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Paleozoic Age
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The Palaeozoic or Primary Era spans a period of time ranging from 542 million to 251 million years ago. The name Paleozoic, derives from the fact that, in the past, it was considered the first geological age. The Paleozoic covers a range of about 300 million years, giving rise to many forms of life, until the appearance of thecodonts, commonly believed to be the ancestors of dinosaurs.
America's Ticking Timebomb
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The Yellowstone Super-volcano or by its scientific name the Yellowstone Caldera is located in the Yellowstone National Park. The caldera is acutely located in the northwest corner of the park in Wyoming, this is where the vast majority of the park is contained. The size of the Super Volcano measure an astounding 34 by 45 miles and is static even though the tectonic plates move over or under it.
L'Era Paleozoica
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Il nome Paleozoico ("vita antica"), deriva dal fatto che, in passato, essa era considerata la prima era geologica, coincidente con la comparsa dei primi esseri viventi. Tuttavia, la scoperta di rocce più antiche contenenti fossili, appartenenti all'era Precambriana, rende oggi assai discutibile tale definizione. L'era Paleozoica abbraccia un intervallo temporale di 300 milioni di anni.