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Turmoil, A Novel
Price: $2.99 $2.09 USD. (30% off until Nov. 17!) Words: 52,630. Language: English. Published: October 15, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary, Fiction » Women's fiction » General
Can she survive scandal, murder, madness, and a shocking secret that dramatically impacts her life? Set in London and San Francisco, real events are woven into the narrative from just after World War II to the 1970s. Her bizarre life gradually unfolds like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together to form a complete picture.
Kyk ‘n Vaal Perd (Afrikaanse uitgawe) (Afrikaans Edition)
Series: Die Veiling Trilogie: 'n Hedendaagse Jane Eyre. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 62,520. Language: Afrikaans. Published: October 11, 2019 by Seraphim Press. Categories: Fiction » Women's fiction » General, Fiction » Literature » Literary
Al wat Rosie Xalbadore wil hê is ‘n werk vir die somer, en dan sal sy na beter dinge aanbeweeg- soos ‘n posisie as ‘n hoërskool onderwyseres by ‘n regte skool, met medies, voordele, en geen onderlangse aanmerkings oor “die oppasser” nie. Om emosioneel betrokke te raak by Adam Bristow sou ‘n groot fout wees. Eerstes, omdat hy tegnies nogsteeds getroud is. En tweedens, omdat sy mal eks-vrou.........
The Journal Keepers
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 76,780. Language: English. Published: October 10, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary
The Journal Keepers is the story of people affected in varying ways by 9/11 as told in personal journals written around the time of the event, as well as the journals themselves upon their discovery years later.
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 54,150. Language: English. Published: October 10, 2019 by ThunderPoint Publishing Ltd.. Categories: Fiction » Themes & motifs » Family sagas, Fiction » Literature » Literary
Mick Crossan is a ‘homer’, removed by social services from his widowed mother and slum home in the Gorbals and placed in ‘care’. In 1950s Scotland, thousands of children were removed from their families for a ‘better life’ in the rural idyll of the Highlands as ‘boarded-out’ children. Willie Orr deftly writes with a lightness of touch, and addresses a rarely talked about aspect of recent history.
Anthology: Stories of Love, Loss and Lunacy
Price: Free! Words: 52,090. Language: English. Published: October 8, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary
CHIPS: Three individuals become involved in one doctor's mission to control humanity with a computer chip. ELYSIAN: Josh meets a girl with an unusual means of creating her art. BETWEEN HERE & NOWHERE: Stuck in a small country town with next to no choices, Quinn and Kat dream of a better life for themselves. TIME: A patient named Jeffrey meets Carolyn and ignores his recovery to try and help her.
Retrolithic Idyll
You set the price! Words: 90,690. Language: English. Published: October 4, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias, Fiction » Literature » Literary
If you got to start over after the end of civilization and near-extinction of the human race, what kind of world would you build for yourself, your children, and for all the children who will come after them? Take your time. Get it right. You're laying the foundation for the next ten to twenty centuries of human culture, health, happiness, and prosperity
You set the price! Words: 86,030. Language: English. Published: September 26, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure, Fiction » Literature » Literary
Accused of murdering her husband and dumped upon the prison world of Sanction with her unborn daughter, Rhiannon stumbles, alone, from her landing pod into an alien forest. It isn't long before the contractions hit and she is forced to bring her child, kicking and screaming, into a ruthless, inhospitable world. All the while the voice in her head, and its accusations, are only getting stronger.
The Onyx Seed -- A Story of Survival
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 127,850. Language: English. Published: September 24, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary
Los Angeles has been quarantined, and Marty and Lucas are forced into a life of survival. During their escape, they meet Julie, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Marty and Julie find themselves traveling alone. Now, death and hardship pushes them together into a passionate bond as they continue looking for a place to call home.
The Rock-Aso Deception
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 54,220. Language: English. Published: September 22, 2019 by OkadaBooks. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary, Nonfiction » Politics & Current Affairs » Civil & human rights
Following the death of her father, Amina, a girl of great intelligence, must join her grandmother in Ikebiri and begin a new and different life as though in a story where the principal actor is trapped and must find a way out. The Lion Heart is content with the life he has, the opportunity to gain an education and live with Kenebiri, as though they were brothers from the same mother and father..
