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Indian and Western Aesthetics in Sri Aurobindo’s Criticism, A Comparative Study
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 39,530. Language: English. Published: July 24, 2017 by Zorba Books. Categories: Nonfiction » Literary criticism » Reference
The book Indian and Western Aesthetics in Sri Aurobindo’s Criticism is a comparative study of Indian and western aesthetics. It depicts the beauty of evolution of multiplicity of theories to vastness of concepts postulated by different literary theoreticians. Moreover, it gives a keen insight into Sri Aurobindo’s aesthetics.
“Honestly Speaking” in Parallel Universes - Literate Eternal Return
Price: Free! Words: 1,840. Language: English. Published: May 18, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » Literary criticism » Reference
This link between the worlds is an important element, so the focus is not on one world or the other, but on both, their interaction, and if there is a point for literature if reality is already so strange and wonderful, literature itself then shape reality.
Why The Hell Should I? A Dyslexic Perspective on Creative Writing: Critical Reflection & Barriers to Participation
Price: Free! Words: 106,330. Language: English. Published: March 27, 2017 by Brittunculi Records & Books UK. Categories: Nonfiction » Literary criticism » Reference, Essay » Author profile
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This work is completed as it stands as an author based biographical case study. It is a critical reflection on barriers to participation, or more simply put: a dyslexic perspective on creative writing. It is presented as a genuine insight into my world as a dyslexic creative writer. It is also a reflective journal of my life and its impacts on my writing. By Briish singer/songwriter: J R P Taylor.
Babadan Oğluna Mektuplar
Price: $2.00 USD. Words: 15,780. Language: Turkish. Published: January 12, 2017 by noktaekitap. Categories: Nonfiction » Literary criticism » Reference
Sevgili oğlum,Okumak çok önemli; çok ama çok önemli! Bak oğlum Allah bizlere okumayı emrettiği halde okumayı hep Batılılar yapmış ve bizler hep kulaktan dolma bilgilerle hareket etmişiz yıllar boyunca… Bu mesnetsiz bilgilerin çoğu yalan-yanlış olduğu için de hep şaşırmışız.
Price: $2.00 USD. Words: 14,210. Language: Turkish. Published: November 24, 2016 by noktaekitap. Categories: Nonfiction » Literary criticism » Reference
Bozkurt, Türklerin en büyük sembolüdür. Olayı hemen siyasete yormayın. Orta Asya'dan beri Türklerin en büyük göstergesi olmuştur bozkurt. Nasıl İspanyollar boğayı, İngilizler aslanı, Ruslar ayıyı... Seçmişler ise biz de bozkurtu seçmişizdir.
Literary Theory
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 5,350. Language: English. Published: November 4, 2016 by Can Akdeniz. Categories: Nonfiction » Literary criticism » Reference
Literary theory is a set of ideas and methods that help a reader or researcher to understand the literature better. These ideas provide guidance for researchers during the practical process of interpretation.
Ready Reference Treatise: Things Fall Apart
Series: Ready Reference Treatises, Book 19 · Study Guides: English Literature, Book 40. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 11,250. Language: English. Published: August 9, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Cultural & ethnic themes » Cultural interest, general, Nonfiction » Literary criticism » Reference
Guide books or book notes are primarily written to make students understand the original text better, especially from all those angles which are often overlooked by a casual reader.
Bad Romance (Seven Deadly Sins): Walkthrough
Price: Free! Words: 7,060. Language: English. Published: May 15, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Educational, Nonfiction » Literary criticism » Reference
The Bad Romance Anthology is a pop culture inspired short story collection, which links star-crossed lovers to each of the seven deadly sins. In this promotional eBook, Jess C Scott talks about the themes and inspirations behind her (unintentionally satirical) project. GENRE: Education (Reference / Commentary) * * * LENGTH: 5,400 Words * * * By author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott