Jeff Barr (jgbarr)
Category: General
Titles: 1
Glyn Smith-Wild (OBS)
Category: Action & suspense
Titles: 2
Newest work: The Reckoning
S. L. Seay (sseay25)
Category: Paranormal
Titles: 2
Newest work: Dreamwalker
acegambit (acegambit)
Category: Drama
Titles: 1
Newest work: Broken (Hot Summer Days)
John Dalmas (johndalmas)
Categories: Futuristic, General, General, ...
Titles: 9
Newest work: The Puppet Master
Ava O'Shay (avaoshay)
Category: Romance
Titles: 1
Newest work: Entrusted
Jeff Erno (jeffaerno)
Categories: Gay, BDSM, Social Issues, ...
Titles: 3
Newest work: Chasing My Dream
Casey Moss (caseymoss1)
Category: Fantasy
Titles: 1
Rosary Omen (Rosaryomen)
Category: General
Titles: 1