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Politics & Perception
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South Africa, like much of world, probably sufferers from the same disease. It's an uphill battle to form an opinion, isn't it? We're so much more comfortable to repeat what's popular, as if there's some universal truth, and that there can never be a different side to things.
The Angels Weep: H.G. Wells on Electoral Reform.
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It will be particularly interesting to watch the ingenuities of the politicians in the new Parliament in producing schemes that will look like electoral reform and yet leave the profession still active for mischief...Parliament throughout the next session, though it may make the angels weep, is certain to afford much entertainment to every mundane observer of human disingenuousness.
The ANC's Cemetery Of Governance
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Maybe, changing the constitution regarding private property ownership, is not as important - and maybe high-time, as reinstating Capital punishment. Think of those dusty lonely ropes, begging for company...
Bolívar patriota e internacionalista
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Descripción analítica de la concepción unionista e integracionista del Libertador Simón Bolívar en torno a la diplomacia, el comercio, la defensa militar y la integración cultural del hemisterio hispanoparlante, para contener cualquier agresión foránea.
Colombia's Kidnapping Industry
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Colombia has been plagued by communist subversive movements for more than four decades. This problem was compounded by the growth of powerful drug cartels two decades ago. The Colombian drug cartels came to dominate the cocaine markets worldwide and have lately branched out to the production of opium based products. The cartels reacted vigorously, unconstrained by legal niceties. They are stil
Los grandes Conflictos Sociales y Económicos de Nuestra Historia- Tomo I
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Primer tomo de dos, del análisis histórico, político, sociológico y etiológico de la historia de Colombia durante el lapso 1492-1819, escrito con enfoque crítico por el historiador Indalecio Liévano Aguirre. Este documento ha sido referente para la educación y firmnación académica de varias generaciones de colombianos durante diversas décadas.
Chrumpton Heard the . . . Whos?
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An election in verse. A non-poet's thoughts on the U.S. election 2016. Contains Chrumpton Heard the . . . Whos? and He Won Without Polling.
The Political Assassins
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The President of Nigeria, oblivious to the danger present in that hall, was reciting the anthem with determination. “It is now or never”. Obeya whispered through his clenched teeth. He whispered in his two-way radio now. “Jollof-rice” “One Nation bound in freedom, peace and –“ He was hit. The President of Nigeria was shot in his chest. He clutched at his chest and crumpled onto the floor
Losing Francis: Essays on the Wars at Home
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While Sgt. Francis D. Sommer was fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, his father stood on a street corner in Kansas City with an antiwar sign. Losing Francis: Essays on the Wars at Home reconciles that seeming contrast in a courageous dive into the personal cost of America's wars.
Bolívar La Forja del Héroe
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Primera de dos partes de la breve pero sustanciada biografía del general Simón Bolívar escrita para presentar a las juventudes hispanoparlantes un perfil humano de la grandeza política, estratégica y visionaria del Libertador. El texto es un recorrido preciso por eventos trascendetales de la primera parte de la existencia del hombre más grande que haya nadico en el henisferio americano.
Biografía del general Antonio Nariño-Precursor de la independencia de Colombia
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Antonio Nariño considerado el precursor de la independencia de Colombia es uno de los grandes líderes políticos y militares de la emancipación del con tinente americano. Al traducir y publicar los derechos del hombre cayó en ojeriza del imperio español y al rebelarse contra la Corona fue encarcelado varias veces,además de superar las inuqinas y envidias de los aristócratas criollos.
Avoiding the Trump Trap: A Primer for Aspiring School Leaders
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The Trump Era in American government is a case study of classic “rookie mistakes” in leadership that have been played out to a global audience on an almost daily basis. This primer is a cautionary tale about what Trump can teach us about the pitfalls that await struggling school leaders as they try to find their footing in a new and challenging role.
Land without Love
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The Children of the USA fight to be loved in an environment increasingly indifferent to their well being. Guns are valued more than the lives of the children by the president, the senators, the congressmen, the governors and the people. Who will love the children of the USA? This is a poem of about 600 words on the sad state of being a kid in the USA in the school system today.
Политическая мифология
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В книге сочетаются политологические, философские, социально-психологические подходы к анализу формирования коллективных и индивидуальных воззрений на политический процесс. Привлекается опыт аналитической психологии К.Юнга, работы русских философов (А.Лосев, Н.Бердяев, Н.Федоров и др.), зарубежных мыслителей (Э.Кассирер, Дж.Кэмпбелл, М.Элиаде, К.Мангейм, М.Ласки, С.Московичи, К.Хюбнер, и др.)
Saddling-Up Unicorns
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There is nothing more boring than wondering what other people are doing at present. Unless they are politicians of course. Not because society is overly curious, but because the lives of politicians are funded, by at least two "leg
50 Shades Of Torture
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Politics & Lies. The art of tieing down the truth, ensuring that it does inot go out to see the light again. EVER. Had it not been that the propaganda machine was so well-oiled, and its gears moved with such muted stealth, there would have been an outcry - a revolt even.
Почему я буду голосовать за Собчак
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Публицистика. Мнение. Олимпиада. Спорт. Допинг. МОК. Выборы президента России. Советы начинающим автомобилистам. И многое другое.
We Came In The Morning
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A true story of Brutality, Betrayal and Torture in Northern Ireland during ‘The Troubles’ in 1971 at a top-secret Intensive Interrogation centre run by the British Army.
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A collection of biting political satire in small doses like moralic acid, and truth like a moralic catalyst for change. These drew thousands of hits as blog posts. "I Am The Tongue Of The Liar", "Dick Cheney's Brain Wants To Run For President," "Trump-O-Rico - The U.S.'s 'Mini Me'", "Lighting Alt Farts", " "Jam Tomorrow Says The White Queen", "B'rer Sanders and The Tar (Sands) Baby", and more!