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Just Say it Already! It’s Okay to Say They Died!
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Dealing with death on day one by speaking the truth.
How to Pigeonhole Your Thoughts and Emotions for Dummies
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How not to drive yourself crazy or those around you! And easy read, easy to understand method of keeping your emotions in check.
I Was a Bad Ass Before Bad Asses Were Cool
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The power of the quick mind and tongue of a woman when faced with a viper. Some women will go to any lengths to get a man!
L'indigence, une honte pour l'humanité !
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Même les pays les plus pauvres ont des castes qui vivent dans l’opulence sans se préoccuper des citoyens moins fortunés. Dans cet essai, Louis R. Sylvio jette un œil critique sur les gouvernements et les monopoles. Il dénonce les abus des autorités et suggère des moyens pour faire disparaître plusieurs injustices. Pour faire vivre les démunis dans un monde meilleur.
Preparvulismos Ezquizoides
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preparvulismos ezquizoides...
Poverty: Personal Experiences
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This short, 2,300-word essay details some of my experiences with poverty. The word “poor” has two meanings: 1) lacking money (impoverished), and 2) lacking quality. I will be writing about poor people, by which I mean people who lack money. I think we all know that some high-quality people don’t have a lot of money.
Dallas Theological Seminary:One Hundred Years of Heritage
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Dallas Theological Seminary has led the American evangelical church movement for the past one hundred years as a a non-denominational gem, from its earliest beginnings in 1924 to the present. A product of vicissitude,struggle, and perseverance the school has thrived under the gifted leadership of five leaders, whose presidencies were defined by their times, talents, and unique management styles.
A Importância da Autoestima no Emagrecimento
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Para lidar com o emagrecimento faz-se necessário compreender os bloqueios que nos detêm... Muitos de nós não temos a facilidade de desapegar, nos libertar do peso, da dor que nos impossibilita de alcançar o sucesso, que tanto almejamos. Em suma não podemos ou não conseguimos negar nossos sentimentos. Quando algo desconfortável ocorre externamente, temos a oportunidade de olhar para dentro de nós
Causes of Divorce
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The reasons for divorce may be many. But we can categorize broadly in three major categories, Viz. economic, social and physical.The first night is also always very important for a new couple. If the first move on the first night is not correct it may end up with some bad blood between husband and wife That blood may be enough for a divorce or annulment of a marriage.
A Student's School Rights
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Find out some interesting rights that a student has in school!
Sexuality and Civilisation
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Cultural and philosophical perspectives on the thorny issue of sexuality and its place in our civilisation.
Minería en Nemocón
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En colombia existen muchas actividades laborales sin embargo para el municipio de Nemocón la mineria ha sido una de las actividades más desarrolladas
Manifiesto neuroneander
You set the price! Words: 64,620. Language: Spanish. Published: April 2, 2019. Categories: Essay » Sociology, Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Paleontology
El mundo, tal y como lo conocemos, es consecuencia de un acontecimiento pasado. Dicho acontecimiento determina quiénes somos y a dónde vamos. Dicho acontecimiento es, por lo tanto, de dónde venimos. Yo no soy como tú. Soy neuroneander.
Finding Our Way Home
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How can we move our world toward the ideals that we all hold: a peaceful planet of shared resources where each human has enough to ensure survival and a way to find their own path of contribution to the world that we all share? I’d like to invite you to engage on these thoughts and help bring them forward into our future conversations, visions, and plans together.
Back Talk
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Ruminations upon human flatulence, with introductory essay and lots of silly fart and poo rhymes. A quick read for the loo or pretty much anywhere else you are otherwise bored.
Mass Media Bias
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This work investigates the bias inherent in both the media and entertainment industries. It explores British and American examples, and discusses the limits of the trust we should place in mass media generally.
D di Disagio - Dizionario semiserio delle mie (dis)avventure in treno
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Aspetto il treno e il treno, come al solito, non arriva. Cinque, dieci, quindici minuti di ritardo. Mentre la muffa comincia a ricoprire il mio corpo, una voce metallica annuncia un convoglio in arrivo. Non è il mio. Nasce così questa raccolta di gioie e dolori, delusioni e insidie, astuzie per non soccombere. Perché anche se partire è un po’ morire, sopravvivere - per fortuna - si può.
The Magic Mirror and other poems
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We live in a rare moment in history. There are sufferings and stresses that are unique to our culture today. Several major things are happening all at once. Our western culture is in the throws of a wild convulsion over philosophy. Our people are both delighted and crushed by the weight of so much technological discovery. This book discusses this historical moment and gives insight. You got this
Born in the Twilight
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Sexual orientation appears to be an attribute of the human condition. It is, however, an out-picturing of the spiritual condition of the soul each time it is reborn. Having arrived at a consensus that homosexuality is not a chosen life path, the next question that should have arisen, but has not, is why this phenomenon occurs in the first place.Acceptance without understanding is not enough.
This Elul’s About You
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A month of responses to single-word prompts, collected from