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Breaking health news: you no longer have to worry about what you eat!
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It's a well doccumented fact that old men since Adam have believed that a young virgin might not only make them happy but prolong their lives.
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Chelsea, my adopted great-niece, loves competing in beauty pageants. But because of a serious heart condition the least jolt or surprise can result in exaggerated shows of emotion. For instance, when Chelsea discovers that her new pageant friend has flipper-teeth she is shocked to tears.
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Young lovers in the 1960s, my boyfriend and I sinned all week; on Sundays, I repented. He was a boy so didn't have to. With nothing much to do in our woodsy home county, we visited the area churches on Sunday. What we heard didn't really pertain because we were young and in love and couldn't die. Heaven and hell were for old people. We were eager to be alone, together in my boyfriend's car.
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They come and go, the birds flying over our farmplace in South Georgia. We feed them, we watch them, we carry on about them. This year however, because of the Asian Bird Flu scare I'm hoping they will have forgotten our Southern hospitality.
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I had been there most of the morning watching the living dead file in for their doctor's appointments. An old man in bib overalls sat down in the chair facing me. "I ain't staying," he said. His wife and son, I guessed, sat each side of him. "I ain't staying," he said again, repeating it about every two minutes. "Daddy," said his son, "it's not even your appointment. It's Mama's."
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Land for sale! Best Offer. Or free--if you are willing and able to take over annual property taxes at $4,000 dollars on one acre of swamp in Southeast Georgia. View at your own risk. No refunds.
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What would you do if you were suddenly blessed with a piebald deer mount in your small living room? No problem if it was placed as a centerpiece by an enemy, but a husband of many years is a different story. Add to that, this husband really thinks "Piebald" is a masterpiece.
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I'm likely to be proved a liar for believing that life gets easier, if not sweeter, with the passing of time. I remember the old days, the hard times, and can't help thinking that progression of time brings us closer to that place of everlasting rest.
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An Atlanta newspaper reporter, looking for a story, reveals the secret history of the smallest county in Georgia. Facts unleashed, the resident natives become suspicious of one another and the origins of the old-name families.