How Gifting Works

Here’s how it works:

Note: If you're using this option and you want to give the same ebook to several different people, make sure that you follow these instructions for each recipient.

  1. Click the Give as a gift button from any ebook page. If the book is on sale, the coupon will be applied automatically. (If you have a better coupon, you can use the "Add to cart for gifting, then apply your coupon" option.)
  2. Enter the name of your giftee and their e-mail address.
  3. Once you complete the purchase of the gift, we’ll immediately send an e-mail to the recipient(s), providing them instructions on how to redeem the gift (you will get a copy of the e-mail(s) too).
  4. When your giftee receives the e-mail, they will simply click the hyperlink in the message (which contains the gift code) and their ebook will become instantly available if they’re already registered for Smashwords. If they’re not yet a Smashwords member, or they’re not logged in to their account, we’ll prompt them to join (it’s free) or log in. After they register, the ebook is waiting for them in their Library.
  5. You can see gifts you've purchased, and whether or not the recipients have redeemed them yet, from the "View Purchase Record" section of your "Account" page.

Sample gift e-mail:


YOUR FRIEND has given you a gift of the ebook "BOOK TITLE" by AUTHOR, on Smashwords! To pick up your gift, please click the following link, or copy it and paste it into your web browser:


If you already have an account on (we’ll prompt you to log in, if necessary) you’ll have instant access to this book. If you don’t have an account on Smashwords, you will be asked to create one — don’t worry, it’s easy and free!

We hope you enjoy your gift!
The Smashwords Team

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Here’s how to read Smashwords ebooks!

Step 1: Click to the book page by clicking on the book title above.

Step 2: You’ll be prompted to log in to your Smashwords account. If you don’t yet have an account, you’ll be prompted to create one. It’s quick and free to create an account. Sign up, we’ll send you a confirmation e-mail, click the hyperlink in the e-mail and you’re in. Come join hundreds of thousands of readers around the world who use Smashwords to discover, purchase and read over 815,000 ebooks (including over 101,000 free ebooks)!

Step 3: Once you’re logged in, your gift will be saved for you and you will be able to click to get your book (or click to your Library to find your book) and click the download format you prefer.

Step 4: Read! Here’s our FAQ on how to download Smashwords ebooks to any device:

We send a copy of the gift e-mail to you as well, so that if for some reason your giftee doesn't get the e-mail, you can pass it along to them yourself.

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