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Tiny Life: left #1
By Nick Jones
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 30. Language: English. Published: September 22, 2010. Category: Fiction
“left” takes place several years before the events in “l(a”. Jed Sr. is still alive and Jed is still living with him. Because of his reaction to Jed’s adolescent curiosity, it’s easy to see how people assumed Sr. was so saintly; it’s also easy to see why Jr. assumed he was so inept.
Impressing the Whites: The New International Slavery
By Richard Crasta
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 58,110. Language: English. Published: April 9, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
• How did Salman Rushdie end up becoming a Western sacred cow (i.e. a true Moo-Salman?) • How can East and West live together with greater authenticity, mutual recognition, and respect? • Who uttered the immortal words, “If you wish to succeed in the West, impress the whites!” • For whom is this a golden rule: "Do not fire your pen guns until you hear the Ayes of the whites"?
The Pumpkin Dream: A Cautionary Tale from the Library of Mr. Bumble Bindlegrim
By Robert Aaron Wiley
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 1,920. Language: English. Published: May 29, 2011. Category: Fiction
A tongue-in-cheek illustrated holiday poem about a Halloween night gone wrong when a bored trick-or-treat pumpkin, against advice and fear of others, leads the main character into a world of witches and monsters. Contains 37 illustrations. I did
By Giulio Saggin
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 23,800. Language: English. Published: June 22, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
In 1998 Giulio Saggin hitchhiked all the way around Australia, photographing everyone who gave him a lift and writing about each hitch. His journey lasted eight-and-a-half months and he hitchhiked in excess of 23,000km - over halfway around the world. I did recounts in words and photos his extraordinary journey, and proves that everyone has a story to tell.
Figurative fine art photobook
By Zuzana Breznanikova
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 40. Language: English. Published: June 23, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
Figurative fine art photography of an Italian fashion model taken in beautiful gardens in central London believe it or not ! Beauty of the model in contrast to the nature as captured by a female photographer.
Ashuton and Narcissus: The Dragon Prince and the Dancer
By L'Poni Baldwin
Series: The Society On Da Run Mini Stories, Book 9. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 13,100. Language: English. Published: November 18, 2011. Category: Fiction
Update 3/26/12 with newer content, character guide and liner notes. This is a short story. This is the beginning of Ashuton (the dragon god)'s adventures with Narcissus. This story is perfect for fans of interracial dating and love with a Dragon. 6599 words.
RAW - The Angry Black Man's Guide to Success
By George Farrell
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 21,490. Language: English. Published: December 1, 2011. Category: Fiction
"The Angry Black Man's Guide to Success" is a compilation of the stories and wisdom of many successful African-American Men and their journey to true financial freedom in The United States of America and around the Globe-. This book and other essays contains ways to own and control your own destiny. This guide is particularly helpful to avoiding self destructive behaviors that can bring dishonor
Just A Nigger
By Robert Condry
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 126,690. Language: English. Published: December 21, 2011. Category: Fiction
In 1865, Ole Bill Smithson returns to his plantation because it's his home. Mave, a former slave, ends up there because she has nowhere else to go. What follows can't happen in 1865.
Черное и Белое
By Svetlana Boykova
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 70,460. Language: Russian. Published: February 25, 2012. Category: Fiction
Все о чем пойдет речь в этой книге покажется вам необычным и даже фантастичным. Эта книга о человеке, его месте во вселенной, о выборе пути, пути, куда ведет его сердце, его вера, его талант.
Black America Will There Be Justice For Trayvon Martin?
By Pollyann Lewis
Price: $8.99 USD. Words: 26,840. Language: English. Published: March 31, 2012. Category: Nonfiction
On a rainy night in a little town, Sanford, Florida, a shot rang out that would soon be heard all over the world, and a young, black, teenage boy lay dead on the wet grass. His name was Trayvon Martin. He was only 17 years old. Come with me as we delve into this tragic shooting, and together we will look at the facts, rumors and speculation to find out if there will be justice for Trayvon Martin.