Mindset Series

Mindset Make-Over: How to Renew your Mind and Walk in God's Authority
This book is for you if you want to recognize damaging thoughts and stop them from influencing your life; you want to fulfill your desire to walk in God's authority so you are not swayed by daily stress; you are determined to gain control overyour mind to find freedom, and you are determined to take action to make-over your mind!
Unstick Your Mind: Shift Your Mindset, Develop Grit & Break Barriers
This book suggests that one's thoughts and beliefs play a significant role in shaping one's experiences and behaviors. It proposes that by recognizing and changing limiting beliefs, taking control of negative thoughts, and developing new habits, one can break free from patterns that hold them back and achieve their goals.
Unlock the Mind of a Champion: How Ordinary People Achieve the Extraordinary
Discover 15 keys used by elite athletes, entrepreneurs and high achievers that enables them to outperform mediocrity.
Anxiety Anonymous Flipping the Script on the Fear that Keeps You Stuck
It's time to flip the script on the fear, the stress and anxiety that keeps you stuck!