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Adventures of Meows: Scary Jumps
By Apolonia Plum
Series: Adventures of Meows, Book 4. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 1,920. Language: English. Published: April 3, 2014. Category: Fiction » Children’s books » Action & Adventure / Survival Stories
Meows is a little lonely. He is roaming the woods in search of something to do. He decides to practice his cat skills. Meows is pretty good at sneaking and climbing. However, jumping from tree branches proves scarier than he thought. How will Meows solve this problem?
Little Puppy, Big City
By Steve Romanik
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 2,420. Language: English. Published: April 2, 2014. Category: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals / Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures
A little puppy living in a peaceful home up in the mountains becomes bored with his current living conditions. He is looking for excitement and action that he thinks moving to a big city would bring. He sneaks out of his secure environment and runs off to experience a city adventure. He does find excitement and action, but not the kind he was looking for.
Videntes (1er Capitulo)
By Constantino Eneas
Price: Free! Words: 2,560. Language: Spanish. Published: April 1, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » General
¿Qué es un Vidente? Un vidente es un ser humano que, por alguna razón no del todo discernible, abrió una puerta en su ser, la cual permanece cerrada para la mayor parte de los mortales. Y detrás de esa puerta, las más terribles maravillas lo aguardan...
SixToe and the Woman
By Melinda Dawn Garren
Series: SixToe. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,670. Language: English. Published: March 31, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » General
Join Sixtoe, a young mountain lion, in this short story as his life is disrupted by a strange falling object from the grey river. That sets him off on a new adventure that reunites him with not only an old ally but also with an old enemy. Will Sixtoe prevail against the odds or will the objects arrival bring death for Sixtoe in its wake?
By Kashi Raja
Price: Free! Words: 1,210. Language: English. Published: March 31, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » General
The Girl Whose Dreams Came True
By Suz Korb
Series: Deities, Book 5. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 13,760. Language: English. Published: March 29, 2014 by Orchard Foregate. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
Deities Story 5. Kate is a dreamer, just like any teenage girl. The problem is, when you’re the daughter of a god there’s the potential for disaster in your dreams. Or should I say nightmares? Because that’s what happens to Kate. In fact, that’s what happens to the entire town of Lakepoint when Kate’s dreams suddenly seem to come true.
Hatching Alamosaurus
By Thomas Hopp
Series: Dinosaur Tales Short Stories, Book 4. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 16,190. Language: English. Published: March 28, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » General
The biggest beasts that ever trod the earth are on the move once more! Alamosaurus, the greatest dinosaur of the Cretaceous Era, has begun the annual migration to its nesting grounds, and people are in the way! But how do you change the course of a herd of these titanic animals?
Nymphania: Flies in the Web
By Jasmin Reed
Series: Nymphania, Book 2. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 16,700. Language: English. Published: March 27, 2014 by Bonafide Media. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » General
A mysterious figure creeps into the Palace of the High Elves, with intentions to steal one of the maps that are hidden in each of the realms of Nymphania, as Leanne and Simon continue to become close and work together to figure out how to escape their virtual gaming world
Uma Delícia De Coisa
By Welton V Arantes
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 11,500. Language: Portuguese. Published: March 25, 2014. Category: Fiction » Literature » Drama
Um grupo de amigos idosos decide ajudar um estranho a desvendar seu passado em uma jornada reveladora e intrigante. Ao ficar sabendo que foi adotado na infância, Felício embarca à procura de suas raízes e acaba descobrindo que o próprio futuro da humanidade depende dele e de seu encontro com a verdade.
By Rowena Portch
Price: Free! Words: 12,160. Language: English. Published: March 23, 2014 by Aeon Enterprises, Inc.. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
Forged by the famous alchemist Hermes Trismegistus, the sword Aeneas is sworn to work magic for the one who wields it. In the wrong hands, however, Aeneas could destroy all that is good in this world, creating a hell of nightmarish proportions.
Long Time Gone
By Darrel Bird
Price: Free! Words: 8,760. Language: English. Published: March 22, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » General
Change comes to us all. Sometimes in a moment, sometimes it comes gradually. Cody Anson, and his neighbors wife, Denise Banks leave early one Saturday morning on a business trip while his neighbor, Dale Banks, leaves to take a group of boys including his son, to Big Bear California on a week end hiking trip. ***Please review the story*** Thanks The author
Moriarty the Napoleon of Crime
By Rev.Jason Williams
Price: $19.99 USD. Words: 3,300. Language: English. Published: March 21, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » General
the time Victoria the location England the man that napoleon of crime Professor James Moriarty
Pesadilla en el museo
By Frank Mitran
Price: Free! Words: 6,290. Language: Spanish. Published: March 20, 2014 by PÚLPito. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Action
Rosie tiene un nuevo trabajo: es la vigilante nocturna del museo. Pero no puede ser un trabajo facil si anda Rosie de por medio. Un nueva aventura pulp con indios, chamanes, objetos magicos y momias.
An Education
By T. W. Fielding
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 5,000. Language: English. Published: March 18, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » General
At the training camp in the country Larry helps with the champ and his sparing partner, Big George..
3rd Eye - 2nd Issue
By Kyle Huizinga
Price: Free! Words: 1,270. Language: English. Published: March 17, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » General
2nd Issue -- The story of Benjamin Brenner and the depths at which he will fall in order to find solace within his mind.
Our Moon Adventure
By Steve Romanik
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 3,190. Language: English. Published: March 12, 2014. Category: Fiction » Children’s books » Action & Adventure / Survival Stories
Two young girls travel to the moon and back on their magical flying bed.
Stumptown Survival (Volume 3 - Hood River)
By Noah Porter
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 10,730. Language: English. Published: March 12, 2014 by Port Vendre Publishing. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » Apocalyptic
Fourteen survivors in a post-apocalyptic world are all that remain of the group who left Portland, OR almost two months ago. They have seen unspeakable horrors, been through tragedies and triumphs, and are simply trying to stay alive for one more day. Now, the survivors have taken to the road, trying to find a better place to live in the new post-apocalyptic world, but are they prepared for all?!
Little Boy Josh - Complete Series - Volume 1
By T.M. Sparks
Series: Little Boy Josh, Complete Series Volume 1. Price: $3.00 USD. Words: 560. Language: English. Published: March 10, 2014. Category: Fiction » Children’s books » Action & Adventure / Pirates
This is a complete compilation of the “Little Boy Josh Series”. It includes 4 Books total. There are over 3,000 words and 60 Illustrations. Each Book is Hyper-linked for easy access and reading.
The Call Of The Wild
By Jeremy Taylor
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 11,330. Language: English. Published: March 3, 2014. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Adventure
The Call of the Wild is Jack London's heroic tale of life in the frozen North seen through the eyes of Buck, a strong and loyal dog. This simplified version allows younger learners and EFL/ESL students access to this classic of literature.
Il ragazzo del fiume (L'avventura di Paco, dalla sua capanna solitaria sul grande fiume alle folle della grande metropoli)
By Guido Sperandio
Price: $4.00 USD. Words: 9,660. Language: Italian. Published: March 3, 2014. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Adventure
ROMANZO. Età: dai 10 anni in su. Il grande fiume sulle cui sponde Paco è nato e vive, si gonfia in una rovinosa piena a cui il ragazzo sfugge miracolosamente. Paco si rifugia in città, nella grande metropoli e scopre un mondo per lui completamente sconosciuto, vivendo una serie di avventure.