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Support: The most common questions are answered in the Smashwords FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If you can't find your answer there, click the "?" question mark icon at the top of any Smashwords page. We aim to answer all questions within one business day Monday through Friday California time.

Bug reports: We are constantly updating the Smashwords web site.  With updates come bugs.  Please report error messages or other problems by clicking on the "?" question mark icon at the top of every Smashwords page.

Terms of Service Violations:  If you believe a book at Smashwords violates our Terms of Service, please click the "report book" link on that book's book page and we'll investigate. We appreciate your reports!

Copyright violations:  We take copyright seriously.  If you believe a Smashwords author or publisher is violating your copyright, please contact us immediately via the "?" question mark icon at the top of the page.

Press Contact/Speaking/Biz Dev inquiries:  Contact our Corporate Communications Manager, Jim Azevedo, at firstname.lastname at

Future feature requests/suggestions/comments: Click the "?" icon above.  Your suggestions guide our development!

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Referrals to Low-Cost Formatters and Cover Designers:  We maintain a list of low-cost formatters and cover designers.  The services are provided by fellow Smashwords authors.  We provide this list as a service to you, and we don't earn referral fees or commissions if you hire these independent freelancers.  See "Mark's List".

Report Retailer Listing Errors:  If a Smashwords retailer is listing your book incorrectly (such as wrong price, incorrect description, old cover image, etc.), click the "?" question mark icon at the top of any Smashwords page and then send us the following:  1.  A hyperlink to your book's listing at that retailer.  2.  A corresponding link to your book at Smashwords.  3.  A concise description of the error and the correction you're requesting will help us expedite the correction.

Tax Compliance Forms:

Please do not mail us tax compliance forms.  You can manage all tax compliance by clicking to Account: Payment Settings.