The Raped Virgin
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 82,110. Language: English. Published: September 22, 2019 by OkadaBooks. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary, Fiction » Historical » General
He travelled from a far country, crossed many waters; deep-blue sea that affected the colour of his eyes. He came in a boat bigger than ours onto our green-grassy land. On arrival, he grabbed a damsel he met and raped her, disregarding her pleas and tears. Most times wounds heal, but the mark never really erases. A virgin rejoices over her purity, but when she is defiled by an unwanted man, the
Learning To Walk - A Soldier's Story
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 74,370. Language: English. Published: September 17, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary
After witnessing the events of nine eleven, Clarence Taylor makes a vow to himself that he will find a way to make a difference. But as he prepares to confront the evil he has sworn to eliminate, he meets Gloria. She is everything that any man would want in a woman. But while on his personal mission, a split-second lapse in judgment tears him away from everything he knew – including Gloria.
Nomad's Asking
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 79,430. Language: English. Published: September 11, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Visionary & metaphysical, Fiction » Literature » Plays & Screenplays
A wandering wayfarer in creation’s wasteland, seeking answers, encounters diversity’s proponents commenting with their opinions on where humans came from, why they are here, and what happens to them after death. God has sent many prophets with messages to answer people’s questions, but they are misunderstood as incompatible with human ways for living and conceals things they want to know
Bedouin Dreams of Green
Price: Free! Words: 52,900. Language: English. Published: September 8, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » General, Fiction » Literature » Literary
If a Bedouin is dreaming of green he is said to be sick in the mind, sickened by his own hopes and ideals. This is a short story collection that builds from this theme, its ambition is the violent melding of dreams and nightmares, beauty and horror, contradiction and synthesis.
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 54,420. Language: Hungarian. Published: September 6, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary
"Az én személyes tragédiám, hogy a színpadról csak egyféle reakciót láttam eddig. Hogy utálnak. Ha pedig nem hagyom abba azonnal, akkor jön a verés.”
On Raspberry Lane
Price: Free! Words: 64,920. Language: English. Published: September 6, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary, Fiction » Coming of age
On Raspberry Lane is as compassionate as it is unforgiving, as uplifting as it is heartbreaking, an exploration into the worn and hopeful corners of Americana.
Bells Above Greens
Price: Free! Words: 58,800. Language: English. Published: September 6, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary, Fiction » Coming of age
In this tender love story, Sam explores his trust of friendship and love under the bells of the Fighting Irish.
Boulder County: Crime, Love, and Cannabis, West of the 100th Meridian
Price: Free! Words: 64,570. Language: American English. Published: September 4, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » General
Cannabis farmer Buddy Fisher keeps Colorado’s legalization euphoria at arm’s length. Banned from going legit due to prior felonies, he’s happy living off the radar breeding super-potent hybrids while catering to the underground cannabis culture. But keeping a low profile becomes tricky when skyrocketing demand for his bootleg weed catches the attention of an unscrupulous agribusiness giant.
El abstracto mundo de la nada
Price: Free! Words: 100,450. Language: Spanish. Published: August 26, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Police Procedural, Fiction » Literature » Literary
Samuel Marchesini es un joven periodista de policiales en el Diario de la Mañana, de Coronel Pineda. Ocupó el puesto tras la muerte de su antecesor, Evaristo Vilanoba, a quien detestaba profesional y personalmente. Las vueltas del destino lo llevaron a retomar la investigación que Vilanoba había elaborado con esmero, coraje y endebleces probatorias, sobre la desaparición de la joven Sofía Heredia.
Conte Outra Vez: 30 contos inspirados em canções de Raul Seixas + Bonus Tracks
Price: Free! Words: 54,470. Language: Portuguese. Published: August 20, 2019 and represented by Escriba Encapuzado - T. K. Pereira. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - multi-author, Fiction » Literature » Literary
Em 21 de agosto de 1989 silenciava-se a voz de um dos grandes nomes da música brasileira. Conte Outra Vez é um tributo a Raul Seixas e uma lembrança de que o pai do rock brasileiro segue mais vivo e atual do que nunca. Reunidos aqui estão 36 autores contemporâneos, de diversas partes do país. Em comum, o fascínio pela figura do saudoso maluco beleza. Leia Raul! - Baixe GRÁTIS também na Amazon!
Love's Puzzle
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 64,170. Language: American English. Published: August 3, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary, Fiction » Literature » Literary
Michael is struggling in his relationship. His wife and he aren't quite 'clicking' anymore and her abuse has become unbearable. When she goes out of town, he shares a magical night with a woman. He struggles with what's happened and tries to choose the best way to proceed with love's puzzle.