About Erotica Controls

At Smashwords, we aim to honor your book discovery preferences.

Unless you instruct us otherwise, erotica ebooks are excluded from home page book listings, category listings, search results, and tag queries at the Smashwords website.

You may adjust these settings by clicking the “Filtering” button that appears above on the blue bar, which you’ll find on every Smashwords web page. Or you can return to this page to change your settings.

For example, you may wish to include “mainstream erotica” (the kind of erotica carried by all major ebook stores) but exclude taboo erotica. Or, you may choose to allow all forms of erotica to appear in your search results.

This ability to customize viewing preferences is enabled by the cooperation of Smashwords authors and publishers.

When authors and publishers publish books at Smashwords, we require them to categorize their books accurately. If the book is erotica, it must be categorized as such.

Accurate ebook categorization is essential to the operation of any bookstore. Categorization is what allows readers to visit a virtual shelf on any topic and find what they’re looking for.

Even if a reader chooses to have erotica books removed from their book search results, these books will remain accessible to the reader if they arrive to that book’s page via a direct hyperlink pointing to it from outside Smashwords, or if they’re viewing an author’s or publisher’s profile page at Smashwords.

When visiting Smashwords book pages, erotica titles are labeled as such, and denote whether or not they contain any taboo themes. These labels appear on the book's listing page underneath the book’s title. Specific taboo themes found in the book, if any, will be listed below the book’s categorization.

Ebooks Labeled "Adult"

When authors and publishers publish books at Smashwords, we also ask them to specify if the book is suitable for children under the age of 18.

Often, these books are not of an erotic nature, yet they may contain themes inappropriate for younger readers. Common examples include thriller or horror novels that contain extreme violence.

As of November 2018, Smashwords no longer excludes these “Adult” books from standard book searches because these books are typically found in all mainstream bookstores.

Similar to how we display erotica, if a book contains adult themes, not suitable for minors, a notification will display on the book's detail page immediately below the title.

How to Report Incorrectly Categorized Books

Although Smashwords requires authors and publishers to accurately categorize their books, errors do happen. We welcome readers to report books they believe are incorrectly categorized. To report such a book, click the “Report this book” link you’ll find at the bottom of every book listing page.

Thank you for helping make Smashwords comfortable and enjoyable for all readers!

Update Preferences
Your Current Settings: Exclude erotica — Blocks erotica books from appearing on the home page and in search results.