Bestiality Weekend

Dog Sitting For My Sister
Series: Bestiality Weekend, Book 1. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 3,970. Language: English. Published: December 22, 2017 by E B Books. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Lesbian Erotica
When Jeanette's boyfriend broke up with her, her sister, Arielle, thought a weekend of solitude would do wonders, so she asked Jeanette to dog sit while she went out of town. As Jeanette settled in to watch the large St. Bernard, Max, she found the real reason for her dog sitting. Nothing made getting over an ex easier than getting under a large furry dog. And Max was trained to please.
Tag Teaming the St. Bernard
Series: Bestiality Weekend, Book 2. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 3,500. Language: English. Published: January 26, 2018 by E B Books. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Lesbian Erotica
When her sister caught her bent over the table, knotted by the large St. Bernard, Jeanette was mortified. But when Arielle took off her clothes and led the brutish dog into the bedroom, beckoning for Jeanette to follow, she couldn't refuse. She followed her sister, wondering if she was meant to watch, or join in on the taboo threesome.
Our Mom Gets Knotted
Series: Bestiality Weekend, Book 3. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 4,050. Language: English. Published: February 9, 2018 by E B Books. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Lesbian Erotica
Jeanette and Arielle were consumed by their taboo lust, exploring each other while the St. Bernard plowed them. Until their mom walked in. Ashamed and humiliated, they say their mom down to explain. Some explanations needed visual aides though. They took turns with the dog so their mom could see how natural it was. With luck, they could get her in board for an incestuous, interspecies threesome.
Bestiality Weekend (Books 1-3)
Series: Bestiality Weekend ยท Discounted Incest and Bestiality Box Sets and Bundles. Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 10,930. Language: English. Published: February 16, 2018 by E B Books. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Lesbian Erotica
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The first three books in this ultimate taboo series is now available 30% off the list price. Jeanette accepted the chore of watching her sister's St. Bernard, unaware of Arielle's ulterior motives. As she learns just what makes the dog so special, Arielle walks in and propositioning with an incestuous, interspecies threesome. Can the sisters find gratification before their mom shows up?