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Un lugar para olvidarte
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 19,440. Language: Spanish. Published: July 16, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary, Fiction » Romance » General
Sin pensárselo, Susan termina su relación con Joel, un arquitecto que se desvive por ella. Pero lo que creía que era amor, se había convertido en simple cariño y ella no era feliz. Decidida a seguir con su vida, coge con más fuerza que nunca las riendas de su restaurante. Aquel precioso lugar y cada uno de sus empleados la harán vivir momentos inolvidables.
Un amor en el aire
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 18,770. Language: Spanish. Published: July 16, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » General, Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Amanda consigue, por fin, trabajar en lo que quiere. Pero formar parte de la tripulación, le traerá más problemas de los que imagina. Enamorarse del comandante le pasará factura. Martín no será solo una historia de amor pasajera, pero tampoco simple. Él, casado. Ella, más que enamorada. Un amor a tres bandas en una loca aventura aérea.
Green is the Grass
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 18,580. Language: English. Published: July 16, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Women's fiction » General, Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Ginny Mitchell just wants what every other couple has until she starts talking to the other couples on her street.
Anything Possible
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 8,750. Language: English. Published: July 16, 2018 by Blue Cedar Publishing. Categories: Fiction » Romance » New adult, Fiction » Women's fiction » General
Video game companies play games. Reading books, and a romance no less? Never going to happen. Karen loves books, especially romances. Ryan hates books, especially romances. All that changes when they learn their newest project: creating the first ever romance video game. Heartwarming, unforgettable characters set in the same world as the novel, Second Chance.
Mountain Mist
Price: Free! Words: 9,450. Language: English. Published: July 15, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » General
Gita encounters a mysterious stranger in the misty woods in a night of passion, but her desire wars with her responsibilities.
Wedding in the Soup
Series: Holiday Romances. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 10,230. Language: English. Published: July 14, 2018 by MDR Publishing. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary, Fiction » Romance » New adult
Sasa hummed as she peeled carrots for soup. Just what they needed after installing a new sixty-five inch TV. Van had spent their entire Christmas bonus on it. Not that Sasa cared. She'd rather read while Van gamed. But a new TV and a pot of soup could combine to create new things. Wedding in the Soup is a sweet romance short that asexual and nonbinary readers are sure to love—Don't miss this!
We Never Really Go Away...
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,040. Language: English. Published: July 14, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Short stories, Fiction » Mystery & detective » Short Stories
Aastha Sharma is a bright girl, far intelligent than most children of her age. However, her father, a Hindu astrologer, is always anxious...not because of her unusual talents but because of the unlikely friendship she has struck with Hasnara, a girl who is Muslim by religion. As the father attempts to pull Aastha out of the Muslim girl s influence, fate plays a shocking game of religion and love
گیسوی عشق - پیمان بهره مند - Gisooye Eshgh
Price: Free! Words: 4,860. Language: Persian. Published: July 13, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Middle Eastern poetry, Fiction » Romance » General
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
این کتاب مجموعه ای ست از شعرهای عاشقانه. شعرهایی که از چشمه ی جوشان و دلنواز عشق سرچشمه گرفته اند... یا عشق میان عاشق و معشوق، یا عشق میان دو دوست و دو انسان، و یا عشق به زندگی و ذاتِ خوبی های جهان هستی. (A collection of love poems by A. Paymon Bahremand in Farsi / Persian)
Inocente Ritual
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 2,880. Language: Portuguese. Published: July 13, 2018 by Elemental Editoração. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General, Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
As garotas estavam super animadas para a festa do pijama naquela noite de sexta-feira. Uma delas levou um livro para lerem com contos de Terror e isso seria o auge daquela noite.
Hope: Her Dark Past
Price: Free! Words: 5,590. Language: English. Published: July 12, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Short Stories, Fiction » Romance » Action/adventure
Avantika has everything she has ever asked for - a loving husband to care for, an adorable child to dot on, a life full of hope...until one day she encounters a stranger and stumbles upon her dark past that threatens to shatter all her hopes once and for all...
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 5,430. Language: English. Published: July 12, 2018 by Anthony Anamgba. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Romance, Fiction » Romance » New adult
He was a first-class graduate who courted an illiterate girl and trained her to university level. He even opened a million-dollar business for her after her graduation. When he was ready to marry her, she deserted him and followed a young man called Austin. Philip felt bitter about her deceit and went to her hideout and shot her and her lover. And he was arrested and prosecuted for murder.
A Agonia de um Vampiro
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 1,550. Language: Portuguese. Published: July 12, 2018 by Elemental Editoração. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General, Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Neste conto o leitor irá se deparar com a melancolia ou perversidade de um Vampiro narrando sua trajetória e o motivo de ter ceifado a vida de sua última vítima.
White Knight
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 15,480. Language: English. Published: July 11, 2018 by Less Than Three Press LLC. Categories: Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Lesbian, Fiction » Romance » Fantasy
University life is hard enough without catching the attention of the Villains that call the campus home. Rosey and Lilly, fourth year seniors and best roomies since first year, are preparing to graduate when Lilly decides once and for all that she will be a Super. She is determined to protect the innocent, help those in need and create a safe place for everyone—even though she doesn't have powers.
Omega Shelter
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 11,620. Language: English. Published: July 10, 2018 by Global Grafx Press. Categories: Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Gay, Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
One is missing. One is pregnant. One will die. Omega Shelter is a fast-paced, satisfying mpreg omega werewolf romance that will leave you hot and bothered with a happily ever after to melt your heart. Short. Sweet. Sexy. And no cliffhanger.
A Woman's Complaint!
Price: Free! Words: 1,900. Language: English. Published: July 10, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Clean & wholesome
I had started a dating service called Prime Date Introductions. One of our clients called saying she wanted to talk to me. She came and told three horrible stories about the men she had met. She suggested I should select my candidates better when giving their names to clients. Listening to her stories, I realized her suggestion was a very good one. You'll be interested in what happened next.
The Rebel
Price: Free! Words: 5,570. Language: English. Published: July 10, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Action/adventure, Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
(5.00 from 1 review)
She doesn't give a hoot! But maybe she should.
Price: Free! Words: 11,450. Language: English. Published: July 10, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
A small-town veterinarian and a movie star snowed in together in a mountain cabin. What could they possibly have in common?
Price: $3.00 USD. Words: 12,430. Language: English. Published: July 10, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Suspense, Fiction » Romance » Action/adventure
What do you do when you are caught in the web of two brothers who would do anything to keep you?
Bela laž
Price: Free! Words: 17,500. Language: Serbian. Published: July 9, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Fantasy
Bela laž (A White Lie) is a lie that angels are using to help us people find our true purpose and meaning of our life. In this story a woman is determined to explain to the people and to the man she loves how not to get lost in all the messages we are getting on our path of finding true love. At the end she finds her man and is planing a family with him. She compares him to famous book characters.
Šetnja po životu
Price: $3.00 USD. Words: 11,300. Language: Serbian. Published: July 9, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Short stories
Šetnja po životu (A Walk Upon Life) is a story about finding the right path when life suddenly goes into some troubles. The love story describing the struggle for real love in this world of changes. The girl is fighting with herself and her demons and she hears voice of her soulmate trying so hard to believe in it. She is loving him so deeply like they are one being and are inspiration for others.