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ગુજરાતી ઈ-બુક
On Living and Society
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A brief collection of essays.
Fertility Rate And Poverty
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The book is the result of a study in sociology, where I looked into the relation between fertility rate and poverty. The question I plan to answer is which is the egg or the chicken, regarding a country's fertility rate and its wealth.
Paper Art
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Different types of things can be made by using papers. There are many uses of papers which are mostly related with writing and recording of things. If you have papers of any type then you can use them for making fun items and use them yourself or as toys for your kids. There are many types of things which can be made by using paper.
There Certainly Is a God. a letter to the black church
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Addressing the black church's hateful veiw of homosexuality.
Tribe All: The Human Conscious Collective
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"Tribe All" address the aspect of sharing the human experience, the totality of human species as a whole, and the purpose of our lives and our individual and collective power to take responsibility in our choices for our life and global experience.
Hashtag, You're It!
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We can utilize Instagram for what we really are trying to achieve with it, utilizing it as a platform for what we choose to share. And in essence, what it is and what it can further grow into, as a community of support, growth, learning, and user controlled thought provocation and information sharing that is our own community based database.
Sociosemántica de la Amistad
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Sociosemántica de la Amistad, es un estudio sociolingüístico sobre el papel de la amistad en las relaciones de las personas. También se considera a la amistad como una herramienta para estudiar a los grupos de iguales, en especial las bandas para delinquir.
Unspoken Rules of the Bathroom: A Practical Guide for the Modern Girl
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It's hard being a girl in the world today. Navigating the nuances of a professional environment, seducing and keeping men, and having gas? It sounds like a recipe for disaster! This short, informative rule book has helped hundreds deal with the difficult emissions of themselves and others. Men may also benefit from reading this exclusive look into the female psyche.
El Moderno Concepto de Comunicación
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En este libro se reúnen tres ensayos académicos publicados por primera vez en la Revista Cuartillas, Medellín - Colombia. El primero, El Moderno Concepto de Comunicación, publicado en la revista número 7, de 1990. El segundo, Prensa y Presuposición, publicado en la revista número 9, de 1991. Y el tercero, Buscando Tierra Libre, publicado en la revista número 6, de 1990.
Listen to Connect - Your Secret Weapon to Success
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Humans have a need to connect and to feel connected. Listen to connect is a simple approach to transforming the quality of your relationships and your life.
Nas Asas da Net
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"Nas Asas da Net" é um ensaio sobre os relacionamentos através dos chats, em particular quando o virtual conduz os internautas à realidade. Esta, apesar do conhecimento mútuo adquirido na Web, nem sempre corresponde ao ideal que vai sendo construído ao longo do tempo.
La Edad de la Langosta
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Estudio sobre las invasiones de langostas en Colombia, durante el siglo XX.
Madhwa Saints in India
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Sacred book to read.The Hindus feels and believes that grace of a guru will give a complete turnaround to his followers.This book tells about some of the holy saints ,who still do miracles with their spiritual power.To study their life sketch is a blessing in disguise.Read it and attain eternal bliss say the Hindu scriptures.
Del Donjuanismo al Vampirismo Sexual
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Del Donjuanismo al Vampirismo Sexual, es un ensayo sobre la sexualidad humana, expresada por dos tipos de personas, cuyas características se reconstruyen a partir de dos personajes literarios: Don Juan y Drácula.
Young Gifted and Shot
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When I first thought of this title “Young gifted and Shot", I was only thinking about the many young black young men who have been killed with in the last few years; however, while thinking even deeper I realized that young men all over the world of all colors and religions are being killed as well.
Imaginaria de la Exageración
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Imaginaria de la Exageración presenta algunos resultados de una investigación sociocultural realizada en el suroeste antioqueño, Colombia. La tradición oral en esta región, se fundamenta en el proceso donde se articula lo simbólico, lo imaginario y lo real. El énfasis está en lo imaginario y lo real. Lo imaginario, es adquirido culturalmente como una realidad deformada por la palabra.
Puff You: In Defense of Smoking
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Smoking is just plain evil. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. But seldom do you hear how truly great smoking is. It’s awesome. Like bacon it makes everything better. Just ask Frosty the Snowman, Winston Churchill and all the other cool people throughout history who have discovered its splendor. If you share their company then you’re just as awesome. If not, well then puff you.
Artigos Vários de Psicologia
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Sendo este livro uma compilação de 87 artigos, da Psicologia Clínica, sequenciados em ordem cronológica, e escritos entre 2007 e 2013, o mesmo inclui temas muito variados.
What Is Love?
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What is love? Where does it come from?