Smashwords Author Education Day

April 18, 2020

10:00am-4:00pm Pacific Time

Exclusive Online Event


About the Smashwords Author Education Day

With most writers conferences cancelled or postponed, Smashwords has created a special one-day ebook publishing intensive to serve the continuing education needs of current and future Smashwords publishers.  Learn proven evergreen best practices to take your ebook publishing to the next level. 

The classes are designed to take even first-time novices step-by-step from beginner to expert levels.  All classes will be conducted online over Zoom.  Advance registration required. 

Click here to reserve your spot now.  Access links will be emailed to registered attendees on or before April 17.


About the Instructor, Jim Azevedo

Jim Azevedo joined Smashwords a decade ago to head up marketing at Smashwords, and has since become a popular speaker at writers conferences around the world.  Jim's an ebook marketing expert, an editorial advisory board member for the Independent Book Publisher Association's  Independent Magazine, and the public face of Smashwords alongside founder Mark Coker.  Prior to joining Smashwords, Jim managed corporate communications on behalf of several tech companies.  By night, Jim is a drummer for the rock band, Rivals, and proud parent to a preschool daughter who is known to make remote singing appearances during Jim's webinars.


Author Education Day Schedule

(All times California Pacific Daylight Time |  UTC/GMT -7:00 hours)



10-11:15 am -  Ten Trends Driving the Future of Publishing (beginners, intermediate, expert)
This presentation identifies the top trends influencing your future as publisher of indie ebooks.  You'll learn how to navigate these trends to build a more successful, more robust long-term career as an indie author or publisher.  Includes at least 15 minutes of interactive Q&A.

11:15-11:30 am - break



11:30-12:45 pm - Introduction to eBook Publishing (beginners to intermediate)
If you're just getting started with ebook publishing, this introductory session will set you on the right path.  Learn why there's never been a better time to publish ebooks.  We'll share a step-by-step checklist of the most important considerations to help you launch your ebook to the world.

12:45-1 pm - break



1:00-2:15 pm - The Sixteen Secrets of Ebook Publishing Success (beginners to advanced)
Throughout the years, this has been the perennial favorite of newbies and experts alike.  Jim will share sixteen proven best practices for improving the visibility, desirability and sales of indie ebooks.  Learn fresh ideas that you can apply immediately to improve the effectiveness of your ongoing book marketing strategy.

2:15-2:30 pm - break



2:30 - 3:45 pm - Book Launch Strategy:  Preorders and Presales
Learn how to make your next book launch more successful with ebook preorders and presales.  Preorders and presales serve different roles, yet each is critically important to your long term success.  Preorders enable readers to reserve a copy of your upcoming release up to 12 months before release.  Learn why books that are released as preorders sell significantly more copies than those that are not, and learn how to put this powerful tool to use.  Presales are a new best practice that enable select readers to purchase your new upcoming book earlier than the general public.  Presales help turn fans into superfans, and are one of the best kept secrets for how you can grow your private mailing list.  Learn effective strategies to put both preorders and presales to use for your next launch!