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The Magic of the Druids. Sacred Hills.
Price: $2.99 $2.84 USD. (5% off until Feb. 21!) Words: 86,510. Language: American English. Published: January 21, 2021. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical, Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Dilogy 'The Magic of the Druids' (book 1 'Sacred Hills') immerses the reader in the ancient unknown world of the Dark Ages Ireland. Dilogy is filled with ancient magic, mythological creatures and the life of ancient Irish tribes, as well as the secrets of the Druids. The book intertwines Celtic mythology along with historical facts and fictional characters.
First Meeting
Price: $2.99 $0.99 USD. (67% off until Feb. 11!) Words: 16,660. Language: English. Published: January 11, 2021. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
What happens when a paranormal creature meets a human? My friends are about to find out the hard way. These creations are not based in reality, but a warped form of reality. Please enjoy!
Take Up Your Sword
Price: $0.99 USD. (Free until Dec. 31!) Words: 8,280. Language: English. Published: January 9, 2021. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic, Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
A kingdom is lost… and a legend is born. A sword and sorcery short story.
The Man Who Died Twice: A Mother, Dearest Adventure
Price: $2.99 $1.50 USD. (50% off until Jan. 30!) Words: 103,210. Language: English. Published: December 23, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban
Two years have passed since the blue storm that Mother brought down on to the word and everything has changed. Satara and his friends are struggling to come to terms with what happened and The Family are being taken out one by one by a mysterious entity from their past. But how is it all connected? Naz's journey started in 'Mother, Dearest' but will it end in 'The Man Who Died Twice'?
The Lost Mage Princess
Price: $6.50 $1.99 USD. (69% off until Feb. 20!) Words: 69,860. Language: English. Published: December 2, 2020 by Writing Under The Moon Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Amila has been in hiding since her mother’s death over a decade ago. Now at 19 war reaches her town and she is forced to fight or flee. Running to Trinity Hall. Amila has to decide between what is safe and what is right. At war within herself, she fights her inner demons and the memories of her past locked away.
My Strange Friend. Book of Flame. Volume 1
Series: Book of Flame. Price: $1.45 USD. (Free until Jan. 28!) Words: 66,700. Language: English. Published: November 24, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary, Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Gay
It’s a lifelong love story. But his love is sinful. How can true love be a sin? Will Kai be able to overstep his principles for the sake of love? Toyami knows full well that his victory is Kai's broken life. Is he ready to achieve what he wants by destroying the fate of a loved one? Does he really need this love, or is it just tactical rivalry and a desire to win? To win to break... Volume 1
Witchbone Book Three: The Body Stealers
Series: Witchbone, Book 3. Price: $1.99 USD. (Free until Jan. 28!) Words: 86,210. Language: English. Published: October 27, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Monsters, Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
It’s a wild October in Eddystone, and Danny Hallow is looking forward to his favorite holiday- Halloween- but his plans are derailed by the accidental hatching of alien creatures that are determined to adapt to their new environment by any means necessary. Can Danny and his friends stop the Body Stealers before they take over Eddystone...and the world beyond?
Witchbone Book Two: The Ghost of Annie Gray
Series: Witchbone, Book 2. Price: $1.99 USD. (Free until Jan. 28!) Words: 86,210. Language: English. Published: October 27, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Monsters, Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
Danny Hallow is enjoying his first summer in Eddystone, and for the first time in his life he has friends to enjoy summer vacation with...but when a girl named Annie Gray goes missing, and her ghost begs Danny for help, he and his friends will have to deal with teleportation frogs, invisible monsters, and tiny mad scientists to try and bring Annie back before it's too late.
Haunted Magic
Series: The Colbana Files. Price: $2.99 $1.99 USD. (33% off until Feb. 7!) Words: 38,080. Language: English. Published: October 26, 2020 by Shiloh Walker. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Witches, especially healers like Colleen Antrim, weren’t made to be warriors. Only a select few were born with the aggressive mentality and the offensive magic needed to protect others. This never struck her as a lack, because Colleen was born to heal and nurture. That was her nature. Until it wasn’t…
The Jack Hansard Series: Season One
Series: Jack Hansard. Price: $3.99 $2.99 USD. (25% off until Jan. 31!) Words: 92,770. Language: English. Published: October 19, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
As a travelling occult salesman, Jack Hansard is used to living dangerously. He's also used to scamming people - NOT being asked for help. So when Ang (a two-and-a-half-foot tall coblyn right out of Welsh folklore) buys his help to find her missing kin, Jack is catapulted way out of his depth to land squarely under the gaze of someone that even monsters are afraid of.
