancy since before she could figure out how to tie her shoes. Her love of writing, creating, and imagination has led her through a life full imaginative and amazing adventures. A. Wrighton's literary efforts were first noticed in grade school and again in college where she was held at grade point and commanded to switch majors and write. Since that fateful day in autumn, she has followed her creativity's calling and went forward to earn honors in a BA in English as well as honors in a MFA in Creative Writing. A. Wrighton runs a blog on writing, mentors a group of fellow indie authors, and occasionally provides editorial services through her independent publishing ... read more
Latest book: Convergence: Dragonics & Runics Part III

Follow me on Twitter at  AlvaroHart A. A. Hart
En este mundo hay mundos, y en ellos otros. Cree en ello como si creyeras que tras la noche siempre llega el día y serás capaz de ver aquello que otros no pueden. La inspiración llega de todos lados, y casi siempre en los momentos más inoportunos. Los genios de la sabiduría juegan con nosotros, simples mortales, pero al final siempre están dispuestos a ayudarnos (a algunos se les convence incluso con café). Gracias a ti, genio, por darme lo que me faltaba. A. A. Hart
Latest book: Ehsariell -Nueva versión-