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Pesadilla en el museo
By Frank Mitran
Price: Free! Words: 6,290. Language: Spanish. Published: March 20, 2014 by PÚLPito. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Action
Rosie tiene un nuevo trabajo: es la vigilante nocturna del museo. Pero no puede ser un trabajo facil si anda Rosie de por medio. Un nueva aventura pulp con indios, chamanes, objetos magicos y momias.
By George Philips
Price: Free! Words: 181,690. Language: English. Published: March 19, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Action
Captain Delaney Syper and the crew of the aeroskiff Clarity must navigate a dangerous trail of violence and betrayal after they agree to transport a mysterious passenger and his unknown cargo deep into the wild Interior Territories of Saeloum.
Pet Tails from the Dead
By Daisy Miller Lee
You set the price! Words: 64,100. Language: English. Published: March 19, 2014. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Religion
When our pets leave us, they never go far away. They go to a wonderful place that the children are about to find out all about. Would you like to see what they saw? Hear what they heard? And go where they went? If so, then join the children in the guest bedroom to hear the pet tales and find out what happened before!
By Sara Barnard
Price: Free! Words: 5,190. Language: English. Published: March 18, 2014 by 5 Prince Publishing. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Adventure
0.5 star(4.50 from 2 reviews)
A haunted mallet. A spooky song. An old west ghost story. Can Shelby survive a family camping trip or will the ghost of past misdeeds come calling? Shelby didn’t want to go on the family camping trip with her parents and baby sister Rhea. Sitting around telling ghost stories couldn’t be more boring, even if one of the stories is supposedly true.
By James Stubbs
Price: Free! Words: 76,500. Language: English. Published: March 18, 2014. Category: Fiction » Horror » Undead
So far 50 downloads during my free promotion! Thanks to everyone who downloaded it. Get in touch with any feedback! First 100 copies free! James Logan wants to save the world but can't. Rogue US Air Force General John Cygan wants to watch it burn and can. Two friends are thrown into opposition until brilliant scientist, Abe Priest, finds a way to put a stop to the zombie apocalypse once and for al
By Antoine Cousot
Price: Free! Words: 3,860. Language: French. Published: March 18, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Sea adventures
L'incroyable aventure d'un marin solitaire qui se joue des glaces dans l'arene des hautes latitudes. Entre rêve et realite, la navigation suit son cours...
3rd Eye - 2nd Issue
By Kyle Huizinga
Price: Free! Words: 1,270. Language: English. Published: March 17, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » General
2nd Issue -- The story of Benjamin Brenner and the depths at which he will fall in order to find solace within his mind.
Rules Of Engagement
By Dirk Patton
Price: Free! Words: 8,340. Language: English. Published: March 17, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Action
John Chase, Delta Force Operator, and his team are dropped into a dark Central American jungle to take out a rebel that is threatening the local pro-American government. No mission ever being simple they must adapt to continuing unexpected setbacks to complete their assignment and get out alive.
A Little Hospitality
By Kevin L. O'Brien
Series: Sir Differel Van Helsing, Book 12 · Dreamlands, Book 10. Price: Free! Words: 29,630. Language: English. Published: March 16, 2014. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » General
Kuranes has asked Differel to deliver some important messages, but she must cross a range of mountains and she cannot do it before nightfall, so she accepts of the hospitality of a fellow adventurer to share his camp for the night. Michael is a witty, mischievous rogue who puts her at ease, but he isn't what he appears to be. This is a Short Story, with a Bonus Story, Preface, and Story Excerpts.
Calum's Sword (Inspired by the great Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe): Clan - Episode 1
By Leigh Barker
Price: Free! Words: 13,110. Language: English. Published: March 15, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Action
The first bitesize read episode following a true hero in a time of war. Calum Maclean returns to the Highlands from the war in Flanders to find Bonnie Prince Charlie is at war with the English. Everyone thinks Calum will obey the Pretender. Everyone is wrong. Calum Maclean tips his hat to no man. The journey has begun!