Price: $4.99 USD. (Free until Jan. 31!) Words: 172,490. Language: English (New Zealand dialect). Published: September 29, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General, Fiction » Fantasy » General
How could a child tumble through a rent and rupture in time and space? Sopho saw and heard her as she fell into the universal continuum and lay helplessly trapped. He instinctively knew this child was a rarity. He stooped to free her so he could hold her dangling above the cosmic maelstrom.
Blackacre Rising
Price: $1.99 $0.99 USD. (50% off until Dec. 31!) Words: 80,430. Language: English. Published: September 24, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Crime, Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
(4.50 from 2 reviews)
From Horror Tree reviewer and double Aeon Award Longlister John C Adams comes a disturbing tale of scientific experimentation and sadistic cruelty. The sequel to 'Souls For The Master', 'Blackacre Rising' features a stunning cover by Fiona Jayde Media.
My Lady
Price: $2.99 $1.99 USD. (33% off until Feb. 7!) Words: 40,330. Language: English. Published: September 22, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Fantasy, Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
Pawn in her father’s maniacal quest for power, Princess Nae Corda doesn’t see any way of escaping her impending marriage to the leader of the Oonkaen. That is until a dark shadow enters her prison-like bedroom—and offers her hope. King Tyan will do anything to save his kingdom and the lives of his goblin people—even if it means flying into enemy lands to steal an elvish princess for his bride.
Distant Neighbors
Price: $0.99 USD. (Free until Dec. 31, 2025!) Words: 14,190. Language: English. Published: September 10, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal, Fiction » Humor & comedy » Parody
(4.00 from 1 review)
The ghosts of this old Wild West mining town are in an uproar. Some of the living want to take away their jobs and destroy their whole way of death. Years ago the ghost town was divided up between the living and dead, and both sides got along pretty well, with no major ruckuses to speak of. But now that has all changed, and these living scallywags must go, even if a few rules have to be broken.
Demon Invasion
Price: $2.99 $1.00 USD. (67% off until March 10!) Words: 71,960. Language: English (Indian dialect). Published: June 26, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Apocalyptic, Fiction » Fantasy » Dark
During the construction of a subway tunnel, they without knowing, were opening a Pandora's box - an inter-dimensional portal connecting hell and earth. And soon after that, black smoke erupted out, infecting whatever living thing they see.Within a matter of hours, 99 percent of human population turned into undead. Survivors were left with two choices - join their cult or join them in death.
The Witches of Corndale
Price: $4.99 USD. (Free until Dec. 31!) Words: 154,490. Language: English. Published: May 16, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
(4.83 from 6 reviews)
Lucy Coleville's quiet and peaceful life in her old cottage has to come to an end when a young girl, Evy Jones, shows up at her doorstep and greets her in a language which she hasn't heard for centuries. Evy Jones, looking for some answers about her mysterious past and unaware of her growing powers, needs Lucy's help to go through hidden worlds, deadly beasts and a stubborn chase.
A Mermaid's Wedding
Series: Land Lover, Book 2. Price: $2.99 $0.99 USD. (67% off until Feb. 2!) Words: 19,110. Language: English. Published: April 26, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Fantasy, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Love is in the waves. And it's ripe enough for marriage. But not all the mermaids and mermen are happy. The air reeks of the smell of trouble. When the groom disappears just before the ceremony is due to begin, and one scheming sister is acting all sorts of funny, you can't help but ask: will the wedding ever hold?
Grimm's End
Series: Grimm's Circle. Price: $1.99 $0.99 USD. (50% off until Feb. 7!) Words: 41,840. Language: English. Published: April 2, 2020 by Shiloh Walker. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal, Fiction » Fantasy » Urban
Will would forget the color of the sky before he d forget the love of all his lives. But his time is done. It's only a matter of which demon will finally destroy him. He never thought his final moments would be haunted by Mandy's face. But is it a fitting punishment, or one last chance to atone for crimes he committed so long ago?
Vapor Trail (The Profane Series #2)
Price: $3.99 $2.00 USD. (50% off until Feb. 19!) Words: 96,170. Language: English. Published: February 2, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Gay, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Dead men have nothing but secrets… Lachlan Graham is ready for his life to settle down now that he and his ex-partner, FBI Agent Vector Clanahan, have caught the man who killed his neighbor. But no sooner have the two returned to Seattle than more bad news arrives to upturn Lachlan’s quiet existence.
Medium Rare (The Profane Series #1)
Price: $2.99 $1.50 USD. (50% off until Feb. 19!) Words: 84,950. Language: English. Published: February 2, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Gay, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
A good cop, a good son, a loyal partner--none of this was enough to save Lachlan Graham's nerves when his entire world fell apart three years ago.