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A few flash fiction stories that I wrote for class.
Other Medicine
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other medicine, a knowledge to stay healthy.
Mi bibliografía, primera parte, MAFIC
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Mi bibliografía en español, primera parte, gratis.
Is Fear Keeping You From Writing Career Success?
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So you want to have a successful writing career. It can be a tough decision to make. Some people start writing, stop, then come back to it because they suddenly realize how much they love it. Others skirt around it doing other things and leaving it as something they do part-time. It's not so easy to make the decision to become a freelance writer.
A Rainy Afternoon
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A thunderstorm was making its way across the horizon; black clouds with flashes of lightning and cracks of distant thunder completed this scene. As a child, I had learned to count the seconds after each flash of lightning to determine how far away the storm was. One-Mississippi equaled one mile. I also used that measure after I’d sass my mother – gaging when her reaction would descend upon me.
The purpose driven for why you should believe God
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This is about God why you should should someone believe in him.
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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is the world's largest voluntary organisation. Founded in 1925, RSS has created a strong presence in social, cultural, educational, labour, developmental, political and other fields of endeavour. The book by M.G. Vaidya is an introduction to the multi-faceted organisation. It seeks to answer frequently asked questions such as how RSS works, what is the role of R
Seph Lawless Exposed
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Seph Lawless exposed
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This book is about autism generalities, it is been written for a psychologist who works with autistic children. Is an open window to several concepts for someone that is beginning to understand the autistic spectrum. You will learn about ABA THERAPY and ASIEP 3 facilities and ways to diagnosticate Autism.
Blessed Be
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This is a little something I wrote for Mother's Day when I was 19 years old as my way of saying 'thank you' to my mother, Jane, for working so hard and for teaching me to always try to be a little better each day. I think it serves as a 'thank you' for all the moms who work hard while trying to raise a family.
On God And Being Gay
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I discovered early on the pain of being gay and alone in a world that did not want me. During my confirmation class, at age fourteen, I began asking questions about the Bible, and God to which I received answers that set a pattern of vagueness to the existence of any Truth in organized religion. Years later, truth finally appeared quietly one afternoon in a Chicago bookstore, and my journey began.
Paket Pernikahan Murah
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Suatu kisah yang sangat menyentuh dan bisa dijadikan sebuah pengalman dalam mengarungi lika-liku kehidupan cinta. Kisah ini pernah terjadi pada seorang lelaki yang berencana untuk menikah, tetapi niat baiknya itu harus terhalang oleh sebuah restu dari kedua orangtuanya. Dia bernama Heru, seorang lelaki yang telah memasuki umur untuk menikah.
The Critique of a Day
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"I have yet to so a reason why I would, though. There is no house on the market, there is no car on the road, there is no phone, no pair of shoes, no well-tailored suit, no wife and kids, no anything that I can think of that would justify my time and energy going into “fixing” my appearance to creditors." -The Critique of a Day
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SW Test
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"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.
Bez pozorów
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Rozpoczął się piękny i pogodny dzień majowy - rzadki w tym roku . Słoneczko świeci dziś ostrym światłem. Robi się lżej na duszy. Wyschnie wczoraj skoszona trawa i zamieni się w siano, które zmaterializuje się samo.Ziemia z trawą , która została obcięta, wyschnie też przecie i zamieni się w większą murawę. Obrządek poranka dokonany. Toaleta i pacierze i modły, do anioła stróża też .
children's story
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A story for children.
درهم وقاية خير من قنطار علاج
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في صباح يوم جميل من أيام فصل الربيع، بعد ما كُسيت الأرض باللباس الأخضر بعد الأيض في يوم كانت المروج تملؤها الزهور الربيعية ورائحة أريجها تنسي المريض مرضه. استيقظ أبو سعيد من نومه في ذلك اليوم وهو يخط لجعل هذا اليوم أجمل يوم لعائلته في هذه الإجازة الربيعية، فذهب وأيقظ عائلته، وكالعادة ذهبت أم سعيد لتحضير طعام الفطور ولكن أوقفها أبو سعيد وقال : لن نتناول الفطور هنا اليوم، فقالت: خيراً إن شاء الله
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القناعة ليست كنزٌ لا يفنى و حسب بل هي مفتاح لكل نجاح
My Excuses for Being an Author - Autobiographical
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This is a here-and-there autobiographical that explains part of where my ideas come from. It covers early years to today. It does not contain much about when I was in music or such.

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