Luca Satana (lucasatana)
Categories: Men's Erotica, MILF, General, ...
Titles: 175
Bedanta Chakrabarty (ibedanta)
Category: Romance
Titles: 1
Newest work: When It Rains
Sonia Parin (SoniaParin)
Categories: Cozy, Amateur sleuth
Titles: 3
Newest work: All Tied Up
GabbyGr (GabbyGr)
Category: Personal inspiration
Titles: 1
Newest work: A Lecacy of Love
Tal Bauer (RealTalBauer)
Categories: Suspense, Gay
Titles: 1
Bogan Gate (Pius1)
Category: Satire
Titles: 1
Newest work: Pius Humble
Mark Brewer (Brew12)
Categories: Space opera, General
Titles: 5
Newest work: Retribution
Eduardo Corzo, Jr (Dado92)
Category: Drama
Titles: 1
Stefon Mears (fintach)
Categories: Epic, Short stories, General, ...
Titles: 33
Newest work: The Face of Trouble
Jude Pittman (pittman)
Categories: Suspense, Cozy, Amateur sleuth, ...
Titles: 6
Newest work: Healing Spirits
Donna Maree Hanson (DonnaMHanson)
Categories: General, Epic
Titles: 1
Newest work: Argenterra