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تحويلات السرعة المتجهة
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نقدم فى هذا البحث تحويلات السرعة المتجهة من اطار مرجعى الى اخر , تعتمد هذه التحويلات على عملية رصد جديده غير المتبعة سبقا , كما تعتمد ايضا على مبدا ثبات سرعة الضوء
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在商群N/2N视角下,将万物分类为Ye-Yo两类,最终把物理世界映射为数学结构,在此基础上创立了Ye-Yo对偶理论。运用Ye-Yo对偶理论重新改写了现代物理学,使相对论和量子力学纳入到和谐统一的框架之下。 运用Ye-Yo对偶理论对当今物理学难题给出了创造性的解决方案,还在数学Langlands纲领与物理大统一理论之间建立起深刻关联,展现了数学和物理学融合发展的广阔前景。
Feynman Lectures Simplified 4A: Math for Physicists
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Math is what prevents most science enthusiasts from becoming scientists. This book, Feynman Simplified 4A: Math for Physicists, will help those striving to master the mathematics of physics. It explains step-by-step all the mathematics that most scientists will ever need. From the mundane to the esoteric, this eBook explores it all.
Unlocking the Secrets of the Pinewood Derby
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This booklet provides the reader with experimental data that quantifies the sacrifices you can expect if you don't optimize the weight, center of gravity, drag and friction. The tables and graphs in the book will allow the reader to see how a lack of optimization effects the car's performance. The booklet also contains my personal winning designs and my superior axle/wheel preparation method.
An Analysis and Comparison of Orbit Rendezvous Techniques for Spacecraft Flying in Low Earth Orbit
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In this thesis three methods for solving Lambert’s orbit rendezvous problem are compared. Methods that use the relative states between vehicles to calculate Lambert transfers are the easiest methods to use. But these methods are only applicable in certain scenarios.