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Growing Up Lonely: Disconnection and Misconnection in the Lives of Our Children
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 75,030. Language: English. Published: November 11, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Practice Management, Nonfiction » Psychology » Developmental / general
Why the ever-increasing chronic loneliness of modern society is now engulfing our children.
The Alchemy of Life Coaching
Price: $1.55 USD. Words: 33,010. Language: English. Published: November 3, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Personal memoir, Nonfiction » Psychology » General
This is a collection of real life ‘stories’ from my life coaching clients and the sessions I had with them, warts and all. It shows their problems and challenges, how I worked with them, their Aha! moments and the outcome of their coaching sessions. I have also included a collection of the blogs/articles I have written over the years on life and personal development.
Dare to Be Seen : From Stage Fright to Stage Presence
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 58,090. Language: English. Published: November 3, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Hypnotism, Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Anxieties & Phobias
Do you have a message for the world but are crippled by anxiety? Is fear of speaking in public holding you back from what you want out of life? Do you want to be recognized for your talent, but the thought of performing is paralyzing? Turn your performance anxiety into authentic power in ten easy steps with transformational hypnotherapy.
Книга Силы
Price: $2.19 USD. Words: 95,930. Language: Russian. Published: October 3, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Mental health
Продолжение Книги Жизни в канве Живой Этики (том 4)
Книга Судеб
Price: $2.19 USD. Words: 56,610. Language: Russian. Published: October 3, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Mental health
Продолжение Книги Жизни в канве Живой Этики (том 3)
Книга Знания
Price: $2.19 USD. Words: 80,350. Language: Russian. Published: October 2, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Mental health
Продолжение Книги Жизни в канве Живой Этики (том 2)
Книга Жизни или Меч
Price: $2.19 USD. Words: 71,150. Language: Russian. Published: October 1, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Mental health
Нативное продолжение Живой Этики верным последователем этого Учения.
Diary of US Prisoner, 1-20
You set the price! Words: 21,710. Language: English. Published: September 22, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Mental health, Nonfiction » Social Science » Criminology
I wrote this diary while I was in prison. It sat for years until a snooping friend found them and convinced me to publish online. They've had a once over and await your thoughts. I think you'll know by the first sentence if you want to keep reading. I ask that you give me that much. Click the ebook, read the opening line, and decide if you want to journey with me.
The Paradox of Hiring
Price: Free! Words: 46,090. Language: English. Published: September 22, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Industrial & organizational psychology, Nonfiction » Psychology » Assessment, testing, & measurement
Diving into subjects such as selecting for person-culture fit as well as person-job fit, understanding the competencies of the future, and how artificial intelligence is changing the long game; this book will show you how to optimise your candidate experience and talent identification processes in a scalable way, to ensure you hire talent with the ability to perform here and now, and in the future
True Love is Bliss, Not Just a Kiss
Price: Free! Words: 27,750. Language: English. Published: September 19, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Personality
While we all love, we don't realize that True Love is bliss. Unfortunately, we think Love to be just a kiss. We think Love is all about romance and sex. Those who ponder may realize that Love can be emotional and intellectual too. But have you ever thought what is the source of Love? Where did this magical emotion come from? Who gave us the gift to Love?
Nomofobia - Cos'è, chi ne soffre, perché esiste
Price: Free! Words: 25,370. Language: Italian. Published: September 4, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Parenting » Teens, Nonfiction » Psychology » Addiction
Il presente lavoro trova motivo d’indagine nella grande diffusione dei disturbi d’ansia, spesso definiti “il malessere del XXI secolo”. Tali disturbi sono strettamente connessi ai ritmi veloci, allo sviluppo tecnologico e alle esigenze sempre più pressanti quanto vuote in cui si è sommersi, che portano l’individuo a bloccarsi, sia fisicamente che mentalmente.
