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Special Education As a Socioeconomic Weapon
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Dr. Rick Wallace tackles the controversial issue of targeting at risk, and socioeconomically challenged youth, especially Black males, to be assigned special education tags, such as ADHD, Opposition Defiant Disorder, and more --- for the purpose of increasing school revenue and simultaneously increasing the risk of the child becoming incarcerated later in life.
Losing Your Religion
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How to lose your religion and still keep your cool. Advice on the importance of wisdom, and the author's personal experiences about walking away from the religious life, should help readers answer the many questions that arise when we begin to question the beliefs we were taught as a child.
Empathy: Why I Dropped Out and Returned to USC
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A cherished friend had once advised me that changing the world required empathy. And therefore, this is my personal endeavor to participate in the process of change. Win or lose, the journey was worthwhile as a result of the effort. I surmise that other activists have also adopted a similar ethos in order to cope with the peaks and valleys of social change.
Инновационные технологии в машиностроении, образовании и экономике (2017-2)
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В журнале опубликованы материалы по результатам Регионального конкурса научно-исследовательских работ «История моей семьи в истории моей страны», проведенного 2 марта 2017 г. в Технологическом институте (филиале) ДГТУ в г. Азове
Socio-Psycological analysis and review collection of Palestinian film Sense of Need by director Shady Srour
You set the price! Words: 2,260. Language: English. Published: April 21, 2017. Categories: Essay » Sociology
Analysis and review collection
Meerwaarde Indonesia
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Meerwaarde. Nilai Lebih. H.O.S Cokroaminoto, dalam bukunya ‘Islam dan Sosialisme’ tegas menyebutkan meerwaarde sebagai sesuatu hal yang dibenci Islam dalam rupa riba. Meewaarde dalam definisi Karl Marx sebagai ‘menghisap keringat orang-orang yang bekerja, memakan hasil pekerjaannya lain orang, tidak memberikan keuntungan yang semestinya menjadi kebahagiaan orang lain yang turut bekerja.
Pour Un Monde Sans Drogue
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On assiste de nos jours à un incroyable déferlement d'articles et de personnes dont le but est de légaliser le cannabis. Patrick Huet vous explique le danger de cette propagande et ce qui se cache derrière les raisons fiscales. Mais il vous relate aussi combien il est agréable de vivre sans aucune substance pour vous embrumer l'esprit.
ЭКОНОМИКА И ИННОВАЦИИ: современные подходы к исследованию
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Сборник составлен из материалов, присланных российскими и иностранными учеными в Оргкомитет Международной научной конференции «Экономика и инновации: современные подходы к исследованию».
Study Of Mystic History Part 1 Conspiracy
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Study Of Mystic History Part 1 Conspiracy
sangre, sudor y gloria
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El éxito no es una casualidad, es una consecuencia.
Sortir des cases. L'art et le genre
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Cette nouvelle publication de la série « Nouvelles Perspectives » traite d'un sujet complexe et délicat, aux contours souvent flous : le genre. Elle se focalise sur la tension insoluble entre l'individu et la société, et suggère, de la manière la plus respectueuse possible, des possibilités pour utiliser cette tension de manière créative afin de permettre à la société d'avancer.
Explorari in enigmatic – Vol III
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Explorări în enigmatic vol. III este penultimul din miniseria care reunește publicistica lui Dan Corneliu Brăneanu. Materialul prezentat pledează pentru o reechilibrare a balanței, pentru a acorda inimii și implicit iubirii aceeași importanță cu cea a rațiunii și creierului uman.
Beliefs and Civilization Series - Belief in the Supernatural
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A short essay on supernatural beliefs, the consequences of some events and possible explanations.
Cinco minutos
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Gracias por tu tiempo, es lo más valioso que tenemos.
Los nuevos star system: Los youtubers & new childfree. Libres de niños.
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El libro refiere la existencia de youtubers al servicio del sistema, se apoya en una investigación. Los jóvenes se dedican a distraer a los demás de los problemas actuales. Vivir libres de niños ya es una opción y más allá de eso, es un derecho.
Backdoor Yoga
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If you are bored with life and long for the Spirit of Adventure beyond the norms of everyday strife and and humanity's protocol. It is possible that Backdoor Yoga is the Gateway to a whole new way of looking and accepting your humdrum existence in an affordable and lucrative manner. My expressions may seem odd, for I am sharing my experiences where very few people have traveled within the mind.
La Terza Torre
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The personal, sarcastic, clever, intelligent, smart point of view of one of the most important writers in the first half of 20th century in Europe
Gods and Monsters: The Scientific Method Applied to the Human Condition - Book II
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The purpose of this essay, and that of the series to which it belongs, is the formulation of a complete theory of social reality and of human nature. If it is certainly true that only appeals to the revolution or at the holy war, they can galvanize the populations, while is much less exciting the appeal at achieve a quantum leap in the field of the knowledge of social reality and of human nature.
Cách chăm sóc em Quân (bờm) từ A đến Z
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Tôi viết quyển sách này là vì muốn thực hiện ước mơ của tôi. Thực ra tôi chỉ định cho họ hàng tôi đọc để chăm sóc em tôi nhưng bô tôi bảo mang bán nó với giá 5000 đồng thôi. Cảm ơn vì đã mua nó. Trương Thục Anh
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Человек не предполагает, что жизнь которую, как он считает – живет, на самом деле далеко не соответствует действительности. Настоящей, оригинальной реальности. Которая скрыта от осознания человеком под плотной завесой сна. Сна наяву. Только пробуждение от этого сна может и способно показать человеку явь, как она есть. Сборник эссе, мыслей и цитат на тему пробуждения, осознанности, обретению себя.