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Edward Mishkin Yonkers Porn Dealer 1966 United States Supreme Court Case
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Edward Mishkin was a rich pornographer who lived in Yonkers. He had a lovely wife and three children. He became an established obscene books dealer as early as 1955. A December 1960 conviction became the first occasion in which Mishkin was punished for selling obscene literature. By the 1970s he had entered the realm of child porn and also showed acts as explicit as defecation and bestiality.
Smut Photography and Literature A Cornucopia of Porn Arrests
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The 1950s and 1960s were times when booksellers and even "antique dealers" were targeted for porn busts and raids. My ebook considers this type of police action in New York City (Queens, Manhattan, College Point, Nassau County, and Yonkers), upstate New York, Philadelphia and elsewhere. Raiders seized nude photos, adult books, and machines to copy and print books. Porn busts flourished in the U.S.
Philadelphia Police Crackdown on Jewish Pornographic Book and Photo Distributors
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During the late 1920s Jewish immigrants from Poland and Russia were targeted during a sweep against obscene photos, books and photos in Philadelphia. Among the most publicized cases was one against Samuel Bloom and his wife. Immigrants from Poland Mrs. Bloom claimed that she was unable to write English. The Blooms, cigar store owners, were accused of being purveyors of obscene books & photos.
Sex Life of the Prophet Muhammad
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The Prophet Muhammad as a Porn Star! The most sacrilegious XXX movie ever made somehow slipped under the radical cleric radar. Yet, in the midst of current debates on free speech, apostasy and blasphemy, this one unseen, unreported movie, unknown porno flick may well just prove a test case.