The Power of Thinking Inside The Box
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 25,170. Language: English. Published: August 16, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / Success, Nonfiction » Psychology » Mental health
“THE POWER of THINKING INSIDE THE BOX” aims to help people consciously train their subconscious mind to emotionalize the belief that they can achieve their goals and live out their dreams, just as they were destined to do.
Confessions of A Beta Male Orbiter
Price: Free! Words: 30,170. Language: English. Published: August 15, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Sexual psychology, Essay » Sociology
A lust-crazed religious teenager is slowly driven to distraction by the hot babes that inhabit his evangelical, Texas youth group. Unable, due to his strict adherence to chastity, to have sex, and unable, due to his lack of financial status, to attract the top-shelf women he craves, he is forced into being the b-actor of romance awaiting a lucky break in the lottery of love.
Talón de Aquiles: relatos de corazones fatigados
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 24,820. Language: Spanish. Published: August 6, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Educational, Nonfiction » Psychology » Interpersonal relations
¿Quién dice que los fracasos sentimentales son malos?... sólo los analfabetos en el arte de amar. “Talón de Aquiles” un libro de relatos para superar conflictos emocionales, y entrenar la mente para sobrevivir en una historia de pasión.
Cápsula del tiempo: cuentos y relatos del siglo XX
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 20,830. Language: Spanish. Published: August 2, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Inspirational, Nonfiction » Psychology » Emotions
Relatos policiales, dramas psicológicos, historias de romance y lujuria… ingredientes de un siglo que se marchó para dejar sus huellas en el presente. Cápsula del tiempo, un libro de cuentos y anécdotas de cuando no existían los teléfonos móviles ni la internet… y todo se decía de frente… o se ocultaba con macabro fin.
Zapatitos de cristal: y otros cuentos psicológicos
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 29,930. Language: Spanish. Published: August 1, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Inspirational, Nonfiction » Psychology » Interpersonal relations
Cada uno de los intrincados actos que generan amor u odio, felicidad o tristeza, pueden ser explicados por la psicología… y también por la experiencia de sus protagonistas. “Zapatitos de cristal” es una recopilación de relatos que se inmiscuye en el terreno del desamor, las aventuras sexuales, el aborto, el femicidio, el ateísmo y un sin número de situaciones donde el humano es analfabeto.
The Groundwork for the Science of the Five Points of Attraction, Male Aesthetics, and Human Female Mate Selection
You set the price! Words: 24,890. Language: English. Published: July 12, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / General, Nonfiction » Psychology » Sexual psychology
A piercing insight into the largely untouched or forgotten realm of Male Aesthetics or what it means to be attractive as a man. This book is designed as an introduction to the field and tries to establish the guiding principles of this fledgling science.
Optimality Of I Potentiality: Consciousness, Cognition, Causality And Criticality Of Communication
Price: Free! Words: 45,890. Language: English. Published: June 5, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Philosophy » New age philosophy, Nonfiction » Psychology » Cognitive psychology
Human body-mind is a warrior, a great survivor but its full potential requires very specific processes of optimization. Everyone is a huge potential but his or her wellness and success excellence can only be attained when we decipher the Rule of Causality, which leads us there. This eBook unravels the Craft of Self-Optimization. It cracks the complex Cognitive-Code for all life-living attainments.
Lucid Dreaming: How to Heal Your Life and Increase Your Power
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 20,290. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: June 3, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » General, Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Alternative therapies
Too few of us know that dream therapy is the ultimate tool to heal our hurts and bring power to our lives. Using lucid dreaming techniques in combination with dream therapy enables us to remove traumatic events from the past as well as change behaviour patterns that impacts our confidence.
Conquer Your Mind With Positive Thinking: Say No to Worry, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Fear, and Confusion, 27 Daily Devotions to Overcome Fear
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 24,510. Language: English. Published: May 17, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Anxiety, Nonfiction » Psychology » Depression
In this book, you will learn not only how to conquer negative thoughts, but also know strategies to set yourself free from depression, worry, anxiety, fear, confusion, anger, and feelings of condemnation: You will be able to overcome negative thoughts in your life.