Altered States

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Altered States
Series: Altered States, Book 1. Price: Free! Words: 12,540. Language: English. Published: May 28, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Gay, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
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NOPD Det. Sam Garrett can't believe his bad luck when he's assigned to investigate a string of gay-bashings turned deadly in the French Quarter. Especially when he realizes Travis Boudreaux, his new, hot, and most-likely-straight partner, plans to use him as bait. The worst part? They’ve got no back-up because the city is preoccupied by another series of killings- the victims drained of blood.
Deep Blues Goodbye
Series: Altered States, Book 2. Price: $3.99 $2.00 USD. (50% off!) Words: 39,350. Language: English. Published: August 17, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Gay, Fiction » Fantasy » Urban
Former NOPD Det. Travis Boudreaux had the bad taste to sit up at his own funeral. Det. Sam Garrett hates all things preternatural. Having your undead partner make you his first meal will do that to a guy. Now it's up to Det. Danny Burkette to work with Garrett by day and Boudreaux by night as they follow a vampire murderer's trail, under the too-watchful eye of a Master and the local pack Alpha.
Deadly Shades of Gold
Series: Altered States, Book 3. Price: $3.99 $2.00 USD. (50% off!) Words: 39,150. Language: English. Published: February 20, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Gay, Fiction » Fantasy » Urban
"Wolf or Vamp?" Former Detectives Sam Garrett and Travis Boudreaux are on the para side of normal, no longer qualified for the NOPD. When a vampire creates deadly havoc, the Odd Squad is out and the Feds are in. The new agent-in-charge is on a recruiting mission—and more than ready to fight fire with fire. What do you get when you mix old friends, new enemies, and a license to kill? Pure dynamite
Free Falling Crimson
Series: Altered States. Price: $3.99 $2.00 USD. (50% off!) Words: 51,290. Language: English. Published: January 31, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Gay, Fiction » Fantasy » Urban
A robbery and murder under the unblinking eye of a security camera—with plenty of blood, but no evidence to show who—or what—is doing the killing. Human victims. Human Only establishments. Preternatural killer. Working together as part of a team sanctioned by Homeland Security to carry out Justice Department decrees, Sam and Travis ensure the deadliest of supers pay for their crimes. Permanently.