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Burn My Bonsai
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 59,320. Language: English. Published: October 31, 2010. Category: Fiction » Literature » Urban
Emperor Hirohito villain or hero? The answer may be in his lost diary. An unsuspecting Danish student is caught in the clutches of an alluring kendo tyrant. Pursued by fervent ultra rightists, yakuza and police, the young couple dash through the back streets and sumo stables of contemporary Tokyo to protect the final diary and maligned bushido spirit of Emperor Hirohito's Japan.
3 Methods of Tree Shaping
Price: $9.00 USD. Words: 3,810. Language: English. Published: November 28, 2011. Category: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Green living
This book was written by world leading tree shapers Peter Cook and Becky Northey. They discuss the different published methods of tree shaping. Each method has a description of how it is done, with images of the resulting chairs. The authors also give their views as to the pros and cons of each method. This is a well thought out and researched book on the different methods of tree shaping.
Tiny Trees
Price: $1.55 USD. Words: 1,190. Language: English. Published: March 11, 2012. Category: Nonfiction » Art, Architecture, Photography » Art - how to
This is an all in all bonsai creation and care guide.It will teach you everything you need to know on making a bonsai from scratch. For free.
Beginner's Bonsai Book
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 7,210. Language: English. Published: May 7, 2013 by CPublishing. Category: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Gardening
Patience and persistence pays off in great dividends for the long term. That is part of the beauty of bonsai. . .the journey; the evolution of a project is much more than a snip here and a cut there.
Bonsai4me: Bonsai Basics
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 39,960. Language: English. Published: May 22, 2013. Category: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Gardening
Bonsai4me:Bonsai Basics takes the reader through the basics of caring for their first bonsai with honest, simple and straightforward advice from the writer of Bonsai4me, Harry Harrington. Over 29 chapters, Bonsai Basics offers chapters on subjects such as placement, watering, indoor and outdoor bonsai, pruning, wiring, repotting and root-pruning as well as fertilizing, wiring and styling.
Apprenez l'art du Bonsaï
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 4,700. Language: French. Published: July 16, 2013. Category: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Do-it-yourself / general
Évitez les erreurs que font 99 % des propriétaires de bonsaïs Bien des amateurs de bonsaïs sont ravis les premiers mois. Et puis, le temps passant, voilà l'arbre qui... - perd ses feuilles - est rongé par des parasites invisibles - se flétri et se dessèche Cultiver un bonsaï ne s'improvise pas ! Il faut être soigneux et attentif, mais surtout connaitre ses besoins et ce qui pourrait le menacer.
Bonsai for Beginners
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 10,580. Language: English. Published: February 14, 2014. Category: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Gardening
Bonsai for Beginners: A helpful guide to growing beautiful bonsai trees and plants. Which trees grow easiest and are the most colorful? How do you prune, shape, water, feed, winterize? Indoors or outdoors? What tools will you require to grow your bonsai? How easy is it to grow a bonsai? Fungus and diseases? This guide will help you along your bonsai gardening path.
Bonsai and Balcony - from saplings to trees
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 15,200. Language: English. Published: August 6, 2014. Category: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Gardening
This book provides extensive detail to help you expand your collection of sapling and bonsai trees. In a unique and interesting style, the standard topics of Pruning, Wiring, Repotting, Soils and Watering have their individual chapters but additionally this book contains valuable and unique material on Moss Gardening, Growing indoors, Winterizing techniques, Biodiversity and Balcony planting.
Bonsai 101: Mimicking Nature with Bonsai Trees: Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own Bonsai
Series: Gardening. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 6,360. Language: English. Published: September 10, 2014. Category: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Gardening
Whether you are a horticulturist wanting to expand your gardening portfolio or a pure hobbyist who have fallen in love with the mystery of the miniature trees, Bonsai 101: Mimicking Nature with Bonsai Trees will be a valuable read.
Il maestro che leggeva negli occhi della gente
Pre-release—available October 1, 2015. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 22,290. Language: Italian. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Travel
La vicenda si svolge all'incirca due secoli fa a Hokkaido, un'isola nel nord del Giappone. Jin vive solo in mezzo ai boschi con il padre, un monaco buddista che nasconde al figlio un importante segreto. Entrambi passano le giornate curando un enorme giardino zen. Jin porta dentro di sé un mistero che non sa di custodire. La passione per i bonsai lo porterà in un antico villaggio dove vive..