By Erich von Neff
Price: Free! Words: 5,390. Language: Russian. Published: March 14, 2014. Category: Fiction » Historical » General
«Бату» — это рассказ о монгольском чабане, призванном в советскую армию. Вместе с другими монголами он воюет под началом генерала Белова под Москвой и Киевом.
Squanto Undead: Wake the Undead Part 1
By Stacy Buck
Price: Free! Words: 21,470. Language: English. Published: March 12, 2014. Category: Fiction » Horror » Undead
Squanto Undead is an alternate history horror novel written in the style of epic fantasy. After ten years in slavery Squanto returns to his homeland to find what was once a paradise has turned into a living hell where hordes of the undead roam unchecked throughout the land. Squanto must battle his way through untamed wilderness, hostile natives, and the undead to be reunited with his people.
Apache Son
By Darrel Bird
Price: Free! Words: 6,480. Language: English. Published: March 11, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Action
(4.00 from 1 review)
A man has killed the only father Chaps has ever had. Fate takes him back to his Apache people, and there he prepares to meat out justice to the man who hired the killer. ***Please write a review*** Thanks The author
Nigeriabrevet som orsakade finanskris
By Stieve Adams
Price: Free! Words: 35,730. Language: Swedish. Published: March 10, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » General
Det börjar med ett så kallat Nigeriabrev om gömda diamanter från Västafrika. Spåren efter förmögenheten leder till ett antal länder i Afrika, Asien och Europa. Det visar sig att det är tre suspekta internationella finansvalpar som med hjälp av just den förmögenheten försöker manipulera finansmarknaden.
A Viking Moon
By T M Rowe
Price: Free! Words: 44,190. Language: English. Published: March 10, 2014. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
(5.00 from 1 review)
What happens when a crazy old lady gives you a belated birthday present and then what happens when the very same present sends you back in time with no way of knowing how to get home? Find out in this the first Sarah Tremayne adventure. And Yes, there are Vikings!
Fionn: The Stalking Silence
By Brian O'Sullivan
Price: Free! Words: 5,330. Language: English. Published: March 9, 2014. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
Ireland 192 AD: A pregnant refugee fleeing through the wilderness encounters a relentless predator. Only by drawing on all her courage and cunning can she hope to survive.
Solar Minimum
By Greg T Meyers
Price: Free! Words: 188,190. Language: English. Published: March 9, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Action
Every few hundred years, solar flares decrease to a minimum causing a substantial temperature decrease on earth (fact), but what else does the lack of solar flares effect? In 2040, the world is about to find out. Forces of good and evil learn to deal with the challenges of a changing world as the next world war will be fought with swords and magic, not technology.
Between Bahama and the Deep Blue Sea
By Darrel Bird
Price: Free! Words: 6,470. Language: English. Published: March 9, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Sea adventures
(5.00 from 1 review)
The is a sequel to Between Havana and The Deep Blues Sea. Jim Grady is off on another adventure, as he is hired to rescue a girl a girl that has been kidnapped off her fathers yacht. ***Please write a review of the story*** Thank you The author
Survival and Sacrifice
By Kevin L. O'Brien
Series: Sir Differel Van Helsing, Book 14 · Team Girl, Book 14. Price: Free! Words: 26,900. Language: American English. Published: March 9, 2014. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Action
Eile and Sunny of Team Girl are visiting Sir Differel Van Helsing at her ancestral manor when the estate is overrun by a horde of monsters. Their first and only thought is to protect their friend and her son, but will they have to pay the ultimate price to succeed? This is a short story, with a Bonus Story, Preface, and Story Excerpts.
The Adventures of the Northwoods Part 1: The Great Prankster
By Jehoshaphat
Price: Free! Words: 19,120. Language: English. Published: March 6, 2014. Category: Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction
When Principal Donnolay begins a new school year he finds that someone is disrupting the student body. Marcy Evans has a secret plan she is determined to carry out. Slippery James believes a prankster is sabotaging the school. How will these situations end up affecting one another? And what is the mystery in the woods outside the school?