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The Way of Flour
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I was born in the Soviet Union. My family felt the Communist brutality. My two grandfathers were lost in the Second World War. The father of the grandmother, tortured the Communists, jumped from the window of his home and succeeded in life ...
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You can express what you want only when you believe in yourself that you are able to do much and much in your life without fear
There is Still Hope
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This book seeks to strengthen the hope of the people who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.I have used rich texts from the Bible to serve as the backbone of the hope of every believer. It shows how our trust, confidence and faith in the word of God gives us all that we need to live a fulfilling life.
Semillas y Soliloquios
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El libro busca llegar a un público de cierta amplitud con una propuesta intrínseca y reflexiva para con la filosofía y el amor a aquél andar de camino que pretende todo hombre en cuanto cuitado se somete a la auto-reflexión. Dividido en dos partes, una enfocada en el trato de filosofía a través de la literatura y luego la otra en la cual se posa luz cenital sobra la filosofía de manera personal.
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I Used To Be Half-Italian
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From the author (as "Clay Reston") of "Back To Woolstock" and "From This Seed", a collection of humorous tales from a misspent life, musings on the human condition, seemingly pointless rantings, and other things that resist description.
The Living End
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How life looked after I was out of the abyss. People took off their gloves and treated me roughly. I had to remember where I came from, where I was going, and how I got here. I was the product of hundreds of medical people, handball games, skiing, fishing, and duck hunting trips, books, A.A., family, and friends.
كتاب هل حب قبل او بعد زواج
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كتاب هل حب قبل او بعد زواج يعرفنا على حب الحقيقي و اساس الذي تبنا به اسرة
Dinesh Bafna is Owner and President of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc
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Dinesh Bafna is a famous personality in the industry and possesses a number of businesses. He has great networking skills and has collaborated with many non-profit trust organizations. He is the owner & president of Mont Surfaces by Mont. Granite, Inc. He has the supervision skills to lead strategy, lead teams of people, lead change management programs and head many other departments.
The Secrets to Genius: Michael Jordan
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How do you think that the genius differ from common people? Do you suppose or believe that the successful have some extraordinary abilities to fulfil incredible tasks? Have you ever suspected that there may be a universal tip or tips, which unite all of the great people of all nationalities, and of all times?
The Video
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-I`m happy to see you here with me. I want to thank some of you for support, others for attention. I decided to turn my fiftieth birthday into something that will lead you to success, best relationship, anything you could wish. Using the moment, I would like to present my success formula to one of you who will deserve it.
The Third Song
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The day didn`t promise to be different from others. Can you predict the day when your wish comes true? Maybe, you can, but Jane couldn`t. She was essentially the most hopeful person that could exist on Earth. Her aim to be a popular singer didn`t leave her even for a minute since the time she decided to write songs.
My Love Letters
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This is my first letter for you! I hope with all my heart that we will find each other whenever and you will understand me better reading these letters.
Love Quotes
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It`s impossible to understand the nature of love and only then to fall in love. Even if you love, you can`t realize what it is.
Improve Yourself
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Here are some exercises that will help you improve yourself, inspire you and become your life guard!
Love Messages
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My heart was frozen! You made its ice melt like the Sun! I think there is noone on Earth who doesn't love or make up love quotes! So, I decide to write mine! Read and enjoy!