Ando san (AndoSan)
Category: Contemporary
Titles: 1
Ken O'Neill (KenOneill)
Category: Gay
Titles: 1
Newest work: The Marrying Kind
Ethan Marsh (EthBooks)
Categories: Adventure, Adventure
Titles: 1
Newest work: Gifts
Maeve Pendragon (emcgaffey)
Category: BDSM
Titles: 1
M.L. Stidmon (MLStidmon)
Category: General
Titles: 2
Chemistry (chemistry)
Categories: African, Couples Erotica
Titles: 2
Newest work: No One Cared
Pat Jordan (PatrickJordan)
Categories: Sports, Personality, Psychological, ...
Titles: 2
Newest work: The Cheat
Tor Richardson (TorRichardson)
Categories: General, American, General, ...
Titles: 20
Newest work: Starting Again
Diana Kemp (dianakempauthor)
Category: Short stories
Titles: 1
Newest work: Sandcastles
Andrew McEwan (manicsurrealist)
Categories: Literary, General, Urban, ...
Titles: 14
Newest work: The Orange Propeller
Em Lockaby (emlockaby)
Categories: Literary, Gay
Titles: 1