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Most Secret Weapons of Nations Remote Viewed
Series: Kiwi Joe's Remote Viewed. Price: $3.85 $2.88 USD. (25% off!) Words: 25,600. Language: English. Published: July 25, 2020. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Body, mind, & spirit » Parapsychology / esp (clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy), Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Military Science
What do we really know about the kind of hidden technologies we tell ourselves are science fiction? What if the generals thought they could win an all-out war against a military equal without nuclear weapons? Kiwi Joe remote viewed nine of the most secret weapons on Earth in a series of blind target sessions completed over six years. For the first time, he reveals all the information he collected.
Ground Warfare in 2050: How It Might Look - Battlefield of the Future with Advanced Military Technologies, Cyber-Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA), Robots, Aerial Platforms and Artificial Intelligence
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 20,400. Language: English. Published: May 20, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » History » Military » Military / Weapons, Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Military Science
This report offers a brief technological forecast of selected military technologies and their employment in ground warfare in the year 2050. This document is a think piece presenting the author's opinions, intended for stimulating discussion and ongoing exploration of future directions in military technology.
¿Cesó la Horrible Noche?
Estremecedor testimonio de Antonio Ruiz Castillo, soldado reservista del Ejercito colombiano y luego incorporado como soldado porfesional de la Brigada Móvil #3; hijo de padres venezolanos, quien sobrevivió a una masacre perpetrada por la quinta cuadrilla del Cartel de las Farc en el Urabá, demencial acto terrorista en el que fueron acribillados sus padres y hermanos junto con otros labriegos.
Innovation in Weapon Systems: What Can History Teach Us?
Price: $3.75 USD. Words: 60,990. Language: American English. Published: June 17, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » History » War, Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Military Science
Military threats from other societies? Nothing new. Intimidation through terrorism? Nothing new. Conflict has been a constant in human history. Innovation in weapons development has sometimes facilitated aggression but at other times has enhanced the ability of a society to protect itself. This book sheds a bright light on the impact of innovative technology.
Science and Technology Intellectual Capital, A Critical U.S. Asset - STEM, Capitalizing on Foreign Graduates, Implications for Deterrence in 2035, Problems in the Future for Space Dominance
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 107,050. Language: English. Published: April 4, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » History » Military » Military / United States, Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Military Science
The potential for losing intellectual dominance in science and technology is a major threat to the ability of the US to maintain national security and economic superiority. The US must ensure it exercises the best possible options to grow, attract and maintain enough qualified individuals to stay ahead of all adversaries.
Bogeys and Bandits
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 105,580. Language: English. Published: May 13, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Engineering, trades, & technology » Aeronautics & Astronautics, Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Military Science
Former naval aviator and award-winning military writer Robert Gandt had the chance to return to his old base to fly one of the fastest, sleekest jets in the world. In Bogeys and Bandits he takes the reader along for the ride.
Theater Battle Management Core System Systems Engineering Case Study - History and Details of TBMCS Integrated Air Command and Control System
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 24,040. Language: English. Published: July 23, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » History » Military » Military / Aviation, Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Military Science
This is one of a series of systems engineering case studies prepared by the Air Force Center for Systems Engineering. This case study analyzes the Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS) is an integrated air command and control (C2) system that performs standardized, secure, automated air battle planning.