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The Third Law
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 101,910. Language: English. Published: May 2, 2018 by Tellwell Publishing. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Crime thriller, Fiction » Mystery & detective » General
Starting over for Paul Goldman and his family had been quiet, and peaceful, everything life should be, until one night his world was torn apart. Now, with the leader of a South American drug cartel vowing to have him killed, and the police, trying to protect him, Paul enlists the help of two former comrades from his past to help him stay alive and go after everyone responsible.
Tick Tock: A Stitch in Crime
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 55,130. Language: English. Published: May 1, 2018 by Dancing Lemur Press LLC. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » General
The clock is ticking... Exploring the facets of time, eleven authors delve into mysteries and crimes that linger in both dark corners and plain sight. Hand-picked by a panel of agents and authors, these eleven tales will take you on a thrilling ride into jeopardy and secrecy. Trail along, find the clues, and stay out of danger. Time is wasting...
Training Grounds (A Central Division Series Short)
Series: Central Division. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 26,540. Language: English. Published: May 1, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Police Procedural, Fiction » Mystery & detective » General
Immediately following the harrowing events in BEHOLDER’S EYE, the first thriller novel in the Central Division series, Minneapolis PD investigators Kolin Raynes and Simon Templeton are once again back in Glade, Minnesota, to further investigate the aftermath of the elusive serial killer.
Harmonica & Gig
You set the price! Words: 81,050. Language: English. Published: April 30, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Cyberpunk, Fiction » Mystery & detective » General
Did you ever hear the one about the rabbit, the t-rex and the frog? In the near future, the internet as we know it has been usurped by a total-immersion virtual environment known as the qverse. A fully-interactive virtual universe for the entertainment, communication and business needs of a modern populace. But can a simulation be real enough to lead to a real murder?
The Resort Mysteries. Uncle Jack Book 1
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 70,770. Language: English. Published: April 28, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General, Fiction » Romance » General
The Resort Mysteries are set in Australia on Queensland’s imaginary Silver Coast. An author of mystery novels and the man who loves her arrive at The Resort that has been willed to her by her Uncle Jack. It has been abandoned for many years. Why? Uncle Jack disappeared and was declared dead after 10 years. Who was Uncle Jack? Why did he leave The Resort to her? What happened to him?
The Resort Mysteries. Uncle Jack Book 2
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 57,200. Language: English. Published: April 28, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General, Fiction » Romance » General
The Resort Mysteries are set in Australia on Queensland’s imaginary Silver Coast. An author of mystery novels and the man who loves her restore The Resort willed to her by Uncle Jack. He disappeared and after 10 years was declared dead. Who was he? Why did he leave The Resort to her? What happened to him? Book 2 continues the lives of those at The Resort now, and resolves the Uncle Jack mystery.
A Bleak Prospect
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 86,100. Language: English. Published: April 24, 2018 by Melange Books, LLC. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General, Fiction » Mystery & detective » Police Procedural
A serial killer is preying on the young prostitutes of east Tennessee and only Sam Jenkins has the information to catch him.
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 5,460. Language: English. Published: April 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General, Fiction » Mystery & detective » Short Stories
When her only son is shot while fleeing a robbery, Gladys must come to terms over his "murder" by police. She doesn't believe her son would resort to robbery and no matter how much she antagonizes her son's former girlfriend, Gladys faces some uncomfortable truths.
The Tequila Promise
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 132,230. Language: English. Published: April 20, 2018 by Tellwell Publishing. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Crime thriller
ETHAN PICKETT'S battered pickup truck is found in the valley of the Bluewater Ski Club, a four hundred foot drop, his broken and bloodied body trapped inside. Ethan is a local hero, a retired rodeo cowboy, and self-made billionaire businessman. His death is big news. When Charlie Beach hears the news, he's devastated...
Make No Bones About It ( A Dig Site Mystery - Book 2)
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 132,690. Language: English. Published: April 16, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » General, Fiction » Mystery & detective » General
MYSTERY, MAYHEM, AND MONKEYS, OH MY! Welcome to the jungle, a treacherous place teeming with terrible secrets better left buried. “This dig site isn’t cursed. It’s doomed!”
