Shaun Herbert (seansolomonbooks)
Categories: General, Occult, Crime thriller, ...
Titles: 9
Newest work: The Cursed
A. Louise Olson (ALouiseOlson)
Category: Epic
Titles: 1
Newest work: Comrades We
Cait Spivey (CaitSpivey)
Categories: Paranormal, Undead, Fantasy, ...
Titles: 3
Newest work: The Ties Eternal
Barry Jarvis (electricw)
Category: General
Titles: 1
Newest work: Lantern magic
Genevieve Jack (GenevieveJack)
Categories: Paranormal, Urban, Fantasy, ...
Titles: 4
Newest work: Mother May I
Becca Boucher (beccab8)
Category: Fantasy
Titles: 1
A Roseline (RoselineA)
Category: Botany
Titles: 1
Newest work: Botanical Nomenclature