Reviews of The Unsuspecting Mage: The Morcyth Saga Book One

“Want to be a mage? Then do we have the job for you…” Sounds great for a veteran role-player. When on-the-job training entails battling demons, learning magic through trial and error, and living in a world without toilet paper, things could get rough. But to be dropped in the middle of a forest and having to do it on your own with no instruction…welcome to James’ world.

Reviews of The Unsuspecting Mage: The Morcyth Saga Book One by Brian S. Pratt

N. K. Aning reviewed on Nov. 30, 2019

My brother recommended this book to me some years ago. Read it about ten years ago but never reviewed it. Frankly it was interesting book. I was rooting for James. Not a perfect book but a very enjoyable read.
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Ophelia Rumrunner reviewed on March 9, 2019

I really enjoyed this book. Grammar tense is hit and miss, but the imagination is enjoyable.
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Andrew Mowere reviewed on Oct. 3, 2016

I read this story a while ago. At that point, I hadn't yet started writing. It came up on scribd and immediately stood out as unorthodox. This ended up being what I think of when considering indie work, for it builds upon elements unusual in many novels while still feeding into what I consider to be cultural cliches and biases. I have a soft spot for this series, now that I'm well into my own third book, and would truly like to thank Pratt.
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Alex Williams reviewed on April 18, 2016

I liked the book but the use of the present tense confused me a bit.
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Vincent Bernhardt reviewed on May 24, 2013

I'm a big science fiction and fantasy fan, and have been for over fifty years (yes, the sci-fi genre is that old). This book is not a bad book, but not outstanding in the fantasy genre. I did like the premise, though, as one reviewer said, there is a lack of tension in the book itself. The present tense style of writing didn't put me off from reading it, but didn't detract from the book, either. That's actually a positive note, since I think present tense is tough to pull off well.
Overall, it's an okay book, and it's free, so you should at least give it a try. It might make you interested enough to get the next book, which is the author's thinking, I'm sure.
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THG StarDragon Publishing reviewed on Jan. 24, 2013

I liked this book. It took me a while to read because of fast paced school classes and work to keep up on, but if you have uninterrupted time this book will be read very quickly. When I can I will be purchasing the next book.

To address the issue of the huge bounty by one reviewer, I interpreted it as being set up by whoever called him onto the quest to ensure that he started out with enough funds. Quests are expensive, any RPGer knows this. A good Dungeon Master will provide opportunities for funds.

For the person raising the issue of riding bikes to school not being believable... My daughter often rides her bike to school, though sometimes she walks. Most kids in my town either walk or bike because we have no buses. From what I have seen of city schoolyards, plenty of kids there ride bikes to school as well.

Now, that aside, I do have a small issue that kept me from fully immersing myself. The entire book was present tense, including passages that normally reflect back to slightly past tense. That had be bothered for a while until I realized it was rather like the reader is looking into a crystal ball at the dungeon master's lair or using some other method of farviewing. When I realized that, it gave the story even more of an RPG feel.
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RichNKatiesMom reviewed on April 14, 2012

This was a great book and had an interesting story line BUT the first person view and present tense verbs were driving me crazy midway through. I would love to read the rest of the series because the story line, characters, and plot are very enjoyable but since the book does not flow easily for me with the present tense used I may have to read them in short doses.
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Douglas Smith reviewed on Oct. 9, 2011

I found the book as a free download on nook and truly enjoyed reading it, and am looking forward to reading the remainder of the series. That said I would like to point out that I felt that the character could have been developed a bit further,and I hope that this character development happens later in the series
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William Massey reviewed on June 14, 2011

The book is very enjoyable. Interesting plot although a lot of the things that happen seem to have little to do with James's quest to discover why he was brought to this world and the purpose of the amulet that he is given. I assume that their purpose will pop up in later books of the series. While the writing style of the book flows well, I found it a little distracting that the author has the main character do something then has him tell one of the other characters what he just did. I thought he did a great job of relating how a novice discovers that he can perform magic and gradually learns to control it more and more. I'm already starting Book 2 of the series.
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Joseph L. Garrido reviewed on April 2, 2011

I couldn't read more than four chapters. Seems like the story is in par with any good fantasy, but the viewpoint writing took the fun out of it for me. It's not the way I am used to reading with this type of book. I still highly recommend downloading and reading it. Brain obviously put a lot of time and effort to create the series. If you have no issues in the way he wrote the book, then get the whole series.

I give him four stars for story creation. written in the third person would have won him all five.
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