Amazing Detective
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 36,050. Language: English. Published: April 16, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General
A Detective Jericho Novel
Wheels in the Sky
Price: Free! Words: 61,150. Language: English. Published: April 16, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » General, Fiction » Mystery & detective » General
The American President announces plans for a space station that will orbit the Earth with a crew of ten-thousand, the true beginning of humanity as a spacefaring race. But his plans draw out the hopes and fears of the nation, sparking controversy and dispute. It is up to a reclusive writer and his trusted investigator to get to the bottom of the story, before America threatens to tear itself apart
Sovereign Domains
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 23,430. Language: English. Published: April 15, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General, Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
The Chap sisters, Ronda and Wanda, are concerned about their brother, Honda. In an attempt to determine the nature of the problem—a problem that they have not been able to understand in terms more precise than ‘bad vibes’—they enlist the help of Koji Remote, entrusting him to insinuate himself into Honda’s confidence. The results are both comical and revealing.
Price: $4.66 USD. Words: 84,920. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Traditional British, Fiction » Mystery & detective » General
Beautiful hairdresser Eva Cyclone joins Fringes Salon in Ross on Wye. Her past is colourful, South of France and New York. Her landlord is obsessed with her turning stalker, but she really needs help when two men from her past arrive, a CIA agent and drugs dealer and the other Russian Mafia. Eva seeks help from Ross hairdressers, especially Lauren Canning and her Chief Inspector police support.
رواية البلطة
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 16,110. Language: Arabic. Published: April 11, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General
رواية بوليسية شيقة تأخذك من أول أحداثها .. لتعرف نهايتها قصة جديدة تأخذك فى عالم الجريمة والغموض، ويظل الغموض يكتنف الرواية إلى نهايتها
Пепелище противоречий часть 1
Series: Пепелище противоречий часть. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 5,980. Language: Russian. Published: April 9, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Language Instruction » Russian, Fiction » Mystery & detective » General
Любовно-криминальная новелла. Мужчина и женщина... жёсткий, волевой прокурор и сестра прожившая в монастыре пятнадцать лет. Эффектный мужчина и умная женщина с сильным характером. Их связало прошлое, роковая потеря и... любовь.
The Man in the Loosebox
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 74,030. Language: British English. Published: April 9, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General, Fiction » Mystery & detective » Traditional British
Inspector Kirkwall investigates murder at the stables but finds a sinister web of drugged horses, blackmail and stolen art. Injured horse trainer Bobbie Darrant thinks her career and friendship with the new vet are ended but thanks to Staff Nurse Audrey she finds they are not and helps Kirkwall at the showdown involving a 'cavalry' charge, a police helicopter and a ready-mix concrete truck.
Dance With Death
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 78,690. Language: English. Published: April 8, 2018 by Jay W. MacIntosh. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General
Action!! Florida’s favorite crime fighter Private Investigator Vic Landell is back on the case – actually, cases involving a murdered wife in Clearwater, Florida, and a quadruple murder in – wait for it – Hollywood, California. With his favorite TV anchor/attorney Marcia Glenn, the dynamic duo are off to tinsel town for the redhead’s feature spot on Dancing with the Stars.
The Quest for Caesar’s Medallion
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 60,690. Language: English. Published: April 7, 2018 by Rogue Phoenix Press. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Action, Fiction » Mystery & detective » General
Have a problem recovering an item? Miller Rixey will go anywhere to recover your lost item, no matter what it is...provided the fee is generous enough.
A Broken Ladder
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 5,760. Language: English. Published: April 7, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General, Fiction » Fantasy » General
The lurking inevitability that his young boy, was going to figure out what had actually instigated the drive from the farmhouse, was almost worse - than what had to be done. And the swerve; although slow and steady onto the main road, trumpeted nothing else in his ear. "What's that clanging noise at the back Dad?"