The Lycans

Lycan's Sacrifice: Book 1
Series: The Lycans, Book 1. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 13,290. Language: English. Published: June 1, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal, Fiction » Erotica » Romance
Sanda is the sacrifice to keep her people safe for yet another year. She goes to the clearing place where Lycans and humans meet on neutral ground expecting to die. What she learns is far more shocking … Sanda is expected to live with the Lycans and become one of them. Will she stay and fulfill her obligation with the sensual Beryx or will she flee?
A Lycan's Mate
Series: The Lycans, Book 2. Price: Free! Words: 5,930. Language: English. Published: June 15, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
5,000+ words Jurisa, the Alpha female of the Cold Mountains pack, becomes the hunted as other Alpha males chase her down. She’s about to go into heat and it’s driving the males mad. Jurisa’s done everything she can to prepare for the chase, but will it be enough to ensure she gets the male she wants? No sex, some nudity and explicit scenes
Lycan's Love: Book 2
Series: The Lycans, Book 3. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 12,560. Language: English. Published: September 25, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal, Fiction » Adventure » General
12,000+ words Sanda is adjusting to life as a Lycan in the Eastern Mountains pack. She’s worried about her first full transformation, but bigger problems come to the fore when humans from the valley attack the pack. Beryx is taken by the humans and they are left with only an injured man, who refuses to help them. Her mate’s life threatened, Sanda takes desperate measures to get him back.
Lycan's Secret
Series: The Lycans, Book 4. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 4,030. Language: English. Published: July 5, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Paranormal, Fiction » Romance » Erotic
Cami, a displaced lycan from Eastern Mountains pack, doesn’t fit in with her new community. Having just been dismissed from service by Beryx, the Alpha’s second, she’s feeling lonely and resentful. The Alpha’s son, Alexandru, provides the perfect distraction on which to vent her anger … or so she thinks before he turns the tables on her in a surprise seduction. Will Cami say yes?
Lycan's Promise: Book 3
Series: The Lycans, Book 5. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 10,820. Language: English. Published: November 21, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal, Fiction » Erotica » Paranormal
Sanda has returned to Cold Mountains community with her mate, but all is not well. She and the others wait on pins and needles for the Alphas to decide their fate for breaking the code between humans and Lycans. Sanda is also having trouble with Beryx, who wants her to embrace her new Lycan side. After her disastrous first transformation, Sanda is hesitant to ever again release her inner wolf.
Lycans Series: Five Story Collection
Series: The Lycans, Complete Collection. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 42,800. Language: English. Published: December 1, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Fantasy, Fiction » Erotica » Paranormal
Follow Sanda's entire journey from werewolf sacrifice to full blooded member of the pack in this complete set of stories. Included in this collection you'll get: Book One: Lycan's Sacrifice Book Two: Lycan's Love Book Three: Lycan's Promise Lycan's Mate Lycan's Secret Save a few bucks by buying the entire collection at once! ~40,000 words