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P.J. le Pooch & the Haunted Inn
Series: P.J. le Pooch, Book 2. Price: $8.99 USD. Words: 24,070. Language: English. Published: April 11, 2018 by FICTIVE PRESS. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Readers / Chapter Books, Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
A Girl & Her Dog ... The Magic Continues! P.J. le Pooch, now a trusted Coin Héritage “store dog,” helps 12-year-old Millie and her best friend, Cassandre, solve a crime and discover something surprising when a ghost at the inn asks for their help.
A Cock And Bull Story
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 4,460. Language: English (South African dialect). Published: April 9, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
Eduaro, the cheeky cock thought of a way to get even with Nomusho, the massive bull, after the bull tossed him into the dam, and the idea that he came up with was absolutely brilliant.
The Cat Who Lost Eight Lives
Price: $2.80 USD. Words: 1,200. Language: English. Published: April 6, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
Cats are very curious; they like to explore and can get themselves into difficult situations. It is said that they have 9 lives because, despite getting into all sorts of trouble, they land on their feet. But what happens if their escapades result in disastrous consequences
The Sand Ponies
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 31,480. Language: English. Published: April 5, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Children’s books » Family / Orphans & Foster Homes
Running away from their drunken and abusive uncle, Karen and Tom go north toward their old home by the sea—the ranch that had been sold, their beloved horses sold, when their parents were killed in an accident. It’s a long journey before they reach the coast and discover the place where wild ponies roam, and where they tangle with a gang of thieves but find shelter with a group of new friends.
White Ghost Summer
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 38,320. Language: English. Published: April 5, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Children’s books » Family / General
Melani's room in the delightful big old house looks onto a vast park with flowers and trees, and horses on the bridle paths. It is there, early one morning, that she first sees the ghost horse—a great silvery stallion standing on a hill rising like an island above the swirling fog. Where has he come from? Is he real? The answers to her questions lead to an exciting summer for Mel and her family.
Slow Squirrels for Old Dogs
Price: $2.99 USD. Language: English. Published: March 30, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Children’s books » Social Issues / Death & Dying
Honey’s dog, Bobby, has always been old… too old to play with her or chase squirrels. Then he passes away, and Honey learns she can miss him and also be glad he is in a better place. Children's Picture Book with themes of Death and Loss. Recommended for ages 4-8, grades Pre-K to 2nd.
Nadi u svijetu životinja
Price: $5.00 USD. Words: 290. Language: Bosnian. Published: March 24, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
slikovnica o životinjama
Through Time To London
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 54,600. Language: British English. Published: March 4, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
A children's time-travel adventure introducing Brandy and Brinkley, two dogs who travel back in time to 1665 to meet King Charles and find themselves in the midst of the Great Plague of London. Can they escape the clutches of the street dogs, the perils of the rats and the dangers of the dogcatchers and find their way back home.
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 780. Language: Russian. Published: February 11, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
СуперСвин! Это веселая книжка с картинками, включающая в себя более 30 страниц очаровательных цифровых рисунков. Познакомьте ваших детей с прекрасной идеей принятия людей такими, какие они есть. Отлично подходит для сказок на ночь! Описания моих других популярных детских книг вы можете найти после основного текста (дополнительные 5 страниц) NOTE: This book contains Russian and English text.
Grisastisk: Special Bilingual Edition
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 1,030. Language: Norwegian (Nynorsk). Published: February 10, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction
Grisastisk er en morsom bildebok med over 30 sider søt datagenerert kunst. Introduser barna dine til et bra budskap som handler om å akseptere mennesker for hvem de er. Flott som kveldshistorie! Beskrivelser av mine andre populære barnebøker kommer etter hovedhistorien (5 sider i tillegg). NOTE: This books contains English and Norwegian text, side-by-side.
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 940. Language: Dutch. Published: February 9, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction
Bigtastisch! is een leuk prentenboek met meer dan 30 pagina's vol schattige computer gegenereerde kunst. Leer je kinderen mensen te accepteren om wie ze zijn. Geweldig voor het slapen gaan! Mijn andere kinderboeken staan beschreven na dit verhaal op 5 extra pagina's. This book includes English and Dutch text, side-by-side.
Price: $1.49 USD. Words: 880. Language: Portuguese. Published: February 7, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction
Porcotástico é um divertido livro com mais de 33 páginas de adorável arte gráfica. Apresente aos seus filhos uma ótima mensagem sobre aceitar as pessoas como elas são. Ótimo para a hora de dormir!
Maialfantastico e l’Uovo Dorato
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 2,960. Language: Italian. Published: February 6, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction
Cosà farà un maialino quando trova un uovo dorato nel suo lettino? Scopri in questa avventura a cuore leggero cosa significa essere grati per le cose che abbiamo. Circa 2300 parole e 4 illustrazioni uov-fantastiche. Descrizione dei miei altri libri per bambini popolari incluse dopo la storia principale (5 pagine aggiuntive).
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 920. Language: French. Published: February 2, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction
Porctastique! est un livre d'images amusant mettant en vedette plus 30 pages d'adorables illustrations artistiques générées par ordinateur. Initiez vos enfants à un grand message sur l'acceptation des gens pour qui ils sont. Idéal pour l'heure du coucher! Vous retrouverez les descriptions de mes autres livres populaires pour enfants après la caractéristique principale (5 pages supplémentaires).
Adorables Perros: Los Bulldogs
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 1,300. Language: Spanish. Published: January 20, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction
¿Cómo podrías no amar ese rostro? Conoce a la familia de Marvin, un montón de bulldogs cariflojos que son continuamente criticados por su despótica madre (¡juro que ella tiene un poco de pitbull!). ¿Podrán superar sus diferencias o acabarán regañándose unos a otros hasta la muerte?
Floppy Dog and Junior in The Legend of Nessie
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 80. Language: English. Published: January 16, 2018 by Austin Macauley. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
Floppy Dog and Junior are off on an adventure. They are going to find…
Olive The Dog Who Was Really A Frog
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 40. Language: English. Published: January 15, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Social Issues / Bullying, Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
A kids' picture book inspired by identity, with a message about acceptance and promoting strength through diversity.
Me Tawk Funny
Price: Free! Words: 6,030. Language: English. Published: January 10, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction, Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
Hector Dumble thinks he's dumb. When his dog Buster starts talking to him, Hector begins to think he's crazy too. Things become even stranger when Hector learns that his teacher Mr Weazel has a secret identity. How will Hector handle having a dog that can talk and a teacher who wants to take over the world? Find out in this shaggy dog story for kids aged 6 to 13.
My Name Is Bella
Price: Free! Words: 5,480. Language: English. Published: January 9, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
Bella, as an infant pup finds herself hungry and homeless, living under a house, drinking from a leaky water pipe. Once she is discovered, she and her rescuers search to find her a forever home. She meets the "dogs they used to call "strays" who "lie in big puffy beds" and a host of other formerly homeless animals, who tell their stories. The animals have a common goal. To find a forever home.
The Story of Goo
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 1,140. Language: English. Published: January 8, 2018 by i Master Life Publishing. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
A Puppy with a Problem "The Story of Goo" is a short story about a puppy that is adopted by a family with a little girl. The family is seeking to have a play mate for the girl. Goo has a problem which is his body weight. The family seeks an activity for the dog to help him with his problem. Soon the dog learns to love and becomes passionate about this new activity. Download The Story of Goo now